Allison Zero - Book 1 - Part 10

A dark metallic hallway on a space station, functional and industrial with signs of advanced technology, with a large hexagonal window with a view of a star field. Faint pink text with the words ‘Allison Zero’ are centred on the window to the star field.

After waking Allison received news she didn’t believe at first but instantly realised she loved, Dr. Grace confirmed Allison is changing. Allison is becoming who she wants to be. Now she just needs to let time work its magic and keep doing what she’s doing.

What Allison would really like, however, is for things to slow down. Not the changes, rather she’d like to get time to enjoy who she is, but she doesn’t even know if that’s possible. She knows she’s unique in the history of the deep-space station, and maybe that means things will never be slow and normal. But what’s more normal, in all this newness, than a lunch with Angie?


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A few years ago, I created the drawing below, of a couple of friends experimenting with makeup. Today a vignette of what was happening in the drawing popped into my head. Even though it's short, I really liked how it came out, so I thought I'd share it. Enjoy!


Toni With An i - Part 3

Friday night at Lads Night In was explosive, in a variety of ways, with Tony discovering the Toni part of himself, or more now herself, along with two new, female friends, Jess and Sally. The day after was an emotional roller-coaster, where people actually smile at the new Toni—no-one ever smiled at boy Toni—and she discovered a wonderland bar where everything ended in tears. But tears for Sally, not Toni! Before Big-G took Toni home to be held and simply rest.

With Toni’s life finally filled with joy and fun, NO BORING!!! is it all going to stop when the big man, Big-G, says it’s time to take things seriously? Or is Big-G correct and will treating things properly as the new Toni be as fun, fun, fun as the partying and drinks? And will Toni end up back in Light Avenue?

If It Was Your Husband 3 & 4 of 20

If It Was Your Husband.png

If It Was Your Husband
By Patricia Marie Allen

Blurring the Edges and Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Carrie is off and running. Alex wrestles with his feelings about underdressing and wearing lingerie, and his alter ego gets Christmas presents. Meanwhile, Alex gets a look at just how feminine he can look when Carrie blurs the edges of his masculine face with makeup. Oh, and pictures

Mom's Morning Routine

I have been a long time reader on here, so I thought I would trim my hand it writing a kinda short story. This is loosely based on a true story, but names have been changed. It is a story about a boy whose fascination with makeup and femininity all came flowing out because of one incident. I apologize for any grammatical errors, English was never my best subject.

Mom's Morning Routine.


Nikkie Dragun.jpg
A Short Story
By Maryanne Peters

“Pernicious” is the word. The internet is pernicious. Pernicious and addictive.

What is an “influencer”? How can they trap people the way they do? It is pernicious.

I was just an ordinary guy. A shy person. I suppose one of the generation brought up with a screen before my eyes. Introverted you might say. Absorbed by the screen. Absorbed by the world wide web.

The Mad Adventures of Suzie Lavender - Suzie is triumphant

I’m really nervous as Judy drives me to school. My stomach is full of butterflies as I’m about to go to school as Suzie for the first time. Judy picked a nice mini-dress with a blue flower pattern. It’s pretty but I have to be careful to keep the skirt part down so my peach panties isn’t exposed under my taupe pantyhose. Of course I’m wearing my B-cup falsies. I’m also wearing a pair of white open toed platform shoes that show off my pretty plum toes. I’m going to be changing nail polish colors when I see Thelma on Thursday and I want the color to be the same as my fingernails this time.

The Mad Adventures of Suzie Lavender - Suzie's first Monday

I’m waking up and wondering if my nightmare has turned into a wonderful dream and now I’ll be waking up in my old bed and hear Bud yelling at Mom again.

But, no, I’m in Judy’s bed in her dressing room and I’m dressed up in a pink baby doll nightie with bloomers. My nails are still shimmering with two coats of fuchsia nail polish. Of course I still have the perm from Hell but even that feels just a tad bit softer. Now all I have to do is to look in the mirror.

The Mad Adventures of Suzie Lavender- The Night Before Halloween

First I should mention a caveat as far as Halloween goes. It used to fall on October 31 in ancient times but since the new world took hold a few hundred years ago, the calendar has been changed to a strict 364 day schedule so everything always falls on the same day of the week, thus now Halloween takes place on October 28 which is always a Saturday to allow the kids to go trick or treating basically.

“Girls” for the Summer Club

How “the game” began.

By the time their ‘game’ began neither boy could remember how today’s events came to be. Was it a Truth or Dare consequence; a lost video game contest? The truth is they both WANTED to play their ‘game’. An excuse would let them justify doing what they wanted to do anyway – wear panties, apply and wear makeup. The motto of their game was “Whatever you do to me I get to do to you.” It seemed fair.


This is my first time writing here, so I'll start with a story based on my first experience with makeup.

I guess it was a Friday night, my parents went out to a party and left me, Mark (10 years old) and my cousin Mia (13 years old) with a neighbor Julie (In her early 20's I guess) as our babysitter.

White Rabbit -4-

When we last left our hero(ine) Dana had just been introduced to his new self. Now Dana begins to learn what is in store for him/her for the rest of his/her life. This is the final chapter. Barbie and I wish to thank all of you for reading, commenting and clicking the little "kudo" button. Your interest, suggestions and thoughts meant a lot to Barbie and me.

A Change of Summer Camps - Part 2 - The Art of Distraction

Change of Summer Camps
Part Two

By Jessie C

Before we went to sleep for the night, Jamie and Sharon took me aside to talk. “We just want to thank you and say we are pleasantly amazed by the neat Sister you are turning out to be.” They could tell by the stun look on my face that I did not understand.

Research: Makeup tutorial

Hi everyone,
I'm writing the next story of my werewomen series and as it goes my main character feels the need to learn to do her own makeup. Since she's going to fight with it, I need at least a basic knowledge of how that works, but alas I know about as much about makeup as I know about hyperspace travel.

Can you help me and my character with our lack of knowledge? It would be nice if someone could link a video or text and pictures tutorial that explains how to do one's makeup.

thank you,

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