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Chats With Charlie: Part 1: As The Year Turns

I can't recall who suggested that I should take things further between Charlie, Betty and Shawna. This is where that 'going further' starts.

If you aren't sure what I'm referring to here, read this story:


Chat session initially between Charlie and Betty, December 27, 2017, starting around 9:30 PM Central Time:

Charlie's Wish: A Fair At Christmas Time

December 2017 Christmas Dreams Story Contest Entry

I spent a fair while about two weeks ago looking through websites to see if there were any fairs taking place in the US around Christmas time.

There were none, the latest I could find all ended around mid-November, so this story and the people and some places in it are pure fiction.

TWINS by Marie Part 20 - Diagnosis

“Examining staff feel little would be accomplished by attempting to reverse subject’s current personality trend. Attempts to do so would likely result in psychological and emotional damage to both subject and adoptive mother. In view of the information assembled the study team recommends encouraging the subject’s feminine development."

TWINS by Marie

Part 20 - Diagnosis

by Marie C.

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