Supplemental Gift Subscription

Currently, BigCloset TopShelf has a subscription service for "Premium Stories" called "BigCloset HatBox". Recently we integrated HatBox so it's actually in-side of TopShelf instead of a separate site!

When we did this integration we went ahead and "trimmed down" our subscription offerings in a hope of making things less "confusing" to our users, and that seems to have caused a new problem. People aren't able to give us nearly as much money as they want too!

I have to say, this is a very interesting, awesome, and perplexing issue to have. :)

So to help with these users that wish to have a way to send us a gift towards operating expenses and debt on a recurring basis, we have brought back the "Recurring Gift" box!

Gift Ammount

The form seen above can be used to send us "extra" money as a gift. The "Gift" will be used for general operations and paying off back debt as needed. "Gifting" us via this form does not entitle you to any HatBox subscription or advertising or anything like that. This recurring subscription would be above and beyond those items.

Thank You!
-Piper, Erin, Cat, Kayleigh, Amy, NinjaBaby and the Rest of the BigCloset Band. :)