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Viper II - Mother of the Dragon Queen, Part 14

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As we were mounting the bus I could not help but wonder what Mum had truly been to these Italians during the war. Giancarlo had called her Major and Selena her Aide but I had thought mum had been a lone avenger sort of thing. What appeared here was a much more senior role, but at fifteen? But then I was hardly older than that and already in charge of an operation for the Polizia Militare and Generale Emberto. I would have to ask a lot of questions of both, Mum and Selena.

The Unusual Case of the Vindictive Ghost (Entwhistle Investigations 4)

When Angela gets a message to help her half brother Ian, Anthony feels guilty enough to put the Entwhistle Investigations resources at his disposal to get to the bottom of the mystery of a ghost who is haunting his bride to be.

The Strange Case of the Jittery Jury (Entwhistle Investigations 3)

Anthony has a problem. He's been selected for Jury Duty. The problem is so has Angela. Now he has to somehow deal with the problem of being both identities and then somehow survive a Jury rigged Mafia case.

The Mysterious Case of the Vengeful Lothario (Entwhistle Investigations 2)

Enwhistle Investigations is hired by a High School Principle in Swansea after a murder at the school. Angela is sent in undercover whilst Phillip and Mark seek other angles to the investigation. Who is committing the murders and why and can the team stop them?

The Curious Case of the Mutating Flasher (Entwhistle Investigations 1)

The new detective agency's is given an opportunity to try and find a flasher on the Swansea University campus. But it appears that the perpetrator is not always the same person, and is the actual mastermind a threat to Angela and Theresa?

The Moment of Truth (LoPR Part IX)

Anthony and Anwyn are preparing for their Wedding. Meanwhile Wesley Caplin escapes from Swansea Jail determined to get revenge on those who have wronged him. With Anwyn and Mark missing, Theresa and Angela have to team up to try and save the day. However now they must face the Moment of Truth, where someone has to take the bullet!

The Mistress of Good Breeding (LoPR Part VIII)

Anthony must decide whether to take up Mark's offer, and having done he he gets invited to one of Theresa's little dinner parties to celebrate. But does Theresa has an ulterior motive for being nice to Angela and what does she hate more than Angela?

Dana's Story, Part 5

Dana’s Story, Part 5

Why Is Kathy Working?

“That’s a valid question Kathy. I thought you worked because you like what you do. You always seem to be able to leave the office behind when you come home. If we could, Emily and I would love to have you at home with us all the time.”

“I do love working Dana, but for what you are paying these three, maybe I should shift to full-time homemaker.” Kathy made about the same amount as I paid each one of the three researchers.

Holly Potter - Heiress of Slytherin Chapter 3

I'm walking along a trail through the woods. There are two people behind me, walking together holding hands. I know it's a man and woman, but I can't see their faces, but the woman has the most beautiful violet eyes I have ever seen. I'm anxious to get to where we are going so I run ahead. I hear a woman's voice call out to me but I can't make out what she said. I'm not paying attention to where I'm going and I trip over something on the trail. Now I'm falling. All the light has gone. I hear a woman screaming for me. I try to call out but I can't speak.


A teen comes out as a transgender girl.
As her world has magic, she hopes to save enough money to transition by paying a licensed magician.
But soon other options reveal themselves.
There are a few witches, warlocks, and other strange people at her school that would like to help.

The question is for what price?

The Mural and the Cabinet, part 09 of 21

She jumped out of the bath, hastily threw on a robe, and rushed to the room where the portal-cabinet was stored, carrying a towel. She was overjoyed to see the portal still open as she entered the room.

Neighbourhood Terror to Sissy Pt.7

Chapter 7

Mark regained consciousness when Stephanie pressed her lips against his and started pushing his load of cum in his mouth. He had only just sucked a load off of Linda’s toes and now he was swallowing yet another one. Every time he came here he seemed to get stuck with a taste of cum in his mouth. Only made worse by the way in which he was fed the load. Well at least it was his own cum.

Filled with the milk of human kindness Chapter 24

Chapter 24 David's POV

When I came home that evening to say I was shocked would be an understatement. I knew something was up because there were two cars in the driveway and I recognised them as being Tanya's and Laura's. When Tanya told me that Beth had moved in with her for the moment, she did so without anger, but with pity. They were just gathering some of Stacy's things and would be out of my hair shortly. She did mention that Beth had left a note.

