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To Return Home 1.3

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Thanks to Malady for his help in editing this!

I woke up sometime later. I was in my bed, and Mama was sitting in a chair beside me, keeping watch.

How long have I been out, Mama?

A couple of hours, Rosie.”

Portia, Virtual Princess 2

Larry was online for a while before Andy and spent that time hanging out and chatting with others. Viktor appeared and the two of them gathered some other people to participate in challenging quests. When Andy finally logged on, everyone was biting at the bit to get going.

As he entered the house Tuesday afternoon, there was a large package inside the front door. His mother called out, “Andy, a package arrived for you. Come in the kitchen and tell me why you are getting large packages I had nothing to do with ordering.”

Eerie Saloon 3: Dance with Me by Ellie Dauber and Chris Leeson - Now on Kindle


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Life has a way of happening when you stop paying attention to your troubles. The transformed women of the Hanks Gang have served their sentences and now must build new lives for themselves.

There are restaurants to run, poker hands to deal, blacksmiths and ranchers to...consider?

Eerie Saloon 3

Who Do That Hoo Doo?


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George returned back to where he grew up still seeking that one place where he fits in. Never did he expect to find himself in a messy tangle of dark magics, ancient promises, and a power hungry hoodoo doctor. Just maybe if his crazed luck can just stay with him long enough, he'll finally find his place under the sun.

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This DopplerPress Kindle eBook also includes the bonus story "The Glade" by Grover

Changing Dynamics


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When the judge made the final pronouncement of divorce, I had to fight back tears. I knew it was coming, had seen the writing on the wall for a while…but I still wish it wouldn’t have had to happen. The final settlement was good (much too good according to my lawyer)... no matter what happened I would never want for anything in my life. I held back my tears as I had been hoping to continue to live as man(ish) and wife, but I didn’t despair too much because our deepest relationship would never be over…after all, no mistress would willingly give up their most beloved slave girl.

Changing Dynamics


To Return Home 1.2

To Return Home.pngI'd like to thank Malady for his help editing this.

To Return Home

Chapter 1.2


I watched as Daddy put out a command wide message saying that I was in charge of the project of reviving Carla. Then, he turned to me. "What are you going to do, Rosie?"

"As soon as I can dive into her crystals, I want to see what's there."

Daddy considered for a bit, then said, "I'm sorry, Rosie. I can't let you do that."

To Return Home 1.1

To Return Home.pngI'd like to thank Malady for his help editing this.

To Return Home

Chapter 1.1

I dove into the water, alongside my sister, Paula. Neither of us wore any of the diving equipment of old, except for a pair of goggles each. I hated trying to see underwater without them. Many people didn’t worry about them either, but I had hated blurry vision since I was a kid. Before I was injected with nanobots, I was myopic, but the bots had cured me of that problem almost immediately. My vision had been perfect ever since then. To dive into the water and not be able to see was too nerve-wracking. Perhaps since it took me back to the time before I was female? I wasn’t sure, but nevertheless — I wasn’t willing to do it.

To Return Home

To Return Home.pngThe Sequel to "To Not Let Go
Amos and his half of Neo22 has been separated from the rest.

He still has a good percentage of the population, however, that are completely controlled by his nanobots.

The command team is trying to figure out a way to terminate his control, but now, he is veering away from them, and if they want to retrieve their people, they must follow.

Adventures of Kim Possible:the Amazon women 26

26 The New Amazon Empire

In London the English Prime minister call nothern Ireland minster over for discussion on their future now Wales is part of the Amazon empire the queen of England has made plans to leave England and head for New Zealand and she will stay there until the threat subsides but these Amazon women have one thing on their minds to conquour the whole planet.

Adventures of Kim Possible: The Amazon Women 25

25 Invason Wales and Fall of Britian

Helena walked in and says “ I hear you are getting ready for a invasion your majesty”. Shego replies“ yes prime minster we will inform you as soon as the invasion has begun as all plans are classified to the royal members of the Amazon empire and a need to know bases”. Helena replies “ I understand your highness”.

