The Wolf’s Youngest Daughter and Family

Antique Bakery, Caldwell, Montana:
“Thanks for coming.” Silvia watches as Mrs. Lings leaves the store.

She was glad that things had slowed down recently. She and her employees have been busting their asses with all the holiday parties they had been hired to cater. She looks over towards the corner table in the store and a smile appears on her face. Her children were busy doing their homework, along with their friends.

Snowed In

Hunkered down for a winter storm, conditions change for two sisters when their brother and a friend become unexpected guests

Snowed In
By Marissa Lynn

"Oof, it's a mess out there."

"That's what the weather guy was saying a few minutes ago," Jenna said as her sister Olivia, ice crystals starting to cling to the parts of her hair sticking out from under her red beanie, came in with the first of the bags.

Project Wolf Den Part 5

When Alya, and Clair, arrive back at the ranch house. Clair goes looking for Jasmine. The information she got from the app she used to check the flight plan of the helicopter flying over her property didn’t look right. There was no reason for anyone to fly over the property.

Alya finds Ada in the vast library Clair had. As she entered the library, she was amazed at how many first editions and rare books it held. She noticed that Clair had a nice collection of Native American, African, Egyptian, British, Indianan, Greek, Christian, and various other cultural artifacts.

Holidays Suck

Super Speedway Gas Station, Yorktown, Va.

Jada couldn’t believe she had to come in and work on Thanksgiving. She turned and returned to the manager's office to find out why she had to work.

“Bruce, why am I working on Thanksgiving Day from two until closed? I thought I was going to have it off?” Jada stands in the doorway of Bruce’s office.

Thrown Away Like Trash

Hunter slowly wakes up in a strange room under a warm blanket. The last thing he remembered was passing out on the side of the highway. He had walked as far as he could before he passed out from the cold and exhaustion.

He looked around the bedroom and saw that it had an old-style dresser drawer like his mother's. There was a nightstand next to his bed with a lamp on it. The bed he was lying on was more significant than the baby mattress on which he was forced to sleep.

Sixteen Feet of Steel...Chapter 34.

Princess Gracia leaves the city with her people heading for Winterbrook and times with the thieves and maybe their ruler and then headed into Dwarven lands to see and meet up with her sisters at Angeline's wedding in Braithehold.

Momma Hatter

This story takes place a few years after Hatter’s babysitter.

“Mom, do you know where I left my cell phone?’ Bree was looking all over her bedroom for her cell phone.

Aylin walks into her oldest daughter’s bedroom with her cell phone in her hand. She stands in the doorway “you left it in the bathroom again, sweetie.”

Don’t Ever Mess with Hatter’s Babysitter

Aylin looks down at her little girl. She was surprised when she found out that she had been pregnant. She was even more surprised when she went to tell her mother she was pregnant and discovered she already knew. When asked how she knew, she used the excuse that mothers knew everything about their children.

Anika Gets Married

Anika stands in front of the mirrors as she admires herself in the wedding dress she picked out. She was still amazed at what the Blue Lace drug had done to her body with Jack’s blood added to it. Something about Jack’s blood has physically changed her. It had hurt like hell as his blood coursed through her body.

“I think that’s the one for you, mom.” Justice couldn’t believe that Ron and Anika had adopted her. That had been a year ago, and now she was calling Anika’s mom.

Baby Sitting Job Chp.13

Trenner’s Garage, Walker Airbase, Ellis County, Kansas:
Rebecca looks at the SUV that belonged to her sister’s company as it is towed in. It looked like someone had used it to play demolishing derby.

“Are your sister’s employees always this rough on their vehicles?” Lisa was standing next to Rebecca when they spotted a rival tow truck company approaching them with one of K&P services SUVs.

Krisha's Surprise

Krisha looks at her reflection in the mirror. She was standing before it in the nude and couldn’t believe the slight bulge she had. Her belly was slightly bulging, and her areoles were the size of saucer plates and dark brown. She placed her hand down on her stomach and couldn’t believe she was three months pregnant.


Parker looks at her reflection in the full-length mirror on the back of her closet door. She couldn’t believe her parents had accepted that she had wanted to be a girl since she was little. True, she has to see a counselor about how she feels. But she didn’t mind.

The counselor she has been seeing wants to see how she looked as a girl today. Her friend Tony was coming to pick her up to take her. He stood by her when she came to him about how she was.

“Parker, Tony is here to pick you up.” Mary sticks her head into her daughter’s bedroom.


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