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The Week In Trans 12/4/17

What do we call our condensed selection of news from the world of trans? The Week In Trans! Today we learn that India is set to legislate trans rights but the trans community is not happy. The judge who issued a stay on the military trans ban issues clarification. The Trump administration may still maneuver around the stay. Australia's courts have stopped regulating HRT for minors. Model and student Hunter Schafer will be featured in Teen Vogue being interviewed by Hillary Clinton. Japan will begin to cover gender reconstruction surgery. A Maryland family ends a lawsuit against their school district's trans inclusive policies due to community pressure. Advocates say it is important that trans people sign up for coverage under the ACA. There's all that and more plus a few TWIT Awards waiting for you in TWIT!

Exploring the Lesbian Tech Subculture

Our resident scientist Dana Jennett Bevan has spent time studying the behavior of many different segments of our culture. Everything from BDSM players to combat pilots have been subjected to her scrutiny. Today she plunges headlong into the realm of tech lesbians. That is, she explores the subculture of lesbians who work in the Atlanta tech industry. Not to give it away but she concludes that hanging out with tech lesbians can be fun.

Fight Back and Prepare for 2018

Our resident political maven, Babs Casbar Siperstein, feels that the Trump administration has demonstrated that while the president-elect promised to support LGBT rights the president in office is doing all he can to diminish those rights. The administration is aided and abetted in this by Republican legislatures at the state level. But, there are signs of resistance and movement by the left to make a strong stand for candidates that advocate for everyone's rights and will support LGBT people. Babs lists those who won seats in the recent election and projects what needs to be done to win in future contests.

Gender Border Crossings

Kimberly lives a duel existence. She is a male at home and at work but crosses the gender border to go on outings in the real world as a female. She cherishes her time out and about en femme and she has developed methods to avoid unwanted scrutiny from the neighbors. She is an advocate of having a plan for your feminine excursions that will get you out of your house discreetly and safely home.

Shock The Monkey

Amanda has a problem with anxiety. She likens it to a monkey riding on her back, getting fatter everyday and going from just weighing her down to jumping up and down on her, making loud monkey noises into her ear. It is so debilitating that she was unable to write her blog last week. She has filed it late and we bring it to you today. It's all about her fight against the evil anxiety monkey.

Metamorphosis Chapter 15

Raquel and Mark, two parts of one person that became separated after drinking a strange potion, have been transported to another land. They trek to the north to do battle with "the Magistrate" but have been told by a woman named Lydia that one of them will not survive the confrontation. In a house that is a duplicate of their childhood home Raquel meets her "mother" and then her "father." Are these people who they seem to be? In the last chapter Raquel was told she was dead. Could that be real? Or is she passed out on the floor inside a hut after drinking that strange potion? Learn more in Chapter 15 of Metamorphosis.

Obituary: Merissa Sherrill Lynn, 1942-2017

Merissa Sherrill Lynn, 1942-2017 Merissa Sherrill Lynn was born in Exeter and lived in North Hampton, New Hampshire. She graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 1971 with a BA in Philosophy. She entered the United States Army in 1961 and served with a Ranger Battalion in Germany from 1961-1963. She was honorably discharged […]

The Week In Trans 11/27/17

It's time for The Week In Trans! Today we learn that Demi Lovato took a special guest to the AMA red carpet. Court orders are popping up to block the military trans ban. Hari Neff would rather be just a model or actress, not a trans model or actress. NJ makes it easy for student athletes to change their gender identity on documents. The Department of Education will not look for systemic discrimination against trans students. Trans men are being awarded Rhodes Scholarships. The Virginia House of Delegates may be having trouble accepting Danica Roem. A trans contestant on a Top Model show gets threatened with an acid attack. The plight of trans people in China is much the same as anywhere. A professor fired for transitioning wins her lawsuit. April Ashley wins an award. We award a few TWITs! It's all waiting for you in TWIT!

The Occasional Woman — Holiday Bargains!

The holidays are a time when there are parties, events, social gatherings, and it's expected that a lady will show up in something elegant, sexy and beguiling. How do you accomplish that on a budget that may have been over stretched with other holiday expenses? Lorraine Anderson, the lady in charge at The Occasional Woman custom clothing service recommends you dig for bargains. She suggests some places near her Philadelphia area headquarters.

Washington Journey

On November 22 Sophie was there to witness her friend Kimberly legally become Kimberly. Sophie went to Washington the night before to be with her friend for one of the most important days she would face. Her day in court. Changing the way the world sees you and addresses you is not a simple thing, even though the legal name change is accomplished in a brief encounter with a judge. Sophie went to support Kimberly because she feels that no one should have to stand before that judge alone.

