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Seven Years of Hope Chapter 3


Selenia is the Priestess of the Holy Song, the last survivor of the destroyed Order of the Starsilver. During the final battle against the forces of Halleb, the Caretaker of the Dead, she was suddenly sent back in time seven years in the past, during the time when peace was cheap and lives were flourishing. Yet for Selenia, there is no peace or happiness, for she knows what will happen seven years later and she pledges to prevent that at all cost.

Seven Years of Hope Chapter 3
A New Start

By Shiina Ai

TG Techie: Chapter 34: [XXX] Blowjob



Bree was waiting for us when we got back to the stage. She caught my eye and put a finger to her lips. Everyone was looking over Autumn’s drawings on the wall.

“So is that everything we need?” Susan was asking.

I put the tapes and the square back where I found them, while Autumn went over and looked at the list Susan had in her hand. Her cheeks were still a little flushed, and there was dust in her hair and on the seat of her pants. “Are these the miscellaneous flats?”

Susan mmm-hm’d.

Soixante-Trois Airlines, part 23

Sophie could barely suppress her giggles as she and the rest of the crowd stood in anticipation of the event that was about to occur. Sure, the weather wasn’t perfect, but that didn’t matter. Sure, she was several hundred miles from her home in London, but that didn’t matter either. And sure, she was clad in a snug pencil dress and uncomfortable stiletto heeled shoes, but that just served to make the event all the more exciting for Sophie.

Amber pt 12 **** A Kymmie Verse story****

Amber pt 12 **** A Kymmie Verse Story*****

My nurse came to me as I was finishing with a patient.

“Amber, Their is a Mrs Robinson on line 3 wanting to talk to you. Something about Kelsey and her daughter, Brook.” She said.

“Thank you Tawny. I'll take it in my office” As I went to my office I thought Robinson must be Brooks last name. Taking a seat at my desk.

“Hello, this is Dr Reid. How may I help you Mrs Robinson?” I said answering.

“Well I think you can call me Sally, being our daughters are married.”

Anchors Aweigh – 6 A Rose for Christmas?

Anchors Aweigh – 6
A Rose for Christmas?

By Jessica C

Two sisters were soon there to greet me saying Mom and Dad had gone out to eat. Shannon had a warm smile as she said, “I see Roberta had a good time. Where did you go?”

The Passenger

The privileged son of a wealthy family is keen to learn why he’s never been permitted to visit the top floor of the east wing. Is there a shameful family secret? Some mad old woman kept imprisoned up there? Not exactly… but what he finds there will change his life forever.

Trouble and Strife Chapter 2

Chapter Two

Charlie had his doubts but he couldn’t deny that Shelley was trying to make amends for her affair. It had been a week since he had agreed to give her a second chance and he had enjoyed waking up to breakfast in bed every morning since. As he sipped at his orange juice he thought back over yesterday’s conversation and the document that he had signed.

Shelley had come into the room clutching two documents and asked if they could talk, naturally Charlie said yes.

Its Halloween Madeline!

The leafs on the trees had turned from green to orange and brown. The last of the soybeans and cotton was being harvest and the air was starting to become cooler. Pumpkins where starting to appear in the produce department of Sunflower, and sweaters, long skirts and leggings where starting to replace tank tops, sundresses and bikini bottoms.

Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 137

The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl?

A Novel By Teddie S.

Copyright © 2018 Teddie S.
All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 137
It’s a … , Christine, The funeral, The Eagle.
Will the Eagles show up? ~o~O~o~ Mark and Maria tell. ~o~O~o~ And, we tell Mark and Maria. ~o~O~o~ The funeral and Christine. ~o~O~o~ Christine has news.

Time on My Hands Chapter 48 - 365-368 CE: Earthquake Orphans and Widows

Time On My Hands

Chapter 48: 365-368 CE: Earthquake Orphans and Widows

A massive earthquake {estimated 8+} occurred at about sunrise with an epicenter near Crete. The earthquake caused an uplift of 30 feet on the southwest corner of the island tapering to no uplift 30 miles east. Nearly every town on the island was destroyed. What had been the coast was now well above the water line. Tremors of the earthquake were felt in North Africa, Egypt, Anatolia, through out Greece and the Aegean Islands and even Italy. It caused widespread destruction in central and southern Greece. Worse was the resultant tsunami that struck Libya, Egypt, Cyprus, Sicily, and Italy.

