The Confession

“Hey, I have something to tell you… I’m sorry I didn’t mention this earlier. I really hope we can still be friends once you know… but if not and if you’re weirded out I can understand...”

“...I think I’m a girl.”

Ian laughed. “God, I thought that you were actually going to say something big there, Allie. You had me going for a little. I was genuinely nervous.”


This was not at all the reaction Allan—Allie to friends—was expecting.

“...uh, maybe you heard me wrong? I, uh, was coming out to you… y’know… as a girl?”

Rules Are Rules: 41. Grandchildren

"It isn't that I want you to be upset at what happened, but it doesn't seem that you understand the gravity of what's going on with you. You just skip happily from one bizarre cataclysm to the next, while all around you, parents, relatives, and friends clutch their hearts in terror."

Rules Are Rules

41. Grandchildren

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