Hoe, Hoe, Hoe

The flames flickered in Sid’s dull eyes, as he listened to the harsh, dying screams of the stray cat. This alley never wanted for them, fortunately, and he had plied the old tomcat with a can of old tuna he had found in a nearby dumpster, his usual method. Then he threw it in a rusted metal garbage can, doused it with gasoline, and set it alight with one of his matches.

Stand By Your Woman Part 11

Leslie and Casey steps into the store. Leslie stops, just inside the entrance, and looks at all the stuff the owner had on display “oh, I could spend days in here. This place is more equipped than Ching’s in downtown London.”

A smile appears on Casey’s face as she listens to Leslie’s comment. She knew her wife loved Asian items “you can do some shopping afterward.”

“Okay.” Leslie heads towards the back of the store.

Hatter's Thanksgiving

“Are you sure you’re going to be okay, while I’m gone, Hatter?” Anika looks at Aylin as she stood nearby.

Aylin was bringing Anika’s bags down from upstairs. She had departed from wearing her normal suit and such to wearing slacks and a blouse.

Halloween Promise

The Halloween Promise

By Teek

© October 2011

Summary: Mrs. Evans promised her son Jimmy he could be the same thing this year for Halloween that he has been for the last five years. This does not prevent her from trying to change his mind. After all, at four it was cute, but now at nine!


In case anyone wonders where I am, I shall be away from Internet access from 12th April until 23rd June 2011 (72 Nights).

The ship will be calling at 30 ports and visiting Madeira, The Caribbean, Panama, Mexico, USA, Alaska, returning to the UK via Canada, Costa Rica, USA and The Azores.

P & O Cruises are caling it the 2011 Alaska Adventure.

If you hear a big splash in the Atlantic or Pacific, you'll know that my neighbour and cabin-mate got sick of me before we returned to the UK.


One More Week

Well folks, I'm just here to tell you that in just over a week, Penny and I will be packed into my little Peugeot and cruising down the boulevards of La Belle France - hopefully with the roof down - on our househunting camping trip.

We're really excited as we are going to be seeing about ten houses, three of which we are very keen on. The rest would be nice, but may need too much work to be within our grasp. The three we do like are actually habitable, one of which is more than habitable, it's perfect.

Oh well, we'll have to wait and see, won't we?

The Kings Outstretched Scepter

by Rami
This is a story of how a King’s Outstretched Scepter saved his Queen, her people and granted an 11-year old their long held dream.


As I rubbed sleep out of my eyes, everything seemed strange. I felt different. I then recalled the events of yesterday, especially of last night. I remembered the tingling I felt during the reading of the Megilah. It started just as King Ahasuerus stretched out his scepter to Queen Esther.

My thoughts and recollections were becoming somewhat cloudy. Was what I was thinking and feeling real? Is that it! My, oh my, do I hope so. It would be fantastic!!! My dreams realized!!!

Thanksgiving - Things to give thanks for!

Dear Big Closet Top Shelf friends:

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. There are many things we all (even those non-Americans reading this) should give thanks for. In no particular order.

1) This website
2) Erin
3) The other staff members and Administrators
4) This website
5) The authors
6) Their stories
7) This website
8) My many friends here
9) Those people who get upset at my comments and tell me so (I'm serious - debating with you is enjoyable)
10) This website
11) The Freedom we have in this Great Nation to be able to have a website like this.

My Transgender Childhood Comix #1

I've been thinking of starting a series of single panel comics with this theme for a while now. This is my first in the series and has a Christmas theme. I hope it'll give you a giggle or a smile. Happy holidays, everyone!

{{{warm huggs}}}

Heather Rose :)

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