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Title Code Author(s)
It's A Cruel World Part 2 Wed LadyDragon623
I Wish Book 5: Chapter 26 Wed Amethyst
Jane Wed Erin Halfelven
Leander and the Muses - 2 Wed Drea DiMaggio
Essentially Egg. Part 25 of 39 Wed Marianne G
Lilith's Despair Chapter 7 Wed Su Shi
A Needed Change - Part Two Wed AmyLikesDancing
Wednesday Knights -- Chapter 33: Man Down Wed Rasufelle
I'm With the Band Wed Melanie Brown
Necromancer Unmanned: Chapter 50 Wed Domoviye
Relevant Dress Code Solo Bru
Daisy's Red Badge of Courage (3) Wed Sunflowerchan
Aeaea Chapter 4 Wed Sue Ross
Dominant Wed Gwen Brown
Demon Stalker (I Wish 4) by Amethyst on Kindle Tue Amethyst
The Apprentice Witch and the Hero Solo girlinthelight
sissygirl’s journey 6 lipstick girl Tue sissygirl
Whatever Next? Chapter 23 Tue Angharad
Racing Hearts by Melanie Brown on Kindle Tue Melanie Brown
Beware of unexpected post, part 1 Tue Estarriol
(Rewritten) Doom Valley Prep School: Chapter 58 Tue Domoviye
The Past Comes Knocking Part 21 Mon LadyDragon623
Cuz - You're Mine. Part 5 of 9 Mon Marianne G
Between Roles - 10 - Oh... Mon LariUmbreon
Mates 14 Mon Cyclist
Special Someones by Melanie E on Kindle Mon Rasufelle
Which Road to Camelot? Solo Emma Anne Tate
Diva Dismayed 15 Mon Erin G
Between Rolls - 1 - The Bite (A Baldur's Gate Fan Comic) Mon LariUmbreon
Switcher by Melanie Brown on Kindle Sun Melanie Brown
Snow Angel: Chapter 38 Sun Amethyst
My Time As A Wife 2 Sun Leeanna19
Transgender Support Advice Sun Barbie Lee
The importance of being a team player - Chapter 12 Sun Gwenington
Space: The Final Frontier... Sun Susan Brown
Release Me Chapter 9- I Hear You Sat Aylesea
Shannon's Course by Angela Rasch in Kindle Sat Angela Rasch
GunPrincessRoyale - Bk3 - Ch4 Sat simkin452
Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves - Ch. 20 - Finale Sat SammyC
Arctic Fox Book 3: Pursuit of the Dream - Chapter 26 Sat Rose
Apocalypse Dawn: The New World - Chapter 26 Sat Amethyst
Pete's Vagina -41- Game Face Sat Erin Halfelven
Family Matters by Maryanne Peters on Kindle Sat Maryanne Peters
Gina’s Unexpected Adventure, part the third. Sat Estarriol
Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 3405 Sat Angharad
The Princess Trap on Kindle Fri Tyrone Slothrop, Wanda Cunningham
My Girlfriend Likes Wearing…Diapers?! Solo girlinthelight
If It Was Your Husband 7 & 8 of 20 Fri Patricia Marie Allen
Puberty changed everything - Part 2 Fri Dorothy Colleen
Maintenance Workout - A Night To Remember Fri Cassy Bee
Valor by Melanie Brown on DopplerPress Fri Melanie Brown
Helen’s Diary: Hi Dad Fri Helly92
Shut Up! Solo Drea DiMaggio
The Sweetheart Platoon Fri JessieFeliciaFrench
World of Zhor: The Lancer's Girlhood Fri JessieFeliciaFrench
County Sheriff -23- A Difficult Start Thu SamanthaMD
Wendy the Good Witch (The End) Thu Sabrina G Langton
Rays of Light by Joyce Melton on Kindle Thu Joyce Melton
Gender Panic, part 4 of 5 Thu Trismegistus Shandy
Wings, part 62 of 62 [FINAL] Thu Trismegistus Shandy
I Was A Hero In Another World But My Dog-Girl Slave Swapped... Thu Succubiome
A Bridge to Nowhere Solo Drea DiMaggio
The Cutest Girl(y Boy) Solo girlinthelight
Peace Bringer 3&4 by Maggie Finson from DopplerPress Sun Maggie Finson
Dreams of Future Past by Kevin McCarthy on Kindle Sat New Author, Kevin McCarthy
Regrets Solo Alyssa Plant
The Forgotten One Solo LadyDragon623
Into the West Solo Drea DiMaggio
Mindful by Beverly Taff on Kindle Fri Beverly Taff
A Woman on the Hunt Solo Christopher Leeson
Cindy's Prom and the Unwilling Princess by Melanie Brown... Fri Melanie Brown
Bedwetters' Sleepover Solo girlinthelight
Voices Carry by Angela Rasch on Kindle Mon Angela Rasch
Butterscotch by Joyce Melton now on Kindle Sun Joyce Melton
A Modest Proposal by Melanie Brown - on Kindle Sun Melanie Brown
Duets by Emma Anne Tate Sat Emma Anne Tate
Prometheans by Joyce Melton & Lainie Lee from Doppler Press Fri Joyce Melton, Lainie Lee
My New Assignment by Melanie Brown on Kindle Thu Melanie Brown
Space Force Enterprise by Jo Dora Webster on Kindle Tue Jo Dora Webster
I Wish -Book 3- Sisters Forever by Amethyst on Kindle Sat Amethyst
Easy as Falling Off a Bike 14 by Angharad - on Kindle Fri Angharad
Dragon's Mark by Shauna Rousseau now on Kindle Thu Shauna
Murder at the Shapeshifters' Ball by Rodford Edmiston now... Wed Stickmaker
Taylor by Leslie Moore on Kindle Mon Leslie Moore
Headlights Girl on Amazon Kindle Sun Catherine Linda Michel
Double Date Dare Sat Rasufelle
Minnifer by Angela Rasch Sat Angela Rasch
Easy as Falling off a Bike -13- on Kindle Fri Angharad
The Station's Late Nite Princess Thu Snowfall
Being Invisible Now On Amazon Thu Leslie Moore
S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

