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Title Code Author(s)
Tales from the Irish by Drea DiMaggio on Kindle Sat Drea DiMaggio
Complicit in a Lie Revisited Chapter 45 (Finale) Sat Jamie Lee
cheerleader girl uniform Sat New Author, YuutoKizunaKouta3
The Chosen Sat Amethyst
Ruth's Reunion - Chapter 2 Sat cemma2035
The Beautiful Girl in Town 9 New Possibilities Sat Jessica C
Atarashi Gakko Sat Aylesea
Aria - Book 3 - Bring Down the Curtain by Emma Anne Tate on... Sat Emma Anne Tate
Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 3439 Sat Angharad
Cheerleading sisters Sat New Author, Will Hunter-Dickinson
Sarah’s Dream: Chapter 10 Sat samquick
By Any Other Name. Part 21 of 35 Sat Marianne G
The Power of Sexy (resubmitted) Fri Flygirlxoxox
Pink Solo LadyDragon623
Cold Hunger: Masks 23 by Rodford Edmiston on Kindle Fri Stickmaker
Holly Potter - Heiress of Slytherin Chapter 43 Fri Mudge
Changing the Past For A Better Future Part 2 Fri Allygirltrek77
Diva in Disguise 4 Fri Erin G
Changing Gears (Part 1 of 8) Fri SaraKel
A Wildcat Summer 6 Fri Leslie Moore
Flow C. 1 Fri Undine
Mates 29 Fri Cyclist
Everything's Sunny with Sarah - Zoe Taylor & Ashly... Fri Dark Kitten, Zoe Taylor
The Seventh Wheel (End) Fri Sabrina G Langton
Faith in Oneself Fri Noname1
The Carer Fri Gillian Chambers
Just my Luck - Part 2 of 3 Thu SamanthaMD
A New Style of Education - Year Five - Part 11 Thu Karen Page
Pete's Vagina -51.1- Clutch Play Thu Erin Halfelven
Rays of Light by Joyce Melton on Kindle Thu Joyce Melton
Truly Transformed and Really Changed Part 2 Thu Allygirltrek77
The Dance Coach -Chapter 5 Thu Gillian Chambers
Through Her Eyes – 4 Excitement of Being a Woman Wed Jessica C
Diary of a Prostitute Wed Michele Nylons
Demon Queened - Chapter 35 Wed princesskay
It's A Cruel World Part 13 Wed LadyDragon623
Big Book of Heaven and Hell by Maggie Finson on Kindle Wed Bek D. Corbin, E. E. Nalley, Maggie Finson, Rasufelle
The Peaceful City Solo Eolwaen
Meeting Chloe Solo Nearly Anna
Listening to Jekyllase, chapter 03 of 17 Tue Trismegistus Shandy
A Modest Proposal by Melanie Brown - on Kindle Tue Melanie Brown
A Wildcat Summer 5.1 Tue Leslie Moore
The Angel On Her Wing - 12 - A Wing and A Prayer. Tue Alyssa Plant
Allison Zero – Book 1 – Part 11 Tue Ms Woolly
Lunatic Fringe - solo Solo Marianne G
Project Wolf Den Part 18 Mon LadyDragon623
Easy as Falling off a Bike 16 on Kindle Mon Angharad
The Star Tower Mon Dorothy Colleen
Katie Ann - Chapter 63: Playing With Fire Mon Becky Anne
Charlotte Had A Boyfriend : 5 Mon Iolanthe Portmanteaux
Dot and Sam 41 Mon Beverly Taff
Sam and Sam by Joyce Melton - Now on Kindle Sun Joyce Melton
Gaby Book 26 ~ On The Edge ~ Chapter *39* Sun Maddy Bell
There is light at the end of the tunnel Solo SamanthaMD
Small Problem by Melanie Brown on Kindle Sat Melanie Brown
Dude Looks Like A Lady Solo LadyDragon623
Raising the Bar Solo New Author, Astrid Eriksson
Dreams of Future Past by Kevin McCarthy on Kindle Thu New Author, Kevin McCarthy
Demon Stalker (I Wish 4) by Amethyst on Kindle Wed Amethyst
A little bit of history Solo Dorothy Colleen
Conversion Therapy Solo Missy
Breakfast with Natalie Solo Emma Anne Tate
Embraceable You Solo Drea DiMaggio
Nadir to Zenith Solo Marianne G
Boys Don't Cry on Kindle Tue Dark Kitten, Zoe Taylor
Morale Support Solo SaraKel
The Golden Blade by Marianne G on Kindle Tue Marianne G
Jane Tue Erin Halfelven
Wednesday Knights Sun Rasufelle
The Princess Trap on Kindle Thu Tyrone Slothrop, Wanda Cunningham
The Frozen Balance - by Persephone - Kindle Edition Wed Persephone
Arctic Fox Book 2 by Rosemary Howell now on Kindle Tue Rose
Cindy's Prom and the Unwilling Princess by Melanie Brown... Mon Melanie Brown
The Station's Late Nite Princess Mon Snowfall
Mindful by Beverly Taff on Kindle Sun Beverly Taff
Taylor by Leslie Moore on Kindle Sat Leslie Moore
Just... Friends? Thu Melanie Brown
Prometheans by Joyce Melton & Lainie Lee from Doppler Press Sat Joyce Melton, Lainie Lee
Space and Time for Romance 2 by Maryanne Peters on Kindle Tue Maryanne Peters
The Last of the Fey by Denise Anesidora Trask on Kindle Sun Anesidora's Urn
My New Assignment by Melanie Brown on Kindle Sat Melanie Brown
Andy and Dawn by Angela Rasch on DopplerPress Wed Angela Rasch
The Reluctant Co-Ed by Melanie Brown now on Kindle Mon Melanie Brown
Special Someones by Melanie E on Kindle Sun Rasufelle
Shannon's Course by Angela Rasch in Kindle Wed Angela Rasch
Kelly Girl by Wanda Cunningham - New Edition from DopplerPress Mon Wanda Cunningham
Peaches on Kindle: New Edition! Wed Amelia R., Angela Rasch
A Summer's Odyssey - Now on Kindle Tue Jennifer Sue
Butterscotch by Joyce Melton now on Kindle Thu Joyce Melton
Mind and Body 2 by Maryanne Peters on Kindle Tue Maryanne Peters
S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

