Through the Looking Glass Darkly

Maeryn Lamonte Copyright ©️ 2024

So I’d bought one. It’s not as if I have a lot of people in my life, so the Christmas present budget is light. Sad, I know, but then it means I can splurge on me a bit.

I’d wanted one since they came on the market, but could never justify the expense. At least not until this year. This Christmas they had a sale with a humongous seventy-five percent off. which still put the price tag at a grand, but that was just inside my budget.

As long as I skimped elsewhere.

The Reluctant Housewife Part 2

The shower felt so good. I could not remember the last time I had showered or washed my hair. I was not dirty. Dr. Tom must have cleaned me while I was in the medical coma. Still, the warm water felt sensual on my now smooth skin. It's funny how you don't realise how you miss the everyday trappings of civilization.

The shower gel and shampoo were all heavily scented with jasmine and other flowery scents. I wrapped the towel around my waist and started to dry my hair. I walked back into the bedroom.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?"

Whatever You Desire - Chapter 3

Whatever You Desire.jpg

Chapter Two – Day Five

Detectives Julie Sanderson and Tommy Lomax disagree when Julie proposes using a honey-trap to catch Stephanie Carter's killer. Final Chapter and resolution.

Whatever You Desire - Chapter 2

Whatever You Desire.jpg

Chapter Two – Day Two - Day Three - Day Four

Transgender detective Julie Sanderson begins to break down detective Tommy Lomax's prejudices and they actually begin to trust each other and bond. As they get closer to finding out who murdered Stephanie Carter the investigation turns dangerous

Whatever You Desire - Chapter 1

Whatever You Desire.jpg

Chapter One – Day One

Transgender detective Julie Sanderson is teamed with detective Tommy Lomax to solve the murder of young trans prostitute Stephanie Carter and the investigation becomes complicated when the victim is identified as the daughter of a US senator. The case is a political time bomb full of intrigue, deception, lies and deceit but the clock is ticking to get it solved before the media gets hold of the story.

Phillipa Scoff Part 3

Phillip opened the door and immediately was thrusted with a tiny pair of what looked like red bikini bottoms. The rooms furniture had been moved around a small spray tan had been erected in the middle. Alisha stood next to the tent and appeared to be getting the spray tan ready, she smiled and waved him over.

“I am not wearing these” Phillip exclaimed. “These are women’s underwear”

Seven Years as a Wife Ch. 07

Mel finally realizes she is transgender.

It had been 3 months since that night when Mel uncovered the plot to steal the patient for the E.V. charger. Simon had talked to each member of the board privately and had held an extraordinary meeting and removed those plotting against him. The inventor had been given a guaranteed share of the profits and signed over the rights to the company.

Mel had done a lot of soul-searching in the following weeks and met Angie for advice.

The Interpreter - Chapter 4

The Interpreter.jpg

Chapter Four – Toast and Marmalade

The Professor knows that Valerie is sitting on secret but remains infatuated with her. What will he do now that he has the tools to blackmail her? At the same time the FBI and MI6 are closing in our beautiful ingénue and Soviet spy. Can Yuri save Valerie and will he have to sacrifice himself to do so? Please heed the cautions.

The Interpreter - Chapter Two

The Interpreter.jpg

Chapter Two – Your Body Is A Weapon

Valerie is trained in the arts of espionage and seduction as she prepares to go undercover as the interpreter for Professor Mikhail Blavatsky, a misogynist, conceited womaniser, so that she can accompany to him to a Convention in NYC and test her newfound skills on unsuspecting victims.

The Interpreter - Chapter 1

The Interpreter.jpg

Chapter One – An Offer She Couldn’t Refuse

A naive young Russian crossdresser who works as an interpreter for the KGB is exposed and given a chance to save herself and her family by working undercover as a femme fatale. Valerie has no choice but to go along with the KGB's plan to use her as an enchantress to lure unsuspecting men to their fate.


