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The Week In Trans 10/15/18

Time to catch up on all the transgender news from last week. That's right! It's The Week In Trans! Today we learn that New York City will add Gender X to birth certificates and other documentation starting next year. A judge has ruled that Wisconsin violated the ACA by not covering trans medical care in its insurance plan. Nicole Maines was on Ellen to talk about her role in Supergirl. A trans student had nowhere to go during a safety drill preparing for a school shooter -- what if it hadn't been a drill? Teen Vogue has a video feature on a 7-year-old trans kid. A former Drag Race star has a role in A Star Is Born. A drag queen breaks her hand punching a Neo- Nazi who threatened her. If you'd like to fly from London to NYC with Pride, Virgin has a flight for you. There's all that and a lot more, plus a few TWIT Awards waiting for you in TWIT!

Yes, Ladies of Every Shape Can Wear a Bodycon Dress

Today Tasi Zuriack our fashion maven goes into exhaustive detail on how to wear a "body conscious" or "bodycon" dress. In the past these tight style dresses were thought to only be flattering on skinny and slightly curvy women, and many ladies still don’t wear them fearing their tightness will only highlight figure flaws. Tasi gives you ways to wear that sexy dress you love no matter what your figure is like.

A Sabrina Symington Cartoon 10/15/18

For trans kids life can be a real burden. It's hard enough being a teen and going through puberty when you're not feeling there is something wrong with your body because your gender identity is congruent with your body. When you are "differently gendered" those teen years can be a real trial. That's why some young people just suffer in silence. Sabrina Symington has a commenting cartoon for you that explains a lot.

Trans in The Arts and Media

If you need all the news about trans themes, trans characters, and trans actors and musicians then you don't want to miss Trans Media Arts. Today our trans entertainment reporter Amanda F. Steele has info on Nicole Maines as Dreamer in Supergirl, the transcending of gender roles in the film Collette, a first look at Ruby Rose as Batwoman, and more. Don't miss Trans Media Arts!

Part II Claire Emerges

Linda is telling a story. It is about the genesis and training of her friend named Claire who spent her first eighteen years exclusively as Calvin. Then a powerful set of circumstances propelled him in to the murky world of male -- and then drag prostitution. However for Calvin the life wasn’t all that murky.

Kim’s Adventure Time — 4 Tips for Improving Your Presentation

Kimberly Hirschel offers four resources for those exploring their feminine side that help crossdressers of trans women become more confident and able to mix with the general population. These things have worked well for her and she shares them today. Read on and see what the advantages of each resource is and how they could help your feminine presentation.

Random Notes From an Older Bi-gendered Person

in September our contributor Pauline Estelle reached the age of 83. She has been dressing up for many, many years and enjoys being a girl as much today as she did way back when. Today Pauline has assembled a random collection of thoughts and opinions she has gathered over the years. She likes the term "bi-gendered" instead of "crossdresser." Likes having a large bosom, and bemoans the loss of the ability to wear high heels. See what other thoughts and opinions she expresses and read her post.

The Week In Trans 10/8/18

What's TWIT? All the transgender related news we can find from The Week In Trans! Today we learn that Christine Hallquist is just a few points behind her opponent in the Vermont governor race. North Carolina's HB142 will be put on trial. A woman claims her daughter was assaulted in the girl's room by a "gender-fluid boy." A new study may have found the biological cause of transgenderism. A doctor who conducts trans research wins the "genius grant." A trans girl wouldn't back down when they said she couldn't run for homecoming queen. The Texas Governor appears to have dropped the idea of a bathroom bill. There is no transgender flag emoji, yet. Miss Universe will see a trans contestant compete against a cis woman who is against trans women in the contest. There's all that and a scad more, plus a few TWIT Award waiting for you in TWIT.

Of Guilt and Camouflage

Our contributor Susan “Suzzie” Grant is 83 and has been crossdressing for around 71 years. This grants her some amount of wisdom concerning the crossdressing “hobby.” Today she muses about why she goes on sojourns to the Dress Barn to gaze upon the outfits on display. It is a pleasure but still, at 83, it is a guilty pleasure. How much guilt depends on the depth of her reaction to the outfits she sees. There’s guilt if she refrains from a purchase — and guilt if she gives in and takes that dress home. How does “camouflage” enter into it? Read on.

Attack of the TERFs

Our resident scientist Dana Bevan has explored the phenomena of Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists and their attacks on trans women, characterizing them as not women. Today she delves deeper into feminism to find the basis of the arguments used by TERFs to make their case that someone born with a penis can never be a woman, even when that individual’s spirit is feminine from birth. This research introduces Dana to the concept of “kyriarchy” which is the oppression of all women and minorities by a thing greater than the patriarchy. See how it all comes together as Dana gives you her research.

Transmute: Episode 1

In a future which has gone wrong Zealots seek to purge the nation of trans people. Trans women who don't "pass" turn to black market meds in order to fully transition and blend in with the population of cisgender women. Spying, paranoia and secrecy are the norms for trans women and being "outed" means more than just mockery and verbal abuse. Raquel Swann is back with a science fiction tale of a future world that could be all to real. Read Transmute, if you dare.

