Caught with Consequences

Without a Trace - Part 10

Without a trace part 10: operation flytrap continued....

Whilst Mom and kylie talked Jan and her partner were talking to the young female officer. They gently probed for the reasons why she had tried to attack the young girl.

Chloe's new life

A transgender, smoking involved, slightly twist ending story.

Yes! I'm a crossdresser Mum! in that one simple sentence, Alan was fully exposed in the worst possible manner, to his own mother in her house and in mostly her clothes.

And the smoking! she exclaimed, He felt more shame and embarrassment over this one, as for years he had been so vocal in trying to make her quit, yes, I smoke a little too Mum, but never when I am wearing my male clothes.

But you,,,,I?,,, you, Oh I can't think Alan, and she stormed out of the room.

A Miracle Lost - A Miracle Regained



A Miracle Lost — A Miracle regained recounts the events Of Halloween Night 2010, when a young girl, who had formerly been a boy, reverts to his old self, because of horrifying events, and then through a new miracle and the assistance of an ancient hero who is commanded back into existence regains her lost femininity.

October's Bright Blue "Whether"


Brandon’s girlfriend wants him to make some changes. His mother isn’t sure exactly just what Brandon is. Who will help Brandon find peace?

October’s Bright Blue “Whether”
by Angela Rasch

Copyright  © 2010 By Angela Rasch
All Rights Reserved.

Spacetran 5

Where Ruby gets to meet beverly's favourite aliens and learns a thing or two about trust and compassion.



Part 5.

We started to dematerialise out of hypertime in front of a spectacular rainbow coloured

Sex and the Little League

A tale about Little Leaguers, eleven-year-olds, having sex? Nope. This story is about the sex (or gender) of the players who played youth baseball before girls were officially admitted to the program in 1974. It’s about one particular girl, Kelly Rodman, who may have been the first of her sex ever to play in the Little League World Series. Those who know my stories will appreciate that there must be a twist — a curve ball — to this tale. After all, it does come from Texas, the land of Pecos Pete and other tall tales.

Sex and the Little League
By: Dawn DeWinter

A cottage by the sea.

A cottage by the sea.

Fiction by Johnny Cumlately

Is cross dressing hereditary? Is it in the genes? Brian still doesn't know, but a legacy from his aunt changed his life.


A Witch Jumped into my Body

I have found my next victim, a 14 year old boy who looks meek and mild. They are my perfect candidates for my transformation. I have already changed four boys into girls and they are doing just fine in their new life. Even after I leave them, they don't know how to get back to their masculine life. I have "brainwashed" them so well while I was in their bodies they think of themselves as teenage girls, ready for a girl's life.

A Witch Jumped into my Body
"She is so nice!"
By Terry Hansay

Never Trust the Pretty Ones

Never Trust the Pretty Ones

by Jennifer Brock

A grifter with an unusual technique has to take things further when he finds himself in a tough spot. (This was supposed to be my entry in the “March of Fools” contest, but I missed the deadline by a few months, so I reworked it to fit the new theme and then finished it.)

What Kind Of A Guy Am I?

This is part 2 of "Not That Kind Of Guy" It's a stand-a-lone story, but you might enjoy it more if you read "Not That Kind Of Guy" first. Keep in mind, any subsequent stories will go by a different title.

Thanks to Angela Rasch for editing this. Angela (Jill) is teaching me grammar and I'm enjoying being her student.

This story takes place on 16-year-old John Butler's first day of summer vacation. His mother takes him to a salon so that he can look like her- a middle aged woman. It deals with his psychological anguish and tries to answer the question: What would it be like to be a fairly normal teenage boy and be thrown into a situation of having live out his fantasy of being a woman?

Hopefully the text formating works. I'm learning to transition MS Word to Text instead of writing in Text.

The Sissy Farm 2

Chapter 2 describes Michael's being 'discovered' and the ensuing consequenses.


Chapter 2 The Sissy Farm.

Now I had received another call for assistance from Aunty Bev.

Martina's Story 6

This chapter describes some bullying in the school and how our friends circumvent it.


Martina’s Story.

Chapter 6

Myself. Martina, A sexually dysphoric child whose sexuality has not
yet been ascertained but who chooses to present as a girl.

Beverly. My adoptive ‘aunt’ who is a mature shemale and my most supportive adult friend.

Chenille. My older half sister.

A Tale of Release - 4

A Tale of Release
By Kerry Brown

A whole week of being Kerry at home, the woman of the household, getting ready for the seminar and coming to grips with little changes that have big impacts if not controlled. But Kerry had a problem with control, she always wanted it her way so just chose to hear different instructions.

As we are liberated
from our own fear,
our presence automatically
liberates others.

--Nelson Mandela
{1994 Inaugural Speech}

A Tale of Release - 3

A Tale of Release

By Kerry Brown

A full day of shopping and being free from the prison cell comes to an end, how will others see Kerry, will parole end as quickly as it started and can Kerry be kept under control? These and more insights into how the one within gets released from Gender Prison.

As we are liberated
from our own fear,
our presence automatically
liberates others.

--Nelson Mandela
{1994 Inaugural Speech}

A Tale of Release - 2

A Tale of Release

By Kerry Brown

After being locked up for an indefinite sentence, parole from Gender Prison can be sweet, especially when two good friends start a trick and they have no idea about the girl within. Can Kerry survive outside and what will it really look like?

As we are liberated
from our own fear,
our presence automatically
liberates others.
--Nelson Mandela
{1994 Inaugural Speech}

A Tale of Release

A Tale of Release
By Kerry Brown

The story you are about to read is partly fact, partly fiction, and partly faith, only the author knows the truth and others can guess. The basic details revolve around my life and the development of the last few years.