Tales from the Irish by Drea DiMaggio on Kindle


Audience Rating: 


Four stories, three bonnie lasses, connected through time and spirit -- by blood, and something more.

Tales from the Irish
by Drea DiMaggio
Now on Kindle

Join Drea DiMaggio as she explores faith, faithfulness, and love in this collection of some of her best works.

Complicit in a Lie Revisited Chapter 45 (Finale)

Author's Note: When I first wrote Complicit In a Lie, I had no thoughts, or ideas, to write a sequel. But thanks to a few readers, who asked about a sequel, ideas formed that made writing this sequel possible. It is necessary to have read Complicit In a Lie to understand why Charles is now with Jane, who the boy arriving in Kingston is and how he's involved in Charles' Court case. And to understand where Mr. Corporate, George Strom, fits into this story. This story starts off after Charles says, "When do we start," in Complicit in a Lie. So if you haven't read Complicit In a Lie, the beginning of this story won't make any sense. Hint hint!

cheerleader girl uniform

My eyes can't tear themselves away from the image I see in the mirror, and I'm about to cry.

My name is Daniel, I'm 12 years old and I didn't go to school today because I felt bad. Mom works as a nurse and my sister Katherine (Katty) is in High School, so I have the house to myself.

I've always been attracted to my sister's pretty clothes (especially her cheerleading uniform), so as soon as Katty left, I ran to her room and took off these annoying, boring boy clothes and grabbed my sister's cheerleading uniform. sister, so I put it on.

Ruth's Reunion - Chapter 2

I found it difficult to take another step. I wasn't sure I was mentally prepared to go another round with my mother and sister especially with my brother having arrived to provide them with reinforcement.

Even worse was the fact that I'd be bringing Jackson into their presence. I didn't know what I'd do if someone said something cruel to him. I wasn't sure I was strong enough.

I looked down at my son and found him counting the fingers on his free hand as if they were the most fascinating things in the world. He was so precious and I would do anything for him.

Atarashi Gakko


edited 6/15/2024 11:15 PM CT


“You have five minutes to get ready before I leave, and you’ll be walking to school.”
I rolled my eyes at my mother’s empty threat. There was no way she was going to let me walk ten miles on the first day of school, at least not after all that had happened.

Sarah’s Dream: Chapter 10

The work on the papers and other ideas had brought me near the end of my freshman year, and that was the time to plan next year’s classes and, ideally, to declare a major. Since I couldn’t progress on the goals within dreamwalks, I tried to figure out what classes would help me in other ways.

By Any Other Name. Part 21 of 35

Chapter 21

Ruth had laid the dining table and had put out some plates. We went and sat down as she brought out some sandwiches and poured tea. The talk was light, with some idea of a timeline. I would be able to work at it after we tidy up ‘Thirteen Women’. I still wasn’t sure about the sequel.