Feminine Feelings?

Our Retro Rerun today is from 1998. Regular TGForum contributor CD Stephanie K. wrote about a crossdressed outing. She and her friend Sharon were wig shopping and then Stephanie planned on taking a big step — getting her ears pierced! After she acquired new hair she found herself having. . . feelings. Feelings that while they emanated from her lower body were not the normal sort of sexual arousal she experienced. Were these feelings "feminine feelings" the way a woman feels when she knows she’s looking good? Or was it something else?

The Week In Trans 10/1/18

TWIT News is on the march! From all over the globe we bring you news with transgender related content. Today we learn that Brazil's only trans woman volleyball star is running for congress. A poll finds the majority of women recognize trans women as women. A federal judge says Wisconsin's state insurance plan must cover transgender related care. The government of Pakistan has hired a trans woman for a federal job. New Jersey's governor has signed a bill into law directing public schools to accept trans students in their preferred gender. Who gets upset about gender fluidity? People who are heavily invested in the binary. 13-year-old Evie Macdonald is Australia's Jazz Jennings. A gender fluid financial director who goes to work in the gender they feel that day is causing waves on a list of influential women in business. A U.S. trans activist who was denied a passport renewal is seeking asylum in Switzerland. Four trans candidates are running for state legislatures. There's all that and a few TWIT Awards waiting for you in TWIT!

The Occasional Woman: Dress Styles

Dresses! Oh the joy of a lovely dress. Despite the efforts of some fashion designers to make dresses for men over the past few decades it never catches on and dresses remain the property of ladies. A dress is just what a crossdresser needs to feel womanly and like one of the girls. Today Lorraine Anderson, the woman in charge at The Occasional Woman custom clothing service, talks about the many variety of these simple but sexy garments. There are dress styles for every occasion and Lorraine introduces you to a few of them.

Thrill or Danger?

There is almost always a rush of adrenaline when a biological male goes out in public presenting their feminine side to the world. Our contributor Linda Jensen feels that the thrill of being out dressed comes as much from the possibility of getting caught as it does from wearing the clothes. Sophie Lynne writes about how when she first started to express her true self by going out to support group meeting and the local transgender party she felt that thrill. It contrasts with the adrenaline rush she gets now that she is living as her true self 24/7. It's less of a thrill now and more like fear of lurking danger.

Drag in the Cinema — Some Like It Hot

Years ago on TGForum Laurie Sheril did a series of articles on drag in the cinema. She started back in the days of silent film and worked her way forward in time to the ’90s. Today we dip into the TGForum Archives to bring you her review of a holy relic of crossdressing -- the Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis classic film Some Like It Hot.

The Teen Years: Water Balloons, Feather Boas and Parachute Pants, Oh My!

Today Amanda F. Steele catches you up on her back story. At the moment she is living in northern California and being beset by anxiety. She wants to leave and come back east but the thought of making the journey sets off her anxiety. How did Amanda first start to explore her femininity, back when the only anxiety she had to deal with was fear of being discovered wearing her mother's things? Amanda takes you back to when she was 13 and her family was moving back to the mainland from Hawaii.

Princesas de la Noche – Diario de una Crossdresser “ Noche de Tragos “

Katherine Diza is caught up in the whirl of her new adventure performing onstage with a group of drag performers in Bogota. Today she writes more about the excitement of performance and how good it feels to get praise from her new fans. And of course she has a video to go along with her blog.

The Week In Trans 9/24/18

It's time once again for The Week In Trans! All the transgender related news we could find posted all in one place for your informational convenience. Today we learn that there's a teenage drag queen living in a tough Australian coal mining town. The Trump administration is still fighting to impose their trans military ban. Their arguments are not persuasive. A school in California elected a trans girl homecoming queen. An intersex person has a court victory. NYC and Washington, DC passed changes allowing "X" for gender on birth certificates. The American Academy of Pediatricians recommends acceptance of trans children. Cher sings ABBA and features a trans woman in her video. A mural in Australia honors trans sistergirls. There's all that and a boatload more trans news, along with a few TWIT Awards, waiting for you in TWIT!

Dina’s Diner 9/24/18

Take a seat at the counter or slide into a booth. However you feel comfortable is the way to experience Dina's Diner. Dina always has special on the menu and today they include an appetizer about anti-discrimination laws "allowing men in the lady's room." She also has an appetizer of girls playing high school football that is sure to be interesting, and pave the way for an entree consisting of spicy "rollergirls" skating into Dina's dreams. Her best entree item is an appreciation of the stylish ladies of the '60s who influenced her fashion sense, and may still be providing role models for the drag performers of today. The desert special at the Diner is a sweet look at the Playboy bunnies of yesterday, and the new ones on duty today. Order a cup of java and settle down for another great time at Dina's Diner!