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Cami and the Cameo Appearance – 6

Cami and the Cameo Appearance – 6
Mom's Home?

By Jessica C

Cami is a product of Hal helping his sister... One time he's to be a boy's fill-in date... Feelings blossom and circumstances keep snowballing... Mom's early return, catches Cami/Hal at a bad time.

Trust Machines - Attempt on the Record

Takes place in dkfenger's Trust Machines universe (universe can be found on deviantart). All over the globe, so called 'Venn Machines' are popping up. Those machines allow two people to enter two opposite booths and then transform each other into whatever they want for a predetermined timespan ranging from eight hours to three years. Every change is possible, including changes into the opposite gender, animals or even objects such as clothing.

This story is mainly object transformation (people into clothing), but there's also an important TG change. :)

The local college's cheerleading squad heads off to set a new record. Of course the record in question involves a Venn Machine...

Havens Salvation Chapter 5 Pt 1 Morning has broken.

Havens Salvation 5

Morning has broken.

Any resemblances to any person living or dead is purely coincidental.
Copyright© 2014 Michele WhiteWolf

Previously in Havens Salvation

Betty is startled at how well her family fits in to the eclectic society of haven. She is delighted to find that one of the benefits of the protectors position is that her family gets a body guard in a wolf ware named James who was the previous protectors body guard.

Betty expecting a peaceful journey into the astral dimension is surprised to be deposited in an ancient past life battle to protect her families village from Roman tax collectors who were set to kill her parents and sister. Yanked out of that situation Betty is informed by the spirits of Ann and Maggie she was being tested to find if she could remember how to do the physical job of protecting Haven. This answered Betty is taken to the Ancient tower of Oaths where her taking the responsibility as the protector of haven is rejected by the Morrigan. They believe Betty not strong enough or women enough to do the job. The Morrigan allows for a test period until All Hallowed Eve its pass or fail. Fail she must quit her new home and move on.

Stephanie's Deal - Episode 24

Nintendo Wii dressed in pink
Stephanie’s Deal

by Jennifer Brock

Twelve-year-old Stephanie Brooks has just started at her new school, a high-tech liberal environment that her dad calls a "crunchy granola" kind of place. Their policy of acceptance is important to her, since up until six and a half weeks ago, Steven Brooks had been living as a boy, since he had a boy's body. But since then, she has been living as a girl, and believes that she might just have a girl's mind. It started out as a punishment, but it hasn't felt like that for a while. Stephanie has started making new friends at the Hutchinson School, but she still doesn't quite fit in yet. As we begin this chapter, it is Tuesday, February 5, 2008.

Not Just a Fan

Not Just a Fan

A man with a wife and boring life meets his favorite rock star while hiking. After talking a while, she invites him and his wife to a concert and meal, and there she springs an offer that is quite unbelievable, and quiet irresistible to the couple. The man's life is about to change in ways he never expected.

Christmas Fairy Queen

Christmas Fairy Queen

by Robyn Hoode

I wish I were a Fairy Queen
Life would be a farce
I’d climb up all the Christmas trees
And slide down on my … hands and knees.

Jerry had always found Christmas a bit of a bore. This Christmas turned out to be anything but.

Acting Like a Girl -- Part 1

This is the story of a theatrical acting opportunity that was so unexpected that it was too good to pass up. A role of a lifetime for our High School thespian may just turn out to be the role for a lifetime.

BY Nina Adams Acting1_0.jpg


Operation Rescue: In Plain Sight - Chapter 3

Operation Rescue: In Plain Sight
Chapter 3

A young man, feeling totally unwanted by his family, runs away. He needs to find a way to survive, and eventually, he stumbles into an Op Rescue clinic.
Paige continues to struggle against her past, but with help, slowly starts to think about her future.

