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The Week In Trans 6/26/17

Time again for the weekly news roundup we call The Week In Trans! What do we learn today? Candis Cayne has written a book called Hi Gorgeous! Lots of legislative activity in states around the country for and against trans people. More coverage of Brooke Guinan in the NYC Pride Parade. Eddie Izzard talks to NPR. Meet the former Hasidic rabbi who is now a woman. Also meet the 14-year-old Seattle drag queen. Boys in England wear skirts to school because of the heat. Venice's first female gondolier isn't female. She's a trans man. Courtney Act is looking for love on MTV. There's all that plus a few TWIT Awards waiting for you in TWIT!

Trans Media Arts

Want the hot news from the world of trans showbiz? Amanda Steele has it in Trans Media Arts. Today she tells us about the kerfuffle over cis male actor Matt Bomer playing a trans sex worker. That's two strikes against the movie "Anything." It just highlight the need for good roles for trans people and that is the topic of a short video by Jen Richards. "The Switch" is a Canadian TV show about a trans woman who works with other trans people. "Orange is the New Black" and RuPaul both get recognition. Check it all our in Trans Media Arts!

The Ubiquitous and Essential Cocktail Dress

The prince has invited you to a glittering cocktail party and all the "right people" will be there. What do you wear? A cocktail dress, of course! Or, maybe you just want to glam up your look for Saturday night at the trans friendly piano bar. The cocktail dress is also your friend in that situation. Tasi Zuriack, our fashion maven, has some suggestions on how to rock a cocktail dress for any occasion. From one shoulder looks to long sleeves, and of course the essential little black dress, Tasi has many ideas on how to add glam, enhance your figure with fashion, and be the darling of the cocktail party.

A Sabrina Cartoon — Attack Helicopter

Conservatives go on and on about how subversive trans identities are not real. They try to paint us as deluded, mentally unstable, or try to pass of the entire phenomena as a fad or trend. Admitting that trans people are feeling what they are feeling is impossible for them so they have to embrace all the phony reasons they come with for why people say they're trans. Sabrina Symington addresses that in today's cartoon.

Tranny Queer, Dysphoric as Fudge

The Artist D talks about understanding gender dysphoria in two ways. She/he has always felt like a gender outlaw and can present in either gender or none without being bothered by the shape of their genitals. But The Artist D had issues with body image regarding fat. No matter how thin she/he was they always saw themselves as to fat. The longing to be thin gave them some idea of the effect of gender dysphoria and that was enforced when they were around someone everyday who suffered with gender dysphoria.

Hello, My Name is Linda: Part 4

Linda continues her series on her meetings with the support group, Bracoholics Anonymous. This group is primarily composed of crossdressers but also contains a few men who only dress in lingerie under their male attire. The bracoholics focus mainly on the joy of wearing a pretty bra and like many of their members Linda was first attracted to that particular garment. In today's post she reports on things she learned from other members of the group.

Book Review: Founding Mothers, The Women Who Raised Our Nation

Gina Vizavi reviews Cokie Roberts' 2004 book, "Founding Mothers The Women Who Raised Our Nation." The book is a compilation of personal letters between people from the earliest years of our nation. The letters tell the story of women who were considered the property of their husbands and were excluded from participation in higher learning, or government. Roberts ties the letters together with clarifications, context and often times humor. The book opens a window on what it was like to be a woman in those days.

Jeffrey Marsh — The Poster Boy for Being Queer

Jeffrey Marsh is a gender fluid, gender queer trans activist, writer, and all around nice person. Jeffrey is know as the anti-bully. Jeffrey’s book How To Be You was published in August of 2106. In April of 2017 Jeffrey gave a TEDx Talk on gender identity. It begins with Jeffrey telling the audience that they got an apology from their father for his treatment of them. If you have a gender fluid or queer identity watch this TEDx Talk.

The Week In Trans 6/19/17

Today we learn that a beauty pageant winner speaks about trans issues in Israel. The AMA passes a resolution concerning trans patients. The US Dept. of Commerce got push back after removing anti-discrimination language. NYC trans firefighter Brooke Guinan is a Pride Parade grand marshal. Don't expect openly trans troops anytime soon. Danica Roem won her primary race in Virginia. Bathroom bill in Texas news. Trans Korean singer Harisu divorces. Eddie Izzard makes Bill Maher nervous. There's all that and a lot more, plus several TWIT Awards waiting for you in TWIT!

