ears pierced

How I became Clarisse

All started by a nigth event organized by a couple of friends for a costumed party with " you and its opposite".

being a male with some fantoms, I choose to transform me in femme while my wife, who's quite discrete choose to fake a Lady Gaga style.

Tragedy of the Spirit part 4 why me? I do not belong...do I ?

I always thought that parents were to protect, nurture, guide, love and accept. I had always wondered why did I not have that for the first 15 years of my life. I often wondered, why my parents were so cruel to me. Why family members loathed me and especially why my brother hated me so much. As I grew older I came to the very understanding that my parents, nor my family didn't love nor cherish me as I always new that I did not fit in.

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