Operation Rescue: In Plain Sight - Prologue
Operation Rescue: In Plain Sight - Chapter 1
Operation Rescue: In Plain Sight - Chapter 2


Operation Rescue: In Plain Sight - Chapter 2

Operation Rescue: In Plain Sight
Chapter 2

A young man, feeling totally unwanted by his family, runs away. He needs to find a way to survive, and eventually, he stumbles into an Op Rescue clinic.
Pete completes his surgery, and then has to start learning to not live in fear, while the staff has to work with Pete to understand what really motivates him, and what his fears are. A new friendship seems to be developing.
(Counting the prologue, this is part 3 of 8)

Note - for some reason, the Prologue isn't showing up on the story list. If you go to my stories under the authors tab, you'll be able to find the prologue. I suggest you read it if you haven't; it sets the stage for Pete's feelings of rejection and his running away.

Operation Rescue: In Plain Sight - Prologue
Operation Rescue: In Plain Sight - Chapter 1

Operation Rescue: In Plain Sight - Chapter 1

Operation Rescue: In Plain Sight
Chapter 1

A young man, feeling totally unwanted by his family, runs away. He needs to find a way to survive, and eventually, he stumbles into an Op Rescue clinic.
The remaining chapters and epilogue will be released about one a day until this is done. Enjoy.

Note - for some reason, the Prologue isn't showing up on the story list. If you go to my stories under the authors tab, you'll be able to find the prologue. I suggest you read it if you haven't; it sets the stage for Pete's feelings of rejection and his running away.

Operatin Rescue: In Plain Sight - Prologue


Masks Chapter 30

Masks Chapter 30


I take out the box and…Oh em gee.

They’re Riedell’s…They’re Riedell’s Red ribbon ladies figure skates. I open them and they’re new and their white except for the sole/bottom of them which is red leather and red enameled bracing for the blades and they are so pretty.

I start tearing up and then Mom and Aunt Els and Mary Jane and Jen all hold up their skates and stuff and I can’t help it but bounce up and down. “Really!?, really!?”

Mom nods and has the biggest smile and she gestures upstairs. “Go get changed Steph we do have to keep or ice time y’know.”

I Squee! And hug her and grab M.J. and head upstairs at a run. “C’mon I need help!”

*And Now…

Thai Pie -- Part 1

Young Danny moves to Thailand with his mother after his father's death.
He meets a cute young girl that has a group of guys that is bullying her.
Danny decides to defend her...

Thai Pie

Her Life

Her Life

A mob hit man, who decides to go straight, is the intended victim of a hit. The hit goes wrong, and an innocent girl is badly injured by mistake. He feels guilty — if he hadn't been where he was, she wouldn't be in a coma in the hospital. He ducks another hit attempt, and finds himself in Madam Zelda's shop. She gives him a medallion to protect the girl's life. When he's attacked again, the power of the medallion works, and he wakes up.

This story is dedicate to a friend, Light of Fury. She's not writing, but she was keeping in touch, until she got some new adventure / distraction. I enjoyed working with her on a wide variety of stories, and conversing off and on. She made me think about my preconceived notions. (For an old fart, Pink isn't a bad singer!) I miss her, and wish her peace on whatever she does.

Note: There are some theological references to Heaven and Hell (mostly Heaven) in this story. There is also some reference to the Catholic faith, because a church plays a vital part of the story, and the girl's family isn't Catholic. If you're offended, I apologize. It's just a story. I hope you enjoy it. Also please note that 'conversations' with Tina are all italicized in an attempt to make them more distictive; otherwise, it could get confusion. If I missed one, please PM me and I'll fix it.

Masks Chapter 29

Masks Chapter 29


“I can get up.”

“Naw…I’ll carry you to bed.”

(Yawn.) “But Daddy…”

“Hey you get to be you and I get to be me remember and I call dad privilege.”

I blink at him still kind of full and tired and sleepy.

“You’re a really, really good daddy.”

I snuggle into his big strong dadness and I drift off feeling so magically safe. All that stuff I’ve been through til now’s so worth it.

I think I heard him whisper as he kissed the top of my hair.

“I’ll try angel, I’ll try with all I’ve got.”

*And Now…

Masks Chapter 28

Masks Chapter 28


It takes me a minute to even get what she’s going on about until I realize she’s comparing me to Chi-Chi from *To Wong Foo* That’s actually a pretty rocking movie even if it’s really kind of T-meets Hollywood.

