Finding oneself

You're Beautiful Conclusion: Kristin's New Look

At the girls’ sleepover, Kristin found herself sharing a bed with Kate. While in bed, Kate asks Kristin about whether or not she was honest when saying she thought a particular boy was cute. Kristin hesitated, not knowing what to say. We return the scene right after Kate’s question.

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What I am feeling

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I was reading some of the other blogs yesterday and I read one that seem to get how I feel. I can not remember who exactly it was anymore. I feel like I am a girl in a boy's body, but I do like to have the body I am in at times. So I am not confuse about somethings, but I am confuse on what I discovered about myself. That does not seem right at all. Is it just so I can relax or is it just in my mind. I just do not know at all.

Going back?

The usual warnings first — yes while being in England I could improve my English a little bit, but it’s still not what I would like it to be.

Anyway, the last seven days being with my kind hosts end even better friends Karen and Samantha were really a very nice experience for me. From Tuesday evening on was the girl I think I was supposed to be all my life. I was shown how to do my makeup, I was told about all the issues with being transgendered and yet I had the best time of my life.

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