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Internet Identity Protection


I just was at a website on a non TG subject, the name of which is "Not To Be Spoken". :), where one of my favorite authors has revealed HIS identity.

Stories update

Eve is being extensively revised and my re-editing is running a few chapters ahead of publishing at the moment. The chapter numbers will no longer tally with the previous publication of Eve.

Unhappy Anniversary---What Have We Done?

Today, 28 July 2014 is the 100th anniversary of the beginning of WW1.

I thought it'd start off better

I'm visiting my parents for my vacation, because I always visit my parents for vacation. I thought I'd go on vacation and rest and relax, and it's been anything but.

Anagrammatic fun

When someone opts to stop to post pots of anagrammatic words, I hope everyone will spot it is tops. (6 in one sentence, which SORT of makes sense.)

with love,


Dorothy, look what you started....

Well, Dorothy, now you've done it.

Soon I will inflict upon--um, introduce to the public my first extensive piece of writing in a very great while. And this will be complete, I assure you.

Still a bit short in the Hatbox Donations

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We have several bills coming due at the end of the month, ISP service, domain renewals, paying off the loans we took out for equipment and personal bills like rent.

5k Bench Mark

Well after 8 years and a few weeks my 120 something stories and chapter postings have gathered 5000 Kudos. Should I kudo dive like Scrooge McDuck in his money vault? :)

Death of the Assassin

Just a word of warning, Assassin will be removed from the free reads at the end of this month. It will still be available on Amazon if you don't make it all the way to the end of the story.

Warning to all Big Closet-ers!

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A large number of huggles have escaped their containment units, and may be headed this way! Remember, if a huggle approaches you, the best response is to just let it give you a huggle.

Real Life changes gear

So here we are, in the hottest part of the UK year, and I'm unable to do things most of the day because of the heat. That doesn't seem to phaze Real Life, of course, which just keeps piling it on.

Short result: Somewhere Else Entirely may be delayed for the next two months or so. See below for details.

Mare's Tales.

I've just had a private request to post the remainder of Mares Tales. This story goes a bit beyond transgender themes but so be it.

Well I'm back.

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I just spent the last two weeks in the hospital. Bad case of pneumonia/septic emboli. Kidneys are messed up from all the antibiotics.

font size on samsung tablet 10.1

So, on this site only, the font is too small and I do not seem able to make it larger. Has anyone else encountered this issue?


Brown Recluse bites and other things

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Not sure how many times I've been bitten (dozen or more) by that spider with two names. Brown Recluse or Fiddle Back. There is no anti venom.

Sale on

There is a 20% sale going on at on printed books thru 28 July.

Delight at seeing Rhona McCloud now writing

So a fellow newbie has taken the plunge and has started to write!

It is out NOW, um soon !

YESSSSSS, 50 Shades Trailer is out now !!! Honest they didn't do anything bad, YET ! Valentines day 2015 !!!! GASP ~!~~~

And, he is so, so handsome, charming and oh YEAH sinister !!!!

Thank you all for your kindness.

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Thank you all for the messages of condolence you've sent me after the death of my son.

Only In Sunderland...

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From the tastefully named Amy's Winehouse in Sunderland city centre comes this marketing gem.

Thank you BigCloset

The Woodland Nymphs of Janglewood sprinkle fairy dust
and a new writer appears


Erin, Piper, Cat and Others who might be there as yet unseen
Thank You so much for working your Magic

I've apparently been here five years...

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Five years and 21 hours, according to the counter. I'm sure I didn't register at midnight BST, so I think I'll take the hours figure with a pinch of salt :)

Stardraigh's meme of teh WEEK!!! - 07-23-14



Meme of teh WEEK



my bad!

Yo Gabfen!

Offensive characters

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So here and there I've been working on an as yet untitled superhero tale.

Kindle Book Sale - Get it today

Lavender Rose Publications

is pleased to announce


I am looking for a good story to read by saying hello I can look at what you have read befor so have a good enough idea what to read next, so please say hello :) Thank you

looking for good stories

I started on BigCloset a short time ago and love a good story
I like sci fi, horror, adventure, magic stories if anyone could suggest a good story to read Thank you

Congratulations to Jamie Hayworth

I just had a wonderful time re-reading "Susie and Jeffrey".
If you, as I do, appreciate British humor, this is a fantastic read.
I am merely sorry that it is over.
Well done, Jamie.

Anyone Know how Elizabeth Jean is Doing?

Just wondering how Elizabeth Jean is doing I know she comments on stories and blogs but I was just wondering if she was doing ok because she has not posted a new chapter to any of her stories since No

Seven ages for man but how many for you?

Transition takes many forms, not even I suspect the same number of stages for all. I would appreciate for a story, "The Transit of Venus", input of observations other than my own on how a transitioning life might progress. The story will start in July 2000 in Wales and culminate in Tahiti in June 2004

No writing for awhile.

