The River of Shadows

The River of Shadows
by Alyssa Plant

A high school senior heads to Boston to visit his sister for Halloween. A twist of fate reveals something they would never have admited alone... and it proves to be the one thing that may keep them alive when the best laid plans of a group of college students are lain waste by a force of terrible evil and corruption that has thrived for centuries... Can Charlie Kane be strong enough to live? or will the River of Shadows claim yet another victim...?

The Pride's Breeder

Tonya shivers as a cold breeze blows by her. She was standing out on the balcony looking out towards the woods that surrounded the log cabin home. She places her petite hand on her swollen belly as she feels the babies she was carrying move.

She never thought her life would take her down this path. She never thought she would be able to have babies or that she would be the breeder of a pride of cats. She winces as one of the babies she was carrying kicks her kidney.

“Ow!” Tonya rubs the spot where she just got kicked.

I Will Always Be There For You

----------=BigCloset Retro Classic!=----------

Two lonely people find each other,
and discover that true love lasts longer
than they ever knew it could.

I Will Always
Be There For You

by Wendy Jean

Copyright © 2012 by Wendy Jean
All Rights Reserved.

The Demon Within

My alarm woke me up, much as every morning. I dragged out of bed and headed to the shower, to start another day. I enjoyed my morning shower, it allowed me to tune my voice for the coming day and put on the body lotions I liked. I didn’t like the negative thoughts that seemed to go with it though, but they had always been with me, so I mostly ignored them. Still, it is disconcerting to hear yourself say “I’m so tired of being a girl.” especially when it is not true.

My name is Stacy. It wasn’t always my name, but I liked it well enough after I transitioned from being Stan.

Evanescence 28

Evanescence 28

Chapter 28


“Oh Molly…Molly, nobody has ever loved you!”

(Sob!) I can’t help it…the words hurt so much. Drake/Rapture’s blade hurts even worse…he’s so fast when he cuts my arm, my side. (Pain-scream.)

There’s something on the blade…the cuts burn like acid.

It’s hard to breath immediately.

The blade flashes at me and there’s a shing as Jill catches it on her blade and brings her gun up towards his head.

“Wrong meat sack I loved her!”

*And Now…

Secrets of the Dead 01

Secrets of the Dead 01
Lilith Langtree

The Redferne's have survived twenty generations since the witch hangings at Pendle Hill in 17th century England. Kenneth Redferne is about to take up his duty, but he has a few things to learn about the progenitor of the family and himself when that happens.



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