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What's the Matter With You: Part 5

What’s the Matter With You: Part 5

By Camospam, editing by Wendy K.

The third story in the ‘It Matters’ series following the adventures of Outlook.

A Non-Canon Whateley Universe Story.

February 28, 2008
Highway outside Montreal

Superhero Twins

This is a fan fiction of a mix of Whateley and The Center by Lillith Langtree. Mostly in The Center Universe. This is a fan fiction so I will break some of the rules as the Whateley Universe has different rules concerning mutants.

Sean "Port" Porter is helping his crew clear a building when the impossible happens. He ports in on another world and comes face to face with himself. Only this version just turned into a girl. He wants to get home, but without any other mutants his chance to find a booster are impossible or are they?

Olivia and Saige vs. Miss Johnson-Alternate Ending

(I've been wanting to do this for a while. I know some of you may have forgotten about my previous stories, as I wrote them FOREVER ago, but, well, they're still up for you to read. This is an alternative ending to Olivia and Sage Vs. Miss Johnson-which, in itself, is an extended ending to New Home. But if you've read all those, then you should be familiar with the characters.)

What's the Matter With You: Part 3

What’s the Matter With You: Part 3

by Camospam, editing by Wendy K

The third 'It Matters' story following the adventures of Outlook, based in the Whateley Academy Universe.

“Cameron Burke will immediately submit himself to the Mutant Commission Office for testing!” the gavel’s bang affirmed the judges pronouncement.

A Vial Mistake Part 1

A Vial Mistake
E. M. Pisek

     At a bar a man tells of where he and his wife still wished for a family as they approached old age and his wife's beginnings of menopause. The bartender, with different shades of eyes, offers a possible solution.

Alex and Tracy - The Next Day

It's the next day. Alex and Tracy are starting to realize who they are... And maybe who they always were.


Tracy comes into the kitchen, dressed for basketball. Alex’s old shorts and a t shirt with the arms cut off. Alex, wearing a t shirt and panties, is standing by the refrigerator, hand on the handle, deep in thought. His brow is furrowed and he looks adorable. “Hey baby,” she says, kissing him on the lips. “What’s up?”

Deep Cover - Epilogue






Scott looked over at the mousy brunette seated across from him and sipped his coffee.  It was hard to believe it had been two weeks since he’d seen her last.  She was dressed in a light sundress and sandals and had applied makeup for the first time since Scott knew her.  She adjusted her sunglasses and took a sip of the mocha leaving bright pink lipstick on the rim. 

“This is nice.” 

Deep Cover Chapter 6



Chapter Six



The shadows were long and dark drenching the landscape and giving the estate a gothic old world feel.  Solomon standing on the mansion’s third floor veranda looked up at the moon with unseeing eyes. 

“How is it possible?” 

Deep Cover Chapter 5



Chapter Five



‘I never imagined that I’d be attending my own funeral.’ Rhonda thought looking down at the closed casket.  The funeral home was mostly empty with only a few of Rhonda’s friends from the Agency attending.  Director Cox had acted quickly once news of the events at the prison was public. 

Deep Cover Chapter 4



Chapter Four



Scott looked around at the group.  Ironmonger, Dreadnaught and Vulcan had elected to change into digital camouflage uniforms with Vulcan adding ceramic plates and ballistic cloth body armor to his gear.  Dreadnaught had strapped a .50 Cal to his back along with ammo while Ironmonger had picked an M134 minigun going for a lighter round but greater rate of fire. 

“No extra firepower?”  Ironmonger asked looking at Vulcan. 

Deep Cover Chapter 3



Chapter Three



The rumble of a truck moving past the van woke him and for a moment Scott didn’t know where he was.  Then he remembered yesterday.  He reached up and felt the soft flesh on his chest.  Fatalistically he slid a hand between his legs and found his sensitive feminine sex.

Deep Cover


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Special Agent Scott Irons is a mutant with the Special Mutant Affairs Command and is on a mission to help infiltrate a gang with criminal ties to a terrorist group in the Philippines. Things don’t go according to plan and Scott quickly finds himself over his head. Bodies are swapped and identities are stolen in this tale of action and betrayal.

Deep Cover

By Zapper

Deep Cover Chapter 2



Chapter Two



Scott normally didn’t care much about how he looked, well excluding the week he’d spent as “Rhonda,” but tonight he knew that he needed to look his best.  His light brown hair was slicked back and the designer black jeans and shirt were intended to show off his athletic build. 

Deep Cover Chapter 1

Deep Cover


By Zapper


Synopsis:  Special Agent Scott Irons is a mutant with the Special Mutant Affairs Command and is on a mission to help infiltrate a gang with criminal ties to a terrorist group in the Philippines.  Things don’t go according to plan and Scott quickly finds himself over his head.  Bodies are swapped and identities are stolen in this tale of action and betrayal. 

Terry and Dakota

Dakota loved feeling Terry’s arms around her body. She had adjusted being a woman with Caroline’s help. When she came back first from England and went to the address that Terry had given her to meet Terry’s brothers. They didn’t believe her at first, till she got Terry on the cellphone so she could inform her brother’s that she was becoming a man.

A Witch's Gift

It should have been just another one night stand.
Just a quick fuck and then forgotten.
But unwittingly Bea has stumbled into a guy cheating on his girlfriend. A witch.
For a moment Bea fears the worst until she can escape. Even getting a "little gift" ...

Warning: This story has been written as a writing exercise with the premise "take a ridicules idea and slowly ramp it up to 11".

The Pantie Switcher

! Unfinished Story !

Kyle stumbles onto a secret ability: he can switch bodies with any girl when he wears their panties.
His first accidental switch is with his sister. He is quick to swear his ability off forever, but she has other plans...

