Sammys Tail

A thoroughly modern story with a bit of an old west twist thrown in for good measure. The times may change but outlaws never do. Sammy knew well enough who was who and what was what. Too bad the Parson boys didn't know that. Charlie has lost the love of his life and when he realizes the family farm is in trouble too, it time to get back to his roots

Man's penis cut off, put through garbage disposal.

Man's penis cut off, put through garbage disposal.

Fantasy Meets Reality. I do not know if any stories on this site, have included, a situation as presented in the accompanying news account. But I am sure that such stories, including BDSM, and the like appear on other sites such as Fictionmania.

The news account can be found at the below site.
Truly sick. She should be punished to the full extent of the law.|met:300|cat:0|order:1

The Last Waltz - New Material in Musetta's Waltz

Today's posting is the next to the last for Musetta's Waltz. This is the first of the new material - the material that had been removed before publishing the first edition. The primary reason for not publishing this chapter was because it revealed the tunnel between the two houses. That was an still an important secret. When you read The Redhead and the PM, it will become obvious the reason they can now talk about it. The next and last posting is two chapters and they reveal something that wasn't even hinted at in the first edition. They reveal a slightly different Musetta.

Life's Contest

The contest was for an all-expenses paid trip for two in New York.
Did life offer a better prize?

Life's Contest

by StacyInLove

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Brian's obsession with ballet heels takes a drastic turn.
Warning: The rating is for the extreme nature of the subject rather than for sexual reasons...


by StacyInLove

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Soooo Sweet!

A beautician tells a male being transformed in her salon all about how her husband became a "sooo sweet!" little muffin.

Soooo Sweet!

by Vickie Tern

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Tragedy of the Spirit Part 27 Pre Trial


The days passed as well as my therapy. On a bleak Tuesday morning at 10 am I was unceremoniously startled in my room by Mr. McVeigh. I particularly did not like the man as he was defending the asshole that put me in this position. Needless to say I was not a happy camper.

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