I Wish Book 5: Chapter 26

Shannon O'Reilly was bullied and everything his older sister wasn't. When his sister Sarah gives him a chance to change things through a single wish things don't go as planned.


I Wish: Book 5
Chapter 26
The Puppet Master

“Screw it, no sense hiding now, whoever is in charge of this gatehouse already knows that I’m here,” I thought bitterly as I focused on my mark and changed to my Celestial form.

Essentially Egg. Part 25 of 39

Chapter 25

On the flight home on Sunday afternoon, I sat between Maureen and Mom and quietly spoke about the future as Ali dozed in my arms.

Mom said that she was going to push Dad into being in Fort Lauderdale by Easter and Maureen said that this would be a traditional weekend for Jordan and me to wed.

We batted it around a bit, and, between us, we thought about an Easter Sunday wedding, at the farm, with a big marquee set up. It would be kept quiet from the press, just for invited guests.

Lilith's Despair Chapter 7

In a nation plunged into the abyss of chaos and darkness, where the boundaries between the tangible and the otherworldly had evaporated, the President's authoritarian grip tightened, and his loyal advisors were bound to him in a sinister alliance, driven by anger, fear, and desperation.

A Needed Change - Part Two

A Needed Change - Part two

On Saturday I had no plans, and knowing it would be busy out I had no desire to go out there either. I made myself some French toast for breakfast and just sat about relaxing, wearing a simple cotton dress and just hung out really. While walking from one room to another I passed the intercom which buzzed, and without thinking I picked it up, cursing myself for doing it as I said hello.

“Beck, is that you?”

Relevant Dress Code

As soon as I woke up I knew that this would be another scorching hot June day. It also meant that the boys’ decision to stage a skirt-protest against the dress code not allowing shorts would be implemented that day. I smiled. I had the most dashing skirt I was planning to wear. I decided to really girly up. Instead of having my long blonde hair in a low ponytail I decided to let it flow down to my shoulders over my ears. I picked my favourite white blouse and some thin tights. The tights somewhat negated the purpose of the protest but I couldn’t resist.

Daisy's Red Badge of Courage (3)

Daisy's Red Badge of Courage
A Prequel to “Daisy and Phantom Nurse”

Act III: A Bloody Red Badge

I felt myself being lifted off the ground a few moments later. At this point I felt a fever starting to form, and my fingers and legs were starting to tremble. I slowly opened my eyes and noticed two faces were peering down at me. Both belonged to teenage girls, one had blonde hair and blue eyes, the other had black hair and blue eyes. Angels? Had I really died and gone to heaven? 

Aeaea Chapter 4


Day 53 continued

Ash and Drew had heard my calls as I’d run through the house and they’d followed me through the garden and across the field, calling back, but without reply. They’d seen what had happened, found me where I’d fallen and somehow managed to get me back to the house.

The Apprentice Witch and the Hero

I’m a trainee witch from a rural town where even the slightest deviance is frowned upon. There, witches are expected to follow a strict way of acting, and even being. And it is expected that a witch is to act as basically a medicinal servant for the village. She is to gather weeds and prepare potions to help deal with stomach aches and other ailments. Witches are to never wed. to never fall in love. To never have sex.

