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The Boy Who Never Was Part 3 of 3

Robert has been asked out on a date as Bobbi. Can his feminine side make the evening a success or is he doomed to exposure and ridicule?

Chapter 3

Robert stood in the hallway for the next 5 minutes absorbing what had just happened. Then he went into the kitchen and stood there for another 5 minutes considering what he should do next. His appetite was gone so he simply grabbed a granola bar from the cupboard and began chewing on it. He walked into the living room and sat on the sofa, his legs tucked beneath himself.

False Start 5 and 6

False Start
A New Year’s Resolution Story
By Melanie E.

After a less-than-stellar time at their employer's New Year's party, Courtney returns home with a new drive to prove to the world just how much of a man she -- err, he -- truly is.

If only they can avoid the temptations of cute clothes, cute shoes, cute... boys? And other trials.


On the cusp of living authentically, Allison Szymanski hopes for one final quiet New Year's Eve with family. But the best laid plans of mice and trans women...

By Marissa Lynn

New Year's Eve

Allison pulled the hood of her sweatshirt over her eyes. She zipped up her jacket, glancing at the walls, grateful that the steps to the old treehouse still held.

Who Am I?

“Bryan, where’s Martin?” Wendy said as he entered. They twins hugged one another.

“I can’t stay long. We broke up.”

“Really? W–?” Marisol said, also giving her brother-in-law a hug.

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Bro.”

“There’s nothing you can do about it. We disagreed about something and neither of us were willing to change our positions. It was a mutual understanding that we’d grown apart.”

“You were together for five years.”

Shannon's Course by Angela Rasch in Kindle


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High School Honors Student Shannon has a new psychology teacher with a plan that might get Shannon in trouble - and change his life forever!

Is it going to be good or bad for the reluctant Shannon to pose as a girl for a semester? And what about Shannon's friends and family?

Teenage angst is not always this confusing! With a murder mystery, too!

Sledgehammer by me from DopplerPress on Amazon


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Sledgehammer on Kindle


This is the same story that's been in the Hatbox for some time, now released with new editing and a new cover on Amazon. The story of Jake and Cody, friends--and Freds--for a lifetime. See story for joke about the Freds.


All Those Things You Always Pined For - New Kindle Edition


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I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby

Adrenaline surged...daring every sensory organ in my body to absorb the tiniest nuances of my first day out in public dressed as a woman. I touched the velvety skin on my wife's arm. "I'm so lucky!"

"Lucky?" Nicole shook her head in obvious bewilderment. "You've always wanted to be a woman," she had accurately said nearly eight months ago.

All Those Things You Always Pined For on Kindle


All Those Things You Always Pined For

by Angela Rasch

Home, Alone & Home, Alone 2 by Susan Brown on Kindle


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After a family tragedy, young David decides to live by himself in his home where he can be his true self, Katie. It's almost like a dream as Katie explores her new life.

But it's not easy. Where will she get money? How can an eleven-year-old deal with something as mundane as shopping when at any moment some adult may decide she needs help from police, doctors, teachers or lawyers?

It's lonely, too. Katie needs a friend, but who can she trust with her secret? That she's just a child living in her home, alone?



Home, Alone
by Susan Brown
Buy on KIndle & Buy Book 2 on Kindle

The Model Sister by Melanie Brown on Kindle


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Kirk let a little issue of being mistaken for a girl go a bit too far. Sure, he looked like his sister. A lot! And he could make money as a girl model. Bunches! But there were other problems.... Boys!


The Model Sister
by Melanie Brown
Sisters Book 2
Now on Kindle

Eve by Melanie Brown on Kindle


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Eve, born Evan Nichols, lived a lie for 28 years before finally deciding to do something about it. She knew becoming a woman would cause pain and emotional distress, but you can't prepare for everything...especially not romance.

Eve on KIndle


by Melanie Brown

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Five for Fifty

“No matter what happens … no matter whether or not you grant my wish … I just want to say how much I appreciate your friendship. You’ve been kind and patient and compassionate, helpful and honest and … most of all … been there when I’ve needed you. Thank you.”

Five for Fifty

by Maggie the Kitten

String of Pearls


Miao Ling Grace and Siobhan Llewellyn are seemingly destined to be together. The pair learn later that Grace's brother Cretein and a girl he meets in college, Justine MacNamara, are integral to that destiny in ways that defy mere coincidence.

