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The Week In Trans 10/16/17

It's Monday so it must be time for The Week In Trans! Today we learn that an Aussie trans woman has been nominated to a women's elite football league. Bills have been introduced in the U.S. House and Senate to block the president's military trans ban. A House member wants to know which generals advised President Trump to enact the ban. The president doesn't want the rainbow flag flown at the Stonewall Inn, which is a national park site. They're putting the drag queens back in Christmas in Wichita. The Boy Scouts are welcoming girls. What does it cost to be a drag performer? Jeff Sessions while busy dismantling trans legal protections has sent an attorney to prosecute a hate crime against a trans girl. There's all that plus more, and a few TWIT Awards waiting for you in TWIT!

Tranny Queer: Gay Serial Killers — First Kisses

The Artist D! continues her "Tranny Queer" series with some thoughts on just why so many people, maybe all of us, are hung up about sex. She points out that when she was young she experienced more anxiety leading up to her first kiss than she does over adult to adult sexual interaction today. And what's up with all the serial killers who were gay? Were they so messed up over sexuality that they had to go that route to get any sexual pleasure at all? We're not mantises. Eating your sex partner like they do is wrong!

The Ubiquitous and Essential Cocktail Dress

Today Tasi Zuriack, our Fashion Maven, tells you everything you need to know about cocktail dresses. Even a teetotaler needs a fancy dress for parties, celebrations, and such. As long as the invitation doesn't say it's a formal event a great cocktail dress is your best friend. Tasi tells you the styles the work best for every figure and what things to avoid.

Sabrina Toon: Talking With Bigots

Sabrina Symington's cartoon incarnation, Bria, is back for this month's cartoon commentary on the state of the world regarding transgender people. In today's toon Bria is Talking With Bigots. That saves us all from the odious task. See what Bria makes of their protestations about trans people.

Nature, Nurture, or Not Sure

Linda’s friend Marie has told her that she is giving up her transgender life. Linda questions her about how, with transgender traits with her from birth or early childhood, she thinks she can do that. Her response brings in to question some of the role of nature and nurture in forming our transgender traits. See if Marie's theories about the nature of crossdressing apply to you, or if you think they are off the mark.

Trans Media Arts — Music, TV, Film

Our Trans Media Arts reporter Amanda F. Steele has the news about trans themed project, actors, musicians and more. Today she has info on a frontal nude scene in "Transparent"; Tom Petty's support for the trans community; A trans themed film from Pakistan titled Madam; And a documentary about the New York City drag scene titled "Shade: Queens of NYC."

Metamorphosis, Chapter 13

Raquel and Mark, two parts of one person that became separated after drinking a strange potion, have been transported to another land. They have been told by a witch, who first appeared as old and ugly but later was young and beautiful, that they must trek to the north and battle "the Magistrate" but that one of them will not survive the confrontation. They found a house that, strangely enough, is a duplicate of their childhood home. Inside that house Raquel meets her "mother" and then her "father." Are these people who they seem to be? How are they here is this place, and, more importantly, what is this place? Learn more in Chapter 13 of Metamorphosis.

The Week In Trans 10/9/17

Time for The Week In Trans! Today we learn that there's a big benefit planned for Puerto Rico with over 20 drag queens. The Mermaids charity for trans kids in the U.K. is under fire. A woman in Uruguay is their first trans senator. Jeff Sessions kneecaps trans employment protections. There's a new Miss First Nation in Australia. Netflix is showing a documentary on Marsha P. Johnson. There's a major new LGBT talent agency. Courtney Act does a transformation video. People in Brazil are watching a soap opera featuring a trans man. We give Pope Francis and Salman Rushdie TWIT Awards! And there's more! For all the trans related news don't miss your TWIT!

There Will Always Be Transgender People in the Military

Dr. Dana Bevan discusses the reasons the administration’s ban on trans people in the military is futile. As a former member of the U.S. military Dr. Bevan knows what it was like to serve while hiding her trans nature. That’s what will occur is trans people are banned. She also talks about why letting trans personnel serve openly is a good idea and goes into just how difficult it will be for the armed services to discharge the 15-20 thousand people now serving.