It’s patriarchal bullshit! Moreover, as I’m transgender, I don’t fit into their narrow view of what makes a witch! You have to be born female, and born to a wealthy non-witch family. I’m poor, and haven’t had the, quote, appropriate education. Only upper class villagers get an education in my hometown. Poor folk are expected to do hard labor such as farm work or hunting.

For that reason, I’ve decided to leave my hometown and travel to the capital city, where everything is better! The people are nicer, and nobody cares if you’re trans or poor or whatever! I arrive on foot after a month of travel. Most people fly on their brooms, but I’m not experienced enough for that. I can barely fly. Others take the train, but I’m too poor for that. The travel is rough, and I have to forage and hunt for food as I’m simply incapable of brining one month worth of food along with me. But, with blistered feet, I finally arrive at the capital!

sissygirl’s journey 6 lipstick girl

Yes I’am a lipstick girl, from the very beginning I was mesmerized by my mom’s lipsticks and at that time all the magazines had pretty women with amazing makeup and of course amazing lipstick lips, this is a little embarrassing but as a very young boy 5 or so I would find myself kissing those pretty models in the magazines and enjoying it very much so I guess that was one of my fetishes to be forever in my life, lipstick kisses that is lol.

Racing Hearts by Melanie Brown on Kindle


Audience Rating: 


Other Keywords: 

Tommy and his twin sister, Cynthia share almost everything. Their looks, their love of cheerleading. But maybe sharing a preference for street-racing bad boys is going too far?

Racing Hearts
A Sudden Romance
by Melanie Brown
Buy on Kindle

Cuz - You're Mine. Part 5 of 9

Chapter 5

Monday morning brought them back to earth. The had breakfast, tidied up and both left the house. They kissed, and then Maria went west, towards the Aston station, while Andy went towards Coventry and the Police College. When he arrived, he walked to the swimming pool, a place he remembered with happiness.

When he walked into the pool area, he saw the dive leader, now known to be DCI Alex Anderson, who was checking over a wetsuit.

Mates 14

I managed to steady the bike enough to get it onto its sidestand, pain ripping into my chest as I did so. Something felt broken there, and I found my vision greying out as I struggled to get off. There was a lorry stopped just to my left, another pulled slightly away to my right, angled into traffic. I found myself falling, another agonising stab from my chest as I sat down hard on the tarmac. I really didn’t want to look behind me, but it had to be done. I had to know.

Diva Dismayed 15

Diva Dismayed: Chapter 15 – Not a date
Despairingly I looked along the closet rail and couldn’t find anything which was new or newish and which hit the spot. I’d just resigned myself to defeat when finally a skirt caught my eye. It was straight and in a bright floral brocade and one I hadn’t worn before. The label told me that Mom must have found it in a sale. I stepped into it, pulled it up around my middle and fastened the zipper. I stood before the glass critically but thankfully it looked just right.

My Time As A Wife 2

Sarah is invited to stay the night with Phil. She is asked to spend more time as Sarah and must decide if Sarah is more than just a pleasant distraction. Part of this is based on some recent experience of mine.

I was still breathing hard from the climax I had just experienced. My legs were like jelly. Stay the night? Despite my exhaustion, I felt myself shiver at the thought. Spend the night with a man as a woman. Not just sex, but actually sleeping with him.

The importance of being a team player - Chapter 12

Fear can be such an incredibly basic sensation. Your body and brain detect danger, making you change your current actions into doing something to steer away from whatever it is that is causing the fear. It can make you run away from a dog that is behaving in an aggressive manner. It can make you run away from a bully who wants to ruin your day. It can even make you run away from your own mother and her judgmental gaze. All of this seems easy enough. But what if you’re afraid of something closer to home? What If you’re afraid of something you can’t run away from?

Shannon's Course by Angela Rasch in Kindle


Audience Rating: 


High School Honors Student Shannon has a new psychology teacher with a plan that might get Shannon in trouble - and change his life forever!

Is it going to be good or bad for the reluctant Shannon to pose as a girl for a semester? And what about Shannon's friends and family?

Teenage angst is not always this confusing! With a murder mystery, too!

GunPrincessRoyale - Bk3 - Ch4

The ongoing trials and tribulations of Ronin Kassius as he assumes the identity of Isabel val Sanreal and returns to Ar Telica City. Having survived the encounter with the Gun Queen of Ar Telica, Ronin returns to Ar Telica and begins his/her new dual life as Isabel val Sanreal, illegitimate daughter of the uber rich Sanreal Family, and as the Gun Princess, Mirai, an artificially created entity with preternatural abilities.

