The summer of temporary change Chapter 2

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"Clarence? Clarence?"

" Oh sorry uncle," I apologised, snapping back to reality and entering his car.

"So how's school? You finished your main exams right?" He asked, checking the traffic before heading onto the main highway.

"Uh yes, finals," I replied.

"I bet you did well as usual. Top student in all subjects?"

Karen's Magnificent Obsession - 18

Karen’s Magnificent Obsession — 18

By Katherine Day

(Karen’s selection to become the lovely “Madge” in the University theatrical production becomes big news on campus, where she finds both new friends and critics. It’s a difficult time for the fragile young lady.)

Becoming Karen - 18

Becoming Karen — 18

By Katherine Day

(Copyright 2013)

(Karen quickly learns that even her beauty won’t protect her from disappointments that face all girls. Continuing the sequel to “To Be Or Not To Be.”)

Becoming Karen - Book 1: 'To Be or Not To Be'

‘To be or not to be’ - Part 1

By Katherine Day

(Copyright 2012)

(In Shakespeare’s time, females were not permitted on stage and men played their parts. The practice is renewed in a summer camp where a boy finds out about himself and love.)

Story of a Young Actress Named Geoffrey

Story of a Young Actress Named Geoffrey

by Jeremiah Smith

A delightfully silly romp through the life of an actress with the unlikely name of Geoffrey. Unsuitable for mature audience.

I wonder

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I ran across this article today while web surfing. In short it is about a Chinese girl Xu Jiao playing the part of a boy in a Stephen Chow film called CJ7. I can't help but wonder if there would've been more attention if it had been a boy playing a girl's part. After all what's the difference? :)

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