Golfing in Pink - 3

Golfing in Pink – 3

By Katherine Day

(Copyright 2014)

(As part of a girl’s golf team, Sonja (formerly Sonny) finds herself a center of attention and she turns the tables to win the respect of other women. This is part three of a four-part story.)

Masters Weekend

Since this is the Masters weekend, I thought some might want to read my take on the tournament. The first 19 chapters are the best part. The next four are strictly an 'add on' and will probably morph into a complete tale some time in the future.


A Good Walk Ruined

Beverly Taff reminded me that a noted author, some say it was Mark Twain, others GBS, that golf is a good walk ruined. Well, I enjoyed the game for years, although I never was better than about a 12 HCP. Last year I posted a story about Bobbie Anderson (nee, Schmedlap) who is a very sports minded witch who will never use magic to gain an advantage in sports. Her best sport is golf; however, she was an exceptional baseball player as well.

corny joke

As Erin has asked for more humour in the blogs I've resurrected an old golfing joke which I hope you haven't seen before and that you'll enjoy. Perhaps, I should state at the beginning that I don't play golf so forgive any technical errors.

Golf Joke.

A man and his wife were playing a round of golf together. It was also their fifteenth wedding anniversary and they were planning a quiet celebratory dinner that evening, just the two of them.

About half way around the course the man puts down his club and says to his wife, "It's our anniversary today and I love you dearly."

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