Love & Supernova 11 - Dictator Catfight


Watching a politic fight is like watching a puppet theatre. Only those wise enough can see beyond the puppets, who is holding them and for what reason. (A politician, Eastern Europe).

Love & Supernova 10 - Hard Choice


The end justifies the means (Niccolo Machavelli).

For over fifty Earth years, Betelgeuse VII has been the paradise for transgender people and rare sexual minorities. But now, the colony is endangered. The star will go supernova. For now, nobody knows this, except Caligula XIII, the reigning dictator, with a few close friends. Is there any way to save the population? Is there any chance to do something while there still is time?

Hermaphrodite orgy

Remove May 16, 2010
hermaphrodite orgy

So off we
went until we finally arrived at her farmhouse way out in the middle of
no where.
"So dear, how do you like my place?" she asked me.
"It's really nice." I responded. "Do you live here alone?"
"I don't have a husband, if that's what you're interested in finding
out. I'm kinda more interested in girls than in boys. Does that bother
you?" she wanted to know.
And then before I could answer she took me by the hand and led me into
the bedroom and started to undress me. Then we just started to cuddle until we got eachother excited.

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