There’s A Mad Hatter Lose In New York

Aylin sits on her motorcycle and watches the person who raped her friend’s sister. According to her friend Brandy. The guy had drugged her sister and took her back to his place and handcuffed her to the bed frame.

Brandy’s family had pressed charges and the guy had been arrested, but the crooked high price lawyer he hired to represent him in court. The lawyer twisted the facts of the case and made her friend’s sister look like a common streetwalker. Aylin had played the game their way, but now
it was time for them to play the game her way.

Just curious

After reading comments and such from readers, I'm curious as to how many ride motorcycles and if you still ride. Me, I raced them for over twenty-five years. I'm a charter member of the AMA and darn proud of it too. I started racing on triumphs in the 500cc class. I started by riding enduros on a ridgid frame 500 and finally got suspension a year later on my 1965 500.

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