I Can't Breathe.

Rob can't breathe and even as young as he is life seems to be closing in really hard.
Until he's given a chance, a very odd chance to get away from everything closing in an maybe find some breathing room.

Hopscotch…A Jump in Life 16

Hopscotch…A Jump in Life 16


“Yes and if you can do without your mom and I for a while tomorrow we’re going to drive down and pick her up so we can actually meet her parents instead of talking to them on the phone and online.”
I can’t help it but I end up hugging him and he hugs me back.
And there it is the sniffles. (Sniffle.) “You guys are awesome, you sure it’s okay?”
He gives me a bit of a tighter squeeze that sort of sets off what the Doc just said about all of the stuff that they must have gone through with me and everything. It really, really means a whole hell of a lot that he and that she cares so much.
That he’s hugging me like hugging me is special.
Y’know it’s one of those visceral feelings more than anything else but it feels like feeling like I’m special was something that was pretty far removed from my life before this.

*And Now…

Hopscotch…A Jump in Life 11

Hopscotch… A Jump in Life 11


“Yeah it’s pretty much all gone and I’ve found myself here in this journal and with all of you…and even with my memory gone…guess what? I’m still trans. So I guess I’m still Sarah. And I’m like out to my folks.”

“I sort of had a major PTSD freak out inside the Scanner-coffin thing and I…Sarah came out during my panic attack. Thankfully my folks seem to be cool about it. The whole thing though is really scary and really messed up. I think so for all of us.”

“Well that’s about it for now, I really can’t think of much else to say or cover right now.”

I read it twice and then I hit post and I sit back and switch over to my You Tube to watch some videos and as I’m doing so I’m getting pings to my g-mail with replies to my post.

I’m really nervous as I click it over and start to read them.

*And Now…

The Parchment Chapter 19-20 The Finale

Heart of12379719-crop.pngthe Beholden.

One. I’m Chinese. Yes I’m one of those
adopted out of China babies.

Two. I’m a girl. Well I’m a girl on the inside.

Where nobody knows...

The Parchment

Chapter 19-20

By Bailey Summers
Copyright© 2014 Bailey Summers
All Rights Reserved.


Image Credits: Title Picture purchased and licensed for publishing from The model in this image in no way supports nor conveys the issues and situations brought up within the story. The models use within this work is solely for the representation of looks of the main character of this particular story. ~Sephrena


“I’m pretty, I’m young, I’m fucking real you little tranny slut you don’t thin k they’ll believe me? Believe us? You cause shit like this and Alex’s dad’ll have a relapse.”
(Sniffle-cough-small-voice…) “Relapse…?”

“He had a heart attack…you don’t think you’ll make it worse? I’ll make sure you do.”

………………………… “It’s not okay! Goddamn it! It’s not okay!”

“Take me to the airport.”
“Jade no…”
“TAKE ME TO THE AIRPORT!!!” I’m screaming, I don’t mean to be screaming but I am until she’s holding me tight.
“Okay, okay…We’ll go.”
I’m still shaking and crying as she leads me to the rental car parked nearby and my things are inside. She gets me inside and carefully closes the door and we start driving away from the hospital, away from Alex and my hopes.

*And Now….

Masks Chapter 21

Masks Chapter 21


“Stephanie…..!” She cries and I cry and we glomph on each other and we get that bad we have to stop and go back in the store to use their bathroom and fix our make-up.

Crying in public and not getting shit for it, being this close with my best friend and doing this and not having the sky come falling down on me is.

Well it’s past awesome and when we get back out and ready to go I see Mom looking at me with this look like the kind that Dad gave Steven.

But it’s the that’s my girl look.

It feels so damned good and really so big…I mean this is kind of this first thing that I’ve done that is all me and that made her look at me like that.

I smile and take a breath getting into the car and I feel a little bit stronger inside for it.

*And Now…

Masks Chapter 18

Masks Chapter 18


Mark’s there setting down tea stuff so we can make our own. “That’s the night that after the cops and Aunt Els got you home, you took the pills right?”


“Oh…oh shit M.J…..” I’m freaked, floored and I’ve never heard any of this….

“It just hurt so much!” She wails. “They…they were supposed to be my friends! But they…they just turned their backs on me and called me slut and witch!”


That gets a sobby wet laugh from Mary Jane and I hug her tight, really tight and stay there. “M.J.?”

(Sobby-sniffle.) “Yeah…?”

“You never, ever fucking do that again you hear me? I can’t make it through this fucking curse with out you.” I sobbed out that last half of it.

She turns and she looks at me.

Yeah more tears are rolling down her face and she swallows a few times and nods. But instead of talking because we just can’t yet we hook pinky fingers again.

*And Now…

Masks Chapter 9

Masks Chapter 9



No Mum If I was really brave I could tell you all who I really am.

And it feels like Stephanie’s little candle was guttering in the dark right now.

I get dressed without looking at myself and slip into bed and pull one of my pillows down from my head like a reflex.

I hug it tight because It hurts.

I just can’t bring myself to turn off the light at my bedside.

Just can’t.

*And Now…

Can Dreams Come True?...Part 1

Can Dreams Come True?… Part 1

I flick my smoke out the window my first since graduating high school three years ago and I drain what’s left of my Pepsi before getting out of my car.

Yes my car it’s one of the things that I made sure of before coming here and doing this. I got my own car. It’s a piece of crap older Saturn but it’s mine. Mine being the Very key word here. I likely could’ve had dad’s old car but with my folks there were always strings. A prime example is my brother and sister. Jordan my sister got the car and its title and the insurance are still in dad’s name.

My brother Jack, dad’s on with him in almost everything from his bank accounts to his lease.

And that’s why my apartment is mine, everything I have including all my student loan debt it‘s all mine. I knew long before I graduated that this was where I’d be going in life, who I had to be because not being me. It was killing me inside so I knew as soon as I was going to be legal I was going to be Josie.


Jess Stone had breasts. He had been like this his entire teen life not quite fitting in anywhere that he had lived and at the same time he hadn’t really had the chance to. His folks moved around a lot with his dad being a hydrological engineer but they were slightly afraid of what might happen to Jess if he attended school. Some people just didn’t get it or wanted too. Jess was now attending a new school when he decided to change things...

Only it was everyone else that was getting changed!

Chapter 10
by Bailey Summers

Copyright © 2012 Bailey Summers
All rights reserved.

OMG, the Beach Boys are opening a Resturant-Good Vibrations

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The article seems uncertain about the nature of the food to be served, though concentrated more on the cutsey titles of songs for the dishes. I thought that given the association with the Beach Boys, all the desert around Vegas, that they would surely sell the Sand-Which-is there! And with the name of the resturant, they could do a good sideline in sex toys -- Good Vibrations ought to sell a lot of those, especially if monogramed!! LOL

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