Arctic Fox Book 3: Pursuit of the Dream - Chapter 26

The Arctic Fox 3.jpg

Cover photo by Jonatan Pie. Downloaded from Unsplash

Marcia is seventeen, and along with Darryl, has moved south in Alaska to attend the Anchorage campus of the Alaska State University. She wants to pursue her dream, but will it pursue her instead?
I want to thank Malady, once again, for his help checking through this story for the many errors I frequently insert, as well as listening to my sometimes completely crazy ideas about the direction of the story and telling me how crazy they are!

Chapter 26

July 29th, 2023

Palmer, Ak

10:37 AM

It was payday on the farm, and Mage was making her way around to the different workers, handing them their statements. It was the day and age of electronic payments, but she had decided to hand people their statements, at least, as it allowed her to chat with each of them and find out how they were all doing.

Gina’s Unexpected Adventure, part the third.

Gina’s Unexpected Adventure, part the third.

“Yes please, tea or white wine.”

Melissa looked at her and waggled her eyebrows, “aren’t you underage to be drinking….”

Gina looked affronted, “no I am….” And then tailed off as she looked down to remind herself how she was dressed, she blushed a little, and then grinned.

“Well you could always spank me for it….”

Melissa grinned back. “And of course, I should be spanked for subverting a minor….” And grinned broadly.

“One moment I have just the thing,” She added as she went into the kitchen.

The Princess Trap on Kindle


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TG Universes & Series: 

Teenage identical twins Allie and Cissy started swapping places just for the fun of it when they were small. It worked better than you might think, considering that Allie is a boy named Alan. Cissy loves sports and Alan loves fashion and the still enjoy playing games and fooling the grown-ups.

But things have turned serious and it looks like someone is setting up a trap....

If It Was Your Husband 7 & 8 of 20

If It Was Your Husband.png

If It Was Your Husband
By Patricia Marie Allen

7 & 8

Exploring my feelings & On the fast track

Alex’s curiosity gets the best of him and he decides to explore women’s androgynous out in public without Carrie prompting him or having her along. He doesn’t quite have the guts to include a small bust line, so his bra cups lay fallow. On returning home, he tells Carrie where he’s been and how he’d dressed on purpose almost bragging about what he’s done.

Carrie notices that he’s not put anything in the bra cups and corrects the deficit. She then proves to him that he should have gone with the enhancement because not even people who casually know them notice anything. Carrie spring boards the incident and Alex finds himself in a lingerie shop. This leads to a whole new definition of “out and about.”

From there things get a little out of hand.

Maintenance Workout - A Night To Remember

Maintenance Workout - A Night To Remember

It's Super Bowl Sunday.
All Zane wants is to pop a few beers and enjoy the games.
But a call from his boss Myrna throws those plans out the window.
She needs his help. Urgently.
He speculates what she might need of him on his way to the office, but no guess comes even close to the truth.
Soon it becomes evident that whatever this evening holds, it will change Zane forever.

World of Zhor: The Lancer's Girlhood

World of Zhor: The Lancer's Girlhood

Picture1.pngEpisode I: The son turned daughter

She querously crushed her thighs together as she rode the palanquin home. Its rising and falling as it bore her, up and down with the steady yet still human steps, was awfully reminiscent of her bouncing girlishly on Hoel's twyll just hours before. Her cheeks flushed red, and her hands drew the curtain of the palanquin closed fretfully.

Wendy the Good Witch (The End)

Wendy The Good 3 small.png

Wendy the Good Witch (Part 3)
(or Brunettes with Perfect Eyesight)
By Sabrina G. Langton

Author's Note: Hmmmmm... A hotel, a deli, and a view of New Jersey don't ever say I don't take you anywhere... Oh and of course a song running through the words... Something different and something completely the same, ha... I hope YOU like it...


Gender Panic, part 4 of 5

“Hey,” Julius says to him, “you should apologize to Sebastian. About what you said yesterday.”


“Yeah, I guess so,” Vincent says, not quite meeting Sebastian’s eyes. “I’m sorry I said stupid stuff when you told us about changing your type. Um, I heard somebody saying you were using new pronouns already?”

Wings, part 62 of 62 [FINAL]

“Yeah, we can only stay about an hour 'cause I’ve got a freshman orientation thing to go to at four o’clock, and I want to allow time to unload the car and do some unpacking first.”

More DopplerPress

The Handshake That Hides the Snake - by Angela Rasch on Kindle


Audience Rating: 


Your past is always there. Erik discovers that his will force him to make choices about his future and decisions about those he can trust.

But is anything quite what it seems in this tale of profit, manipulation and loyalty?


The Handshake That Hides the Snake

by Angela Rasch

Now on Kindle

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