Thinking as a Woman

Brielle is one of our newest bloggers and she began her transition at the beginning of 2017. In her first blogs she told us about how she came to the point in her life when she had to begin that transition. She has lived through a lot and shares all the details of her story, holding nothing back. Today she tells us about taking the first step of consulting a doctor and beginning hormone therapy in May. We're rapidly catching up to now in her story.

Politics: The Fight Continues

Our political correspondent Babs Casbar Siperstein reports on several developments in the areas of transgender rights. First she reports on two trans community fundraising events in New York City. Then she digs into Sessions memo reversing Obama era protections for transgender people, and tells you about a transgender health conference in New Jersey and the reaction to the Sessions memo among attendees of that event.

Camping While Trans*

Cate O’Malley is retired, her wife is retired, and currently they are on their big adventure of driving around the southern states from campground to campground. While Cate identifies as a “girly girl” she really wanted to go on his trip. That has meant that there were some necessary adjustments to he usual wardrobe and grooming. High heels and dresses don’t work that well in a muddy camp ground. And while she’s used to Chanel No. 5 her current cologne is Eau du Bug Spray.

How Trans Is Trans?

How trans is trans? Is it necessary to “go all the way” and have hormone therapy, surgery, and legal name change to be transsexual? Kimberly Hirschel considers herself a non-operative transsexual. Some might say she is just fearful of going all the way, but Kimberly presents her case for maintaining her current status quo.

Op-Ed: California’s “Bordello Law”

Why do conservative news outlets always slam the transgender community? The Federalist routinely prints articles that portray trans people as mentally ill. They use “experts” like Paul McHugh to validate their screed against us. They, and other conservative news sites constantly take stories that describe gains for the trans community and spin them around to […]

The Week In Trans 10/2/17

It's time for The Week In Trans! What do we learn today? A trans woman is running for congress in Uruguay. Danica Roem has been dissed as a male by her opponent in the race for the Virginia state legislature. Germany won't let a trans man be a legal father. Pakistani trans people can use the name of their guru when registering for an ID card if their parents have disowned them. The highest ranking trans woman of the U.K. armed forces is engaged to a trans man. News of the Bushwig festival. Makeup being marketed to both men and women. Violence against trans kids, and much more, along with a few TWIT Awards, is waiting for you in TWIT!

The Occasional Woman — Fall Fashion

Today's topic in Lorraine Anderson's The Occasional Woman column is fall fashion. It's that time of year in the Northern Hemisphere when sandals get put away, bare legs get covered by tights and over-the-knee socks, and bright floral prints take a rest until next spring. Out come the "moody" dark florals with cute jackets, scarves, and sweaters. What are the trends to watch? Lorraine has read Vogue from cover to cover and taken notes. She passes the knowledge gained, along with her own fashion wisdom, on to you.

One More Saturday Night

Saturday day was just another night for Sophie Lynne. A dinner of hamburger helper and relaxing after a long day at work. But for other transgender people there either was no Saturday night or they had to tolerate another night of mistreatment by bigoted people who use "difference" as a focus for their hate. Today Sophie reflects on her Saturday night and how other people with trans identities were treated.

Princesas de la Noche — Buscando Inspiración

Katherine Diaz, our correspondent from Bogota, Columbia is getting into drag performance. She is rehearsing a song to lip sync and working on her moves. When her act is ready Katherine promises she will write about her performing experience. As always Senorita Diaz presents her report from Bogota en Español. You can copy and paste her words into Google Translate to read it in other languages. And she has another video!

Almost. . . But Not Quite

You've heard the song Bad Day? It got a lot of radio play a few years back. Well the title of the song only begins to touch on the kind of bad week that our Amanda Steele had to endure. Things started off well and it looked as if a plan to move out of her crazy rooming house was going to work out. She and her cat would be free from the landlady's immense collection of stray felines and all the confusion. Just a couple of things needed done and soon Amanda would be free. But the best laid plans. . . .

Sex Change and the Popular Press

Joanne Meyerowitz is professor of History and American Studies at Yale. She is the author of How Sex Changed: A History of TransSexuality in the United States. She wrote a series of articles that were published on TGF in 1998 that presented the history of "sex change" before Christine Jorgensen made headlines as the “first” person to have a “sex change.” Since this is all three parts of her series be prepared to spend some time reading this fascinating history.