Though my first installment is easily acceptable to general audiences, later installments will have sections meant for adults only. That is to say:
At times, this story is not safe for work and truly not acceptable reading for those under 18.

Please enjoy my first story on Big Closet and feel free to leave comments of constructive criticism. I won't cry in my tea over some good advice. 8)

- Eclectic Kitty

Trust Your Gut?

Life and love can yield turns, some welcome, some not. Leah, her friends and family would find that out over the years

Trust Your Gut?
By Marissa Lynn

New Year's Eve 2019

"Why am I here? I wasn't in a contest. It wasn't Halloween. I didn't finish last in my fantasy football league. Nope. I did this to my own damn self."

Jake was lost in his thoughts as Jasmine and Amy had run out of the apartment for God knows what to pull the look together.

Still Time

For Carrie, she's often had to do just fine on her own, but rebuilding a broken family relationship and finding unexpected love may be more possible than she thinks as a new year approaches.

Still Time
By Marissa Lynn

Among the less important things Carrie Emerson inherited from her father was the ability to be able to fall asleep from the seated position on the couch.

Two Sides of the Coin 1

Two Sides of the Coin Med.png

Two Sides of the Coin (Part 1)
By Sabrina G. Langton


Author's Note: Hmmm... Our heroine in this story gets a little bit autobiographical on us here, nothing to do with me, of course. She fills us in on what she thinks we need to know, as we need to know it. Sometimes my heroines are so lackadaisical... Oh, it turns out she doesn't know too much anyway, ha... Life should be a surprise, don'tcha think?

Not Like Other Girls, Part 3

Emily Berrigan is a 23 year old transwoman. At 17, she was thrown out by her parents. She hasn't seen her twin Jordan in person in six years, as a result. Her older sister, Stephanie, is engaged. Will sparks fly?

In Chapter 1, we met Emily. In Chapter 2, her (non-binary) twin Jordan. Now, we meet Stephanie, their cishet older sister and the bride-to-be

At The Midnight Hour

A welcoming gathering spot, The Midnight Hour is a place where love can be found, lost and maybe even found again.

At The Midnight Hour
By Marissa Lynn

This would have been a "You may wonder how I wound up here" needle scratch moment, but Ethan Hammond knew exactly how he came to be sitting in The Midnight Hour, sipping on a bourbon cocktail that somehow tasted of chocolate even though there wasn't any in it.

This was the scene of the crime -- where it all started and where it all went completely sideways.

Blue Silk

Blue Silk

Blue Silk

by Erisian


This year, I hereby resolve…


“Seriously, Joe? Are you still working on that journal assignment?”

Cass hovered above a shoulder, or more precisely, peeked over it as they only reached a few inches above five feet even when shoved into boots.

Whereas in contrast I could hardly fit in the chair and had to lean way over to type, seeing as how my knees would never fit below the ridiculously tiny desk standard to each small and drafty dorm room.

Late Christmas

Clothes are just clothes, right? It's all just a joke, right? For Miles Carlson? Maybe. Maybe not.

Late Christmas
By Marissa Lynn

As far as conventions go, this one was going well, at least Miles thought so. He picked up some cool finds and was getting compliments on his costume.

For something different, he was dressed as Asuka from one of his favorite anime series, "Sun Runner."

New Year's Revolutions

New Year's Revolutions

Author Alan here for just a moment: Thanks to Dorothy Colleen for a Beta Reading.

I thought today was going to be a nice, easy, relaxed day with my daughter, after all the big Holidays stuff had settled down.

Until yet another nightmare dumped my kid out of bed. Here's the way things went. And that's "Revolutions", with a "V".


I have tried to give the flavor of J'Marra's speech without overdoing the profanity. I just can't picture her in a stressful situation not being course. It's part of her street cred and automatic now. You may recognize her name from one line in The Worst Day. Dorothy's comment made me realize that her story needed to be told.

Snowed In

Hunkered down for a winter storm, conditions change for two sisters when their brother and a friend become unexpected guests

Snowed In
By Marissa Lynn

"Oof, it's a mess out there."