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Too hot, too tired, too many family issues and drama at the moment.

Is this an old picture of a pretty little girl?

Looking around the web and was wondering what you thought of this picture:


What are the Chances?

So there I was, wandering about the suburbs of an English city when, lo and behold, I see a sign on a pub that makes me laugh.

In a strange place.

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I'm in a strange place at the moment, sort of on autopilot. At lunchtime I received a call that put me there. My ex phoned to say my son was dead - he was 33.

LGBT Job Discrimination Partially Ends

This will last in the U S until 20 January 2017 or longer, depending on who gets elected president in 2016:

I found out why I had the panic attack

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Well, I found out the source of my panic attack before going into a shower.

Trying to Sell Your Story? Business 101 Applies Here

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Forget the Get Rich Quick idea. Don't believe in If You Build it They Will Come fantasy. Selling a story is a business. You want to start a restaurant so you find a really "CHEAP" barn to lease.

reviews on amazon - a discussion

I love getting reviewed on Amazon. Wait, that's a lie. I love getting good reviews on Amazon, really hate the 1 and 2 star reviews I get.

Anyone playing the Destiny Beta.

Definitely enjoying the game. Like it better than Halo and the flow of combat just feels smoother than Halo.

Heck the story so far is more interesting than Halo imo.

Anyone play the mmorpg "Tera Rising"?

Just wounding if anyone is playing the game TERA and if so if anyone would want to try and get together and play some time?

Bike puncture

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Hi folks, after such touching commentaries concerning Seven years of Bike (perhaps we could get John Williams to do the soundtrack?)I hate to say I probably won't write one tonight.


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We had an interesting sermon in church today.

Seven years of Bike

I appreciate I am a few days late, but 'Bike' or as it should be called 'Easy as falling off a Bike' is Seven years old.

Angharad started an attempt to write a story 'over a few days' live to the site, as an experiment, on the 16th July 2007.

Hatbox Gifts Needed

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A lot of our bills have come due and we almost got caught short. Right now we have about $580 in the bank with one check for $100 waiting to be deposited and a $528 bill due at the end of the week.

Another Great Has Passed

Native Oklahoman and Hollywood great James Garner has passed away at the age of 86.

I've written Porn !?!

In looking around for something to write about, an old story idea of mine surfaced, so I went looking for it.

Doppler Press Discounts at Lulu

Lulu is offering 15% discounts this week through Monday. Use discount code DOGDAYS14 at checkout.

RL intervened

Hi all,

I have been inundated in RL recently with a number of unpleasant events.

There are 3 episodes of JoB ready - ish.

Bike attack

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So for the last few months been riding my one relatives old road bike in the hopes of getting into better fitness I have been riding about 35 miles or so every other day.

female puberty

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I've been thinking a lot about puberty.

I mean, that's the closest I can probably come to describing what I'm going through - the high estrogen levels, the growing breasts, the mood swings ...

Pingo et al

I've just found a delightful piece in the current BBC News Magazine on the work of a fellow who is collecting words that describe geographic phenomenon.

Serial killer? Transwomen murdered in Baltimore.

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This from today's Guardian sounds rather worrying.

Why is it doctors usually never have good news at first?

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This has been a painful year so far

Doctors report

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after 3 months in wheelchair I can put full weight on the leg/ankle I broke on April 12 .

Anyone else get nightmares like this?

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Questions at the end, but have fun reading through this.

My weeks been a rollercoaster of thrills and feels.

positive article on trans in a girls magazine

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I think things are getting much better for trans people.

Something you really shouldn't do

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Saw this on a carers forum in the UK:


Just try reading this without laughing till you cry!!!

Pocket Tazer Stun Gun, a great gift for the wife.

Word Crimes

For all the Weird Al fans out there I found this little jewel.

Word Crimes

As a bonus, here is his newest video,

Foil (parody of Royals)


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So, we had a few nasty thunderstorms recently. Well 3 days ago me and my dad where sitting on the couch debating politics when our house is struc by lightening.

Happy Birthday To Me

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Today wasn't my birthday - well it is NOW, because it's taken me so long to get home...

Stardraigh's meme of teh WEEK!!! - 07-16-14



Meme of teh WEEK



Bike - too tired tonight.

Sorry folks, ran out of steam tonight - have worked two rather long days and can't stay awake.

I'm in the Twilight Zone

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Am I the only one living in 2014 two years into the future? Don't pull me back to 2012 yet, I'm fixing to make a killing in the precious metals and stock markets.

