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Sunday update

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Just an update on a couple of fronts:

Alone again - naturally

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It's been a long time coming, but I've decided to end the relationship with my FtM boyfriend Felix.

I'm Back!

This just a little drabble to let everyone know I'm back to writing.

BigCloset Picnic - November 1

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In memory of Holly Hart, today is a good day to announce the upcoming BigCloset picnic. I will be in New Jersey the weekend of November 1, this year.

Football Girl - with respect to SB

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I thought this might be of interest to some .......



10, 000 words

I'm 10,000 words into my newest story, and I have no idea how long its gonna end up being.

Aunt Holly

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It's been a year since Aunt Holly (aka Holly H Hart) passed away.

Very Sad Day

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VERY SAD DAY TODAY . I had to put my best buddy HERSHEY to rest today .

Well I would say my Nasal Surgery Was a Success.

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After I had my Surgery on my Nose last Friday to fix my Deviated Septum and a few other internal issues, like widened the sinus openings. I will Have to say I can breath again!

Bull Shit Filter Clogged

There are a number of very good authors here who essentially work for free here and there are some who are just beginning who need our encouragement.

The Science of a magickal gender change

I began to wonder exactly why the trope "if woman is pregnant she cannot be turned into a man through magick" existed.

Romance or Erotica

I am wondering something. I know romance and erotica are usually separate things, but can a work be both. I just wrote "The New E.D. Treatment" and am wondering if it is a romance.

An update from me

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Well, I just wanted to pass along an update on a few things.

S E E Index updated

Hi all,

just a little heads-up.

I have changed my Index slightly, as the action in S E E is moving up-river.

An overview of some of the changes:

It Helps to Know Where You’re Going

Recently a maxim I like to adhere to when writing was brought home to me in a most dramatic fashion.

Skype problems redux

Well, once again, skype is playing f# %king games. Now it's telling me that I have been signed out and cannot connect to the server.

I'm only how big?

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Well, I learned today not to ask a question unless I want an answer. I was curious about my breast growth, so I went to a store and got a measurement. I am a 54 band, A-cup.

Loving our Sisters

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The presence of Transgender Sisters is growing stronger in our country. I know of no less than 4 such souls in my neighborhood in the wild reaches of barely civilized Oregon.

No funnies today.

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I was denied Disability benefits today.

I'm going to appeal. I also got denied for a discount program that would have provided my insulin for free.

I might not be around much for awhile.

for those who have been waiting... Tracy is back!

That's right. It's been since October, well, August and Through the years is back. Hope's ranch is almost done, at least the next part and maybe, just maybe, I'll try and post something tomorrow.

New Kindle Release - new name - new genre

For years I have written stories where the main characters were young and have dealt more with the psycho-social issues of being transgender.

Stardraigh's meme of teh WEEK!!! - 08-27-14



Meme of teh WEEK



Computer is sorted

A local computer shop had the required power adapter for my HP laptop and it was competitively priced to those I'd seen advertised on the internet. Took me moments to fit and test.

Disturbing news

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How on earth could this have happened and why was this little girl allowed anywhere near a gun?

Late August update

It's about time I put down a few more words regarding the stories I've read recently. Not all - I can't remember them all.

The main stories I am following as serials are :

Smile time, but still makes me shake my head.

Mixing up words.

A writer of something I saw (on FB) recently mixed up two words and the context made me smile.

Not a good day so far

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Well, today has been a pretty tough day.

Music festival

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Well, it has been that time of year again, and I was off following Steph and Annie's footsteps to the Shrewsbury Festival.

What can I say?!?

Mr. Ford wins in my book. I'd be over it too.

I'm minus my car tomorrow

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I'm minus my car tomorrow because my mom's car is in the shop, and she' borrowing mine.

good thing I don't gotta work tomorrow, but I guess I'll have to miss my group therapy.

Ah, well.

Less than perfect memory?

A thought for those posting a story over weeks, months or years…


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So I am still writing this biography. I actually finished the first draft and am in the middle of editing. You think I would be happy, but I'm not. I have found an agent who is interested.

Today's Funny

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I'm not a cat person. They don't like me. So I definitely giggled at this...


It could have been worse

It could have been worse

* building in downtown Napa after the earthquake

Not able to access Sapphire's Place

Hello all,

I tried to get to Sapphire's Place ( this morning to re-read some stories and was unable to access the site at all.

More Changes

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So my life continues to change. I am far enough in my transition to finally accept what others have told me all along, I'm cute, I'm pretty.

