Reincarnation 11 - Hitler's Soul

If you ask a man on the street to tell you an important figure from World War 2, the answer will be Adolf Hitler (a newspaper, 1999).

Caution: smoking scenes and limited scenes of violence

In the 2000's, thousands of people claimed to be the reincarnation of Hitler. Some came with shocking proves. Is there an explanation to this? Is Hitler walking among us? If not, when will he return? And where did his soul come from?

Reincarnation 8 - A Warning

The truth always hurts (ancient saying).

Caution: contains scene of a murder, smoking scenes

The news about Julia and Sandra spread like the flash of a lightning. Televisions came, reporters asked them for interviews, many organizations wanted them to be their honorific members. In only a few weeks, everyone was talking about. Julia's transformation from a girl and Sandra's transformation from a guy, both into hermaphrodites, reached the front pages of many news corporations. Reporters were everywhere for a while. It was known as the surgery of the century.

Reincarnation 7 - Pandorra's Box

People reject what they find different from them (a study about discrimination).

Caution: smoking scenes, humiliation scenes and some adult subjects

Julia and Sandra are preparing to go to school with their new hermaphrodite bodies. How will their colleagues accept this? To make things harder, all students heard what happened with the two.

Love & Supernova 26 - Three Sisters


FireBlast is getting ill, children burning Place (non-sense words from a heavy metal song).

Once, Betelgeuse VII was a paradise for rare sexual minorities and transgender people. But now, things are changed. The sun will soon go supernova. The economy collapsed. Things like electricity, automated trains, distribution services, money or internet, are long gone. There is no institution left, the planet is ruled by anarchy.

Love & Supernova 24 - Rescue Operations


A man found a thirsty dog near a fountain. Since he had no bucket and no rope, he went into the fountain and took water in his shoe and gave it to the dog to drink. In that moment, he felt very happy and his sins were forgiven (from a Muslim story).

Love & Supernova 20 - There Is Hope


You can find life even in the most frozen tundra (notes from an explorer).

Once, Betelgeuse VII was a paradise for transgender people and rare sexual minorities, but now, the planet is in chaos. Its economy is collapsing. The sun might go supernova at anytime if neon fusion doesn't start in its core. People are captive, there is no way out and the sun might explode soon.

Love & Supernova 15 - Children Of Betelgeuse


Children are like a mirror of their parents. If parents are doctors, children will usually be attracted by medicine. If parents are alcoholics, children are predisposed to drink (child psychology).

But what will happen if parents are transgender people?

Love & Supernova 10 - Hard Choice


The end justifies the means (Niccolo Machavelli).

For over fifty Earth years, Betelgeuse VII has been the paradise for transgender people and rare sexual minorities. But now, the colony is endangered. The star will go supernova. For now, nobody knows this, except Caligula XIII, the reigning dictator, with a few close friends. Is there any way to save the population? Is there any chance to do something while there still is time?

Hermaphrodite orgy

Remove May 16, 2010
hermaphrodite orgy

So off we
went until we finally arrived at her farmhouse way out in the middle of
no where.
"So dear, how do you like my place?" she asked me.
"It's really nice." I responded. "Do you live here alone?"
"I don't have a husband, if that's what you're interested in finding
out. I'm kinda more interested in girls than in boys. Does that bother
you?" she wanted to know.
And then before I could answer she took me by the hand and led me into
the bedroom and started to undress me. Then we just started to cuddle until we got eachother excited.

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