Breaking point for Melanie

I wrote 'Uniforms' at pace, for the subject had me gripped. I referred to Melanie Stevens' revulsion at events in Bosnia with the words "I lost my religion as well as my gender then"

Child support (again)

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I last wrote two years ago about my quest for my ex partner to pay maintenance for our daughter, who lives solely with me.

Why group therapy is good for me

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Well, I had one of those moments at group therapy that reminded me of why I go there.

Someone has been reading Comic Retcon

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Marvel has just announced they will be distributing a female Thor title in their main universe.

Thor-Girl anyone?

a continuation

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A few days ago I posted a blog. It is probably similar to several blogs that I have posted over the past few years where I struggle to see where I fit in with everything.


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some of you know about the prayers I ask for back in February, for my wife well she just got out of the hospital again. As it stands now she on dialysis 3x a week. just thought you like to know.

Transgender Actress nominated for Emmy

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Emmys Make History With First Transgender Acting Nominee Laverne Cox "I’m on cloud nine.

First story re-posted

I've just published "Human Resources" which first appeared on BCTS in 2011 as "Martha". There's been a major edit/revision of the original text.

Big Closeters, please read this.

Hey all. Yes it's me. It has been awhile since I posted a blog and while I will catch everyone up on my goings on I want to talk about someone else now.

Artical: My Son Wears Dresses . . .

I saw this article in the Huffington Post.

Bite me in the ***.

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The past is always ready to bite us, um there.

Marvel takes Rule 63 to Thor

Rule 63: "For any given male character, there is a female version of that character."

Kelly Girl Mistake

Please, don't kill me.

Well met BC, you might wonder why I've called you here today

If you were actually wondering why, I just wanted to see if that title would fit. It did, so I'm leaving it.

Really this blog entry is about venting. Feel free to respond or not.

Onto the fun stuff.

Look good, feel good?

Back in the Eighties, there was a bit by Billy Crystal where he played a character called "Fernando". He even made a music video as the character called "You look Mahavalous" .

Question about choices

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I have noticed a lot of stories that involve a SF or Magical change M2F, the changee ends up shorter, very often shorter than the average height for women.

the end of the Jaci and Dottie stories?

Well, with Jaci seemingly done with writing, I think the Jaci-Dottie stories is going to come to a halt.

Catching up

I discovered that the last edition of Bike I'd read was just past 2000. Trying to catch up the 300 in the meantime and it's hard work. Loving it again, despite (or because of) the cliffhangers

How time flies!

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It's 28 years ago today that I officially started my transition and went into work in a grey two piece. In some ways it feels much less than that and in others, it seems centuries ago.

Finding a decent brassier

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Because BigCloset is partially supported by their advertisers and there is advertisement for breast forms, please give them due attention when shopping.


Wren Phoenix

If Wren was still with us It's her Birthday Today. So Happy Birthday Wren with a lot of regret that your missing from us!

Just add water

Close to Home

OK, now imagine if doing this instead of animals, padded hips and butt, and somehow breasts.

Regarding Part 3

I'm kind of surprised about the response to Part 3 of the latest Eerie Saloon tale.

There IS no response. NO ONE has commented.

From the FYI Department

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From the FYI Department

The scientific community keeps getting closer and closer to a certifiable explanation to our conditions.

There has been

something of an oversight on my part.

I realised that of 12 Gaby series books only 11 were on Kindle, number 11, Wunderkind was missing!

Who could Have Played Dr Who?

I was watching part of a Dr. Who episode and wondered what actors could have played Dr. Who. My favorite past Doctor was Davidson.

My list:


In case anyone was wondering where I was / am

Since posting Temptation of Anya, I've been busy, but it's a new front for me. I was accepted as a canon author in the Whateley universe, and I've been working on my first foray into that universe.

Anyone know what happened to WolfJess7?

WolfJess7 was posting stories multiple times a week and all of a sudden nothing from her not even responses to comments on her last story she posted.

Tabloid slumming, and the need for a role model

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I feel as though I'd just emerged from a six-month coma--otherwise, how could I have missed something like this?

While perusing online newspapers, as I'm inclined to do, I happen to run across a familiar name and a phrase I never thought I'd see linked together: "Bruce Jenner" and "sex change".

The "click bait" worked. True or not, there's no way in hell I was going to pass this by.

A change in venue - no longer writing transgender fiction

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The few people who follow me and care no that for the longest time I have struggled with where my body of work falls in the large scope of things.

A few pieces of entertainment for those on BC.

The return of the Beautiful Sailor Scouts.
As of 3 am (PDT)today, Saturday, July 12, 2014.

The reboot of Sailor Moon, has already started.

why would I freak out over having a shower?

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Well, something happened yesterday that's got me concerned.

Virtual body swap

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An article in this week's New Scientist gives details of an experiment where a person 'inhabits' another's body. Fascinating stuff, but, as you can see from the video, still a long way to go.