Rule Three: It's Not About You...

I first posted this about another topic some months ago but there is a new need for it and I have therefore edited it.

If you have a problem with someone else on the site, understand that that is not the site's problem as long as that person is obeying the very simple rule of keeping it friendly. If you have a problem with a certain kind of story, genre, theme or element, that, too, is your problem. Please don't comment on stories to complain about the genre, theme or elements used because the next person probably dislikes your favorite type of story as much as you dislike whatever it is you dislike at the moment.

"BigCloset is a friendly place to read, write and discuss Transgender Fiction" and anyone who is willing and able to abide by that simple credo is welcome. Period. Respect authors and other readers enough to give their tastes the consideration you would want to have shown to your tastes.

Politics, religion and personality conflicts are not topics for public dispute -- though they can be mentioned in a friendly way and they can be the subject of fiction. There are very few content restrictions on fiction here at BigCloset, they have not seemed necessary. This includes genres, themes and elements used in stories. Pronouncing moral judgement on a story due to personal taste in genre, theme or element is inherently not friendly.

Every author on the site has the same rights as everyone else, to post their stories and blogs and promote writing that they do elsewhere and appeal to the community for help and advice. "...a friendly place..."

And every reader has the right not to read and not to comment on stories that contain genres, themes, or elements that they don't like. Complaints about what a reader perceives as missing or misapplied tags, categories, or warnings should be sent by private message, not public comment. With few exceptions, tags, categories and warnings are completely up to the author of a story; the site cannot work any other way -- think about it.

Private groups of friends are welcome here, but BCTS is not a place of exclusion, it is a place of inclusion. This is what the site was founded on.

If the inclusionary policies of BigCloset seem oppressive to anyone, that person is, of course, free to seek a place more to their liking. Trying to blackmail or bully the administration of BCTS to change this inclusionary policy is an effort doomed to failure. There's no animus in these policies, that's the point. BCTS strives to be as neutral and accepting as possible.

Hugs to all,
Erin, Piper and Cat