Coming Out

The Confession

“Hey, I have something to tell you… I’m sorry I didn’t mention this earlier. I really hope we can still be friends once you know… but if not and if you’re weirded out I can understand...”

“...I think I’m a girl.”

Ian laughed. “God, I thought that you were actually going to say something big there, Allie. You had me going for a little. I was genuinely nervous.”


This was not at all the reaction Allan—Allie to friends—was expecting.

“...uh, maybe you heard me wrong? I, uh, was coming out to you… y’know… as a girl?”

Must Be Dreaming - 2 Someone New for Christmas

Must Be Dreaming 2
Someone New for Christmas

By Jessica C

The guys and women were back together having breakfast, this time near Chicago… They had been friends in high school or some longer; together for a weekend away from college or work. The guys were pumped up for another weekend of football and pub jumping… When Jennifer asked, “Josh would you like to come with us” …Jenn figured on Josh as Josey staying with the women that day…

Another Letter to My Mother

This is a follow up letter that I sent to my mother. I know that many people have read my "A Letter to my Mother" and expressed happiness about her reaction, and how I said what I said to her.

This is me cutting her off.

I was assaulted by a transphobe while living with someone as a roommate. My mother thought it was more important to attend a dinner with her sister instead of coming to the hospital to see me after this incident. Then it came out that my mother and her new husband had been running down me to my daughter the entire time she was living with them, which was a period of six months (and pure torture for her).

Absinthe, Opium and Honor…Chapters 45 & 46.

*Before…Jamie’s Part.

I start shutting the lights off and get my purse and my coat and the offer her my arm. “You like games?”
“Like an arcade?”
“Sort of but better.”
“You’ll see, you like Sushi?”
“I’ve never had it but I’ve always wanted to try it.”
“Good first the pachinko arcade then Sushi.”
I offer and she takes my arm and then looks at me. “What’s pachinko?”

*And Now…

Sooner than Laters Part 1

Sooners than Laters Part 1

I’m awake before the alarm clock goes off and it jars my dreams apart and I open my eyes and reality crashes in around me.

Today’s the day.

I literally can’t put this off anymore.

I roll out of bed and there’s the jiggle there, not really there, but definitely there.

Confused Yet?

Starter boobs.

Hey, there I’m Deidre.

Hopscotch…A Jump in Life 7

Hopscotch…A Jump in Life 7


Though I did read me saying that “I’d love it but I’d never really wear it.”
I said that a lot.
Though I can see why.
I mean there’s a lot of me that I can see as Sarah seeing Shawn never being out of the way and that had to…and does…suck.
I can even sort of feel that much.
…….I want to be pretty, to just kind of walk and feel and be that person that I feel like inside.
I absolutely do not feel like a Shawn.
Actually I feel…I feel.
I feel like I’m going to panic because now I’m inside this thing and it’s small and it’s closed in and it’s making noises and lots of them and all of a sudden I’m not there.
I’m in the car and it’s rolling and it’s rolling and every time it rolls the air is getting redder and redder and I’m screaming and screaming and it won’t move! It won’t give I can’t get out and my back hurts and I can’t get out1 “Lemme go! Lemme out, please, please let me out! Help! I’ll be good! I’ll be a good Girl! I’ll be a good Girl!”

*And Now…

X-Why-Me...Chapter 13

X-Why-Me…Chapter 13

She pulled Kira up as she lost control and shuddered and pressed her mound to the bench and crossed her legs beneath it to hold onto the wood with a death grip.

Hip roll…press…mini-roll after roll and shuddering and she had to kiss her…had to…kiss her and slipped her tongue in passed Kira’s plump sweet sexy lips until she found her tongue there and slid hers around her’s over and under and back and forth a stabbing into her caress with each shuddering thrust her body made into the wood until she couldn’t breath.

She broke the kiss but didn’t move and pressed her fact to Kira’s and just breathed and panted as she stared into those amazing eyes.


“Good…then maybe since you’re definitely a lesbian Em you could invite your girlfriend over to the house for us to get to know her.”


“You were taking a lot longer than before young lady so I came to see if you needed any help. How about you get cleaned up and showered and changed and you can join Kira? Is it? And me then.”


“Good, we’ll have supper at the diner tonight I think….Kira?” That last part was this whole parental come with me tone.

“Yes ma’am?” (Sniffle.)

The Boy Inside Part 2

After the day when Seth shared the true him with will they didn't have time to talk much about what was shared. With exams on the way and state finals close at hand their time was spent apart. They would see each other passing in the hallway but their mind was always somewhere else.
When exams and state finals were over with though, things went on as if nothing happened. One day Will decided to bring the shocking statement back up to Seth.

The Boy Inside

Seth grew up in a small town in the middle of nowhere. It didn’t help that he found other guys attractive. Seth is a 5’4” tall, 112 lbs. adolescent guy and the leader of the football team. But none of that mattered to him if he couldn’t be true to himself. He hated to hide that he found guys attractive, but he knew what would happen. A kid in the freshmen class the year before came out and that kid was harassed to no end. It got to the point where the boy was singled out in everything he did. At the home coming dance the entire school voted him homecoming queen and laughed at him.

