Christmas Calamity Part 2

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*Part 2*

“Herr Sebenschuh?”
“Ja, call me Helmut please, Nena yes?”
“Yes, you really are a lifesaver, Helmut, thank you so much for this.”
“Pleased to help, let’s get the food inside.”
Nena followed out to the van where a trio of teenage girls were unstacking boxes in the back of the elderly minibus.
“Girls, this is Nena the Reisemeisterin.”

Gaby Book 11 Chapter *37* Mixed Feelings


Chapter *37*

Mixed Feelings

I cautiously made my way outside, good the others have gone. Dad and the coaching team were another matter, I have to go right past where they're sat talking to get to the beach path. Hmm, what to do? Disguise, that's what I need. I glanced around reception for looking for inspiration, my reflection caught my attention then it struck me – hair.

Gaby Book 11 Chapter *36* Pasta Master


Chapter *36*

Pasta Master

“Hmm, that thigh's a bit weepy.” Jemma noted.

“But it's scabbing up.”

“It needs a bit of air to dry it up.”

“I am not wearing a skirt again!”

“Whoa, calm down, I wasn't even going to suggest that, just go commando in bed tonight?”

“Er sure.” I sighed.

“Let's get some antiseptic on there for now.”

Gaby Book 11 Chapter *33* La Romantica Como


Chapter *33*

La Romantica Como

“You do make a cute girl Drew.”

“So I'm told.” I allowed with a sigh.

“So do you do it often, dress up that is?”

Of course, at home I've got a full girly wardrobe, I even go to school as a girl.

“I got tricked for the dance right, lost a bet, I don't do it for fun.”

Nope just to survive day to day.

Gaby Book 11 Chapter *32* An Understanding


Chapter *32*

An Understanding

Well it was never going to be ignored was it? Stunned already by the team captain announcement we both remained mute.

“I'll not beat around the bush, I understand Laura that you are now au fait with Drew's position?”

Gaby Book 11 Chapter *9* Small Gains


Chapter *9*
Small Gains

“Flippin cheek, there's two lads here too,” Josh mumbled.

“Don't worry big boy, you can be an honory girl,” Manda giggled.

“What about me?” I complained in an attempt at macho-ness.

Mand just gave me a look; well okay I didn't press things.

Gaby Book 8 Chapter *13* Road Rash


Chapter *8.13*

Road Rash

The lead group managed to make some ground through the feed and as we crossed the fens to the river crossing the neutral service car zipped past. Not the end of the world, it might even give them a false sense of security, but it was a little worrying nonetheless.

Gaby Book 8 Chapter *01* Accidents Will Happen

Gaby Book 8 - Changes
by Maddy Bell

Copyright © 2011 Madeline Bell
All Rights Reserved.

It has been a long break for me since writing the previous volume in the Gaby series and I hope that it's been worth the wait. Our diminutive hero(ine) gets up to all sorts this time, weddings, racing, shopping  – well the usual Gaby stuff really!

Pour a coffee, get the hankies and settle back to see what the Wunderkind gets up to next!

Calendar Time

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With the turn of the year fast approaching it's once again time to release the 2012 Calendar!

This year there are pictures of both Gaby and Nena from Germany, Denmark and the 2011 Gabycon!

Order soon for pre Christmas delivery

Bye for now


Gabycon Over

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Well I'm on the way home from Gabycon, where did the time go?

There will be a report midweek but it turned out to be a great weekend, those of you too shy to come missed some excellent food, great company, brilliant sightseeing and loads of brand new Gaby!

Put it in your diary for 2012 so you don't miss out next time!



extra Gaby

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Well we are all having a great time at Gabycon, Ang has already posted the Con special and there's another Book 7 chapter posted too!

Today we've got more readings for attendees and as the weather is looking good this morning we'll be hitting the beach later - well Chesil isn't exactlty Skegvegas but there's sea and er pebbles!

Bye for now


Gaby Book 7 Chapter *22* Nailed

Gaby Book 7 - Dress Up
Chapter *22* Nailed
by Maddy Bell

Copyright © 2009 Madeline Bell
All Rights Reserved.

Book 7 in the Gaby saga sees all sorts of action from our Hero/Heroine.

More action on the Bike and with the gang, getting into all sorts of trouble.

Just where will it all end?


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Hi Peeps

I finally had time today to find out what the problem with my conversion software was and hopefully on Wednesday not only will i have some more fanfics posted but I will resume getting all the print stuff into ebook format.

So check out my website on Wednesday to see the latest news.

On another front, I've taken the plunge, exchanged beer tokens and ordered a new hd for my lappy, well actually an SSD. If i'm lucky i'll be back on line at home before i head for plastic block land in July!


More breaking news!

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Hi everyone.

I'm pleased to announce an Ebook version of the latest Gaby release available here - .

In the course of the coming weeks i will endeavour to get all of the previous Gaby books as well as all the other Scaramouch releases converted to ebooks so there will be no excuse in not reading my wares anywhere!


Gaby Book 8 - first part published

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Hi everyone

If you go to you can now obtain the first 10 chapter part of the new Gaby book, Changes.

Rather than keep you waiting until all 40 chapters are finished which might not be until late summer i thought i'd release it in smaller lumps, i think you'll like this new stuff!

Prices are  £5.99 for the dead tree version and  £3.99 for the download.

Book 8 cover


It Was Only A Winters Tale

"Come on kids, time for bed."

"Mu-um!" Amy whined.

"Do we have to?" her sister Zoá« chimed in.

"Yes you do, now scoot; I’ll come and tuck you up in five minutes."

"Can Auntie Maddy do it?" Zoá« pleaded, "Please?"

"Mad?" Helen looked across to her friend for confirmation.

"Okay girls, I’ll be up in five minutes."

Book promotion!

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Lulu are doing a special promotion again, 25% off any order!

Simply select go to Scaramouch, choose your books/calendars and in the voucher box when you check out just put 'CYBERUK', the website will then automatically make the reduction.

Its for a limited period - until the 29th November, so take advantage now and get your reading matter before Christmas!


Gaby 2011 Calendars

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For anyone who's interested there are two 13 month Gaby Calendars available for 2011, the first is illustrated Manga style by Mizutamari and the second follows Gab's on her Spring trip to Germany and Autumn trip to the Gabycon in Dorset.

Price is  £15 each - the cheapest package i could do.



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