The Wolf’s Youngest Daughter and Family

Antique Bakery, Caldwell, Montana:
“Thanks for coming.” Silvia watches as Mrs. Lings leaves the store.

She was glad that things had slowed down recently. She and her employees have been busting their asses with all the holiday parties they had been hired to cater. She looks over towards the corner table in the store and a smile appears on her face. Her children were busy doing their homework, along with their friends.

Momma Hatter

This story takes place a few years after Hatter’s babysitter.

“Mom, do you know where I left my cell phone?’ Bree was looking all over her bedroom for her cell phone.

Aylin walks into her oldest daughter’s bedroom with her cell phone in her hand. She stands in the doorway “you left it in the bathroom again, sweetie.”

Don’t Mess with The Wolfhart Family Part 11

Sunset Marquis, West Hollywood Resort, Ca.
“Excuse me Mr. Galante, but Callipho Octavius and his team haven’t checked in yet.” Ariel looks at Mr. Galante and the two naked women that were with him.

“Girls, go play with yourselves in the other room.” Vincent looks at the brunette on his right when he orders them.

Ariel watches as both women leave Mr. Galante’s side to play with each other in the other room. He turns his attention back to Mr. Galante.

The Heaviness Of The Badge Chp. 14

Jack’s House:
Haylee turns her alarm clock off, so she doesn’t wake her little sister. She and Catori had slept in Gina’s old bedroom. She puts on a pair of coveralls and her work boots. She walks across the hallway and knocks on her mother’s old bedroom door, before entering.

“Chayton, are you up?” Peeks into the room to see if her big brother was awake.

“I’m up, Haylee.” Chayton was putting his belt on. He notices Roxy and Waffle as they stick their heads into the room.

The Heaviness Of The Badge Chp. 5

Debbie walks out of the doctor's office with the twins. She was driving Jack’s Hummer while he was away. It wasn’t her type of car, but it was well armored and had several of Jack’s hidden weapons. It also had the second set of child safety seats in it as well.

She looks at the twins “well kids, you are in good health and have gotten all your shots now.”

The Heaviness Of The Badge

“Bye, kids!” Julia watches as her children exit from her patrol vehicle and heads towards their friends.

“Bye, mom.” Haylee waves goodbye to Julia.

Chayton waves goodbye to Julia as well. He spotted the other members of the school’s basketball team standing around. He recently joined the basketball team and was one of their star players. His grandfather had turned the tennis court into a basketball court for him to practice.
When he was having problems with his shots, Julia came out and practice with him. She uses to play when she went to school.

The New Recruits Part 13

2330 Hrs. ICU Room 606 Knoxville General Hospital, Knoxville, Tn.:
All the alarms at the nurse’s station start blaring. The nurses on duty rush towards Room 606 and when they enter, Kat is sitting up in bed and looking pissed and confused.

“Easy Mrs. Romano, you’re at Knoxville General Hospital.” Nurse Sunmer approaches Kat slowly.

“Why am I here and why does my chest hurt?” The last thing Kat remembers is walking out the back door of her office.

Learning To Be A Mother Part 4 Final Chapter

Arabella was enjoying herself as they sailed down to Florida. Once her mom and dad explained what happened up on deck. She felt scared to sleep by herself the following night. So, she slept with Gina and Arnold.

The trip down to Florida was nice and Arabella loved it a lot. When they arrived in Florida, Gina and Arnold took Arabella sightseeing and to Disney World. Arabella had never been to somewhere so big before and stayed next to Gina and Arnold.

Blake Lively Tells 'Elle' If She Has Sons 'They Better Be Tr

Blake Lively Tells 'Elle' If She Has Sons 'They Better Be Trannies’

I've posted blogs containing news items that I think would be of interest to this community, on several occassions, but have not actually commented on the news item. I have to comment tonight.

I do not know anything about this actress, in fact never heard of her before seeing the article, but the woman has to be deranged, and would be a dangerous parent.

Mom Defends Son's 'Daphne' Halloween Costume

I saw this on AOL
Mom Defends Son's 'Daphne' Halloween Costume
The kid is five and looks cute. He wanted to have fun, and the costume is over the top.

The reaction is idiotic. Most of the comments to the story are supportive

Here is the link.

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