The Power of Sexy (resubmitted)

By Flygirlxoxox

My name is Alan Ambrosio and this is my story. As it happend.

Yes I am a boy and a typcal one. I have always been fascinated by girls.
Their hair, their smells, their curves, their clothes, the way the walk,
the way they talk....

At age 15 I have been involved in sports. I am quite good and very
competitive. My problem...girls. Girls to me are like kryptonite to
superman. I can be doing something confidently, intently and-- a pretty
girl comes up to me and look! It's captian corky....

Holly Potter - Heiress of Slytherin Chapter 43

Classes were dull. It's like we have already learned everything they have to teach us this year, so all we have left to do is keep practicing the same things over and over. This led to several people doing their own things during Charms and Transfiguration classes once we demonstrated our ability to perform the day's task. In potions class we simply had a random potion written next to our names written on the board before we even entered the classroom.

A Wildcat Summer 6

After taking the week off, the gang had all planned to appear Monday morning at the band house. Zoe was driving her dad’s four-door pickup. She’d picked up Tiffany from Mike’s and watched while they said goodbye. Gina drove her dad’s new Mercedes. She’d chauffeured Lisa from the airport in Philly.

Lisa entertained Gina with her tales of Smith and his mountain-top home. “It’s hard to leave. His place is like living on an island. Just the two of us. So romantic.”

Gina smiled. “I wonder when the island will start getting claustrophobic and losing that romantic feel.”

Flow C. 1


“Discipline, discipline, discipline.” Valin repeated this mantra in his head, over and over as he prepared himself for the practical exam. He was sure that he had gotten a perfect grade on the written portion, not that he expected otherwise, as he had been training himself for it almost his whole life. Not that he hadn’t done the same for the practical, it’s just that the practical required certain innate qualities that Valin didn’t have.

Mates 29

I was caught, well and truly. It wasn’t solving a puzzle, it wasn’t confirming my guesses, but rather receiving the two-edged gift of the hand grenade of Dafi’s confidence. That phrase actually ran through my head, and as one part of my brain ran off arguing about whether grenades had edges, the rest of me simply sat and stared, trying to work out a much more important question: what the hell to do now?

Everything's Sunny with Sarah - Zoe Taylor & Ashly MacGreagor on Kindle


Audience Rating: 


TG Universes & Series: 

Other Keywords: 

Sarah's life had not been easy, her parents broke up, she got seriously assaulted, and had to move to a different city and leave her friends behind.


Building a new life is never easy, even with advice from a someone who has done it before. However, with help from Robin, her mother and her new friends, Sarah finds her future looks sunny once more. But will it stay that way?

Surely, everyone is in for a magical time.

Especially Readers!


Everything's Sunny with Sarah
by Zoe Taylor and Ashly MacGreagor
Now on Kindle

Diary of a Prostitute

Diary Edited.jpg

Bored with their sex life and seeking to supplement their income a husband and wife decide to enter the world of prostitution. This is a vignette in the day of a life of a high-class prostitute and explains how a married couple can live happily together while they each have sex with strangers for money.

Demon Queened - Chapter 35

After flubbing a powerful incantation, meant to give newly coronated Demon Queens the wisdom of their ancestors, Devilla Satanne awakens to memories of her past life as Jacob Divington, a human from Earth. Having gained a new perspective on life, she quickly comes to a rather horrifying conclusion: she's been a complete and utter brat! No wonder everyone hates her!

And then there's the fact that she's apparently been reincarnated as the villainess of Tower Conquest, a lesbian porn game with a surprisingly intricate plot. One in which the Heroine conquers Dimona Tower, turning Devilla's people against her in the process. In victory, the Heroine brings about a glorious age of peace between demons and humans for the first time in millennia. ...Which actually sounds pretty good for her people, come to think of it. Devilla knows her terrible behavior is beyond forgiveness, but maybe she can still make up for her past mistakes? She just needs to make sure the events of the game unfold correctly. Though there is one little detail she'd like to change - the part where Devilla herself is killed or enslaved!

The series cover was commissioned from https://twitter.com/HaizeUqei

Demon Queened Cover, featuring Abigail and Lucy grabbing Devilla's arm and hand, respectively, on opposite sides.

Big Book of Heaven and Hell by Maggie Finson on Kindle


Audience Rating: 


TG Universes & Series: 

The only thing bigger than Heaven and Hell is The Big Book of Heaven and Hell!

The Big Book of Heaven and Hell
by Maggie Finson
Bek D. Corbin
E. E. Nalley
Melanie E
Buy on Kindle!