I think Amber gets it next because she’s laughing and the Mary Jane too and she starts to explain it to the others which is just hard since not many have seen it and stuff and we still have a good laugh and yell out. “Awwwww!!!” At Randy and Sarah as they have this whole smooch moment on the bleachers.

Yeah that could’ve been me…maybe and I’m still not sure if that’s what I want or I’m even ready for but here with my friends and starting the clean-up and me flush with all my princess points I’m pretty happy for now.

*And Now…

Masks Chapter 27

Masks Chapter 27


I think it helps he can really actually dance some too, he’s not as self-conscious. I’m having a really good time too and then something happens.

M.J. looks at me. “C’mon lets go to the bathroom.”

And Amber and Toni and Becky are going with us and I stop at the door…oh…oh this is big.

And scary.

I’m freezing up because dressing and dancing is one thing this, this is something else altogether.

*And Now…

Chesterville: A Town Too Tough for Change

Joey made the decision to leave his small Midwestern town to attend college out of state. He’s been gone a school year and it is his first night back in town. Alec calls and invites Joey to a beer party at his lake cabin with Chuck and Bennie. The night is an unpleasant reminder of how slowly things change, in a town like Chesterville.

It Was All a Mistake

It Was All a Mistake

Two long-time friends get tickets to a rather unconventional Halloween costume party, but then mistakes seem to be happening to make their plans for fun seem downright strange and a little unnerving.

This is a very out-of-comfort-zone story, in a sub-genre that I've NEVER written in. I would hope that you remember this fact if/when you decide to write any comments. This is a huge psychological risk for me to venture into this uncharted, unexplored territory, risking biting, discouraging, negative comments. Please bear that in mind. If you don't like the story, please keep it to yourself. Sorry to seem so paranoid, but after the last year of my life, taking this chance is a huge step that I almost didn't take.


Path To The Mall

This is one of five possible continuations of the story Path to the Crossroads. It is necessary to have traveled in the mind on the path to the crossroads before choosing in which direction to continue. May the reader find adventure, pleasure, and maybe even peace of mind, down the path he or she has chosen to travel.

It Was His Mistake… So Why Am I Dressed Like This

It Was His Mistake…
So Why Am I Dressed Like This?

by: Patricia Marie Allen

Based on “One Small Mistake,” by Rachel Ann Cooper,
a story posted on Fictionmania

You may have read about my friend Cory’s mistake the got him a closet full of girls clothes, but if not, I’ll bring you up to speed.

Triple Cross Double Prank

Triple-cross Double Prank
By Paul Calhoun

Something I intended to be a short but became a bit longer. One of the few times I decided to go with something that pretty much exists in its own domain without any sequel hooks.

Two boys disguise their friend as a pretty girl to prank a fourth one, but is that all that's happening?

Bikini Beach: The Band

Bikini Beach — The Band

A high school garage band isn't doing very well at getting opportunities to perform. Some of the band members think they'd go further if they could replace the female vocalist who moved away and left the band. The problem is where to find such a singer. Then one of them decides to see if he can find a girl to recruit at Bikini Beach...

As usual, I would like to thank my editors for their more-than-generous help. There were elements of this that didn't want to come together, but with creative suggestions, it all hopefully works.

The band names - Radically Chick and Living With Attitudes - came from the blog I wrote asking for suggestions. Some may not like that the band name doesn't quite apply to a band with one female and the rest male, but Barenaked Ladies is hardly applicable to an all-male band, so pthhh. Author's discretion.


Two Simple Wishes

Two Simple Wishes
by Ellie Dauber (c) 2000.

This story is set in the same universe as my story "A Simple Wish." Is it a new universe? No, unless I write a few more such stories.

As you can see from the copyright, this was written some time ago. It's a gargoyle written as a rest and while I was working on "A Punk's Story." Sometimes, when I'm stuck in working out one story, I get the idea for another and use that as a sort of mental refresher. Other times, a new story idea gets stuck in my mind, and I can't get back to the piece I was working on until I write the newer one.