A Requested Vignette
By Maryanne Peters

Okay, so listen up. Like, what’s the worst secret that you don’t want anybody to know? Like, a secret that you want to keep so badly that you will do anything to stop Mark and Gabe from telling everybody? I mean like, anything! Like, giving away everything that is important to you. Like becoming somebody else completely! Like, the opposite of the person you were. What kind of secret could that be?

Pink Sails

Simon was excited to leave his birth planet behind.
All it took was to hire onto a merchant ship - the Golden Swan - as a lowly shipboy.
Traversing the sea of stars had been a dream of his since being little.
But it might turn into a nightmare as the merchant ship spots a pursuer with Pink Sails.
Pirates are hunting the Golden Swan and there is nothing Simon can do.

Blackmailed into being a woman: “Are you man enough to be a woman for me?”

Blackmailed into being a woman: “Are you man enough to be a woman for me?”

“You can keep your job if you are man enough to be my woman and woman enough to satisfy my needs.” Blackmailed into being a woman; Quid Pro Blow.

Word to the wise: When downloading porn files and you only want to “Save” them to YOUR laptop do NOT accidently click on “Save and Share.”

The Setup

American Girl - Chapter 1

American Girl Edited.jpg

Chapter One – Hello, Daddy, Hello, Mom I'm Your Ch-Ch-Ch-Cherry Bomb

During the Cold War two Soviet sleeper agents have a child who is a legitimate American citizen but as Kyle Gordon matures he reveals he has a feminine alter ego: Crystal Greystone. This conundrum is exploited by the Soviet rezidentura who use Crystal as an undercover operative. She may be a Soviet spy but she is... an American girl.

Constant in All Other Things 2 - Chapter 5 (complete)

Constant in All Other Things 2
Chapter Five
Fakeminsk ([email protected])

“Friendship is constant in all other things
Save in the office and affairs of love:
Therefore all hearts in love use their own tongues;
Let every eye negotiate for itself
And trust no agent.”
Much Ado About Nothing

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Chapter.2

Carmen woke up as sun rays entered from the window. She got up and stretched her arms, happy to be home and with her mom. Leaving the bed in her nightshirt and leggings, Carmen left the bed and walked to her closet by habit.

Carmen was surprised to open the closet to see that all her old clothes were there. Quickly though, her surprise turned to a smile, knowing that her mom had kept her old clothes in place, hoping she would return one day.

Seven Years a Wife Part 6


Simon slept poorly that night. He tossed and turned all night. He never felt this way about Stacy. What was wrong with him? He was a monster. He used his money and power to trick men into acting and living as women. Was he some sort of demented wannabe Dr. Frankenstein?

Seven Years a Wife Part 5

A week later a plan was in place. Simon had arranged a meal in his favorite Italian restaurant for his three fellow board members.
The board members were the ones Simon suspected the most.

Mel was to get friendly with them after the wine started flowing. Simon was unsure if he wanted to put Mel through having to be “friendly”. This surprised her, he had blackmailed her into living as a woman, and had practically raped her. Now he was concerned for her welfare.

Neighbourhood Terror to Sissy Pt.40

Chapter 45

That first fuck set the tone for the remainder of Marcy’s evening. Marcy mainly stayed out of sight until she was too horny at which point she deliberately moved in John’s field of vision to tease him to an erection. She knew it was wrong, she knew she should do as little as possible for this slob, but she just couldn’t help it, that plug got her so very horny and she knew her Master’s cock was her only relief.

An Angel's Job

An Angels job
An Angels Job
December 2021 Christmas Holidays Story Contest Entry

An Angel’s Job
by Tiffany B. Quinn

Note: To those of you who have trouble with religious ideas in this genre, I suggest that you skip this story. When I think of Christmas, I cannot help but think of its religious foundations. It is from these thoughts, that this story has sprung.

-----------<   >-----------

Young Terry's unsympathetic siblings make his life a living hell when they discover his secret. There appears to be only one way out until divine providence steps in to prompt a different ending.