Goodbye, Maura Pfefferman

As a lady coming out late in life our newest blogger Claire H. found inspiration and courage in the story of Maura Pfefferman on "Transparent." The character resonated with her even though she was older than Claire. Thanks to Maura Claire began to move toward expressing her innate femininity. Then, in the swirl of sexual harassment charges leveled against many prominent men, she learned that the actor who so wonderfully portrayed Maura would be leaving the show. Today she expresses her reaction to that.

Princesas de la Noche – My Crossdressing Concept

Our Colombian correspondent starts her blog today in English but then returns to her native tongue to blog about her philosophy of crossdressing. And she has another video that displays her grace and beauty. For a South American take on the crossdresser's experience give Katherine Diaz's blog a read. Don't read Spanish? Never fear. That's what they created Google Translate for.

David de Alba at Finocchio’s

David de Alba is The Cuban Legend. He began his career in female impersonation in Chicago clubs after a friend noted how much he resembled Judy Garland and did his makeup for a Halloween Ball. Soon David was practicing singing in Garland's voice and working in the clubs. Then came a move to San Francisco and his years on stage at the famous Finocchio's club. For the whole story of David's life in dresses and heels read this article republished with permission from the Newsletter of the San Francisco Museum and Historical Society.

The Week In Trans 11/20/17

Make way for The Week In Trans! Today we learn that another trans woman has tossed her hat into the ring to run for the Massachusetts's House seat. Today is the Transgender Day of Remembrance. Flawless Sabrina has passed away. The U.S. military is paying for one soldier's GCS. A trans woman has been ordained in the Methodist Church. California has joined the lawsuit against the military ban. The DOJ will no longer issue guidance memos. Violet Chachki is modeling lingerie for a major company. Another allegation of sexual misconduct against Jeffrey Tambor. The governor of Montana wants to make it easier for people to change their legal gender. The Church of England affirms trans kids. There's all that and much more waiting for you in TWIT! And also a few TWIT Awards!

Dina’s Diner, November 20, 2017

With the cooler weather things are heating up down at Dina's Diner. Dina always has some hot dish on the stove and you can always get a hot cup of coffee or some soothing tea. Today's specials include an art exhibit titled "Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon." Then Dina adds the story of '60s trans soul singer Jackie Shane. She seasons with some spice about Cindy Sherman, the selfie goddess. Stirs in the story of trans contestants on Jeopardy! and rounds it all out with praise for ladies with zaftig figures. You can get a full helping of fun down at Dina's Diner.

Review: Trans Bodies Trans Selves

Today Sophie Lynne, our Page Pundit, takes a look at 2014's "Trans Bodies, Trans Selves." The book is meant to be a handbook and reference for trans people and features different chapter written by people who have various identities within the trans community.

Spiritually Speaking

We experience life in our own unique way as an expression of our values, beliefs and aspirations. I participate in a religious faith, and I attend an inclusive church, but I’m not a religious person. When I found something deeper than religion during a crisis many years ago, I found myself. I found that a […]

To Gender of Not to Gender? That is the Question

Life is, for some, a constant reevaluation of self. For others it is a set-in-stone path that leads straight from birth to death. Our contributor M is one of those evaluating types. They had been identifying as "gender queer" or "gender fluid" and accepting feminine or masculine pronouns. After coming to an epiphany about themselves M has realized they are "agender." What does that mean? Is it another step on their journey or have they reached a final position in their relationship to gender? In a world that demands that people pick a gender and start playing will an agender identity work? Read on and see how M came to identify as agender and what it means to them.

Hello, World

Our newest contributor has come on board at the very last moment. We just got her first blog today. Her name is Claire H. and she is just beginning to explore the world of femininity after hiding her true nature for over fifty years. Today she writes about how she decided that she couldn't put it off any longer and had to move into creating the identity she had always wanted to express.

The Week In Trans 11/13/17

Time for The Week In Trans! What's going on in the wide world trans news? Big wins for transgender candidates in the recent election! Danica, Tyler, Andrea, Lisa, and several others won their races. Who was the first trans candidate in a state legislature? Not Danica. People's feeling about trans issues follows political party affiliation. Louie C.K.'s behavior has lost a trans woman an acting job. British doctors will be taught the basics of caring for trans patients. Former Hasidic rabbi Abby Stein spreads the word about trans issues to the Jewish community. A cartoonist explains that it's just not nice to ask personal questions to trans people about their private parts. TWIT Awards are also handed out to several well deserving people and publications. It's all waiting for you right now in TWIT!