Jewish and Transgender: Follow the Words of Hillel

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Jewish and Transgender: Follow the Words of Hillel

This an interesting article primarily about an Orthodox Jewish MtF who teaches at Yeshiva University in NYC.


I was either very brave, very stupid or hopped up on Dayquil

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Well, this year i set it in my head that i was gonna fully transition, it being 2012 and all, i sorta figured if the world did end and i didn't get going, i would be very cranky in heaven.
That being said, i came out to six people at the !bingo hall! where i volunteer, so eep.
I told the charity managers on two of the four charities i volunteer with, one co-worker, one of the Hall managers, a runner i trust and think is wonderful and one patron who is a post op T girl... so either my trust is well placed or... things will get, shall we say, sticky... also, eep.
I hope i wasn't stupid,

High School Senior "Comes Out" in Assembly

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Just found this on another website. Maria Carrillo High School senior Kayla Kearney comes out to her high school, in an assembly honoring Martin Luther King Jr. Jan 13 and 14, 2011.

A very gutsy girl, and very well-spoken.

One Step Closer (to Coming Out)

This has been an unusual morning for me. What began as another pointless argument with my mother actually turned into something worthwhile for the both of us. I've learned a lot about her today that I didn't realize before, and I've been shamed for it, I'll freely admit.

The important thing is, I learned she isn't clueless, as I once believed by her previous reactions. In the past I've tried to talk to her about my being transgendered, and it's resulted in some pretty upsetting responses. The thing is, she doesn't remember any of it.

Why does this have to be so hard?

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Why is it that I can say the words in my head, over and over again. I know exactly what I'm feeling inside.

And then when it comes time to just say it, I completely choke to the point of racing behind a proverbial ten foot thick wall? It's almost like those feelings completely disappear for the brief few moments that that window of opportunity is there.

Images 7

by Bailey Summers

Chapter 7

I grab a towel covering my bits as Holly stopped suddenly and short like seeing me naked was like a cliff she was just saving herself from falling off. I swear she stopped so fast I almost seen her arms wave around. I can’t help but blush and hang my head in shame as she stops short and stares at me.

Martina's Story 10

This chapter deals with Sally's recovery and 'coming out' as a transexual. Emotional issues are addressed.


Martina’s Story 10.

Myself, Martina, A sexually dysphoric transsexual who has not yet determined what
Sex she is but prefers to present as a girl

Beverly My adoptive ‘aunt’ who is a mature she-male and my most supportive adult friend.

Chenille My older half sister.

Jennifer Aunt Beverly’s adopted daughter.

String of Pearls - Part 5 - Eclectic Drama


Mrs. Llewellyn put her hand over her mouth and her eyes looked pained.

Not this again, I thought with a growing dread.

She removed her hand and started laughing so hard that I was frightened enough to jump out of my seat and start towards the door.

“Where are you going, honey? You can't leave this family that easily,” she loudly announced while still shaking with mirth.

Grace picks up where Siobhan left off, recalling events around Cretein, then her and Siobhan's family that turned her world inside out.

- Eclectic Kitty

Drabble Theatre: You are gay, aren't you?

“Mom, dad, there’s something I have to tell you. I don’t quite know where to start…” Mark sat nervously on his chair, his parents on the couch across him. Though his parents seemed relaxed he felt like it was the inquisition.

The Road to Haifa - Chapter 17

'She collected her rucksack, and pausing to gently kiss Ari on the forehead, she slipped from the room, quietly closing the door behind her. As much as she wanted him with her, she knew this was a journey only she could take.'

Chapter 17 — A little fire burns a great deal of corn

The Road to Haifa - Chapter 6

The Road to Haifa
Chapter 6 — Parting the Red Sea.
by Alyssa Plant 
Her hackles raised, Sarah stared at the Sergeant. “Are you just a misogynistic old bastard or are you saying I’m some man in a dress?
Whatever it is, fucking spit it out to my face!” She growled getting to her feet.

Born Twice - Chapter 15

Born Twice
By Alyssa Plant

'There was a knock at the door and as she turned she came face to face with her mother.

Rebecca’s heart skipped a beat and her mouth began to work but no sound came out.

“Oh sorry, wrong room” Christine muttered and turned to go.

“Wait mum!” Rebecca cried, more upset now by the lack of recognition by her own mother.'

Coulda Been...

Alright... the idea behind this is thinking back on how things have happened in my life badly. This is, on a basic level, I guess, my fantasy of how things could have gone. This was the first such scene in my life that occurred to me to write about. There may be more, but I don't know. This was difficult for me to write. Only about 1000 words, with the intro and title.

Coulda Been...
by Edeyn Hannah Blackeney
Note: This is dedicated to Eupha Galyen.
My mother.
25 April 1953 - a long time from now.

This didn't happen. The real story is much more painful, but really... this is what might have been in different circumstances. There's a kernel of what really happened here, but...

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