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Body Thief

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Xchanged - Body Thief

©2013 — Foxxe Wilder

Micheal Carols, a police detective in the near future runs into a problem while alone at a crime scene. Having been stunned into unconsciousness from behind, he wakes up in a strange woman’s body. Still on the crime scene, he is arrested for interfering with a crime scene as well as being a prime suspect in the theft of some experimental software from the crime scene.

The real owner of the body he is trapped in makes off with his police credentials and system access (coded to retinal scan, voice and thumbprint) and stirs up trouble for him. His best chance is the help of a female jail inmate that knew the original body’s inhabitant and a detective he barely knows.

An Incremental Journey - Chapter 2

An Incremental Journey

Chapter 2

By Portia Bennet

Al, now Madeline (Maddy) finds herself living in a rather nice assisted living home. She is intent on finding The Wizard and confronting him about her transition; however, something strange is happening. Maddy finds she is able to help the other residents in many ways. She has a rather strange dream, but doesn’t pay much attention to it. Without realizing it, she is blending in, being accepted, and she is enjoying it.

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