Anyone else floating in the same boat?

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Since childhood i am fascinated with long hair. A thick curtain of long, loose, flowing, silky waist length hair. My heart aches with those little things that can be done in open and in public(as taken for granted by some beautiful creation of God). The cute tuck of hair behind the ear, the slight head movement to get the hair out of face or the full head toss over the back. The casual beautiful head and wrist combo movement to toss the silky mass back over the shoulder. The gathering of hair in one hand to put on a necklace or lean down to blow a candle. And a mild hairstyling with sides of front pulled and clipped at the back with the rest of tresses cascading down the back. Had i got it bad or what? Who else is playing the same envy game? which is just a wish that cannot be fulfilled.

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