Demon Witch Cheerleaders (part 15)

15 Canadian fight and New Secret Police of America

I saw my father and says “ I see you have notice your sister Raisa is back”. I said “ yes father I have seen her and she is headed for Hawaii and I am heading for another problem Area”. Father says“ good my beautiful daughter you are doing well”. I said “ thank you father and with Lilith and Isabella as full demons like Raisa and I ”.

Forgotten: Chapter 18

“And now, breaking news. Police in Anchorage, Alaska are searching for a girl who escaped from the hospital last night. Police have set up a hotline for anybody who has…”

Charles and Eugene frowned at the news report. “It’s been three days and nothing. The whole city losing gravity for a brief moment should have been front page news all over the world, but it’s been barely mentioned. How the hell is that possible?” Charles muttered to himself, sitting in the hospital’s waiting room with his and Eugene’s families.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Alt. Universe. Chapt 17.

Holly answers “ yes princess”. Holly still near Kylie in her game face sinks fangs into her neck and begins drinking Kylies blood and soon was draining her blood but soon stops as Kylie was near death Holly slits her wrist and puts her wrist over Kylie's mouth and Kylie wraps her mouth around Holly's wrist and begins drinking her vampire blood.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Alt. Universe. Chapt 16.

Willow says “ there will be rebelion my queen”. Buffy says “ I understand that Willow but I have already established a Mayor, chief of police and with Spike and Kendra there”. Willow says “ I understand my queen and with Miss Calender there with her mate the mayor of here with her there there is enough vampires”. Buffy says “ correct Willow I need you here”.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Alt. Universe. Chapt 15.

Sonya says “ those humans have no meaning for me anymore you will become a vampire and will help in a lot of things with me and you will have no concern about the slaves that were your mother and your brother and will love the fact of being a vampire now”. Gemma arrives and see Sonya in her game face and saw a scared Brianna.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Alt. Universe. Chapt 14

Ann asks “ you want to make her like you a vampire then”. Sonya say “ yes mom but if I sire her Brianna will be my childe not my sister”. Ann says “ in the world of vampire we are all sisters now and there is only one mother and that is our queen now”. Sonya says “ I can make her a vampire like me then mom”. Ann says “ yes but I want meet the queen's mate”.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Alt. Universe. Chapt 13.

Dawn says “ the thing is you felt her being killed with your vampire powers it means your devloping into a powerful vampire now my sister”. Willow says “ you know what will be good if Angela is turn into a vampire and she could help in attack on Ethan”. Buffy knew at her at watcher acadmey about the retired slayer.


WARNINGS: Contains transgender themes, Sci-Fi, explicit sex, mild violence,
bad words, and strange ideas. It has only the strange things that dribble from
my head. If you are not old enough, mature enough, open minded enough, and

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Alt. Universe. Chapt 12

Dawn says “ good we will see and get a minion to get rid of the fucking body”. Dawn walks over to Leanne in her cell and says “ you seem to surprise me everytime we speak Leanne”. Human girl replies “ what are you talking about madam mistress”. Dawn says “ you were a bully and when your sister Belle help some one you was very pissed”.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Alt. Universe. Chapt 11

Sonya saw in the cell was friend of Toms and knew he could be levage aginst him and grab from the cell and says “ you hate all fucking vampire maybe I might just kill him now”. Tom pleads “ please madam mistress I was wrong to say I hate I am a slave and human male I don't think straight at all”. Sonya still had the male human in her hand.

From Head to Toe 1. A last resort

I took a look at the literature again. There were so many pamphlets, so many catalogues, so many testimonials. One of us was convinced.

"I think we have to do it. We really have no choice."

