S-Idol - Part 1




similarity or resemblance to actual persons or events is purely
coincidental. It is neither recommended nor condoned for you to go out
and attempt any of the acts depicted herein. 


Standing outside S-House:

Dauphin: Welcome to S-Idol. I am standing outside the house where 10 boys are about to enter to become the First S-Idol. Here's the Catch. They do not know what "S" stands for. They will not know about it until the 9 weeks are over. The smart ones will guess. You will know. S stands for Sissy.
10 Families are sending their son, nephew, grandchild to S Idol for different reasons. Tonight you will learn why they are here. You will also get each Sissies reaction to seeing the S-House.
The Boys will get a shock when they enter the house. It is like a princess palace. There is a room with 10 beds. These beds have sting sheets in the most sissy like colours you can think of. There are teddy bears all over the place.
There is also a room with cribs. But that room will not be used right now.
There are no boy toys. Everything is toys and things girls would use. There is even a scent of perfume in the house.
Yes, The Boys are in for a shock
Now here's the catch. Each week you will be able to vote who will be sent home. The choice is up to you. Who deserves to be the First Sissy idol.
Now we will invite each family member in, and ask them why they are doing this and after we speak with them. We will then invite our Sissy in and see what their reactions is just seeing the house.
Then you will have to vote. Who will leave S- Idol
Welcome to S-Idol. Let the Challenge begin.


What relation are
: I am Summer's mother. We live alone. His wimp of a father left us when he was three. I am happy that he will have this chance to be here

What type of boy is Summer?: He is definitely not a sissy. He is a boy through and through. I think that you will have a tough time making him a sissy. He will fight you all the way. But this is good. He often gets in trouble at School for teasing and fighting.

Why do you want him to be in
: I hope that you will be able to find a softer side of him. I Know you call it his sissy side. But everyone has a feminine side, that has something to do with compassion and the ability to think about others. I hope that he finds

How do you think he will do?: He might be voted out as soon as he opens his mouth. As I said, he will fight you all the way. But I think that he has a protective shield on, that does not want his friends to know he can care. That he has compassion. I hope this Show will give him the humility and show others that he is a nice boy

Lets Invite Summer in and see what he thinks about S-House

Summer: WTF, This house is pink and smells like mums make up bag. There is all girl things here and no PS2. Do they expect us to have fun here. No one told me what S-Idol is all about. But I am sure that I will win. There are probably a pack of wimps that will like playing with teddy bears and barbies.



What relation are you?: I am Ashley's aunt. His Mum asked me to do this. 

What type of boy is Ashley? Ashley is a boy that really don't
cares. He has no fire in him. He can wet himself and not really care. I think he likes it. He like playing with baby things and doesn't really care if others teases him. The good thing is that he is a happy boy and when life comes down to it, that is important

Why do you want him to be in S-Idol: He is a feminine boy. He is very sensitive but confident. I hope that this show will teach him the difference between a boy and girl. I hope at one stage he will rebel and say no, this is not him. I hope that he will learn how to stand up for himself. If not, then by watching the show, we can accept him for who he is and understand him. 

How do you think he will do?: Its hard to say. My wish is not so much that he wins S-Idol. But that he finds himself

Lets Invite Ashley in and see what he thinks about S-House

I went into the house. It smelled so nice. Like a spring day and everything was so pretty. I seen that there are cribs, I suppose we will get some babies here at some stage. There are no toys except some that some girls left behind. So what do we play with. I will find



What relation are you?: I am Taylor's Father and for the next 9 weeks he is yours. 

What type of boy is Taylor?: Taylor is a strange boy. He tried to show that he is a skater boy, with modern clothes fit for a boy and everything. But Inside I think he is another boy. I will give you an example. When we swim and change, he stares at the men and boys there and his eyes get all dreamy. He is not interested in girls at all. His image is very important for him, He wants people to think he is normal. But deep down, I think he is confused. He came home one day with an earring, and another day I sworn he had Mascara on. 

Why do you want him to be in S-Idol: I want him to be in a sissy surrounding. I know he will fight all the way. He knows that many are following this, and he will fight all the way. At the end he will know if he continues down this road he will end up be a sissy. 

How do you think he will do? He might walk out. But I doubt it. He will want to prove that he can do anything. I am sure he will do OK

Lets Invite Taylor in and see what he thinks about S-House

Did you know that the house looks like dolls house. Are there girls coming. I hope not. But it looks like a girls doll house. What does S even stand for, shitty house or sissy house. This will be a strange house to live in. You must all be freaks. 



What relation are
: I am Alis Grandmother. Nice to meet you Mr. Dauphin

What type of boy is Ali? Ali has a rough time at school. He teases anyone that is different. If they have glasses, or if they are fat, or if they are poor. He has a mouth on him that can tear you apart. Still he does not tell anyone that wets the bed sometimes. Maybe this is why he teases. 

Why do you want him to be in S-Idol: In my day, when boys were like this, they were petticoated and made more feminine. Of course if you do that nowadays, the child is taken away to some foster home. I think that this will give him a chance to learn that people are different. Yes, It is a punishment

How do you think he will do? I do not know. That is up to when he is voted home. If he is voted home next week, then I doubt that this will have any

Lets Invite Ali in and see what he thinks about S-House

You expect me to stay here. There are satin sheets and lace over everywhere., I will go colour blind with all the pink in the house. I rather sleep in those cribs then in those beds. Everything looks so Barbie. I looked at some of the other boys. They all look like their faggots. This will be so easy to win



What relation are you? I am Reece's sister

What type of boy is Reece? He thinks he is a boy. Well he is. Did you know that one day, I found him playing with barbie dolls. When he seen me he threw a tantrum. I wish that I could take pictures of him. Another day, I went in and seen him kissing a picture of his best friend. How gross is

Why do you want him to be in S-Idol: I want him to be a sissy. I think that deep down he is. Of course my Mum thinks its dangerous sending him here. He might need to be on the Dr Phil show

How do you think he will do? I think he will hate being made to do things like being a sissy. Even though he really wants to inside, but I think at the end he will find himself

Lets Invite Reece in and see what he thinks about S-House

Hi. I am happy to be here. I have been in with the other boys and they seem nice and cool. It will be great living with them over the next few weeks. I didn't really notice anything strange about the house. Is there is anything strange about



What relation are you?
I am his sister. 