This is the tale of two childhood friends who drifted apart after the boy got a lot luckier in the lottery pool that is puberty than his female friend. The boy's father manipulates them but together, but it does manage to work out.

Little Miss Firecracker

Tired of being put down, Jude decided to make a stand and be who he was...

She entered a 4th of July pageant!


The standalone sequel to the Spangled Leotard.

by Torey

Copyright © 2013 Torey
All Rights Reserved.

Curse the Protagonist 2: Rise of the Antagonist

Curse the Protagonist 2: Rise of the Antagonist

Time has passed since the strange happenings from before and Kayla has become very adjusted to her new self. However, things are about to get a whole lot stranger.

A TV's Dream

A TV’s Dream
By Patricia Marie Allen

My parents were separated when I was four years old. Mom moved to the West Coast with us kids. When I was in the first grade, my father decided to try and reconcile. He showed up one Saturday unannounced. It had been so long since I had seen him that I didn’t recognize him. He moved in and things began to get a little strained.


by Trish Shaw

Authors note: I've been playing with this idea on and off for ages and have never felt quite happy with the ending but I'm flummoxed as to what to do with it so any idea's would be more than welcome. It was written more as a way of putting an idea down, so if anyone wants to take the idea of the graduate repayment scheme I have come up with and run with you are more than welcome.

Editor's Note: After some e-mail conversation, Trish was gracious enough to give me an earlier draft, as well as answer some questions about some of the characters. When I asked if it would be posted on Big Closet Top Shelf, the answer was no, but I volunteered to do a bit of editing and 'remix' of the two versions to post if Trish so desired. This story is the result of that, and it differs from the version on FM in a number of areas that, hopefully, clarify a few intentions and feelings of some characters. Trish has reviewed the story, and has given a blessing to post this. Any mistakes in editing are purely mine.


White Witch Chapter 3

Life Is Better with a Bump

Like many newlywed grooms, Michael has been adding a few pounds. His added weight has centered in his lower abdomen. Hoping to shame him into watching his weight and joining her yoga class, Jessica asks Michael if he’s pregnant.

Operation Rescue: The Things We Do For Love

Operation Rescue: The Things We Do For Love

A man loves his long-time friend from childhood, but she doesn't — and can't — love him. He thinks that Operation Rescue will give him a way to remedy the problem, but he's unaware of what that will mean to him, his job and friends, and his whole being — if he gets accepted into the program.

As usual, I would like to express my sincerest thanks to my editors for improving, fine-tuning, and helping this story be better. Any mistakes or errors left are my own fault.


The Fishing Trip

When Phil McNierney agreed to be a guinea pig for Andy Hoffmann’s new serum, he didn't know what the serum, a little hypnosis, and his own mind would get him into. Still they were best friends, and didn’t Phil trust Andy?

MAU: Trekkies - Trek Wars

MAU: Trek Wars


Synopsis: Further adventures of Seven as she and her Trekkie friends confront their ultimate challenge - Star Wars fans.

Note: This tale contains numerous characters from both the Star Trek and Star Wars universes. If a reader is unfamiliar with the Star Wars characters, the official Star Wars databank can provide more information than I can include in this tale. I am trying to not clutter the story with too much detail on the characters, but to provide enough to identify most of the characters...

This story was posted a long time ago (in a galaxy far away ....) on another site. It has been mildly modified here - some of the very long list of changed characters has been deleted or shortened for readability without altering the intent of the story. And I know that I really pushed the limits of my own universe. So sue me - after you enjoy the story.


FTL-17...Faster Than Life.

FTL-17…Faster Than Life.

Chapter 17

I’m scared really as I’m sipping at my water and trying not to feel like I’m about to go through a great deal of pain. Sipping is important because if I drank a lot of water then there would be some or rather more of it in my stomach waiting for Corporal Armstrong to beat out of my in a spray of eww.

Before the likely sprays of blood…

My teeth…

Everyone’s ready but me and that includes her outside the ring with some of her people and she’s kicking this big pad one of them’s holding and the heavy "thud" is audible.

And she's staring me down with a savage grin.


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