The Peaceful City

The Peaceful City

Heartsease like all its neighbouring city states was a peaceful city where dwelt humans and centaurs. The two had lived and crafted side by side for at least three millennia. Mostly they married their own, but there had always been a degree of cross marriage, and most adolescents had had dealing with members of the opposite sex of both species before they settled down. It wasn’t frowned upon, it was just the youngsters finding themselves.

Listening to Jekyllase, chapter 03 of 17

Another thing I liked a lot was her healthy lungs, her ability to breathe so deeply and easily and go for hours without feeling the need for a cigarette.

Allison Zero – Book 1 – Part 11

A dark metallic hallway on a space station, functional and industrial with signs of advanced technology, with a large hexagonal window with a view of a star field. Faint pink text with the words ‘Allison Zero’ are centred on the window to the star field.

Allison and Angie were having lunch when Allison revealed she wanted her ears pierced. Angie knew the perfect place for it, and it was also the perfect place to fix Allison up with makeup, but neither counted on finding two women who treated Angie and Allison just like Angie and Allison treated everyone else; they were fun head-wreckers.

Now Allison needs quiet. And to rest. And more. But with the pace of the past few days, with all she’s discovering, all the secrets revealed on the deep space station, she doesn’t know how to achieve any of that. And she doesn’t know what she’ll do if she can’t find it.

Project Wolf Den Part 18

Clair’s Ranch:
“What are you guys going to do about Nickolas Kuznetsov?” Clair looks at Jack and Nick when she asks that question.

“The matter is being taken care of as we speak.” Jack sent one of his special agents. One that was quick and deadly.

“I’m surprised you didn’t go yourself to handle the problem.” Clair knew the old Jack would have gone to handle the problem.

“You don’t use a nuclear device to kill a fly.” Nick knew what would happen if he or Jack went.

Katie Ann - Chapter 63: Playing With Fire

Katie Ann

Katie Ann

What do you do when you look seven years old but you’re actually a college student in your late teens? For Kathleen’s entire life, she had fought against people treating her much younger than her actual age. Feeling obligated to grow up fast to show people she wasn’t the age of her size, Kathleen never let her inner child out. Tired of fighting against the world, she explores the adult submissive world. What she finds, however, is an enjoyment of regression. Had she made a mistake? Would life be better if she just let people treat her the way she looks at seven years old?

Becky Anne

Charlotte Had A Boyfriend : 5


"Charlotte didn't say much, but she did ask me why my name is Mason."

"What kind of stupid question is that?" Carly began,
her face registering annoyance, puzzlement, and curiosity all at once.

"That's — uh — actually a really good question, actually," Tatum put in, hesitantly.


Gaby Book 26 ~ On The Edge ~ Chapter *39*

book 26 print cover_1.jpg

Book 26
On The Edge

by Maddy Bell
Copyright© 2021 Madeline Bell

Seventeen - it's a birthday overshadowed by its predecessor and successor and Gaby's looks set to follow that pattern. There are however big decisions to be made, should she grab life by the horns and experience everything it has to offer or take the more conservative, safer route through life. This volume, the 26th in the Gaby series has all the elements of classic Gaby, bike riding, teenage angst, developing relationships, grist to the mill for our heroine as life in the Ahrtal ticks on.


Dude Looks Like A Lady

Dixie sits quietly and pretends to read an article on her tablet. What she is doing, is watching how teenage girls and women walk and behave. Ever since she decided to become a girl full time, after spending a week with her friend pretending to be his girlfriend.

Raising the Bar

The Bar

Just another night at The Bar. The cities change. Copenhagen, London, San Francisco, Omaha, Tokyo. But somehow, The Bar stays the same. The same sights, smells, sounds. The same faces, or close enough. Different languages, but the same lines.

A little bit of history

A little bit of History

I've been thinking about where I am, and where I have come from.

But I don't know how to share it, other than to use metaphors, so I hope that's okay.

It start's, as it must, with the abuse I suffered when I was a child.

But I've talked about that, so lets move on to what happened next.

The abuse had created a lot of anger, anger that scared me, and I labeled it The Monster and tried to lock it away.

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She Like Me - by Angela Rasch on Kindle


Audience Rating: 


He had to find out: what do women think?

She Like Me
by Angela Rasch
Now on Kindle

Faced with the need to pick a thesis topic, amid the turbulent sixties, Gerald looks to solve the mysteries of the female gender by disguising himself as one of them. In a world faced with the assassination of Martin Luther King and the Southeast Asia Conflict, can a man successfully pretend to be a college co-ed and discover the secrets of how women think? Gerald has read all the pertinent sociology textbooks and has a list of questions he will seek to answer, but is he asking the right questions? And, once he understands women, what decisions will he make about himself?

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