Forever Hers

My name is Talith. I'm a greater guardian, one of the six that actually stands guard near the Fae princess Anfel Winterborn.

Anfel is the younger daughter to Queen Maeve, the queen of the White Rose Court of the Five Fold Courts of the Seelie Fae.

I'm young as Fae folks go, just about to celebrate my 250th Midsummer's Eve. Shanci Dupresne will be there as the event starts.

Who is Shanci Dupresne, you ask? Why, the love of my life. She is human, but from a line with Fae blood in it, so she may be very long lived.

Fairy Tale: the Changeling's Story - Part 1

Fairy Tale: the Changeling's Story - Part One



Until recently, Morgan was a perfectly normal high schooler, enjoying an ordinary life with his family and friends, until he discovered he possessed mysterious powers which he doesn't always use responsibly.
His life changes forever when he meets a mysterious woman who tells him what he doesn't want to believe: he isn't who he always thought he was...


Faerie Queen: The Consequences of Earth Magic

Faerie Queen: The Consequences of Earth Magic


Lilith Langtree

"You need not fear that we will not be compatible."

I almost choked at that one. "Compatibility is not the problem, Sean. I'm sure you are a great guy and all, but a little over a week ago, so was I."

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