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The Week In Trans 3/19/18

Time for all the trans news anyone would want! It's The Week In Trans! RuPaul gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. A study shows that genetic variants makes us who we are. The Trump administration is still trying to ban trans in the military. Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State could mean problems for trans people. A judge rules in favor of a trans student. Texas is rethinking a bathroom bill. Shannon Daniels came out as trans and won't be working at her school next year. Pakistan is issuing driver's licenses to trans people. A woman is suing Tinder claiming they dropped her when she came out as trans on the app. A study shows that trans people are happy with GCS. Brazilian researchers discover that trans brains are different. There are all those stories and more, plus a boat load of TWIT Awards! Don't miss your TWIT!

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Keystone X

Sophie Lynne has attended every Keystone Conference since the beginning so even though she is currently unemployed she couldn't miss Keystone X. Along with buying some books in the vendor room that she will review in her Page Pundit book blog she ran into a lot of old friends and made some new ones during the event. Today she delves into what the conference has meant for her personally. It helped her stop thinking that transgender people were just a local phenomenon and made her aware of the coalescing of a nationwide trans community.

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Dispatch From Thailand — Linguistic Challenges

It can be hard for a trans woman, whether living en femme full time or just part time, to maintain a feminine voice. No imagine that you are an English speaking trans person who is living in a foreign country. You not only need to pay attention to the pitch of your speaking voice and the way you begin and end sentences. You need to be able to maintain your femme voice while speaking to the local residents in their language. Other languages often have different words or word endings that denote gender. Is it possible to keep your pitch under control while you search your memory for the proper words to convey your gender? Find out how our Correspondent from Thailand, Christine Burr does it.

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Amanda and the Cali Dream

Amanda has been blogging about her life in the San Francisco area and she's not feeling the love. The tech boom in the Bay Area has pushed housing prices sky high. Much of what gave San Francisco its own character is disappearing. The Summer of Love when they wore flowers in their hair is long gone. It might be possible to have a rich, full life there but not on a retail chain salary. More and more everyday Amanda feels like moving back east. You can take the girl out of Pittsburgh but she is going to miss it no matter what. Has she finally reached the point where she packs up and heads back home? Read her personal blog today and find out.

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Transition on the Down Low

This post finds Natalie Nicole already starting her transition in the workplace and with friends. Starting HRT began to make changes to her body that were hard to conceal. But she hadn't told her family about the big change that was underway. Today's post is all about how she started HRT, came out to some friends and fellow employees and how she navigated the waters of transition while hiding it from her family.

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Princesas de la Noche – Conversación de una Gran Amiga

Our Columbian correspondent writes about a cold night out in Bogota when she and some friends summoned a taxi to take them to a fun spot. The driver was a Caribbean man and his taxi was a mobile disco. She also talks about her friend who only gets out en femme once a month. Read Katherine Diaz's post en Español or use Google Translate to get the gist of it.

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The Week In Trans 3/12/18

Time again for our dive into the trans news of the world, The Week In Trans! Today we learn that a Vietnamese singer has won the Miss International Queen contest. Members of congress wanted to discuss trans rights with officials in the Trump administration. All those contacted declined. Caitlyn Jenner has come to the conclusion that Donald Trump is a major setback for trans people. The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals finds that firing someone for being trans is illegal. Changing your birth certificate in Idaho just got easier. An Indian web show has people swapping genders for a month. Britain's Labour Party affirms its acceptance of trans women. An editorial asks why conservatives are so angry at trans people. There's a petition calling on Mattel to make a Laverne Cox Barbie. A Fantastic Woman's Oscar win has influenced pro-trans legislation in Chile. RuPaul takes heat for saying trans women shouldn't compete on Drag Race. The only surgeon in New Zealand who did GRS retired in 2015. They just got a new one. There's all that and a lot more, along with several TWIT Awards, waiting for you in TWIT!

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Youth View: Getting Older . . .

Our 17-year-old agender contributor is making work for us. The graphics department will have to update "Seventeen" to "Eighteen" on their column's graphic since M is having a birthday on March 13. Happy Birthday M! Their post today talks about the way it feels to grow older. (These kids today.) But seriously, you will want to know what's been going on in M's life and that's what they talk about in today's post.

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Dina’s Diner 3/12/18

Dina Amberle is always cooking up something tasty at Dina's Diner. She uses the freshest ingredients culled from the news of the day. For today's Blue Plate Special she starts with a portion of RuPaul controversy. Then she adds some information on trans tourism that will stimulate an appetite. Dina adds some spice to the dish with an appreciation of fishnet hosiery and she finishes the meal off with some musing about how crossdressing changes people's personalities and devotes time to the preparation of a tasty dessert filled with cheerleaders and college dance teams. If you want to be fully satisfied the place to be is Dina's Diner.

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Author interview: Sabrina Pandora

Sophie Lynne, our Page Pundit, interviews Sabrina Pandora, a "writer, a comic book creator, an auction manager, a wife and a counselor." Ms. Pandora is best known for her work on the Giant Girl comic books. She has published 40 short stories on her DeviantART page and has written a book titled All Dolled Up: An Odd Modern Romance. Sophie asks the questions and Ms. Pandora gives answers that are intriguing. Learn more about this Renaissance woman from Giant Girl to her Star Trek fan fiction, and more.