Problems with computer

I'm having problems with my main computer, the transformer seems to have died, so posting might be a little intermittent.


Ahhhhh yissssssss!!!!

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Watch this youtube video first.

Youtube - Good News Everyone

Now that you've done that, here is the good news.

"Okay, so that happened, right?"

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A while ago I talked about an older man at my church who decided what I needed was someone to flirt with me, and today, he took that flirting to another level.

excited are you

Who is excited about the 2nd book comming to deaths own daughter

Comments on Comments

Okay, I admit it. Chris and I are posting the latest Eerie Saloon story one chapter at a time, about four days apart, in the hopes of getting comments from our readers.

Light of Fury allowed me to post some stories

Light of Fury wrote several Whateley stories. At first, she claimed they were only for my amusement, but eventually, she said to go ahead and post them as fan fiction at Crystal Hall.

Mills College official policy to admit Transgender students

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While searching for Mills College web site to inform them of the death of my mother, who graduated from there in the 1940s, I came across

One Hundred Years Ago Today

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I know it is frown upon to post two blogs in one day, but I would be remiss if I let this day pass unnoticed.

Seven Year in Nine Weeks

Going over things and erasing persistent log-ins, and noticed I will have been an official member for seven years in just a few weeks. I am still writing, but slowly.

Word of the Day

From the Urban Dictionary;

Got confronted in Walmart about being trans and don't know if I should b

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I don't know if it is a good or bad sign to be mistaken for an FtM transsexual. Someone stopped me in the store today and said "honey, you were born a woman, you should remain a woman."

Went Fringe-ing today

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Well, today, I went Fringe-ing.

For those who don't know, The Fringe is a local festival of the arts, with plays, buskers, and food trucks.

Well just had my Nasal Surgery Today.

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I just had my Nasal Surgery Today to fix my deviated Septum and about 4 other issues in my nose and I feel like crap.

Those numbers

As a self confessed comments and kudos slut, I've reported the unusual figures my kudos totals show.

The Family Girl #72: BCTS Mystery

The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #72: BCTS Mystery:
A clarification on 'School of Hard
Knocks 101: How to put pictures
in your story'

To see all of Bobbie's Family Girl Blogs, click on this link:

A BCTS friend sent me a message, where she talked about some old stories that she just discovered in the site.

In the same message, she also made mention of a recent blog of mine entitled "School of Hard Knocks 101: How to put pictures in your story," and what led me to post it. And I had this to say about it: "Huh?"

The Family Girl #71: About loneliness and other things

The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #71: About loneliness
and other things: checking out
the chatroom

To see all of Bobbie's Family Girl Blogs, click on this link:


My latest story, Hilary's Test, is shown as Completed at the bottom, but does not appear in the Standalone quick links.

Is it something I've done wrong, or is it a glitch?


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I don't get this one. I really don't. I saw it and seriously did the confused puppy tilt my head and stare.


School of Hard Knocks 101: How to put pictures in your story

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Seems others are interested in putting pictures in their stories, too, but are having a bit of a problem figuring it out.

Are you lonely? Me too.

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Potential people contact is available live in the chat room.

Of Silhouettes, Sorceresses And Sunlit Meadows

I’ve always thought that one of the best things about this site is its visual appeal.

Wonder what the web is saying about you?

Ever wonder how wide your own self is splashed across the web? What is posted you didn't have anything to do with and were never asked if it was okay?

In a weird place

Well, lost my job again. It was a contractor position, with the right to hire. Frankly it was the job from hell from my point of view, so no regrets there.

Access denied????

While trying to post a comment regarding the newest chapter of Masks this morning, I keep getting "Access Denied" when I click on the preview button.

Stardraigh's meme of teh WEEK!!! - 08-20-14



Meme of teh WEEK



Slippery Squirrel TOO Funny!

I laughed so hard my housemate thought I'd lost my mind.

Catherine Linda Michel

Poetheather's BB stories are officially canon

I have the distinct pleasure of announcing that, as of now, Poetheather is an official canon Bikini Beach author.

A bit of stress all around here.

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Things are a little stressed around here. My mom is sick, my dog is sick, and I had a tough moment with Sharon.

New Chat Room

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Patient is required. You shouldn't just join say "Anyone here?" and then leave after a few seconds...

And the bride wore a white dress - so did the groom!

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Despite threats from the officials at the Moscow registry office, the two turned up looking like twins, considering Moscow's very strong homophobia, this wasn't against the law.

Beware the Cuteness!

