by Bamajoe

This Daisy was no flower, and an off the cuff offer lands her an police officer on the front line of the fight against organized crime. One will flourish, while the other finds love, wealth, and a little romance along they way. "No, I'm not Daisy." And let me assure you he is no Lady

Ovid 05: The Jet Jockey

Ovid V: The Jet Jockey

by The Professor (circa 1998)

Navy jet jockey Rich Baxter is recruited to find some spies
who plan to steal the design of a special computer chip.
He needs a new undercover identity and becomes
Mike Donovan, civilian test pilot.
Wait, in Ovid that will never do... he really needs
a new identity for this mission!


NCIS - A Time of Innocence, Part 1/2

Gibbs and the team take onboard a new Agent, but little do they know quite how close to the case they are...

NCIS — Naval Criminal Investigative Service
A Time of Innocence
Part 1
A fan fiction
By Alyssa Plant
edited by Valerie Preston


Totally Insane

Totally Insane.
by Angharad

“That is, like, totally insane,” I said when Brian made his proposal, “Like I’m gonna do that, like I’m totally crazy?”

“Look, little bruv, if you don’t I am, like, cat food.”

“Why can’t you get Karen’s sister to do it?”

“She wouldn’t be able to get into the lockers.”

“Why me?” I asked almost rhetorically, I knew why.

“’Cos you’re the best, little bruv,” he said slapping me on the shoulder.

“How come, I’m like, only the best when you, like, want something?”

Catering for All Sorts!


He’d drawn the short straw, undercover waitress, his partner, much bigger, obviously male was the kitchen ‘washer-upper’.

He complained of sore red hands, ‘she’ complained of sore red toes and cursed her heels.

“Any leads yet?” ‘she’ whispered.

“Gotta be here somewhere,” he replied.

714: Sgt Joe

714: Sgt. Joe

An undercover police officers assignment goes very wrong. Part of a multi-thread story for Erin's BC Strangefellows Day contest. Latest Edition, honest

* * * *

I have memories of that night that come—and-go like will-o-wisps, but the last I can recall, I heard shouting, lights sweeping the waters and a distant loud splash. I was nearly gone when an arm snagged me and clamped around my waif-ish body. It squished one of my boobies, painfully. I distinctly remember that’s what I thought at the moment. I don’t remember much after that. I do remember wondering why my boobies were so tender and … Guys don’t have …~~

A Day at Work, "Dressed"

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?" It wasn't so much a question as it was a statement. I think, at that moment, Bobbie realized that this was more than just a job related thing for me. I was a bit unsure about how I should answer her so I just said, "Let's go do this and, after it's over, you and I can talk. Okay?"

A Day at Work,"Dressed"

By Catherine Linda Michel

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