The Present

It's been awhile! For the last few years, life's journey has been taking absolutely everything I have to give it. However, I have cranked out this modern take on the theme of the Fates messing with your life, thrusting you into the kind of situation that makes you feel trapped and teaching you the harsh lesson that control is an illusion. Writing about that metaphorically was a great exercise that I thoroughly enjoyed. I hope you enjoy this story!


The Alluring Song Of The Ocean

Gabriel is a survivor.
In the falling apart and sinking city of Verrencia, you have to be.
Especially if you are an orphan living on the streets and channels of this once great city.
His lucky break comes while hunting for treasure in an abandoned shop.
Not knowing that it will transform not just his life and set things in motion outside of his control.

(This story in the "undesirable classes" universe can be read without reading previous stories.)

Stuck With A Genie Or Two

When Andy finds a genuine Genie bottle he mistakes it as junk.
Giving it to his best friend, Kyle. A mistake of epic proportions, as Kyle knows exactly how to exploit a genie. Or does he?
This story won't end with just one instance of being screwed over.

Becoming Sara


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Sean has a problem to get his book published the owner only publishes stories from women. Sean has used a female pen name,his sister's photo and a voice modulator on the phone but it wasn't enough. The publisher wants to see him in person. His friend Max and Jackie take him on his first journey to become the woman he wants to present. Can he handle it or will he find something more?

Starts with Day Zero may not post all original chapters I posted on FictionMania.

Posted on Wattpad as well.

Who Do That Hoo Doo?


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George returned back to where he grew up still seeking that one place where he fits in. Never did he expect to find himself in a messy tangle of dark magics, ancient promises, and a power hungry hoodoo doctor. Just maybe if his crazed luck can just stay with him long enough, he'll finally find his place under the sun.

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This DopplerPress Kindle eBook also includes the bonus story "The Glade" by Grover



April 3, 2028

“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the CEO of Future Global, Malcom Sanders.”

The lights in the conference hall dimmed and a spotlight appeared on a man dressed in jeans, tennis shoes, and a Hawaiian aloha shirt as he walked across the stage. After an initial robust round of applause the attendees fell silent. Malcom Sanders was the latest Silicon Valley technology wizard that had quickly established himself far above his competitors in recent years. His appearances were rare but always accompanied by life and market altering innovations.

Elemental Awakening: Fire


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Elemental Awakening: Fire

By Blackout

This is a new storyline I had in the back of my mind for a while I started writing it and continued until I decided to post this first chapter. Hope you enjoy!

Kyle Thorn loved the out doors and the Grand Canyon. Little did he know he was chosen for something greater. A destiny he could not run from. The future may be unclear but if he does nothing the world will surely fall into Chaos!

Soul Sword

Soul Sword

By Blackout

Editor: Zip


Terry was your typical average teenage boy. But like most stories he was about to be startled by some unexplainable power, but hey that’s what makes the story interesting. Read on as the life of one typical teenage boy except for his hobby of swordsmanship is turned around as he discovers a world he never thought he would enter in more ways than one.

Momentum Shift!


Momentum Shift!

by Lynceus

Dr. Ronick was a genus. And probably insane. But like a moth drawn to a flame, I couldn't seem to escape his madness! If only things were different, I thought. In another world, another life, I could love someone like him.

Little did I realize that I was about to get everything I had wished for...and a whole lot more!

My Uncle Fifi: My Beautiful Laundrette

Trapped as a shapely French maid and hiding out from the mob, a smart-mouthed rogue must prevent his family from unwittingly being drawn into a criminal scheme even as he is confronted by his two most remorseless adversaries: Mom and Dad. It's a twisty whodunit with a thrilling hovercraft chase that--wait. No, it's not. It's a spirited comic romp with snappy banter, money laundering, and unspeakable acts with a ripe pineapple!


The Prophet Revised Chapter 16

The Prophet

By Jasmine Monica

Chapter 16

Serinina deals with violence against the Helots, then she deals with the other greek states and marries Ares

My Uncle Fifi

Hilarity ensues when a smart aleck on the run finds himself hiding behind a petticoat and a feather duster in order to elude the gangster who wants him dead. (Or maybe just wants him, period!) A fun and lighthearted comedy of errors filled with elaborate deceptions, mistaken identities, and a guy stuffing his boobs into a French maid's costume! What's not to like?


The Blossoming of Ciri

The Blossoming of Ciri

Chapter 1- Unusual Pains

“Hi my full name is Alex Damion Marteau and I’m. Well currently I’am 18 but in this story I will be telling you about when my life got turned upside down and changed both me and my family forever...”

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 34 & 35

CHAPTER 34 - You may not always end up where you thought you were going, but you will always end up where you were meant to be.

Ellen, Beth, and Nancy stood watch over his bed in the hospital holding hands and staring down at the shattered body of Heather who looked like a mummy covered from head to toes in bandages. Derrick walked into the room and asked, "What happened? I heard Heather had been in a car accident."

Ellen sobbed, "Not exactly. He was shot three times while driving to the grocery store."