As we are liberated
from our own fear,
our presence automatically
liberates others.

--Nelson Mandela
{1994 Inaugural Speech}

Give me the keys!

Give me the keys!

Fiction by Johnny Cumlately.

Bev's face was like thunder and her voice hard. "Give me the keys." Tom stood before her in the bedroom like a frightened rabbit, clad only in a bra filled out with tissues and matching panties which scarcely covered his chastity belt. She held out her hand. "Give me the keys!" she said again.

"I can't," Tom stammered "they're in the car."

"Then get them." Adding "Go just as you are" as Tom reached for a dressing gown. "And no shoes, either!" as he bent down to put on some slippers.

The Light at the End of the Closet -9-

Ashton is dead. Long live Ashley

I hadn’t realized that six months had gone by. So one morning, I got out of the shower, just like every day, and to my big surprise I ran into John. He was sitting on my bed. When I entered the room he stood up. I guess he was taken back by what he saw, because he simply stared at me for a long time without saying anything.

“Holy shit...” he whispered. “You look like...” but he never ended the phrase. He was speechless.

You're so vain

Reasons for a split, following discovery that he wants more of my clothes than I can give.........

You're so vain.... (Or am I???)

by the wife of WannabeGinger

(with apologies to Carly Simon.... as if any are needed!)

The Light at the End of the Closet -8-

The Woman Inside Begins to Awaken

I must’ve lied there for about an hour. I has helpless. I was depressed. I was full of fear and anxiety. I felt the chilly morning air hit my naked, shaved calves. Every time I stirred or moved, I felt the g-string ride up my ass or my dick and balls shift in my crotch. I wanted to stay very still.

Suddenly, John came back. He had a few dumbbells and other female exercise equipment. He dropped the equipment and went over to the kitchen.

The Light at the End of the Closet -7-

The End of Manhood

I felt as if several hours had passed. But in fact, only one had gone by after John had dropped that bomb on me. I couldn’t eat a bite, and the omelet and toast simply sat there untouched. I held my head between my hands, feeling a burning sensation in the pit of my belly. My mouth was dry and I couldn’t think.

Suddenly, the door opened and John came back. He had two bottles of pills, a yellow manila envelope and a small suitcase.

“So, have you made up your mind, yet? The clock is ticking and I need an answer now.”

The Light at the End of the Closet -5-

A Son’s Farewell

That summer I spent with John at Martha’s Vineyard was the last time I would be in control of my own life. But at the time, I didn’t know it.

When I returned home, I simply spent one week packing to leave for Chicago where I would be starting college in the fall. It was now late July and I had a lot of things to do before fall term began. As a graduation present, my parents gave me a brand-new car, so I packed, said my farewells and drove off to Chicago.

The Light at the End of the Closet -4-


One of the most important aspects of cross dressing, is that the more you dress up, the more time you want to spend dressed up and the greater the need to dress more often.

The Light at the End of the Closet -3-

The Road to Cross Dressing

One of the best moments for a cross dresser is to imagine the time he’ll have to enjoy his female clothes. The expectation of the feeling of the fabrics against his skin is something difficult to explain in words. The best analogy I can think of, is this: thinking about the moment you’ll be wearing women’s clothing is like thinking about the beer you’ll be drinking after you finish a 20 mile hike across the desert.

The Light at the End of the Closet -2-

A Transvestite is Born

The following morning I woke up with a wonderful feeling over me. I felt as if I had something to look forward to in my life. I literally sprang out of bed and went into the shower.

My cock still hurt a little and I had a sore groin from those extraordinary orgasms. But I felt invigorated. My mind was racing with all kinds of thoughts and emotions.

Was I really a freak? Do all kids go through what I had gone through the night before? Was I a pervert for getting aroused by my mom’s smell?

The Light at the End of the Closet


As I write these lines, I can’t help but think of the extraordinary events that have brought me here, and one question keeps popping into my head: what makes a man be a man, and what makes a woman be a woman?

You see, we may think that because a man has a penis, that makes him a man. But in reality, there are times when women are born as men, and they don’t realize that until someone comes along to show them the way.

At times, that way can be glorious, wonderful and exhilarating.

Other times, it can be a rude awakening.


Numbskull -- a tale of misery
By Janet Baker

“What the hell is this crap? Answer me, damn you! Well I guess you can’t with that gag in your mouth. Wait a sec, I’ll get it out.”

“Oh, what a relief” he said, gasping for breath.

“Jay! What the hell happened? Who did this to you? Shall I call the police?”

“Ahhh, no Jan, please. Ahh I’ll explain… give me a moment, please.”

A myriad of thoughts raced through my mind as I took in the spectacle before me.

Petra: Lydia's Lament

Petra: Lydia's Lament

by mittfh

Copyright © 2010 Ben Norwood.
Creative Commons License

The story and partial analysis of the events leading up to Petra 1, from Lydia's point of view.
Petra 2, which covers the day after Petra 1 from Peter's point of view, will arrive...eventually!

The Consequences of Foolishness.

The Consequences of Foolishness

For Jaime Kim Luck, His Foolishness Led to Some Strange Consequences.
Now Her Name and Her Gender Fit Perfectly!

The Encounter

The Encounter

by Philippa Jane Kingsley
 © 2010, all rights reserved.

Philip Prince stood nervously in the checkout line at Payless Shoesource, a closed box of red patent pleather 4" heeled pumps in his hand, his bags from the department store across the street in his other hand.

The Rose-3

The Rose Part 3

By Stanman63

Thanks To JennaFL For Proofing And Nora Adrienne for


Synopsis:After a violent rape, Charlie's best friend, and family help him to get even with the rapist, and he finds the girl within.


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