Easing the feeling

The injection came and suddenly what was stiff between my legs suddenly receded and lowered itself. "Alright," the doctor said motioning me to get up. "No, no, you won't need that now," he said and I discarded the gaffe I once wore and just pulled up the padded panty with the maxi-pad attached. It was definitely a more feminine shape down below now. I continued to re-dress, hooking on the bra over my breast forms and pulling back my dress as he snapped off the medical gloves and typed away at his computer.

"Ok, uh Cathy?"

The end of the first day

"So how was it?" My sister croaked.

"It was ok," I mumbled in my original voice.

"Just ok?" She asked again.

"It was a bumpy ride. Look, I'm only doing this for cause you're sick and you couldn't get sick leave and you need this job or Dad would scould you," I grumbled, hanging up the blazer she gave me.

"So how was it?"

"Your boss is ok, but boy did he have a packed schedule today. The other manager is more demanding, and the other junior guy tried to ask me or rather you out?"

In the nick of time

I watched as my parents' car drove off then raced to my sister's room. I suppose you if you guessed I wanted to borrow her DVDs, you're wrong. If you guessed that I was going to look at her study notes, you still guessed wrong. No, I was going to dress her clothes. Yeah, for many years, I had a secret desire to be a girl. No, not a trans, I hate that word. To be a girl--with long hair, breasts, vulva and everything. What stood in the way were my parents who were stick-in-the-mud, conservative types.

Losing the game for her

"Miss Hanson, Miss Hason, how do you explain your loss? Miss Hanson, you were the reigning champion for three years in a row! How could you lose the title? Miss Hanson, could we have a word?" No they couldn't as I pushed my way through the crowds and entered my car. Soon enough, I was clear from the army of reporters and camera man. Checking that no one else was following me, I turned into the side road and pulled my car into a dilapidated building. With the door closing behind me, I finally heaved a sigh of relief and exited.

Keeping it a Secret: Summertime

And "Keeping it a Secret" has returned, this time a summer break as opposed to the autumn/winter break in the previously story. Clarence/Cathrine is a Year 12 student but I must say I don't know much about Year 12 studies or British education/schooling holidays so those parts are fictional. The medical terms may be accurate, but the operation/procedure is definitional fictional. The makeover is as well. I'm also not sure if there are really wigs and breast forms that can withstand sun and seawater/swimming pool water.


Keeping it a Secret Chapter 6

"What?!!" I cried, now what.

"Hang on there. He's rescheduling for 1130 on Thursday," she said. "But..."

"But, what, can there be a operation before Friday afternoon?" Please, please...

"That is what I'm telling you. Come Thursday, Doctor Barnes examination then might change and get you all ready even before Friday."

"But how?"

"He says just come then. See you then."

Keeping it a Secret Chapter 4

I woke up early on Sunday morning with my bladder full. Darn, having a girl's plumbing must make me a small bladder or pee more often I thought, as I lowered my knickers. Looking down at the surgically altered genitalia, I thought back to the challenge I had. Most of my body would be restored to its original male self by Thursday morning. Maybe I could appear as my original self, Clarence, to my parents, then get an excuse to go for the Friday operation to get my male parts back. My jeans aren't that tight to reveal the fake female vulva underneath. I could get the surgery then come back.

Keeping it a Secret Chapter 2

Edited August 2015.

I immediately stared at Jon, words unable to form in my mouth. "Hey, are you ok?"

"Uh...yeah," I replied quickly, remembering to use my high pitched female voice. Would he recognise...hopefully not, given my extensive changes. Ok, I flashed myself in front of him but that's why I got the surgical alteration. It was then I realised that other shoppers were staring at us and I hurried bent down to pick up the lingerie set and pack it back.

"I really ought to watch where I'm going," Jon continued. "Miss..."

Thanks Dad for Being There - 4 - Back to a New Normal

I practiced daily as I can and jammed with Dad at least twice a week picking up a cord sequences here and there. Travis remained my instructor; he was comfortable with my working with Dad, saying I was progressing well.
Dad shared he leaned things, which helped him as well. While Dad became my biggest fan and encouragement, Mom would take time as well on the keyboard. He would usually use the bass guitar when we jammed and his acoustical guitar if he was trying to teach me something…

Turning Tim into Tammi

A while back I had separated from my husband and moved in with my friend Debbie. I wasn't sure how long I would be there, but had an open invitation to stay as long as I needed.

Debbie had an older house in the Village that she was renovating into several apartments. It was perfect.

Bull Durham Script

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I'm not going to lie to you and try to tell you that Bull Durham wasn't about baseball. That's mostly what it was about. But, it was also about people, and sex, and a bit of mysticism.

Not sure how or why, but I tripped over a link to the screenplay. It's richer, darker, possibly funnier, but definitely more touching than the movie was. I was particularly taken with its very open view of sexuality, sensuality and gender. If you do nothing else, just word-seach on "panties" and skip through it. Oh, and read the ending. It's nice.


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Well, my mother came into my room a few minites ago and we talked for a little bit. Then she asked me about the panties she found in my laundry.I denied it and suggested that some of her stuff got into mine. She said that she had never worn panties that large. I just brused it off and she just said that she was going to just throw them away. Good thing that I already recued mine and repaced it with a pair of hers. When she asked me if they were mine I thought I was going to be sick. The look on my face had to give me away. God, I feel like such a piece of shit for lying to her.

Crossdressing with my Girlfriend and Boyfriend -2- A Date with Disaster

Crossdressing with my Girlfriend and Boyfriend
(Pt. 2 A Date with Disaster)

By CindyBelle
 ©June 2007

Crossdressing with my Girlfriend and Boyfriend
(Pt 2 : A Date with Disaster)

Tim finds taking a dress into a mens changing room is a bad idea and then learns with dismay about his next starring role in his schools musical production, his mom is thrilled though.

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