New Tale to Tell Chapter 9: Assault and Battery

New Tale to Tell
Chapter 09
by Justin M.
Copyright © 2020 Justin M. All rights reserved.

We go after his freak girlfriend. ... We take her out and it will send a message that if he fucks with us we fuck with his girlfriend. That bitch Shelby has had it coming a long time. ... It’s time we showed her and him we don’t put up with freaks around here”

After Caesar: N21 Chronicles - 2.10

When we last saw our protagonist:

We started home, and although I wasn't looking forward to our coming talk, I had really enjoyed myself. It was a memory I would treasure. Just enjoying being out and playing together. It's not something a girl close to a thousand years old gets to do with her husband often.

Gorilla Suit

Gorilla Suit
A Sunday Morning Dream
By Maryanne Peters

I had a nightmare last night that I was a man again. I had hairy legs and a bristly face, and I had a penis between my legs. I woke in a cold sweat.

The first thing I did was reach for my crotch. To my relief it was in perfect order – smooth right to in the in-between. I could not resist giving myself a little tickle.

Castle The Series - 0094 Morgelle, Basil, Kroïn, Lavinia, Turner



Morgelle with tears running off her face quietly replied, “Yes, Dad. I know.”



“Kroïn doetn’t mean it to happen, and he’s still aflait he’s been bad.”



“Joseph is not managing his courtship of Lavinia at all, Mum,”



Ruby was in effect creating the first Castle flora, and, to a lesser extent, fauna on edible and healing plants, fungi, small animals, fish and other useful materials some of which, such as flint and ochre were mineral rather than biological in origin.



“Let’s move to shallower water to have better access to each other before you wash my breasts and softth. We’ll see where that leads us and have spaech of it later.”


Never Wanted To Be A Girl Chp. 21

“They're moving out now, number one.” Nelson watched as the three SUV’s leave the parking garage.

“Roger, number two. Keep your eyes on them and wait for our signal.” Juan watches from his perch.

He hopes that the plan they laid out will pay off. The research he did into each bodyguard had proven very fruitful. It also revealed that he and the others didn’t want to get into hand-to-hand combat with a few of them either.

Memoir of a Stealth Transition - 13 of 39


Chapter 13 - An Offhand Proposal

It wasn't long before everyone on campus knew that Julie and I were an 'item.' That term may be anachronistic, but it's accurate. We studied together, ate together, explored each other's bodies whenever one of our roommates was conveniently absent, fell in both love and lust with each other.

Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 228

The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl?

A Novel By Teddie S.

Copyright © 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020 Teddie S.
All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 228

Colonel Pratt again.
A meeting with Los Alamos,
a surprise guest, and more.
Dinner with our friends.

Colonel Pratt, why are you here? ~o~O~o~ Our people from Los Alamos brought a big surprise with them. ~o~O~o~ A launch party. What are we launching? ~o~O~o~ We plan a big hike for Sunday to the summit of Tsoodzil. ~o~O~o~ A wonderful cookout with our six friends.


Filled with the milk of human kindness Chapter 22 and 23

Chapter 22 Ian's POV

Adi for Addison. I think I preferred Addison. Or I could go with sex Goddess. I kept on going back to that image of her standing there in boxer shorts. She was so sexy I needed more. I started reviewing the downloaded images every night. Nothing on Monday, but on Tuesday it looked like she was moving in. Then she sat on the sofa, undid her dress, pulled it down and undid her bra so that she was naked from the waist up.

Becoming Chloe 1 of 3

Becoming Chloe Part 1 of 3
by Cindy Johnson ([email protected])
Audio version avaialble - send a request to my email

It was about a year ago when Kate was putting my dry cleaning away when she noticed 'the box' and that's when the changes started. She found my secret stash of women's clothing and made me explain in detail why I would hide this from her. Since the box contained every feminine item you can think of in my size along with size-9 high heels, there was no escaping a truthful answer.

After Caesar: N21 Chronicles - 2.9

When we last saw our protagonist:

I grabbed his lapels and pulled him to me. I gave him a kiss and told him, "For several days."

I turned and went into the bathroom kicking off my shoes on the way. When I saw the interior, I called out sweetly, "I'm gonna need someone to wash my back".

He was beside me in a heartbeat.


A Short Story
By Maryanne Peters

Siobhan and I had gone through a similar education for a career in advertising. We shared a modest apartment in the city. We were both young and ambitious, and short of money. The only real differences were that she was a woman, and I wasn’t; and I had talent, and she didn’t.

