Impetus Chapter 2


“Yeah, k’know, I just want to do everything I can to help our community!” the teenage girl said perkily, pouncing her foot up and down, her black and purple suit fitting snugly to her thin, lithe frame.

“I love you, Impetus!” someone shouted from the unwashed throng, fortunately held back by a barrier of police tape and news vans. Behind the mask, Adam held back a wince.

Totally Insane

Totally Insane.
by Angharad

“That is, like, totally insane,” I said when Brian made his proposal, “Like I’m gonna do that, like I’m totally crazy?”

“Look, little bruv, if you don’t I am, like, cat food.”

“Why can’t you get Karen’s sister to do it?”

“She wouldn’t be able to get into the lockers.”

“Why me?” I asked almost rhetorically, I knew why.

“’Cos you’re the best, little bruv,” he said slapping me on the shoulder.

“How come, I’m like, only the best when you, like, want something?”

Tragedy of the Spirit part 6 A new life... Hope maybe?

Caution, some rape and abuse scenes. Please feel free to post points to improve on or comments. This is true and this reflects what I had to start doing in order to survive. Thanks for reading, I appreciate it very much.

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