3D Gender - A game, insulting, or actually useful?

One of the blogs I read has posted


where the author has come up with a "3D gender" definition that yields 27 variants.

Good? Bad? Indifferent? Fun? Useful? Insulting? Any comments?

This man is an expert on video game design but hardly an expert on gender issues.

- Moni

My purpose in joining Big Closet

For a while, I have been a reader of some of the stories and writers on this site. I have finally decided to begin writing, in blog form, my thoughts on the issues of TG, because I have a problem...

First, a bit about me: I have been struggling with M2F crossdressing for a while. I am not a transsexual, but simply a crossdresser. While I have an urge to dress in female clothes, I have no desire to become a woman. I am a male, and I love girls. However, the desire to dress as a female for a while has affected me for sometime now.

"Forced" Transformation Stories

I tend to like stories that have some sort of transformation in them. Seeing how people cope and adapt in unusual or changing situations is very interesting.

One thing that bothers me about this sort of story is that usually the changed character comes to terms with their changes. This is a wonderful thing, but it leaves me with a problem... I couldn't do it.

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