Kaiser's X Blessing - Book 1 - 02 - Intro I

Intro (Part I)

– I –


Class 1-D at Sanderson High School for Regulars.

Pharos Colony. Island Two. Habitat One.

Semester One – School Week Twenty.

Friday morning Homeroom Period.

Today was the big day – the final day of the school semester.

The mid-year break would start tomorrow, Saturday.

Needless to say my classmates and I were all looking forward to our measly five week break before starting Semester Two.

Kaiser's X Blessing - Book 1 - 01 - Reflections 0

From the author of the "Gun Princess Royale" series, comes the story of a young man gifted with great power, great responsibility, coerced by his primitive impulses, and cornered by his inability to say, No, to the beautiful girls that manipulate him for their own devious desires.

Being Christina Chase

----------=BigCloset Retro Classic!=----------

Christopher Chase, a hardworking teen whose life had been slowly getting worse, was sent on a business trip to help his company out of a jam. When Christopher set out for his new assignment, he had no idea that his life was about to completely change along the way near a sleepy little town called Oak Grove...

Being Christina Chase

by Admiral Krunch

Tragedy of the Spirit part 8 Life on the road

Part 8 Life on the Road Begins

All material is copywrite 2008 by Prairie_girl_64 (parts 1 thru 8)

After my Brutal rape and assault by Adam , I sat down and talked with Jenn about what had transpired. She asked me how I felt.

Jenn " How do you feel about what happened to you? I know you went through hell with your dad and brother, how do feel about a repeat?"

Tragedy of the Spirit part 7 Life goes on and changes occur

Life goes on and major changes occurr for me. The struggle to find my place begins.

After I was at my freind Jenifers residence we began to talk. I told her what had transpired over the last few months at home. I also mentioned to her my plan for my eventual escape and how I ended up on my cross country trek. Our conversation picked up a fair bit.

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