What's the Matter With You: Part 2

What’s the Matter With You: Part 2

By Camospam, editing by Wendy K.

The third ‘It Matters’ story following the adventures of Outlook, based in the Whateley Academy Universe.

Berlin NH: January 1, 2008

“I surrender!” announced Cameron as he spread his feet apart and leaned forward resting both hands on the counter.

Trouble and Strife Chapter 1

Trouble and Strife

Chapter One

“I’ve messed up Sis, really badly.”

Shelley was on the telephone to her sister, Marie, in Cornwall.

“What have you done?” asked Marie.

“Well, you do know how much I love Charlie. I don’t know how I’d cope if I ever lost Charlie, I miss him so much that it hurts even when he goes away overnight on one of his business conference things.”

“I know, I don’t why but I do know. But why is loving Charlie a problem. Apart from him being such a wuss.”

The Temp Girl

This is an attempt at writing a first person story. I'm not to sure of the results, but I tend to be hyper critical of my own work.

My name is Alex Winters. And this is my story. It's how I began to work for the absolutely strangest temp service in the world. I should have known something was up with them, but everybody does things over the 'net or phones now. And I needed the money. I didn't want to be a burden on my parents. Besides, temp jobs wouldn't be that strange. I sure got my eyes opened on my first job.

Roomies - Part 16

“Where in the world did you come up with a crazy story like that?” Charles chortled.

Tina and I exchanged glances. “It just seemed to fit our outfits and to signal from the start that it wasn't even worth dipping their hook in the water” I smiled.

Charles got the message and smiled with a nod as a waitress arrived with a tray full of appetizers.

“We ordered while you were still dancing.” Maria explained.

We started passing around appetizer plates in a round robin. I saw Tina blanche at the plate of fully loaded nachos and snerked. Tina's mom caught this.

“Chrissy? What's wrong? You always loved nachos?”

Godmother Chp. 4

For whom it may concern at the Grandvale Gazette:

Tonight, talking with the Godmother, I realized I don't want to work like this anymore. I've found a new position somewhere else, and don't bother looking for me. Nothing you say could win me back. You'll have to find someone else to boss around and make do the jobs you don't want to.

Henry Sharp

The Knight of the Rose


Love is in the air as two singers perform in the grand stage of life;
a comic opera of lovely proportions made sweet
by the joyous passion between two star-crossed lovers!

At the Midas Repair Shop, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania...

The Adventures of Madeline Brewer (8)

The steaks I’d brought from Sunflower turned out to be perfect and my sister had seasoned and charbroiled them to perfection. We rarely ate steak, but tonight my sister wanted to celebrate. Celebrate what I have no idea, I did know she been working around the clock this week. Some crops where coming in on the farm and that required the hiring of extra field hands. Those crops where in now and had already been sold and a check for them deposited into the farm account. That much I knew from the small bits and pieces from over hearing my sister talking to some of her friends.

To be different is a choice? Not for me!

To be different is a choice? Not for me!

This had a temporary possible title: such as How stupid are you? I’m not gay!! which could have grown a series of Aren’t they angry; Aren’t they wrong; Aren't they nasty; even Aren't they accepting.
Then the story veered away and the title had to change!

Rhysling's Rue - Part 22

Rhysling’s Rue - Chapter 22

“Clyde, get your ass over here and help with this thing!” Roy glared over at his brother who was finishing a cut with his usual careful slowness.

“Then grow a fuckin brain cell and put it down till I’m done! I’m not gonna rush just cause you want to go moon over a woman who doesn’t even know you exist!” Clyde carefully inspected the edges of his finished cut, taking a trimmer and making a minute adjustment before nodding to himself in approval.

“She does too, I saw her lookin at me just yesterday!”

The Adventures of Madeline Brewer (7)

The next day was Monday, that meant a few thing. One it meant that my sister had a fresh list of chores that needed to be done by the end of the week. Beside each chore there stood a little dollar sign followed by a number. It also meant I was one more day closer to starting school. Soon those endless days of exploring would come to a end, and once more I’ll find myself chained to a desk.