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Alt. Universe. Chapt 10

Mother says “ your a vampire now”. Mia replies “ why act surprise mom I was caught and I became a vampire”. The Sunnydale vampire police arrived and says “ we will take these humans to the processing area for identifaction”. Mia says “ good I only want the girl and the human boy that accoumpany me and put this male here in a cell with Brax”.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Alt. Universe. Chapt 7

Giles says “ we need to get the body from here and to the morgue I have called the police and they are sending a police officer here”. After the police got there they took the body away and soon she will be buried. Wesley says “ I have spoken to the council they are sending a new slayer name Isabella”.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Alt. Universe. Chapt 6

Cordelia and Cassie arrived at the library and see Alison laying on the bed as she begin to reborn as a vampire and Cordelia says “ you summon me my queen”. Buffy says “ once Gemma turns him into a girl you will turn her into a vampire and as her sire you will teach her”. Cordelia was shocked but was happy to make her first child.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Alt. Universe. Chapt 5

Harmony saw Faith and says “ you found her yet or not”. Faith says “ no and because I didn't go after her she has gone missing”. Harmomy replies “ we might see her at school when the new semester starts it will feel weird not going as a cheerleader”. Faith says “ same here and we will have Jenny Calendar as our principal”.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Alt. Universe. Chapt 4

Ann says “ yes he said they killed by a supernatural cause”. Buffy ask “ you belive in him or not”. Ann says “ I am unure”. Buffy says “ Cassie show her your game face”. Cassie says “ yes mistress”. Cassie morphs to her game face and show the dectective and Ann was shocked and Cassie morphs her human form. Ann looked scared and says “ what vampires”.

Feral Saga Chapter 18 - Magneto's Finale (Part 2)

Feral Saga Chapter 18 - Magneto's Finale (Part 2)

by Nyssa

A Marvel X-Men Fanfiction starring Wolverine and Jean Grey

In the conclusion to our thrilling two-part, edifying eighteenth issue of Magneto’s Finale, the Uncanny X-Men are finally aware of Magneto’s ticking clock and Logan may have found their best chance to stop him or at least get more information before he puts his plans in place. Will she be able to spring her trap in time, or will Magneto actually gain the upper hand? Even after they have countered the computer virus, are the X-Men any closer to stopping the brutal rule of Magneto over the world’s human population?

Feral Saga Chapter 18 - Magneto's Finale (Part 1)

Feral Saga Chapter 18 - Magneto's Finale (Part 1)

by Nyssa

A Marvel X-Men Fanfiction starring Wolverine and Jean Grey

As we edge into part one of our enormous eidetic eighteenth double issue we must again wonder about Logan’s fate. Was the return to his old male form a fatal mistake? What could have caused this latest reaction? Can Jean deal with even more heartbreak? While all of this swirls around the X-Men in the wake of the attack on the school and Logan’s revelations, Magneto has reacquired Mystique and spread his control over the world’s nuclear arsenals. Will the X-Men be able to respond, or will humans be crushed under the brutal heel of Magneto?

Feral Saga Chapter 17 - Restoration

Feral Saga Chapter 17 - Restoration

by Nyssa

A Marvel X-Men Fanfiction starring Wolverine and Jean Grey

We begin the seventeenth issue with several questions. What has Logan done? Has she risked everything to punish herself for her part in hurting Jean? Were the humans successful in eradicating the computer virus, or did Magneto have a surprise for them? With Magneto clearly approaching his final movements, did Logan just help to distract the Uncanny X-Men from any hope of discovering his actions in time?

Feral Saga Chapter 16 - Duplicity

Feral Saga Chapter 16 - Duplicity

by Nyssa

A Marvel X-Men Fanfiction starring Wolverine and Jean Grey

The sex and violence that have brought us to our sixteenth issue are about to explode across the members of the Uncanny X-Men and the world. Logan has been so wrapped up in her own ghosts, depredations, and desires that she is nearly blind to how it affects anyone else. As Magneto acts behind his mutant teams to make a bold move in his fight to gain primacy over the humans, the X-Men are reeling from internal strife and totally unprepared. When their school is attacked, where will the most explosive devastation really occur?