"Who would shoot your husband?"

The Prophet Revised Chapter 14

The Prophet


Jasmine Monica

Chapter 14

Serininas adventure continues. She prepares her expedition to Sparta, fights the Greek blockade of Troy and faces intrigue in the Palace. On top of it all her relationship with Aries developed.

Jo If You Do It First

This story is Fiction, the characters and situations in this story are products of my imagination and not based on any reality.

Another fight with my wife, the couch probably my bed again, a fate that has happened more often than I cared for recently. This time, we had just got comfortable watching a chick flick on the T.V. when I tried to massage her breasts. She was cradled in my arms sitting directly in front of me. It was only logical for me to reach over and fondle her. This time as before she rejected my attempts and covered her breasts. When we first married it was something that she liked to be done, and I was ecstatic about the chance to play with her boobs. Over the years, I have obsessed over her breasts till recently she has withdrawn them as part of any foreplay.

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 33

CHAPTER 33 - Happiness can be a dangerous thing; it can make you greedy for more.

The next morning, Ellen had to wake Heather up because she had been worn out from the night’s activities. It was a rush getting ready for their flight. Ellen had kept their destination a guarded secret. Heather asked, "Where are we going?"

As they waited in line to check into the airline. Ellen relented, "Honey trust me, you’ll love it. It will be two bodacious babes on the beaches of Bali for seven days and nights."

Burn This Diary

I recently found a diary washed up on the shore.
It bears witness to the demise of an island no one remembers.
Retells the fate of a young teenager and a mystery unfolding.
Maybe I should have burned it, but then again, what harm is there to share it?

Erin Pasties And G-Strings

This story is Fiction, the characters and situations in this story are products of my imagination and not based on any reality.

I had been out clubbing again, the only thing that seemed to take my mind off my problems. The problems seemed to be piling up, from my lack of a job to the rent being past due, you name it, and it had gone wrong. My name is Erin Waldrop, twenty-three years old, a college graduate and in trouble up to my neck. I shouldn’t be going out, since the few remaining dollars I did have vanished quickly at a club. The fact that I had given up hope allowed me to forget why I should save any remaining money I have.

Feral Saga Chapter 13 - Treachery

Logan in Crisis

Feral Saga Chapter 13 - Treachery

by Nyssa

A Marvel X-Men Fanfiction starring Wolverine and Jean Grey

The thirst for a life now shattered permeates our thirteenth issue. Logan and Scott have rescued Storm from Sabrettoth’s lair, but at great personal cost. A cost that may soon be felt by Jean just as acutely. Logan must now find a way to move forward, to seize the chance at a life when everything feels as if it has turned to ashes in her mouth. And even with Sabretooth dead, Magneto continues to plot and plan, with mutants seemingly willing to sacrifice their lives for his “cause”. Can Logan hope to overcome her deep emotional wounds to find it in herself to care enough to continue to fight? And exactly what will she fight for?

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 31

CHAPTER 31 - Around 50 % of marriages in the United States end in divorce.

Ellen was extremely apprehensive about her husband and their future together. He had been so depressed lately that she never knew what to expect when she arrived home each night. Heather had even taken to sleeping in the spare bedroom on most nights, claiming it was so Ellen could be assured a good night’s rest.

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 30

CHAPTER 30 - Rape victims feel responsible.

Heather was not the same after his near sexual assault.

Too make matters worse, Ellen continued to date men on occasion. One Saturday night, more accurately Sunday morning, Heather watched from the bedroom window as Ellen walked her date to the door and threw her arms around his neck and kissed him goodnight.

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 29

This is not a Caution, but more of a Warning.

This chapter exhibits even more of Ellen's selfish behavior at her husband's expense. Heather deals with her antics as best he can, but things will get better for Heather.

We are sure that Ellen's attitudes and behavior are exaggerated as we have NEVER met anyone who acted like Ellen before.

* * * * *

CHAPTER 29 - A flight to freedom, lands in the valley of disappointment.

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 28

CHAPTER 28 - Being robbed hurts – not physically, but what it does to your sense of security.

"George isn’t here and hasn’t been for over a year," Ellen replied shakily.

The bruiser in charge looked down at her, obviously not believing her. "In that case, I’m sure you won’t mind if we have a look around."

Heather moved to stand protectively next to Ellen, trying to put his loved ones behind him.

Pointing at Heather the head goon asked, "Who is that homely broad, we've been watching this house for months and haven't seen her until recently."

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 27

CHAPTER 27 - Organized crime in America takes in over forty billion dollars a year. One of the reasons is it spends very little on office supplies.

There was a collective gasp from George and Ellen. George was the first to speak, "I can’t imagine that they would be interested in a small fish like me."

Fred nodded in agreement. "Don’t underestimate their determination and thirst for vengeance. They want to make examples of you both.