Fantasy Realized

I Wish Book 3: Chapter 4

Shannon O'Reilly was bullied and everything his older sister wasn't. When his sister Sarah gives him a chance to change things through a single wish things don't go as planned.


I Wish: Book 3
Chapter 4

Mother Josephine gave us a long look, especially Beth, who looked about ready to jump and flee at any moment if she felt the need. “I know what’s going on with the two of you,” she finally said without preamble.

Filled with the milk of human kindness Chapter 21

Chapter 21

It was nice breastfeeding Chloe again. I enjoyed breastfeeding the girls but there was something special about having a young child feed from you. They are so innocent and trusting. Chloe immediately relaxed into it, snuggled against my skin and suckled. When she felt tired or needed a break she let go and then started again when she was ready and in between was content to just bask in the glow of my tender loving care.

The Prophet Revised Chapter 20

By Jasmine Monica Chapter 20

The Prophet
Serinina takes on Italy and makes final preparations for her landing on the Golden Isles. Patinea finds herself more frustrated with her sisters success and events in her personal life.

Memoir of a Stealth Transition - 12 of 39


Chapter 12 - The Sniff Test

Sunday Morning
I woke up to a discrete knocking on my door. My first fuzzy thought was that at least my head wasn't pounding like the door did yesterday. So call me stupid, but I stumbled to the door and opened it wearing just my pajamas.

New Tale to Tell Chapter 8: Daddy's Girl or Jonathan comes to dinner

New Tale to Tell
Chapter 8
by Justin M.
Copyright © 2020 Justin M. All rights reserved.

“Here’s the deal. That’s my little girl in there. She means the world to me. Have you heard the stories about fathers and the bonds they have with their little girls?” The boy nods, “Good. Shelby and I are no different. So If I’m going to allow you to date my daughter there are a few things you will need to understand.”

Filled with the milk of human kindness Chapter 20

Chapter 20

I was feeling a little bit awkward with Chloe on my lap and Beth sitting on the other sofa in the garage flat. I was wearing one of the dresses that Beth had modified for me, but it wasn't designed for breastfeeding. I loved the dresses they made me feel feminine and gave me confidence. Chloe had tried to get to my breasts, but I would have to undo the dress and pull down the top half to give her access. After one attempt she gave up and that made me feel sad as it felt like I was denying her.

Katie Ann - Chapter 33: I Am Katie To You

Katie Ann

Nineteen-year-old submissive Kathleen was sick of men that only wanted to be her master for sexual reasons, but when she responded to message from a gentleman on a matching site, she didn't realize how life-changing their relationship would be, and how right it would feel.

After Caesar: N21 Chronicles - 2.8

When we last saw our protagonist:

I leaned in and although it was uncomfortable, I put my head on his shoulder. I heard a door shut, and realized it was just the two of us in the room now. "Come here, " John told me. I wasn't sure what he wanted but I stood and stepped to the front of his chair. He turned me so I was standing the opposite way and pulled me down to his lap. He wrapped his arms around me, and I snuggled in.

I loved him so much!

Gloria Greenways Academy 2 Georgi’s Tale

Georgi was in year eleven and just turned sixteen. She played the bassoon and was into chemistry. She was intelligent, played netball, wrote scifi and fantasy, loved dancing and made a lot of her own clothes which was understandable as she was six foot four, hugely bosomed and bottomed and had very wide shoulders.

The Voyage of the Visund -27-

It is the following morning and all discover exactly why one of Wallesan's sons has been ordered home. Ursula goes about her usual rounds and, later, asks the seamstresses for some more unusual attire.

grakh on parchment

The Voyage of the Visund

A tale of Anmar by Penny Lane

27 - Sons of the Duke

Stone - 49

caravan.jpgA bit of a cliffhanger here, but I will try to get the next chapter out before the end of the week: Daw


Chapter 49- Jason as Sea 3

Jason felt the sun on his face as he woke. Looking around, he discovered that he was in Kalosun’s sick bay, laying on a cot beside Kookla and the seaman who was injured when the mast fell. Jason looked at the window, which showed light shining through.

Babs' New Year's Resolution 41

Having learned of her blood connection to Bab's, Lola now has to negotiate the delicate issues that arise between her and her adoptive sisters. She is determined to reassure them that nothing has changed between the four girls but she has yet to tell Bab's about the blood connection because Bab's is still very frail after the surgery.