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My UEI (Unknown Entity Intervention) Chapter 25

Chapter 25

The rest of the day was partially planned. Eve had managed to shift her schedule so that we could still do the singing lessons and gym, even if I was at school. Eve had her lesson or practice session, starting at three and mine was at four pm. Jane was due to start the personal training at five. In the meantime, I had to make some choices as to what to study. Eve and Laura were going to call some friends and see if they had any recommendations regarding therapists.

The Spy Who Loved Me

The Spy Who Loved Me

Part 1

The mouse scratched at the walls of the small Plexiglas box it found itself in. It didn’t seem to notice when the lights in the room dimmed or when a robotic arm with a laser scanner descended from the ceiling and bathed it in a red wave of flickering light. A slight electrical hum filled the room. Moments later a shining object looking rather like a giant sparkplug lowered itself over the mouse.

A slightly hollow sounding female robotic voice echoed throughout the room. “Sequence initiation in three, two, one. Initializing.”



April 3, 2028

“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the CEO of Future Global, Malcom Sanders.”

The lights in the conference hall dimmed and a spotlight appeared on a man dressed in jeans, tennis shoes, and a Hawaiian aloha shirt as he walked across the stage. After an initial robust round of applause the attendees fell silent. Malcom Sanders was the latest Silicon Valley technology wizard that had quickly established himself far above his competitors in recent years. His appearances were rare but always accompanied by life and market altering innovations.


The Confederation, a group of independent worlds bonded together for mutual trade and defence, have a dirty little secret in how they make their trading ships - hijacking the souls of dead transgendered. Please follow one subject's rebirth into the Confederation.

 ©2011 Salrissa Jenkins

My UEI (Unknown Entity Intervention) Chapter 24

Chapter 24

It was just me and Eve going. Eve decided the car journey was the perfect opportunity to discuss what she knew about the school. She had only moved in the last couple of years, so she wasn't a long term resident and could only report what her school contacts had told her. The school was a public school, but it was catering to a very rich area with extremely wealthy contributors. The teachers were said to be first class and the facilities excellent.

My UEI (Unknown Entity Intervention) Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Agent Atworth's POV

I entered the directors office clutching the file that I had been given three hours ago. He indicated for me to take a seat.

“Well, what do you think?” He asked me.

“It's incredible.” I replied.

“What are your conclusions?” He prompted.

“That we may have an UE inhabiting a human body. The evidence is all circumstantial, but it is all pointing in that direction.” I suggested.

My UEI (Unknown Entity Intervention) Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Laura helped me touch up my makeup. I think my face still looked a fright, my eyes all puffy and red. We still had a lovely dinner, although the conversation was geared towards what happens next. Tomorrow Gem had the morning off as it was Saturday, but she needed to be in for the afternoon. The plan was to pack as much as we could that morning so that we could move in when Gem went to work.

My UEI (Unknown Entity Intervention) Chapter 18

Chapter 18 Laura's POV

At the salon I sent Soph off to be waxed. I had noticed hair on her arms and legs, which didn't suit the image we were portraying. She looked at me with big puppy dog eyes, but I just sent her off with a smile. As she had agreed, Soph didn't verbally argue with me. Her expressions gave away her feelings easily, she was definitely a wear your heart on your sleeve girl.

My UEI (Unknown Entity Intervention) Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Sophia's POV

I hadn't been waiting long before Laura came and got me. Instead of going straight out, she took me back to her bedroom and through to one of two walk in robes. Laura already didn't look like Laura. I guess she was wearing a wig, changed her makeup and her clothes to dull herself down. She had gone from movie star glamorous to attractive housewife. Part of it may even have been how she was now moving. Still feminine and graceful, but somehow different.

My UEI (Unknown Entity Intervention) Chapter 16

Chapter 16

I had another bad night. I don't really remember what I am dreaming, just wake up terrified. I usually wake to the sound of my own scream. I am shaking and crying and I don't even recall what has made me so scared. In the end, I can't get back to sleep, so even though it is the middle of the night I tried to get up.

My UEI (Unknown Entity Intervention) Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Sophia's POV

I woke up with Gem spooning me comfortingly. I had another wake in the middle of the night screaming episodes. Gem had done a wonderful job of calming me down, but she needed her sleep and it wasn't fair for me to keep interrupting it. I was thinking of offering to sleep on the sofa, but the flat was so small, I would only be a couple of metres away and I'm sure you would need to be in another country to not hear my screams.

My UEI (Unknown Entity Intervention) Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Singing? As Dillan I had never liked my voice, so sang as little as possible. The only singing I had done as Sophia was to a few songs in the car with Gem. “Err...only in the car.” I replied.

“What was the last song you sang?” She asked me.

I blushed since it was one of her songs and for some reason that made me feel embarrassed. “Gratitude.”

She laughed. “Come with me.” She jumped off the couch again and headed off at a fast pace. I don't think she knows how to do anything with less than full energy.

My UEI (Unknown Entity Intervention) Chapter 12

Chapter 12

After breakfast we dropped off the hire car and entered the airport. After checking in our luggage there really was nothing to do for hours, waiting for our flight. It did give me a chance to interrogate Gem. She was pretty open about herself, but couldn't tell me much about what was going to happen after we arrived, because she didn't know.

