One Day Changed My Whole Life Part 5

I found it terribly difficult to carry all those shopping bags into the house, not only because they were heavy but also because of the delicate fake nails that I now had to cope with. I was afraid of breaking them whenever I clenched my fist around one of the bag handles, but at the same time I feared for the bags safety because these nails were quite sharp. 

I didn’t spare much time to examine my new nails, as I hated every moment I spent looking at them. They had this strange effect of making my fingers look longer and thinner, more feminine than they had been before. 

One Day Changed My Whole Life Part 4

We arrived at the local supermarket after a 5-minute drive. I vaguely remembered going here with my mother when I was very young, but what I remembered more was feeling small and vulnerable when adults surrounded me. As I grew older, the supermarket became a much less scary place, but now… things are different. 

Aurora and Aurelia

Aurora and Aurelia
by Amalia Solara

Aurora is an intellectually precocious, depressed high-school senior at an existential crossroads, with a wounded heart and an intense inner conflict that leads to alienation, repression, sexual frustration and self-loathing. Aurelia is a nurturing, empathetic, emotionally sensitive, congenitally blind classmate who fast becomes her closest confidant. Together, these two special girls take solace in each other, cope with their respective challenges and ultimately find intimacy and fulfillment.

One Day Changed My Whole Life Part 3

I didn’t know what to say to her, I knew what she was going to ask, I just hadn’t planned on answering her. I should be in my own house by now eating bacon, not sitting with a near complete stranger in her house, dressed as a girl. I took a few moments to think of an answer, but I couldn’t find one, so I asked her a question in the hope she’d forget what just happened. 

“Why… shouldn’t you be at work Mom?” I asked, I was starting to get used to calling her Mom by now. 

One Day Changed My Whole Life Part 2

Stephanie’s voice, and once again I found myself frozen to the floor. Kirsty must of felt like she was dragging a dead person as she pulled me down the stairs. 

During our short journey to the kitchen, I noticed an abundance of family photos on the walls. Not one of them had a boy in them, every photo either had Kaitlyn and Harpher together, Stephanie and Kaitlyn, Stephanie and Hayley. There wasn’t anyone who looked like they could be Kaitlyn’s father, which made me feel double as much horrified as I already was.

One Day Changed My Whole Life Part 1

It all started when I was 12. You see I was quite short for my age and very skinny, with long scruffy brown hair. I lived in a cul-de-sac in the near a park in the town of Mount Horeb, WI and in this cul-de-sac lived the only people in the world that I could call friends. Across the street lived Sophie (13) and her brother Timmathy(9), whilst right next-door lived Kaitlyn (14) and her little sister Harpher (8).

What Mother Didn't Know - Book 2 - Chapter 1 - 2

What Mother Didn't Know - Book 2
by Barbara Lynn Terry

(Author's note: You have all spoken and I have listened. I had to take some time to figure out how to start book 2, so I will start where I left off in book 1. Thank you all for reading and commenting on book 1. Barbara)

Chapter 1 - At home after the hearing.

When we got home from the courthouse, we all sat down and had a little talk in the dining room. Daddy was even home for this too.


by Barbara Lynn Terry

I was five years old in the winter of 1953-1954. I remember that Christmas and Easter very well. It was just like every other Christmas and Easter, but this year, something was about to happen that I had only prayed about.

Let me take you back to just after Thanksgiving, 1953, and the start of the Christmas shopping season.

Part I - Ronnie is not a happy boy.

All Things Denied 12 - 'Sandy's Sleepy'

Notes of a Journey Trilogy
Book 1
All Things Denied

Chapter 12 - 'Sandy's Sleepy'

A Gaby FanFic by PB

Nine girls, plenty of sodapop and pizza. What could go wrong here?

Bobby's Rainy Day Adventure - Chapter XII

While getting ready to meet with two girls from school who've been invited to Cori's sleep-over, Bobby gets a call from the hospital, talk to her mom, and learns a bit about both her parents as well as her part in their divorce. Worried about being accepted, Bobby braces herself to meet Rhianna and Tess, and discovers what kinds of friends they can be.

Bobby's Rainy Day Adventure - Chapter XII

Copyright 2007 by Heather Rose Brown

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