Pushing the Limits- Part 2

Chapter 2: The Struggle is Real

Two hours into his first day, and Evan found himself in heaven. Well…almost. He couldn’t help it. He was surrounded by all of his favorite things. The sexiest, and laciest bra’s and corsets. The cutest fishnets in colors and designs he hadn’t even seen before. Not to mention the panties…. It wasn’t as if Evan was exactly a stranger to dressing up in women’s undergarments…quite the opposite actually. But God if only he could be the woman he wished he was sometimes….

Faerie Justice, Erin Grows - Book 2: 1 - Turning a New Page

Faerie Justice, Erin Grows Book 2
Turning a New Page

By Jessica C

Erin’s Growth Story is a continuation from Faerie Justice and the Snowball Thrower
Aaron’s probably becoming Erin forever…

The Demon

The Demon
By Anna Na Maus

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, businesses, companies, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

This is a short story that just popped into my head one night. Anyone who has read my other works will know that I try and maintain a high degree of realism, that is not the case here. This is my first attempt at a TG Horror story so I would love to know what you think.

Yep, I can fly (part 2)

What if you could fly? You, know, be a kick-ass superhero whenever you want. That's what happened to college freshman Ned. Though, here's the catch—every time he uses his powers he turns into a woman. Still want to be that superhero?


Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 26

Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 26


Nicole asks. “How far?”
Taylor looks at us. “Three days at least, I think that they’re cutting off any aid to it as they’re searching.”
Nicole looks at all of us. “Then that’s where we’ll be heading.”
Taylor looks at her. “We send back our badly wounded from this and word.”
She nods and looks at me. “Chrissy can you do more things with that light sphere?”
I nod. “I think so, what do you have in mind?”

The Immortal Gift

December 2016 Spirit of Giving Story Contest Entry

The Immortal Gift
A Spirit of Giving Christmas Fairy-Tale for Grownups.

Frances Penwiddy

Copyright©Frances Penwiddy 2016

Captain Rodolfo’s Cabin-Boy

A boy of the land in the new world, becomes a pirate, but one with new makings...
The cabin boy will not be an ordinary pirate...
but one who can please women more with his gentle ways...
Roberto is in danger of becoming Roberta

The Third Host


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Tales of "The Descendants of The Third Host of Heaven"

This is a "Fantasy Alternate Universe" where some who are not quite what they seem walk among us.

Definition of host: 1) army : 2) a great number, multitude

7000 Gold crowns a dance.

7000 Gold crowns a dance.

I joined up with the baron’s guards as a boy as much as I could as fast as I could. It was light things at first to escape myself. Escape the home where I was told relentlessly to stop crying, stop being a sissy and beaten by angry folk in my little steading fort for not being what they wanted.

It was apparent as soon as I could fathom that me being a lad was fundamentally wrong.

So it was working the fields and stables and cleaning and sharpening gear and staying warm and fed that was the biggest draw.

Snakes and Ladders-38


“Wondertales from home, I’ve come up with a way to show you how to see them and I can share things from home I hope.”

We I make cheeseburgers with ground meat and as close to the condiments as I could find and the cheese and the buns were easy and frying pan cooked chips now that I know that potatoes are such a thing here and I have chocolate and cookies that are really the closest thing to graham wafers and I bought marshmallows there too and I make smores.

And using some of the sound power ideas from my air horn blast and focusing a light spell as a more of a tube based TV and stuff to show things I create a sphere that lets me show them things.

A little power in my memories to do a recall spell and I show them. “The Secret of Nimh.”

It works and while it’s strange for me to experience it this way basically replaying things from locked up memory wisps it’s so much fun to watch these two be just girls and themselves and just get lost in things.

And snuggling with a truly happy Shaya is pretty awesome too.

*And Now…

Snakes and Ladders-37


~Ha, you’re like Shaya you both love to circle the tree. ~

~It's amazing and the view with it and the lake and the city it’s just amazing. ~

~Yes it is!~ He launches into the sky and he does a dipping glide over the water gaining speed and them he’s climbing and we catch a thermal and we bank going with it and up and, and up and them we start to go around The Great Tree a little dragon like a bush plane in front of a literal mountain of a trunk and we’re coming around it and leveling off and I take a breath and channel the power into the memory of a perfect song for this and we’re coming around the bend of the tree to get the lake into sight and the city after that and I’m replaying.

*Bonny Portmore* in my head as I’m flying back to my love on dragon back.

A Christmas Gift to Me

Christmas Gift to Me

It is a safe time to linger checking out girls toys, and women's clothing, under the guise I am Christmas shopping for someone else... Tonight he will not ever forget the dream...

The Greylands Universe

The Greylands Universe is a fantasy genre taking place mostly on a world called the Greylands. Other worlds can be accessed by Worldgates though there are not many at this time. Earth will likely be accessible at some point in the future but not until it is established that there are working Gates there. A lot of what happens so far has been limited to the country of Azure but there are a lot of different areas to play in.

There are a variety of different sentient races in the Greylands:

Varelse(Creature) Tales

Will update this tomorrow, or when i have the chance to type up a bunch of stuff I've written. Title subject to change when I think of something better. It will be an open universe with permission. Title subject to change when I think of something better.

You Can't Escape From Justice

Richard Alf, Comic Con Cofounder dies at 59, from cancer

On, report that Richard Alf who co-founded comic-con in 1970 has passed to the large comic book in the sky. He died from pancreatic cancer. I know that there are a lot of folks on here that like comic book hero types, so I thought this might be of interest.



I play this game called Runescape, here is the link.

The graphics are extremely well done and I was wondering if anyone else on this site plays this game as well.

If you don't but are interested in trying it out and I could help you. It is an MMORPG or a massively multi-player online role playing game. However it is relatively simple and the user interface is not complex.

If either of the above are true PM me on this site will guarantee that I see your message and get back to you.

BKR Case #101-8 "Boys Will Be Girls" Part 7

" We have had a situation pop up that involves two of the T- Girls in our current case at James Madison High. The victim

in that case has provided more details about the plot. These guys have created so much trouble that our solution will be

rather permanent and one that they will never ever forget." stated Agent Johnson.

The code name for our mission is " Operation Sexpot"

BKR Case #101-8 "Boys Will Be Girls" Part 5

" But, I am a boy!" screamed Jill.

"You don't look like one now" laughed Tracy.

"What am I going to do for a month?

"You are an attractive girl. You can figure it out" said Tracy

Chapter 5


Jill screamed in frustration as she tried to draw a straight line with her eyeliner pencil. Tracy knew she would have to

BKR Case #101-8 "Boys Will Be Girls" Part 3

"I have waited my whole life to see you in a situation like this" You're no longer the man of the house, are you little sis?" Janet grinned sadistically.

"What do you plan on doing to me?" asked Michelle.

"You'll see" laughed Janet.

BKR Case#101-8 "Boys Will Be Girls" Part 3



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