Be warned! This blog post has a Cuteness Factor of over 9000! (kudos if you get the anime reference)

Today's Funny

Read it out loud in a valley girl voice. I sat and giggled!

Just another day

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It's just another day in Chateau Shiraz. Being a single parent isn't always easy, particularly when there's a teenager in resident, but I can recall it feeling almost the same when I was with my ex.

Game of Thrones Fan Fic?

I've been wondering if anyone here has done any TG Fan Fic based Upon game of thrones? Perhaps there would be copyright issues. I do not know how all that works.

I'll float on

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This whole year has been a roller-coaster of feels and thrills.


Often when I read the comments after a story my mind goes back to the days when you could almost guarantee that one person would be the first with a comment. I miss you Stanman.

My Cat Is Dieing

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Muffin, my cat is dieing. She has metastasized cancer. Holly and I were the fourth pets for Muffin. Previous ones of her people pets included Debby Bishop and Maggie the Kitten.

Rarely Confused Words, Sort Of… Redux

I didn't think to include these words in my last post on the other blog, but I see them often enough to re-start this thread.

Sometimes I worry about the British...

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Someone in this newsmagazine's layout department has a sick sense of humor.



Can I ask if anyone else is having problems with pictures in stories. This past two weeks I only get about half the pictures to show when I open stories up.

I'm going to a dark place for my next story

Well, I am going to a dark place with my latest piece. I am writing a story that involves a suicide attempt, pulling from my own experiences.

$1500 in bills coming due before end of the month

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We're a bit over $1000 short of our goal for this month and the bills are coming due. The big one, $528 for hosting is due at the end of the week.

Sound the trumpets! A complete story!

The following was written at about four this morning, but I, in an example of supreme boneheadedness, kept it in edit-mode limbo until just a few minutes ago. Read on:

Yes, folks, it only took two years and change, but I did manage to submit a complete story to this month's TG Mixed Tape.

I imagine the feeling of "What the hell have I done?" will follow in due course, but for now, I prefer to ride the high.

think good thoughts for Jaci

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My dear sister Jaci is feeling sick, so if you're so inclined, send her some good wishes.

Who’s the Fairest of Them All

From time to time I ask myself which character I created is my favorite.

Holiday Time take 2

Well I managed to squeeze in some extra web time so you get an extra chapter today!

It is my birthday

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I wasn't going to bring this up, but today, August 17, 2014 when I went to Goooooooooogle something, the Google logo was birthday cakes. Google wished me a happy birthday.

Queen of the Mountains

I spent ages looking for this story of mine which had been wrongly attached to some other stuff, probably by me, and thus not obvious on my non-EAFOAB stories, so I've added a link for those who might

Good News!!!!

So Good News Everybody......I BROKE THE BLOCK!!!!!!!!

Please Stand By For Your Regularly Scheduled Programming.

In other words, I should have new chapters of things very soon.

Let’s Rest a Spell

Rarely Confused Words, Sort Of…

A small update

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Im stuck at home unable to do much with this gosh darn(polite language) cold. My throat is killing me!

It however has given me some time to play at making a new chapter. It's about halfway done.

Too tired to write tonight

Sorry folks, but I worked late today and despite the best of intentions, I can't stay awake enough to do justice to the cast of Bike, who are like a family to me.

This is most curious! Musical strangeness.

For some strange, unknown reason, sometimes I wake up with a song or music running through my head and I can't rest until I work out why this is happening.

TSA ARE Prevs.

As a few of you know I was in a life changing accident around the beginning of the year that cost me my left leg. Over the past few months I have had my ups and downs with my recovery.

TSA ARE Prevs.

As a few of you know I was in a life changing accident around the beginning of the year that cost me my left leg. Over the past few months I have had my ups and downs with my recovery.

becoming more comfortable with men

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Well, some of you might remember a while back one of my male co-workers tried to pat me on the back only for me to freeze like he was going to stab me instead, so I wanted to pass on an update.

I keep on messing up

I just got back from vacation last night. I retrieved all of my held mail. Over $1000 in bills were waiting for me. Some of these are for things I paid off months ago or they're on closed accounts.

I just felt the need to share...

Either you get why it's funny or not...

Gotta love Word

Would it offend people if I...

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I am currently writing a short story that is quite sexual in nature and was wondering if it would offend people if I posted it.

Somebody made it work

Somebody made it work.


Changing tides

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It's amazing how much life can change when you're not paying attention. Yesterday was my birthday and I spent it with my sister, first time in 5 years someone even remembered when I was born.