What type of boy is Aaron? The best way to describe him is that he is a baby. He is small for his age. Sometimes he sits watching TV programs that are really for babies. When people tease him, he cries. Its just too much. Don't You think

Why do you want him to be in S-Idol: To grow up. He will be forced to do things, and lets hope that at some stage he says that he does not want to do it anymore. On the other side if he really is a baby sissy, then I will have fun being a big sister. I just want to know if this is just a stage or something that he really is. Some boys never grow up

How do you think he will do? Probably wet all your nice furniture. God help him if the other boys tease him. I hope that you have pacifiers. Do

Lets Invite Ashley in and see what he thinks about S-House

I Don't know what to say. I am happy to be here. I like the house. There are cribs in the house. Maybe they are for someone that falls out of beds and I seen high chairs. I also seen a DVD with My Little Pony. 



What relation are
I am Chrissy's mother

What type of boy is
I will tell you the truth. I have often found himself
putting on his little sisters clothes and once I found him with a
pull up on. When I catch him, he just starts crying. Once we were
in a mall, and he suddenly whispered that another boy was cute. Is
my sun a gay sissy? Why does he want to try on girl clothes. Or
does he?

Why do you want him to be in S-Idol:
For my self I must accept if he is very feminine, I do not want to
call him a sissy. But I want him to explore himself and be allowed
to explore this side of him. I do not want him to be growing up
remembering when he tried on girls clothes and he thought he was
weird. I want him to experience something and sees if he likes it. 

How do you think he will do?
I think he will be very shy. But i think he will treasure this for
the rest of his life. 

Lets Invite Chrissy in and see what he thinks about S-House

Its a girl house. Its pink
and so pretty. Its like a palace. i am looking forward to staying
here for a long time. It is like a princess palace. How great can
that be. I know I am a boy. But Boys are just as cool as girls.
Are they? I mean is it better being a girl?



What relation are you? I am Roses Aunt. His mother and Father has died so he is under my care

What type of boy is Rose? He is just like his mother, sweet as a rose. No wonder that she called him that. Why is it that she had all the luck in her life and I did not. She would turn in her grave if she knew i was doing this. I don't know if this is why I am doing this. But Rose is like an angel. He does nothing wrong, and is everyone's

Why do you want him to be in S-Idol: I want him to experience what I experienced in my life. Humiliation and domination. I want him to keep his feet on earth. I want him to remember this and remember that not everything in life is that

How do you think he will do? I honestly do not know. But i will enjoy it

Lets Invite Rose in and see what he thinks about S-House

Thank you sir for letting me stay here. I will do anything you want me to do. I will try my best to be a good boy. I look forward to staying here and I am sure that it will be



What relation are you? I am Paris' Aunt

What type of boy is Paris? He is a good boy with a good heart. He is very sensitive. But his father taught him some things when they lived together. His Dad is now dead. But you can see the teaching is still there. Now Paris thinks that boys should show that they are strong, be good at football and try to score many girls as he can. He wants to be dominant in his class. He is sometimes like a chauvinist, but at the same time it is so easy to get him to cry. 

Why do you want him to be in S-Idol: I suppose like many other concerned relatives. To get him to be more compassionate. We are not here to humiliate him to the whole world. We want him to be less of an ape like his dad and more like a human. Get in touch with his feminine side. 

How do you think he will do? He Might give the other boys a problem, but he will be in the same shoes as them

Lets Invite Paris in and see what he thinks about S-House

Did you see the wimps in that house. Some were going around saying that it was soooo pretty and some were going around saying that it was like a palace. I hope I am going to win this, because if someone wins besides me, it will be so embarrassing. A wimp or a sissy faggot winning? Not when I am here. 



What relation are you? I
am his father. This is very hard for me. But i want Nicolas to be
part of S-Idol

What type of boy is
When Nicolas was 3 years old, he told us that he is a
girl. This has not changed since. He does not say it to high to
his friends, because they will just tease. But we notice that he
is unhappy as a boy and when he is in girls clothes, He is happy.

Why do you want him to be in S-Idol:
Because maybe he has a gender disorder problem. This will give him
the chance to be a girl for a bit. We of course did not tell him
this, as the rules states the boys do not know why they are here.
If he is happy being a girl, then we have to consider what we will
do. Maybe let him be a girl. 

How do you think he will do?
I think if he wins, and enjoys the experience, as well as finds
out that he likes it, It will be good for him. But It is hard for
us parents. But i think Lots of children are confused. 

Lets Invite Nicolas in and see what he thinks about S-House

Hi. I am so happy to be here.
No one is telling me why we are here, but already I like it. I
cant tell you why. It is just a cool place. It is so comfortable.
Its like a place i always wanted to be in. I am looking so forward
to staying here. Even if its only for one night.



the 10 contestants in S-Idol. They had no challenge here. So far, you
have just listened to their parents, sisters or relations to why they
should be here. Now You have an important mission. You have to vote who
will be sent home next week in S-Idol. Note that the vote is not who you
want to stay, but who you think should go home.


is over, see next episode 



it this time for S- Idol. Next week, we say goo bye to one boy. The Boys will
also wake up and find a big surprise. All their clothes are gone. We hope to see
you next week. 



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