Thanks Dad for Being There - 4 - Back to a New Normal

I practiced daily as I can and jammed with Dad at least twice a week picking up a cord sequences here and there. Travis remained my instructor; he was comfortable with my working with Dad, saying I was progressing well.
Dad shared he leaned things, which helped him as well. While Dad became my biggest fan and encouragement, Mom would take time as well on the keyboard. He would usually use the bass guitar when we jammed and his acoustical guitar if he was trying to teach me something…

Turning Tim into Tammi

A while back I had separated from my husband and moved in with my friend Debbie. I wasn't sure how long I would be there, but had an open invitation to stay as long as I needed.

Debbie had an older house in the Village that she was renovating into several apartments. It was perfect.

Bull Durham Script

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I'm not going to lie to you and try to tell you that Bull Durham wasn't about baseball. That's mostly what it was about. But, it was also about people, and sex, and a bit of mysticism.

Not sure how or why, but I tripped over a link to the screenplay. It's richer, darker, possibly funnier, but definitely more touching than the movie was. I was particularly taken with its very open view of sexuality, sensuality and gender. If you do nothing else, just word-seach on "panties" and skip through it. Oh, and read the ending. It's nice.


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Well, my mother came into my room a few minites ago and we talked for a little bit. Then she asked me about the panties she found in my laundry.I denied it and suggested that some of her stuff got into mine. She said that she had never worn panties that large. I just brused it off and she just said that she was going to just throw them away. Good thing that I already recued mine and repaced it with a pair of hers. When she asked me if they were mine I thought I was going to be sick. The look on my face had to give me away. God, I feel like such a piece of shit for lying to her.

Crossdressing with my Girlfriend and Boyfriend -2- A Date with Disaster

Crossdressing with my Girlfriend and Boyfriend
(Pt. 2 A Date with Disaster)

By CindyBelle
 ©June 2007

Crossdressing with my Girlfriend and Boyfriend
(Pt 2 : A Date with Disaster)

Tim finds taking a dress into a mens changing room is a bad idea and then learns with dismay about his next starring role in his schools musical production, his mom is thrilled though.

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