My UEI (Unknown Entity Intervention) Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Sophia's POV

I woke up still wrapped in Gem's arms. She was snoring mildly, so I knew she was still fast asleep. I felt a little embarrassed about my middle of the night freak out. My male pride had taken another blow. Considering the circumstances, that was not necessarily a bad thing and there was something nice in not having to be the strong one.

My UEI (Unknown Entity Intervention) Chapter 10 Part 2

Chapter 10 part 2 Gem's POV

No Fricken Way! I thought for probably the hundredth time. I started reading the last entry but that made no sense, so I went back a few days and that confused me more. I ended up flicking back to find something that I could comprehend. That turned out to be a week before the holiday. There, Richard was Richard and behaved exactly how Amy had told me. Then there was the bus journey and everything changed.

My UEI (Unknown Entity Intervention) Chapter 10

Chapter 10

We drove to a hotel near the airport and Gem arranged a room. Since she had not pre-booked we ended up in a room with a double bed to share. I didn't mind that, and considering my recent state of mind, it was probably a good thing. Gem apologised though and explained that she normally plans way in advance, but this time she had literally driven to the airport with a few clothes and worked it out from there. I asked if I could call Jen on the hotel phone and she agreed.

My UEI (Unknown Entity Intervention) Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Gem had hired a car so we drove to the police station using the GPS. I stuck close to her side which seemed to help me with my anxiety. They led us to a room and brought out my family suitcases and boxes filled with all our stuff. Gem suggested that I fill the suitcases with all my clothes and everything of my parents apart from their clothes, which would be donated or discarded. She needed to fill out some paperwork so I was left to my own devices. Since there was no one else in the room I was fine with that.

My UEI (Unknown Entity Intervention) Chapter 7

Chapter 7

I woke up groggily, staring around me trying to work out where I was. I could feel my arms and body strapped down. The roof above me was clearly a car and there was something over my nose and mouth. A strange man leaned over me looking me in the eyes. I felt a surge of fear and my heart started beating faster. The fact that I was trapped was not helping me to calm down. He was speaking to me but I couldn't understand him. I was edging towards panic with my breath coming in quicker.

My UEI (Unknown Entity Intervention) Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Author warning. There is some violence in this chapter.

Getting back to the ski resort was a bit of a let down. I had an underlying stress about dealing with Richard and I think Amy did too. We didn't see him until the evening meal. He hardly spoke a word to any of us and glared at me whenever he wasn't eating. When he finished he just got up and left. I wasn't wearing anything too feminine, but it clearly wasn't Richards clothing and I'm sure I saw him staring at my hands with my recently painted nails, at one point.

My UEI (Unknown Entity Intervention) Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Jen and I only really had one full day left and, although it was fun, there was an element of sadness there too. We had been practically glued together for years, so a forced separation, even for only a week felt troubling. At least she would be able to explain everything to my parents, not a conversation that I was looking forward to. It's not that I expected them to be unaccepting or anything. It just feels awkward to turn up looking like a complete stranger and give them the love and hugs that I would want to.

My UEI (Unknown Entity Intervention) Chapter 4

Chapter 4

We got back to our room.

“Richard is an arsehole.” Jen stated angrily, shutting the door.

“Don't forget he is only fifteen and I would say a young fifteen at that.”

“I don't think that excuses it. He wanted to steal your money and hard work.”

My UEI (Unknown Entity Intervention) Chapter 3

Chapter 3

The next morning we arranged to meet Richard and family that evening to try and work out our future. I stressed a bit about my relationship with Jen and whether choosing to stay female would make us sisters rather than a couple. It did make me briefly reconsider, but my internal voice was clear. The future, as always, was a mystery. At least now I was looking forward to it as a great adventure rather than dreading what was to come.

My UEI (Unknown Entity Intervention) Chapter 2

Chapter 2

My memory of that night was pretty disjointed. I know Jen ordered room service and vaguely remember picking at some food, but for the life of me, I couldn't tell you what it was. I woke up with a full bladder in one of Jen's PJ's. Evidence suggested that I must of taken my clothes off and put on Jen's. My recollection about that was sadly lacking.

My UEI (Unknown Entity Intervention) Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I blinked, trying to get my mind to focus. I blinked again trying to get some information to clear up my confusion. In front of me was a coach seat, so I was obviously sitting on a bus. The fog in my mind cleared a bit. The last thing I remembered was travelling with Jen to a French ski resort. I think I had fallen asleep and had a nightmare. I remember dreaming that the bus hit something in the road and drove off the cliff. Weird.

Jonathan Creep – Magician's Assistant

Synopsis: For those who might have wondered just whom the Jonathan Creek UK TV series was based upon, look no further than Jonathan Creep, Design Assistant to the Magic Circle. In researching the 1920's magician, The Great Morgasmo, Jonathan meets Caddy Goodhope, who temporarily becomes his Magician's Assistant to perform the greatest trick ever known to Jonathan. The real question is, if there's no such thing as magic, how does it work?


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