“You might as well give it up Casey. No one is going to hire you for an acting job, especially a male role. You look like you could be my little sister or in a kiddy show.”

Casey had barely made it back in time for his shift at Pete’s Steak House. He looks at Harry as he slips his apron on over his black t-shirt. He was lucky that he remembered to keep a change of clothes for work in his 1998 Mustang. The body needed some work and it had an oil leak, but it got him where he needed to go. He could fix it, thanks to his uncle showing him how to work on cars at his garage.

Hopscotch…A Jump in Life 23

Hopscotch… A Jump Through Life 23


I hear some clapping from the doorway and I look up to see Danny and Jo-Beth with some bags of stuff. And Danny’s grinning and he looks different than his pictures but not, he’s beefed up some since a lot of them by like maybe ten or fifteen pounds of like muscle by the looks of his arms and he’s got a haircut too.

And Jo-Beth who’s clapping all happy like is well…she’s short like five four but she’s got longer hair than her pictures sort of show on her Facebook page and she’s really curvy too like with the sexy hips and she has these really huge boobs.

And I’m kind of feeling a little shy and stuff and I’m biting my lower lip a little and stuff.

“Hey…you guys came.”

Danny grins holding up a big take out bag from MacDonald’s. “And I brought ice cream.”

Kaitlyn squees. “Yay Ice Cream!”

Wow Danny…he looks at her and he looks like he was kind of just hit by a truck.


*And Now…

Absinthe, Opium and Honor...Chapters 41 & 42.

Absinthe, Opium & Honor…Chapters 41 & 42.


I get inside the house and close the door my pulse hammering in my ears and through the rest of me. I’m hot…and jeez…I ache, I’ve never been so wet before in my life. I see the girls have been waiting up but right now… right now I need.

“I..I’ll be down in a bit I need to get changed.”

I make my way to my room and get in and close the door and lean on the wall.

My shirt comes off and I shimmy out of my pants and let it all pool to the floor as I shrug out of my bra.

TS and TG movies on YouTube

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I found these on YouTube last night and thought they weren't even half bad... "Beautiful Boxer", a true story of Nong Toom, a transsexual Thai kickboxer who fought as a means of survival and rose to fame, quite an amazing story. Part one is here, and if you're familiar with YouTube at all (is there anyone who isn't?) you know you'll find the other parts shown to the right of the screen.

"Just Like A Woman" is a fictional story of a crossdresser who loses his wife and family and other tribulations etc. Part one is here:

Agnes and His Brothers

I ran across "Agnes and His Brothers" while poking around the Netflix site. It's a German film about 3 siblings (one being a transgendered woman) trying to find happiness. The movie is more than a bit strange with many of the characters behaving quite badly, and I can't say I really understood some of the elements of Agnes's story within the movie all that well. There are some darkly humorous and absurd moments. Agnes is well accepted by her family and by the people she comes in contact with. I thought the male actor that plays her did a credible job.


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Hi Everyone! I was scanning though my favorite web sites this morning and ran across a movie trailer for "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium" I was a little turned off by the title and idea that it was just another Holiday movie. However once I watched it I got SRU flashbacks not that anyone was transformed but just by the sets and madcap staff. Maybe the Wizard has a younger brother? here is a link to the trailer in case anyone is interested.


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