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Daisy and Jamie (1)

Daisy Isabella Bell and Jamie Sarah Potter 
A Sequel to “Daisy Isabella Crack's her Egg”
Act I
Silent Reflection

Note to the general Reader: This story was written in response to a comment made by Emma Anne Tate. Who made me understand that the relationship between Jamie and Daisy needs to be fleshed out a little more for the general reader. I'm assuming this story takes place a few days after the events in “Daisy Isabella Crack's her Egg”.

Daisy Isabella Bell Crack's Her Egg (4)

Act IV
Why Does Unicorn Flavored Pudding Taste like Cheap Cotton Candy?

My maiden trip into the women's restroom went down without a hitch. And I soon found myself sitting once more in a pudding and cream covered chair, wearing a plastic cloak that was covered with dried pudding and sour, smelling cream. Jamie looked crestfallen. Winter looked boarded out of her mind and tried to look cute and I fell flat on my face.

Daisy Isabella Bell Crack's Her Egg (3)

-Act III
Daisy Isabella Bell Crosses over the Rubicon 

The seconds quickly melted into minutes and those minutes seemed to drag on and on. It seemed most of the town folks of Benton did not want to part with their hard earned money or make a cash donation for the honor of pushing a pie into a pretty cheerleader's face anymore. And that suited me just fine, the fair itself seemed like a real bummer too. I could also tell by the number of people passing by the booth, that Jamie,  our fearless leader seemed at fist a little annoyed and now she seemed fuming mad.

Daisy Isabella Bell Crack's Her Egg (1)

Now before you jump to any conclusions. I don't know if I'm transgender or not. I have two cousins that are and I kind of date a girl who is. I really don't know where I myself personally fit on the whole gender spectrum. It's not something I'm prone to giving much thought too. Anyway, the story I'm going to recount to you is not about that! So let's not make it about that. This story is about how I came to be almost accepted in this rural township and how I kind of became the “Little Sister” of the cheerleader's of Benton Academy Varsity Cheerleading Squad.

My Summer at Camp Kickapoo (2)

My Summer at Camp Kickapoo
Chapter Two
Concerning Merit Badges

The sound of a lone trumpeter sounding out reveille sounded through the woods. The ear piercing sound caused me to roll over and slowly open my eyes. It was still raining outside my tent and the wind was starting to blow harder now than it had when I'd fallen into a fitful sleep. The wind blew the falling rain at a slant. My eyes still heavy with sleep tried to focus on my watch. It was four o' clock in the morning.

The Oyama Project Chapter 3: An Evening With Mihari


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Chapter 3: An Evening With Mihari

"Mahiro-chan? Mahiro-chan, are you awake?" a voice called out.

Mahiro let out a yawn and slowly opened her eyes. She could see Mihari's face directly in front of her. As her eyes fully opened, Mihari began to smile.

"Oh thank goodness." Mihari exclaimed. "I thought something bad might've happened or something, but it seems you just got overwhelmed looking through all the happy moments of our lives and fell asleep."

"What?" Mahiro asked.

The Oyama Project Chapter 2: The New World

Chapter 2: The New World

A loud beeping noise could be heard echoing throughout the room. Groaning, Mahiro reached her hand out from under her covers so she could hit the top of her alarm to get it to shut off. After a few attempts, she managed to succeed and breathed a sigh of relief.

Mahiro sat up and stretched her arms above her head while letting out a large yawn. Rubbing her eyes she still felt a bit sleepy, but she knew that she'd have to get up anyway.

"Well, I guess it's time to start the day."

The Oyama Project Chapter 1: Mahiro of Two Worlds

Chapter 1: Mahiro of Two Worlds



"It's okay Mrs. Oyama, you're doing fine. Just keep breathing. That baby will be coming out of you very soon."

"Thank goodness." Mrs. Oyama replied. "How long has it been?"

"Seventeen hours." the doctor replied. "I know it may seem long, but I've seen some women stay in labor for two or three days without delivering. You're honestly way ahead of them even if this is taking quite a while."

Cerridwen's First Anime Convention (3)

Part Three of Three
The Bunny Belle of The Anime Convention! Cerridwen-Chan!

The Vicksburg Convention Center was a handsome brick building located in the heart of downtown Vicksburg, that to say it was located right on the riverfront, right behind the concrete flood wall the city had built some twenty years ago to contain the yearly overflow from the Mississippi River. Vicksburg being a river port depended on the Mississippi River and the barge traffic that flowed up and down the river.

Cerridwen's First Anime Convention (2)

Part Two of Three:
Bunnygirl Cerridwen-Chan!

Amazon was the premier bazaar of the internet. One could find anything one wanted there. And so one afternoon mom and I sat down together and started to browse the site for bunny suits. Mom kind of wanted to be there to help guide me I guess. Also I guess she kind of saw this as a kind of mother-daughter bonding time.

The Demon and I Chapter 4

Author's note: I finally finished up my next chapter of the Demon and I. I now have a better idea of where I am going to take this story.

As I gathered Kaen's hidden cash, the weight of our decision to leave weighed heavily on me. The condo, once a sanctuary, now felt like a trap. Adriana and I were now thrust into the middle of the war between heaven and hell. It was time to escape the grip of this war, where we were not enemies of both sides.

Snow Angel: Chapter 45

snow angel.png


Chapter 45: New Blood

Snow's whole life changes when the winter solstice arrives.


“You Angels really made an impression in yesterday’s battle,” Desra offered conversationally as she led us once again through the large and confusing city.

Why is the Robotic Weasel On Fire?!

Why is the Robotic Weasel On Fire?!

Have you ever given thought to those people who work in fast food places? Like what kind of life choices has driven them to work at say a McDonalds or Sonic or at Moonshine's Pizza Emporium. Well to answer your question, people like me. People who are still in school, and trying saving up money for college. My name is Rebecca Coleman, I'm seventeen and I'm working as a part time shift leader down at Moonshine's Pizza Emporium kind of a cheap knock off of Chuck E. Cheese.

My Summer Holiday

My Summer Holiday
Rebecca Anna Coleman


I took a deep breath as I peered toward the marshy landscape that was coastal Alabama. The Weather was warm, and the smell of salt and dead fish hung heavy in the air. I was never one for long car rides, but the ride from Benton to Sea Breeze, Alabama had thus far taken around seven hours and we were still at least an hour out of Sea Breeze, that seven hours of sitting next to my cousin, who seemed to be in a world of her own.

A New Year's Promise

A New Year's Promise

I promised her this year would be different from all the others. That this year would be the year she could finally come out from hiding in the shadows, up till now she had only been allowed to come out. This year I've finally worked up the courage to allow her to spread her wings and soar high into the heavens. To walk the freshly tilled earth, to feel the gentle breath of spring, the warm of summer sunshine, the cool crispy of autumn air and to feel the sting of winter's breath upon her rosy cheeks.

Snow Angel: Chapter 42

snow angel.png


Chapter 42: Negotiations

Snow's whole life changes when the winter solstice arrives.


Michael loudly interrupted me. “You have said yourself that you have more than one available, you’re just holding this over us so that you can demand better terms!”

What Would You Do? (2)

What Would You Do?
Part Two
A Cerridwen Solo Special

A few seconds later another stagehand a brunette woman with longish hair came beside me and ushered me from the front stage to the back area. She guided me down a long, dark hallway that was lined with doors. I could not tell the doors apart, one looked very much like the other. Finally we reached a room, she pushed the iron gray door handle down and the door flew open. She then reached one arm inside and flipped a light switch.


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