Another Switcher


Another Switcher
by Melanie Brown
Copyright  © 2019 Melanie Brown

Roy should have picked a different place to have lunch

This is a "side-quell" to Switcher as the story takes place simultaneously with Switcher. It helps to read Switcher first -- Ed

Santa Babe 2: Elfsurrection

Santa Babe 2: Elfsurrection

By Daniel A. Wolfe

After both Santa and herself undergo titillating transformations into buxom babes on Christmas Night, Sammie the Elf must confront the council of elven elders, but can she convince them that Santa in her sexy new form is an improvement on the old gift-giver or must she take more drastic action?

Santa Babe Series

Santa Babe Series

By Daniel A. Wolfe

Santa is no longer the merrymaker we all remember. After his wife has left him, Santa turns to alcohol to fill the void in his heart. It’s Samson the elf’s job to keep him from doing anything that would get him into trouble, but when the old man accidentally consumes a mysterious potion, Samson finds his job has gotten a whole lot more difficult.

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 26

Chapter 26 - The first day at a new job is always stressful

The next morning, Ellen ran a bath for her husband. As he soaked, she laid out his outfit for the day. Stepping out of the bath water, he dried off and went through to the bedroom, being uncomfortable at his nakedness. He rushed to the dresser to get something to cover his nudity. Ellen was there waiting for him. She opened her drawer and naughtily pulled out a black lace thong and panty set then handed them to him.

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 25

CHAPTER 25 -If you don’t like something, change it, if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.

Needless to say, Ellen was thrilled. It was getting late and they had to pick up Ariel from the sitter. Ellen put her daughter in her car seat, but, rather than heading home, she drove to the mall.

George felt a sinking in his stomach and asked, "What’s up?"

"Dear I am sorry; it appears you are going to have to stay as Heather for a while longer."

"Wait a minute! I said I would help. I never said anything about doing it as Heather."

Not What We Expected - 22

NotExpected 22

Not What We Expected

by Tiffany B. Quinn

It was a heavenly break before each of us went home to our summer jobs and preparing to leave home for college the next fall. We did get together frequently that summer as we looked forward to the next big step in our lives.

For the first time in six years we would be starting school without the support of the full Posse. It was a bittersweet time.

Chapter 22

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 23

CHAPTER 23 - I put off getting dressed en-femme as long as I could. But in the end, it didn’t change anything.

Upon their arrival, they had a light lunch. George was so stressed out from the shopping trip that he stretched out on the couch to watch TV and maybe catch a catnap. Within minutes, he was sound asleep. Ellen left the dishes for Heather to do when he awoke from his nap and headed back to the mall to do some serious shopping.

Not What We Expected - 21

NotExpected 21

Not What We Expected

by Tiffany B. Quinn

"Oh my," Susie had looked surprised at my blush, "you think he's cute too, don't you?"

"In a shy kind of way," I had admitted, "but then again, so are a lot of other boys."

"That's because they are all in love with you," Kelley had claimed, "but don't want to deal with your parents."

"By the way," I had changed the subject, "Someone told me that Amanda and her sidekicks are up to their old tricks again. There is a freshman girl that we need to go talk to."

"My goodness," Susie said with exasperation in her voice, "when is that bitch going to learn?"

"I guess that I will have to have another talk with Amanda at cheer practice after school," Kelley sighed.

I don't recall thinking any more about the interchange with Pete until we met again that snowy December evening several years later.

Chapter 21

Life on the Run in Skirts - Chapter 22

CHAPTER 22 - My body does not define who I am. I’m still a man in my soul.

A week later they got a call the doctor wanted to see them to get the results of all the tests. George in his suit and tie returned to the doctors. The receptionist was kind enough to watch the baby while George and Ellen were in seeing the doctor.

Feral Saga Chapter 12 - Reckoning (Part 2)

X23_sketch by Jason Metcalf

Feral Saga Chapter 12 - Reckoning (Part 2)

by Nyssa

A Marvel X-Men Fanfiction starring Wolverine and Jean Grey

As we continue the twists of the twelfth issue in part two, Logan and Scott are deep inside Sabretooth’s hideout as they try to rescue Storm. But things are already diverging from their plans. A cloaked ship and a new mutant are also there, adding to the mystery. Unfortunately, Logan has discovered that Don has come on the mission and she now has to worry about him. What will happen when Logan finally encounters Sabretooth?

Not What We Expected - 20

NotExpected 20

Not What We Expected

by Tiffany B. Quinn

All in all, the emotional and social issues of middle and high school were the biggest challenges, which was why I stayed there in the first place. The school work, for the most part, required little effort. School would have been boring if it wasn't for my friends, volleyball, and the social challenges. I was glad that I had my college courses and work with Tom to challenge me intellectually during these years.

Chapter 20

Not What We Expected - 19

NotExpected 19

Not What We Expected

by Tiffany B. Quinn

If I thought that living with a pregnant woman was a challenge during Sandra’s first pregnancy, I soon found out that dealing with a couple of hundred girls going through puberty all in one place was probably worse, if not its equal. Throw in approximately the same number of boys going through their own puberty and you have a real hotbed of hormonal emotional turmoil. I don’t know how my mother had dealt with kids in this state of being for her whole career. I NEVER want to be a middle school teacher.

Chapter 19


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