"The Medallion of Zulo" -- A Song Parody

The Medallion of Zulo" -- A Song Parody
by Ellie Dauber
(c) 2002

A song parody to the tune of the old blues song, "They'll Be Some Changes Made." The original words are there for comparison.

The Medallion of Zulo" -- A Song Parody
by Ellie Dauber
(c) 2002

"They'll Be a Change in the Weather"
By Higgins and Overstreet
(based on the 1927 Bessie Smith recording)

What's the Matter With You: Part 2

What’s the Matter With You: Part 2

By Camospam, editing by Wendy K.

The third ‘It Matters’ story following the adventures of Outlook, based in the Whateley Academy Universe.

Berlin NH: January 1, 2008

“I surrender!” announced Cameron as he spread his feet apart and leaned forward resting both hands on the counter.

What's the Matter With You: Part 1

What’s the Matter With You: Part 1

By Camospam, editing by Wendy K

The third story in the ‘It Matters’ series following the adventures of Outlook, based within the Whateley Academy Universe.

December 19, 2007: Whateley Academy

Virgil Cooper cranked the steering wheel to bring his garbage truck off the main road and onto the gravel driveway leading up to Whateley Academy. The snow had delayed him since the roads were a mess, and he’d lost time helping push a stuck car out of the ditch.

Ian, part 14

I take a deep breath as I wake up, but even this action is enough to cause me a lot of pain in my chest. As I open my eyes, I’m briefly confused by my surroundings- this isn’t my bedroom in Cardiff, or even my old bedroom in London, but somewhere else… A hospital? That’d explain the pain in my chest, anyway…

“Good morning,” a familiar Welsh accent says, chilling the blood in my veins as I slowly turn my head and come face to face with my mother, and the stern look on her face…

To Be or Not to Be, That is the Existential Question: Chapter 3: Who Am I to Be

"To Be or Not to Be, That is the Existential Question" If given the power of a comic book superhero, is that person obligated to play the part for the greater good?

To Be or Not to Be, That is the Existential Question

Chapter 3: Who Am I to Be

Last Time:

"Fair enough Doc. My new name is Glenyth, Glenyth Aonani Larsen, and it's nice to meet you too.

The doctor says, "Good to know, now we can get your papers ready. It won't take too long. The results of the blood tests will take a couple of days to a week. But you can come back for that."

It's a Matter of Death and Life: Part 4

It’s A Matter of Death and Life: part 4

A non-canon Whateley Universe story

By Camospam, editing by Wendy K

Whateley Academy, Kirby Hall: Monday Oct 15, 2007

Louis Geintz had just wrapped up his famous Psychic ethics discourse, It’s a topic every student in his class would at some point need to face, and likely agonize over, because undoubtedly they’ll each need to decide whether to ‘cross the line’ or not.

Trust Machines: OTP

Ben and Amanda cosplay as their favorite superheroes for Halloween, and run into some old friends at a Halloween block party. But since the appearance of the Venn machines, Halloween cosplay has taken on a new dimension.

Michelle Chapter 2

Michelle Chapter 2

“OK,OK I get the picture” I said and stepped away from then and took off my shoes and socks. Tina was unbuttoning the flannel shirt she had on and Suzette was rummaging through one of her drawers. She came out with two pairs of athletic shorts and two t-shirts. I had my back to them as I took off my shirt revealing a camisole.

“I like that, can I borrow it?” Suzette asked.

Michelle Chapter 1

This is the first story I have written in over two years. I am having difficulty breaking it down into chapters so please be patient. I guess having a heart attack and cataracts has motivated me to write again. That and the fact that I am having difficulty shaving because the guy in the mirror keeps screaming about a monster and running away every morning. Thank you.


Screams Like Eagle: Chapter 6

I stood there and stared at him as Simon Leapfoot the younger looked around the small community, then noticed that I was there.

There was grace and confidence in his every step, the man knew the world around him in ways that I didn't yet.

He stopped in front of me, noting my interest in him, and spoke, "I am Simon Leapfoot the younger, I'm looking to meet with Will Tinker."

I nodded at him, showing a weak smile as I said, "That would be me, Mr. Leapfoot," then waited to see what would happen.

Back to School Haircut

This is a second person FtM story, I've been kinda intrigued with the idea of writing something in second person for a while. This is a heads up that this story is basically about the reader being turned into a boy and I figure that could be triggering to some people, especially trans women. There's no abuse, but just be careful and maybe give this one a miss if you think that might upset you. Otherwise, enjoy!

Screams Like Eagle: Chapter 5

To put it bluntly, I did not enjoy even a moment of the slightly more than three hour trip home, all I wanted to do was scream.

The problem was that we kept hitting crosswinds, and every time we did, the helicopter would rock a bit, causing me to shift in the seat. That caused a certain very tender part of my anatomy to rub against the surface of the seat through my jeans and underwear.

Let's just say that, by the time we landed at their home base near our camps, I was in a fair bit of pain. No, make that a lot of pain.

Screams Like Eagle: Chapter 4

Goddess, doing the dilation is soooo annoying! Why the hell would I want to stick something in there? Ewww!!!!!

If I hadn't been told rather firmly by the doctors after they'd done the unpacking the other day that it was needed, I'd have said bugger it!

I have to do this three to four times a day, for at least twenty minutes each time, and for what purpose? Not a chance in hell!

Although... the thought of Sammi using a two ended item to ravage both of us has me whining with need.

For The Greater Good

For The Greater Good

By Jamie Lee

My name is Michael Briden, an eighteen-year-old senior at Walter Ridge high school. Today is Friday, the last day of my incarceration, the last day I'll ever have to attend this sad excuse for a high school because tomorrow afternoon my class will walk across the stage and receive our high school diplomas. And Sunday will begin a new life for me and my two siblings. It will be the day Mark and I, die.


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