S-Idol - Part 2


S-Idol - First Elimination  

Any similarity or resemblance to actual persons or events is purely coincidental. It is neither recommended nor condoned for you to go out and attempt any of the acts depicted herein. 


Dauphin: Welcome to S-Idol. The First elimination. We started with 10 boys, tonight only 9 will remain Remember the boys do not know why they are in S-Idol. So they cannot hear the first part of the elimination. They can hear the second part of the elimination. It must be a confusing Time for these boys. The only thing we know is that the house looks like a doll house. So tonight, they will get a little hint of why they are here.
For those that are interested, a link is at the end of the page for those that wants to see who voted for who. Dauphin recommends you do not see this until S-Idol is finished, as it might influence your voting next time, but the link is there for people that want to "audit"



What he cannot hear: Summer is sent here, because he his mother wants to find the more feminine side of him, so that he does not tease and bully at school. 

What he Can hear: Welcome to S-Idol Summer. You have been sent here by your mother because you have been a bully and tease at school. This is a shame. This world does not need bullies. We have seen this side of you, when you started swearing and criticizing the home you might live in for the next 9 weeks. Summer the votes are in. You can see the picture next to this which states you are one of the 10 that received most votes. You have to stay here, because you might be sent home. 


What he cannot hear: Ashley has been sent here because  is aunt thinks he doesn't care about anything. He does not act his age and does not care if he does boy or girl things

What he Can hear: Welcome to S-Idol. Your Aunt wants this to be a good experience for you. She hopes that you will find out who you are. This means what you like and what you don't like. She hopes that you will say no to things that you don't like here in Life. The Votes are in. If You look at the picture to the Right, it says that you are safe, You are still in S-Idol 



What he cannot hear: Taylor's father has sent him here. He can see that Taylor has some sissy tendencies, and goes as far as thinking Taylor could be gay. He hopes that being shown on S-idol will make him fight against any inner urgings he has and make him more macho. Time will show if this happens. 

What he Can hear: Welcome to S-Idol. like many other contestants here, your father wants you to know who you are. He thinks there is a hidden side of you that you wish to be something else. S-Idol will help you find out if this is who you are and hopefully you will accept it. Maybe your father is wrong. What ever the case is, I hope you will find out more about yourself. I hope your father will also respect what you choose as well as your friends. The Votes are in. You can now see by the picture on the right that you did not get enough votes and you are still in the running to be S-Idol 



What he cannot hear: Ali has been sent here by his grandmother as a type of petticoat treatment. She simply wants him to be kinder to others and she thinks petticoat treatment is good. Sending Ali to S-House means she can punish him for his good and not get Social Services on her case. 

What he Can hear: Welcome to S-Idol. When you came into the house, I notice that you thought others were gay and that you were better. Let us hope that S-House teaches you that even because people are different, this does not mean that they are better. The Bible teaches us to treat others as you would like them to treat you. I'm an not the only ones. The votes are in. You are still in S-Idol. Let us hope you will learn that people are different and this does not make you better 



What he cannot hear: His sister wants him to be is a sissy but mad when people call Reece a sissy. She also thinks that he likes boys. She wants S-Idol to prove this.  

What he Can hear: Welcome to S-Idol. Sometimes we are confused as children. We think we are different than the others. Some thinks that they like other boys. Some thinks they want to stay babies. Some thinks that they should have been a girl. Childhood is about finding what happens who you are as a person. The trick is to be happy for who you are and be proud of it. To be happy. The Votes are in. S-Idols viewers wants you to find your happiness. You are still in S-Idol 



What he cannot hear: His sister thinks that Aaron is a baby. He wets himself. He watches baby programs on TV. She wants him to grow up and act his age. 

What he Can hear: Welcome to S-Idol. Sometimes we are different than others. Sometimes we want not to grow up. Many of Dauphin readers tell him they wish they were children again. Maybe this is the same for you. Maybe you wish that you were still a baby. This is OK. Maybe S- House can help you. Some of our voters do not think so. You are one of those that received most votes. So, you have to wait here to see if you will be sent home or not 



What he cannot hear: His mother has found him putting girl clothes on. She found himself putting a diaper on. She thinks that Chrissy is confused and hopes that S-Idol will help him find out his identity, like so many here. She also found him fancying some other boys. 

What he Can hear: Welcome to S-Idol. You have been sent here by your mother. She is very worried about you. She thinks that you are confused on many things. I will not name them here, but I am sure that S-Idol will help you. In fact, the voters are the same. You are the only contestant that did not receive votes. This means that you are one of the favourites and you are safe to go to the next stop of S-Idol.  



What he cannot hear: Despite that Rose is a happy boy and has no real problems, he aunt has sent him here. It is not because of the boy, but her own revenge. She wants to humiliate him. This has caused an out-roar amongst our readers. To this, I can say that Child services has been contacted. No matter what will happen here in S-Idol, Rose will have better people taking care of him.

What he Can hear: Welcome to S-Idol. Last week, I seen your charm. You are like a little angel. If you stay in S-Idol, I am sure you will have a great time. You will think many of the things we do are strange but funny. The votes are in. You are not safe. You have to wait here on stage. Many of our voters do not think that S-House is the right place for you.   



What he cannot hear: Paris has been influenced a lot by his Dad. Now many thinks that he is a macho. He has to play tough. He has to show who the boss is. The old days fashion that Boys are better than girls

What he Can hear: Welcome to S-Idol. I hear you think that boys are better than girls. You even called some of the other contestants sissies and wimps. How do you know? Have you spoken with them? Your stay in S-House will tell you that you may be wrong. Who Knows? Whatever the case is, the voters has decided. You are safe. You are allowed to stay in S-Idol.  



What he cannot hear: This is a sweet contestant. All his life, he has thought that he is a girl. His father thinks that he has gender disorder. In other words a girls in a boys body. His father wants to test this out. He wants Nicolas to be happy and maybe learn something himself

What he Can hear: Welcome to S-Idol. I think you will find out what S-Idol is after a few weeks, and you will know why your father wants you here. I am also sure that you will be happy here. Our voters think the same, and this is why they have voted that you are safe. You are still in the running to be the first S-Idol 




Aunt: I am surprised to see Rose here, but after hearing the comments from the readers, I understand. Maybe they would not understand if they had a sister that got everything in life

Ashley: I am a bit confused to what Mr. Dauphin says. But I like the house. I hope that I stay and If I do not, then Thats OK too.  Summer: Who wants to stay here? I will be happy to be voted out. I mean Daupin expects me how to be nice. If people wants me to be nice, then they shouldn't be geeks. 
Rose: I would like to stay. It was fun what i did yestarday and today.  Sister: Is he not cute enough to stay? I notice the ones with long hair are staying. I will be honest I did not expect this! Mother: You can see why I need help. I doubt this experience will have happened, But Dauphins team has promised councelling and what I should so as a mother. 
14% has voted that Rose should go home 14% has voted that Ashley should go home 25% has voted that Summer should go home


Note: If you wish to see who voted for who, then click here. Do not do it if you think it could effect future times that you vote. Note that this link closes when the next vote starts. 



Thats it this time for S- Idol. On May 2, The next episode is ready. Now we get down to business. The Boys find that they now have to wear girls clothes. Read how this is done, and what the boys think about it as well as voting boys home.

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