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Countdown to Transition

Claire just came to terms with her trans nature a short while ago but she has been thinking about it and musing on it and being frustrated by it for many years. Once she made up her mind her road to transition to living as a woman seems to be rushing by under her wheels. Her goal is to say goodbye to her male persona in just a few months. She is preparing her coworkers and her circle of friends and acquaintances that the change is coming. Her blog post today will let you know how it's going.

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How Attractive is Too Attractive?

Everyone wants to feel attractive. Cisgender women, trans women, and crossdressers want to look good and attract attention. The right kind of attention, though. In these days of #MeTo and the exposure of sexual harassment in many areas is it possible to look attractive without garnering too much of the wrong kind of attention? Angela Gardner examines sexual attraction in our culture and gives her thoughts on how much attraction is too much. Give her opinion piece a read and add your comments on the subject.

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The Week In Trans 3/5/18

What do you call all the trans news you need? We call it The Week In Trans! What do we learn this week? American Idol is coming back with a drag queen singer. Since the military has started accepting trans people only one has signed up. 5 advocacy groups ran an ads encouraging recruitment of trans soldiers. RuPaul doesn't think trans women should be on Drag Race. More coverage of the four trans women who went to CPAC. What countries are the best for LGBT tourists? It's a tie! Brazil makes positive changes for trans people. There's was a fourfold increase in GCS between 2000 and 2014. Violence against trans women continues. A trans woman opera singer will the the first to perform Don Giovanni. Help for teens whose friends identify as non-binary. A trans woman is running for congress in North Carolina. Sarah McBride publishes a book co-written with Joe Biden. There's all that plus more and a few TWIT Awards in TWIT!

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Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep

Our Fashion Maven Tasi Zuriack veers aways, somewhat, from fashion in today's post and takes a look at beauty and what women strive for in creating their "look." We may see women we feel are over painted or gaudily attired but they did their makeup that way or chose those clothes for a reason. Perhaps one that they're not even consciously aware of. Tasi writes about how makeup artist Ellen Malone approaches makeovers on folks who have a fixed idea of what is attractive when it isn't. Tasi and Ms. Malone remind us that Beauty is More Than Skin Deep.

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Metamorphosis Chapter 18

Raquel and Mark, two parts of one person that became separated after drinking a strange potion, have been transported to another land. They trek to the north to do battle with "the Magistrate" but have been told by a mysterious woman named Lydia that one of them will not survive the confrontation. In a house that is a duplicate of their childhood home Raquel meets her "mother" and then her "father." Then she finds herself cast into darkness only to awaken in a horrid swamp to be confronted by a hideous creature with one eye that tosses her over its shoulder. What will happen in Chapter 18 of Metamorphosis?

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Trans Film, TV, Music! Trans Media Arts

Our west coast correspondent Amanda F. Steele covers the arts scene. Film, books, television, music. Whatever the art form if it features transgender characters or is created by transgender people Amanda includes it in Trans Media Arts. Today she has more on the departure of Jeffrey Tambor from Transparent. The band All-American Rejects has put out an 11 minute film for their song Sweat and Amanda has the video right here. Then she has info about a graphic novel about a prince who adopts a female identity and becomes a trendsetter. There's more in Trans Media Arts -- don't miss it!

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A Sabrina Symington Cartoon

Sabrina Symington's cartoon alter ego is known as Bria. Today Bria comes to the realization that she is real. Not in the real world. In Bria's cartoon world. But even that is an accomplishment when everyone keeps telling you that you're not real, that you're crazy of trying to deceive. Bria has a right to get a little pumped up.

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The Week In Trans 2/26/18

Time for The Week In Trans! Today we learn that there is a nation wide organization working on a positive image for trans kids. We also learn there are Christian conservatives trying to oppress trans kids. FtM wrestler Mack Beggs just won another girl's wrestling title. The Secretary of Defense delivered recommendations on trans soldiers to the president. San Francisco gets a new trans advisory board and their sheriff announces a trans policy for prisoners. A trans woman runs for the office of governor in Vermont. Daniela Vega will be an Oscar presenter. Australia has its first trans priest. Trans kids are joining the Boy Scouts in Pakistan. Kim Petras, the trans pop singer from Germany, is a rising star in the U. S. market. There's all that and a lot more waiting for you in TWIT! And don't forget the TWIT Awards!

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Trans and Cisgender Women: The Science of Love

Why do fools fall in love? Who knows but as far as everyone else is concerned there is scientific evidence to show why people get together. Since such evidence exists it is only right that our science lady, Dr. Dana Bevan, be the one to present it to you. Dopamine, oxytocin and vasopressin factor are just a few of the things she will explain, and don't worry, it will all make sense. In the end you will gain information on the signals a cisgender woman produces to invite a man to make his move. That should make it easier to avoid, or encourage, male attention.

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