Bebashi Philadelphia Offers Services to Trans People

Empower people to enhance the quality of their health and overall well-being by providing access to culturally sensitive high quality healthcare, HIV/AIDS services, health education, and social services. Bebashi – Transition to Hope, an acronym originally standing for Blacks Educating Blacks about Sexual Health Issues, is the second-oldest AIDS service organization in the Philadelphia, Pa. […]

The Occasional Woman: Undergarments

Wearing women's clothing is something you have to teach yourself if you want to look comfortable and poised in a dress or separates. Even the best coordinated outfit, when you've done your best to match your shoes and handbag to the color of the tiny blue flowers in your floral print dress, will not look as nice as it should if you don't have the proper foundation garments doing their job underneath your dress. Today Lorraine Anderson brings undergarments out into the open and gives you some ideas on what to wear.


Get your notebooks out and prepare to pay attention. Dr. Dana Bevan's lecture today is all about the science of choice. Some people say that transgender individuals choose to be trans. Trans people say that being trans is not a choice. If it was a choice many say it is not a choice they would make since being trans can bring so much stress and so many problems. So what does the science say? Today Dana writes about choice and touches both scientific and philosophical views on whether or not we consciously chose anything, at all.

(Some) Men Are Pigs!

R.e.s.p.e.c.t., that's what Cate O'Malley is talking about. Why can some men be such jerks online? Cate has had far too many online interactions with men who think every girl wants to see a photo of their manhood as soon as she responds to their first email. Cate has a way to deal with the pushy guys and she talks about it in her blog today.

Kimberly’s Adventure Time

Kimberly has been blogging about her journey into womanhood. In her past posts she has written about how she came to realize that she was transgender, and how she started to explore her local area early in the morning. She would dress like a lady on the way to her office and stop in at stores that were open very early so she could interact with some people in her true gender. What goes with early mornings? Breakfast, of course. Today Kimberly writes about what happened when she started having breakfast at Denny's.

Terrific Transgender Candidates

As we are on track to witness a record number of murders of trans people here in the United States, we are no doubt seeing a record number of qualified transgender people  running for public office and that is a terrific way of fighting back. DANICA ROEM Danica Roem has worked in her personal and […]

Thinking as a Woman

A new contributor joins TGForum today. Her name is Brielle and she is at the beginning of transition. In her first four blogs she will tell you about how she came to the point in her life when she had to begin that transition. She has lived through a lot and shares all the details of her story, holding nothing back. Today she starts at the beginning and covers childhood through her teen years.

The Week In Trans 6/12/17

It's time for TWIT! That's The Week In Trans! What do we learn today? Billboard magazine brings together Drag Race queens for a kiki. Gavin Grimm graduated from high school. Chelsea Manning talks about why she did what she did. Methodists ordain a non-binary person. RuPaul says America needs more drag super stars. Peppermint is the subject of a documentary. If Texas passes the bathroom law the NFL may not go there for the 2018 draft. An 8-year-old drag princess is causing controversy. San Francisco historic drag spots will get plaques. There's all that and much more plus a number of TWIT Awards waiting for you in TWIT!


Sophie is concerned that her generation of trans people has not succeeded in clearing the way for the younger generations of trans people. Progress was being made and recognition and respect was being earned and then a change of administration shifted the federal stance on transgender right from positive to negative. Sophie writes about two encounters she had while at work that demonstrate the success of the work that has been done and the need for continued work.

Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund Freedom Awards

On June 8 The Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund held their 2017 Freedom Awards in New York City. Awards were presented to people and organizations who made a contribution to TLDEF's mission. Angela Gardner traveled to the Big Apple to report on the event. Here is her report and several photos from the event.

Pink Toenails in The Hospital — Part 2

We all have our dress up routines. Some always “under dress” in lingerie and hose while they present a masculine image to the world. Other’s prefer to dress up all the way and go out for special femme days, or just stay home and take selfies to post on Facebook. While under dressing can give a crossdresser the connection to the world of femininity that they find pleasurable, there are dangers when your usual routine is suddenly interrupted. In Part 1 Porja told you how a medical emergency landed her in the ER while under dressing in lace panties and hose. Today the startling consequences.