Blog 7: I think i've found my niche!

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I think I’ve found my TG writing niche after all this time. Realistic cross-dressing stories! I’m having so much fun creating episodes for my Crossdressing Charlie series and I am literally bursting with ideas for future episodes! I like writing CD tales because I can constantly reinvent it and develop the character realistically. Not only with the main but the supporting characters too!

Keep reading and there should hopefully be more within the week! :)

Blog 7: I think i've found my niche!

As well as pics of their outfits!

May Your Light Forever Shine

Congratulations! Looking

Congratulations! Looking forward to more of Charlie. Did Mom see the make up on Charlie's face when she checked up on him at lunch?...

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Read for yourself and see!

Read for yourself and see! Episode 3 is out now! :)

Lily Florette

love your drawings

love your drawings

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