"That's what the weather guy was saying a few minutes ago," Jenna said as her sister Olivia, ice crystals starting to cling to the parts of her hair sticking out from under her red beanie, came in with the first of the bags.

0300Z Defence HQ New Year Resolution

I woke up to a bright winter morning in the room where I had woken up most my eighteen years. I just had had one of my one in every six weeks off. I lazed around and the had lunch with my parents. After that I got myself ready for my night job and headed out to the metro. In the metro people stared at me as usual. Since this was the age of Aquarius military uniforms were few and far between on the streets of the capital, especially on January 1. I grumbled over the fact the voyage took all of 15-20 minutes from door to door. I especially didn’t like the 200 m between the metro station and Defence HQ. That winter was COLD.

Toni With An i - Part 10

Toni has been Toni for a little over a week, which seems to be just enough time for her to have slept in a boy’s bed. Yes! With the boy next to her. And they did more than sleep in the afternoon, long before the Sandman visited. But how will she handle discovering men do more than smell good and kiss good?

Will Toni be spending the new day telling all her friends about her discoveries with a smile on her face? Will Steph in Light Avenue have to get used to saying the annoyingly alliterative “Toni and Tim?” Or will Toni be running to Big-G, her one rock, with tears in her eyes when she meets him later in her day? More importantly, does Toni even remember why she’s meeting Big-G, or has her mind been filled with more distracting thoughts?

Michele Nylons True Stories - Chapter 6


Chapter Six – The Laneway Cruise Lounge

This is a glimpse into a day in my life as a fetishistic transvestite/crossdresser when I visit the local cruise lounge prowling for company. To some extent the story explains how I do what I do and why I do it. It is a snapshot in time of a day in my life. Please heed the warnings regarding explicit content. This story contains non-explicit images of me.

Arctic Fox Book 3: Pursuit of the Dream - Chapter 32

The Arctic Fox 3.jpg

Cover photo by Jonatan Pie. Downloaded from Unsplash

Marcia is seventeen, and along with Darryl, has moved south in Alaska to attend the Anchorage campus of the Alaska State University. She wants to pursue her dream, but will it pursue her instead?

Mike, Gloria, and Heater were once again on the patio. They’d just had some breakfast, and the three were watching the airplanes as they took off and landed on the lake.

Suddenly, Mike’s phone rang and he answered it.

Hi, Mike,” came the voice of Ron Fraser.

Mike excused himself and went into his office and shut the door. Ron’s voice hadn’t been as upbeat as it usually was.

What’s up, Ron?” Mike asked.

The Long Route Home

For Madison Sander, the path home is not a straight one, nor is it always a happy one, but there's always room for friendship, family, love and hope.
Note: The CW is related to the first scene only.

The Long Route Home
By Marissa Lynn


"You ready, Emily?"

"Yeah. I've been slowly having Cecily take a few things while he's been out. Everything else is in the trunk."

"Great. Get in. She should be waiting for us."

Marking Your Card

Dave doesn’t have friends, he has acquaintances. He sees the same people in the same pub every day, always betting on the horses. And for all the friends he doesn’t have he does have secrets, he’s unemployed, he likes men, and... well... he’s been on female hormones for over two years.

With Cheltenham, the biggest jumps racing festival of the year coming up, a string of bad luck means Dave might miss out on the week of gambling. That is until Chelsea—the only female gambler in the bar—makes an offer; a simple, honest offer, and one from her heart. No, she doesn’t want Dave in a dress, she doesn’t know his secret. It’s something far more direct than that.

A once off, self contained short story.

One Last Hail Mary

Author's Note: My muse took me to a heavier place here, but it's a story of survival and, ultimately, hope.

One Last Hail Mary
By Marissa Lynn

Even with nobody sitting next to him, it was impossible for Mark Tyler to twist his body into a position to sleep.

Scrummy New Year

Sam had played rugby ever since starting secondary school. They enjoyed it so much they decided to keep it up even after graduating and moving on to college. They figured it was a great way to keep in shape and also to support their local Sports Club which had come close to shutting down for a lack of finance. Thankfully grant aid was found from a charity that demanded that everything at the Club was inclusive. Nobody should be denied access to sport on the grounds of ethnicity, religion, sex, or social standing, they said.


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