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The Week In Trans 3/20/17

Today we learn about a trans contestant on Britain’s Top Model. Time Magazine has a cover story on fluid gender identities. Lawyers are trying to delay Gavin Grimm’s case so he graduates school and looses standing to sue. A Philadelphia trans woman entertainer appears on Say Yes to the Dress. The Steak and Catfish Barn may just be discriminating against trans people. A trans man runs for NYC Council. A Japanese trans man is the first to win elected office in his country. San Francisco won’t pay for employees to go to South Dakota. A trans woman runner is sentenced for attacking a racing official. Casa Ruby, the community center for LGBT people in Washington, D.C. was vandalized. Is Garfield the Cat a girl? There’s all that and a ton more, plus a few TWIT Awards waiting for you in TWIT!


TGForum contributor Sophie Lynne found herself, unprepared, behind a podium giving testimony to her town's borough council about an LGBT equality statute the council was preparing to vote on. Moved to speak when the floor was opened for public comment Sophie put up her hand, was acknowledeged, and went to the podium. What she said proved to be quotable and showed up in the local papers, along with her photo taken as she spoke. The statute passed. But Sophie feels many people who have been symbols for the fight for trans rights haven't gotten the recognition they deserve. Today she writes about those Symbols.

Princesas de la noche- el enigmatico Manu Mojito

The night time is a magical time. Whether you are a crossdresser or not the night time has a sense of mystery and wonder. It seems like anything could happen. Our Columbian correspondent has been sending posts about the Princesses of the Night in her city. Today she introduces you to an internationally known artist/photographer who calls himself Manu Mojito. Watch the video (with translations) and read what she writes about him. Of course she writes en Español so use Google Translate if you don’t know the language. No es difficil.

Today Was a Good Day

California is a big state and there are parts of it, like San Francisco, that sound like the perfect place to be for a trans person. The city itself has benefits for trans employees, there is a tolerant attitude toward trans people and anti-discrimination laws to protect trans people's rights. But it's also expensive to live there these days. Our Amanda has been living 50 miles east of the city and out her way things are not so great. On St. Patrick's Day she decided to take a ride in her new car and for once she experienced a good day. She took some photos to show why it was so good for her soul.

Every Camel Has Its Straw

Those in the trans community who live a "double life" having a male identity with male friends and associated and their other female identity with her friends can often find themselves in an awkward place when their male self is having a conversation with someone who knows nothing about the other life and begins to make biased and ignorant statements regarding "trannies." Our contributor Proja Braga had a situation like that and she writes about the final straw.

Ask Mistress Samantha  

Mistress Samantha is a Lifestyle Mistress who has been actively involved in the Transgender/Crossdressing Community for almost twenty years. She started a successful Adult Phone Service over eighteen years ago. Since then, she’s personally advised, guided and fantasized with literally thousands of members of the Crossdressing, Transsexual, and Sissy Communities. In her TGF column, Ask Mistress Samantha, she answers your personal questions.

The Week In Trans 3/13/17

From the four corners of the Earth and around the other hemisphere comes all the trans related news you can use! It's The Week In Trans! Today we learn that although her TV show was canceled after two episodes Laverne Cox has a new show -- playing a cis female role. All sorts of judicial activity is going on to preserve or destroy trans rights. Gavin Grimm's case is sent back to a lower court. A political advisor in the U.K. is a drag queen at night. A differently gendered author has written a book to help trans college students cope. A trans woman in Minnesota has found a woman's football team to accept her. Israel has made it easier to legally change gender. A trans woman runs for governor of Connecticut. There's all that and much more along with a few well deserved TWIT Awards waiting for you in TWIT!

Dina’s Diner

Down at Dina's Diner the coffee is always fresh and there is a great selection of pies and pastries. Today the specials at the Diner include a serving of Brit news woman India Willoughby; an entree of show tunes sung by drag queens in NYC cabarets; and role models for crossdressers -- TV news women. Dina also offers some tasty side dishes like the allure of pantyhose and her best wishes for St. Patrick's Day. Find it all at Dina's Diner!

Trans Media Arts — Trans People in the Arts

News about trans people and themes in movies, books, music and television! Amanda gathers it all together for Trans Media Arts. Today she tells you about a new documentary film titled "Kings, Queens, and In-Betweens" that follows the lives of LGBTQ people in the Buckeye State. Then she has word about an opera featuring a trans lead character, gives you news about Laverne Cox and Caitlyn Jenner, and tops off the column with news about a NYC play looking to cast trans performers. Then she brings it all home with info on the first book in a new Young Adult series about a trans girl who through an act of heroism acquires super powers -- and a female body. Get the scoop in today's edition of Trans Media Arts.