Click Bait - Chapter 4

click bait edited.jpg

Chapter Four – Buckwheats

Final installment. Trans FBI agent Jennifer Jones is undercover trying to expose the evil Ukrainian Mafioso Dmitriy Yakovich. She is on her own relying on her training and the preparation provided by Uri and Katya.

Bored and Blackmailed

When the internet goes out, leaving siblings Dennis and Kylie bored out of their skulls, Kylie comes up with a plan to share some of her favorite girly activities with her brother... whether he wants it or not.

A Dish Best Served Cold - Chapter 4


Chapter Four – Motive, Means and Opportunity

Detective Steve Edwards now has enough evidence to confront Felicity Benson and charge her with the murders of the three men who assaulted her all those years ago but he is beginning to develop feelings for her. What will he do and how can he protect her against his boss Penelope Bishop who is also closing in on Felicity?

A Dish Best Served Cold - Chapter 1


Chapter One – Eta Lambda Pi

Young drag queen Felicity Goodnite is tricked by spoiled frat house delinquents and endures a life-changing experience which sets her on a course for revenge

Princess of Castile Chapter 16 part 2 of 2 final chapter

Princess of Castile

By Jennifer Reed

Final Chapter

Susan and Alejandra meet and finalize things within her family. Alejandra deals with her husband once and for all as Natalia finalizes things within her new life and husband Anthony as he finds out what awaits him as Natalia's husband in the Castile Empire

Part Two of two


Man cave
A Short Story
By Maryanne Peters

“Goodness, no!” said Nate. “That is not the kind of thing I am into.” He was lying, and it was not what he normally did when he and Sam got together. They had been friends for forty years, ever since they were at high school.

Now here they were, in Sam’s ‘man cave’ in the basement of his sprawling house, just the two of them and a bottle of Glenfarclas 12 year old single malt scotch.

Allie - The teenage years of Alexander Horten


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Allie - The teenage years of Alexander Horten

Alexander, or Allie as everyone calls him has a new diary. You now have the chance to enter the confusing and exciting times and tribulations of being a teenager. Being a teenager is something we must all try, and it is not easy.

Friends Four Life / Gill, A Girlfriend Part One

Part One of Seven -- The complete novel has been posted.

Jim’s three co-workers are upset with him for having them dress in French-maid costumes for a company event. They meet with him, and demand that he go through a rehab process to become more sensitive to their feelings.

USB - Unexplained Sexual Behaviour Chapter 3

USB BGB Final.jpg

Chapter Three - What Happens to the Girls?

Taylor finally gets her startup running and it's a huge success, so successful in fact that the profits exceed her expectations. Bradley Freeman takes liberties with Taylor, thinking she owes him more than just his cut of the profits and Taylor seeks Veronique's advice. Suddenly Taylor's hopes and dreams are threatened by an unexpected source.

Caught With Consequences - Chapter 3


Chapter Three -- Truth and Consequences

The final chapter. Adele's trial comes to a shocking conclusion and her daughter's kidnappers make their demands known. Cassie is hot on the trail of the kidnappers but will she be too late, or will Adele pay the ransom and hope the girls are released unharmed.

Caught With Consequences - Chapter 2


Chapter Two - The Trial

Even though her daughter has been kidnapped, hotshot lawyer Adele Edwards must try her case as it is somehow intrinsically linked to the abduction.

Caught With Consequences - Chapter 1


Chapter One -- The Abduction

Hotshot lawyers Adele Edwards and Celia Bettany daughter Kimberly is kidnapped and held for ransom. The kidnapping is linked to one of their cases but which one and why?

Neighbourhood Terror to Sissy Pt.22

Chapter 24

“Okay Marcy, now get back up and Minthe back to the vanity table. Jutht like it’th important to know how to apply makeup, it’th important to know how to remove it ath well. After all we don’t want you developing a bad thkin cauthe of all the makeup you’re uthing.” Stephanie ordered not even giving Marcy a few minutes to deal with what had just happened. She wanted Marcy Looking at least somewhat more presentable already by the time her stepmother would be coming back.


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