Feral Saga Chapter 15 - Encounters

Lolo trying to impress Scott

Feral Saga Chapter 15 - Encounters

by Nyssa

A Marvel X-Men Fanfiction starring Wolverine and Jean Grey

As we fitfully careen into our fifteenth issue, Storm seems ready to attack Logan. Has she been influenced? Jean has had a life-altering session with Scott, reliving the intense memory of his encounter with Logan, but how will it change her interactions with Logan and Scott? And Logan and Scott seem unable, at this point, to keep from being together. Where will this explosive situation lead? Could further manipulation by Magneto turn this powder keg into something even more disruptive? Or is Logan’s questionable decision-making enough to do that already?

Feral Saga Chapter 14 - Havoc!

Logan looking impossibly young

Feral Saga Chapter 14 - Havoc!

by Nyssa

A Marvel X-Men Fanfiction starring Wolverine and Jean Grey

Fortune finds us at the fourteenth issue with Logan trying to reenter life and put the horrible events of the last mission behind her. But is she acting rashly, or just foolish to think that events will be so easily put aside? There is still much for the Uncanny X-Men to deal with in the aftermath and that is without turning an eye towards Magneto. Sabretooth’s manipulation and assault left Logan horrified at what he nearly turned her into, but just because she escaped that particular fate, is she any less altered?

The Alluring Song Of The Ocean

Gabriel is a survivor.
In the falling apart and sinking city of Verrencia, you have to be.
Especially if you are an orphan living on the streets and channels of this once great city.
His lucky break comes while hunting for treasure in an abandoned shop.
Not knowing that it will transform not just his life and set things in motion outside of his control.

(This story in the "undesirable classes" universe can be read without reading previous stories.)

The Huntress Chronicles Book 1: To save a monster Chapter 4

Chapter 4 is part one of the final two chapters of Book one, I know I didn't make that clear but it feels easier to end book one here once part two is shown. Content: Evil Muse, Mass murder of Innocents, Hyper Conservative Christian, Giving a Child Electroshock Therapy, Torturing children, Bizarre transformations, Nightmare Creatures, Turning man into animal, Turning fantasy creature into a human, Obscene unnecessary violence, BDSM, Consensual Hypnosis

The Prophet Revised Chapter 17

The Prophet

By Jasmine Monica

Chapter 17

Serinina faces some personal issues and a tragedy within her new family and had to learn to deal with it
and she lashes out in anger

Burn This Diary

I recently found a diary washed up on the shore.
It bears witness to the demise of an island no one remembers.
Retells the fate of a young teenager and a mystery unfolding.
Maybe I should have burned it, but then again, what harm is there to share it?

Feral Saga Chapter 13 - Treachery

Logan in Crisis

Feral Saga Chapter 13 - Treachery

by Nyssa

A Marvel X-Men Fanfiction starring Wolverine and Jean Grey

The thirst for a life now shattered permeates our thirteenth issue. Logan and Scott have rescued Storm from Sabrettoth’s lair, but at great personal cost. A cost that may soon be felt by Jean just as acutely. Logan must now find a way to move forward, to seize the chance at a life when everything feels as if it has turned to ashes in her mouth. And even with Sabretooth dead, Magneto continues to plot and plan, with mutants seemingly willing to sacrifice their lives for his “cause”. Can Logan hope to overcome her deep emotional wounds to find it in herself to care enough to continue to fight? And exactly what will she fight for?


A Short Story
By Maryanne Peters

She turns off the television. Bitch.

“Your daughter and her fiance are here to see you, Mr Rixon.”

God, no. And why does she have to talk to me like this, that Nurse Kelly. She even says the words “Mr Rixon” as if I am a small child, not a full grown man lying inert and useless on this bed.

And now I must go through it all again. My nightmare. The loss of my son.

“Hello Daddy, how are we feeling today?”

Maintenance Workout - The New Yoga Dance Doll

Zane lives two generations into the future.
By now, mankind has access to many marvels.
Not so Zane. As a welfare recipient, he lives with the bare minimum.
When he gets an interview for a maintenance job, he vowes to do whatever it takes to get it.
Though soon, he wonders why his potential future boss calls the job yoga-dance-doll ...


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