Methods of Training for Male to Female Voice

So you're all dressed up and looking good as an attractive woman should but you're too worried to go out of the house and mingle with the rest of the world for fear that your male voice will give you away. There is only one remedy for that and it requires doing a lot of work to achieve a believable feminine voice that matches your look. Speech therapist Marc Mitnick has some exercises for you. Whether you are a part time girl or a trans woman these techniques can help you find your feminine voice.

Tranny Queer, the Beginning of Bent

The Artist D is exploring why we have stick with a particular gender. Why not be what we want to be when we want it? Is it really necessary to pick one and move along? Gender fluidity is a growing phenomena in the trans world. Mixing elements of masculine and feminine becomes more common every day. Join The Artist D as she treks into the gender jungle and seeks out bold new ways to live and be happy.

Metamorphosis — Part VII

A man named Mark drinks a mysterious potion in a remote cabin and seemingly turns into a woman named Raquel. Running from the cabin after her transformation Raquel finds her old male-self, Mark -- now miraculously a separate person. They must cross a lake or die from the cold. TGF contributor Raquel Swann continues her fantasy tale of transformation with Chapter 7. Mark and Raquel have found a rowboat they climb in and begin to row across the lake. But what are those things flying toward them? There are so many of the little monsters! How can they survive?

The Week In Trans 3/6/17

Get the scoop on The Week In Trans! Today we learn that a modeling agency for trans people is prospering. Juliet Evancho has won the right to use her school's girls' room. The Gavin Grimm restroom case goes before the Supreme Court on March 28 and plenty of people are on his side. An Elle Fanning film in which she plays a trans man will be released in May. A Republican representative will reintroduce the Student Non-Discrimination Act since her son is trans. A ten-year-old trans girl delivers a message that points out the craziness of regulating where she can pee. More research on trans people, more stories about trans people. All that and a lot more, along with a few TWIT Awards is waiting for you in TWIT!

The Maxi Trend — Here To Stay

Looking for maximum fashion effect? You might want to think about adding a maxi skirt to your wardrobe. But, they're so long. Can you wear a maxi and not look silly? Tasi Zuriack has the answers to all your questions concerning ways to work a maxi skirt into your style menu. From daytime, at work, to evenings out Tasi shows you how to make the maxi skirt look work for you.

What Got Us Started? What Keeps Us Going?

Linda set out to discover what different crossdressers did about "coming out." She has spoken to one who only told her wife. She wrote about another who hasn't told anyone, even her wife, and another girl who has told all of her friends and associates about her femme self. Then Linda thought about another friend and she realized she was still on a voyage of personal discovery. Her friend shares Linda's twist on the nature vs. nurture debate on the formation of one’s desire to crossdress and in today's post the two go on to talk about what keeps them going.

A Sabrina Symington Cartoon

It's another skewering of bigotry by Sabrina Symington and her cartoon avatar, Bria. Today Bria is hosting a television show called Talking With Bigots and the the bigot in the host seat is one of those people who believes that men are men and women are women and there's no changing that. Period. See how Bria uses their own logic against them.

Songbyrd: Becoming She

We welcome guest contributor Caisie Breen to TGF. Ms. Breen has written a book about her life and we are happy to present some of it here. Ms. Breen, came into the world as William Edward Casey and lived as a male for fifty-five years. His first marriage failed at the age of 21, leaving two daughters, Michelle and Nicole, with their mother. A year later, he met the love of his life, his Brenda Sweet, they were married and eventually had two sons, Ryan and Brandon. Today, Caisie Breen lives with her wife Brenda, in Portland, Oregon and own a small plumbing business. All four children are adults.

The Week In Trans 2/27/17

It's time for The Week In Trans! Today we learn that after only two episode CBS has canceled it courtroom drama Doubt. Gavin Grimm was misgendered by the complainants in his upcoming Supreme Court case. We examine a raft of stories about the Trump administration's changes to trans student's restroom rights. Caitlyn Jenner is upset with Donald Trump. So is Jackie Evancho. Trans helplines are seeing a marked increase in calls. A 17-year-old trans male has won a wrestling title in the girls' division. There's all that plus a lot more and several TWIT Awards waiting for you in TWIT!

Trans Kids – Our Kids

Trans children are gaining more recognition in the world but there are still far too many who are experiencing rejection by their families, bullying and harassment from their peers and many end up homeless. Cate O'Malley feels it's up to us, the members of the trans community, to treat these children as if they were our own. She feels it's up to us to lend our experience and information to the kids and to any parents, guardians or agencies tasked with helping trans kids.

A Book Review by Ms. Bob: 2835 Mayfair

In light of Ms. Bob Davis's current effort to preserve trans history by turning her massive collection of trans photos, memorabilia and books into an archive that will be available to the public we present a re-run from April of 1998. It is a review of a rare book, a detective story with science fiction overtones that was published in 1907, and features moving the consciousness of a man into the body of a woman. It's also a satire of the type of detectives stories written at that time.