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Looking for manga-type artist

As the title shows, I'm looking for someone with good manga-drawing ability. I'm not going to ask someone draw manga with me, I just need someone to draw the characters and the backgrounds.

Summer Girl was posted yesterday...

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I posted Summer Girl yesterday and I put a tribute to Big Closet and to Stanman. I did put a few of my favorite stories into the story, so I hope you'll read it.

Other sites to post

Okay, I may have asked this before, but I'm a little frustrated.

Does it make a difference?

Does the fact that there might be a medical reason why I'm trans make any difference?

To those who care

I seem to have struck a note in mentioning that I was thinking of living in my car and camping for a couple months.

Considering living in a car DONT.

If you are thinking of living in a car or van DON'T. Unless very skilled and lucky.


That's what I turn tomorrow. An auspicious date certainly.

Is spelling important?

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You can decide .....

handling bread.png

Amazing Array of Talent

This site is amazing.

There are so many caring people.

There are so many talented people.

There are so many generous, giving people.

State of me

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My workproblems still aren't fixed after 4,5 years although I'm doing a 6 month internship at the HR division of another departement.

forgotten memories and baby-hood stories

Well, I learned some things yesterday because of a combination of a story from when I was born my mother told me and a memory from before I met my first girlfriend that I had not thought about since.

Stupid muse...

On the one hand, I added almost 4500 words to the new story I'm working on last night (11k+ and climbing rapidly). On the other hand, I was up 'til after 4am writing them.

Another amazing product name

Some have a wonderful way with words .....

dehydrated water.jpg


Okay, I don't have a clue how to share something from Facebook to here so I hope a cut and paste works.

Marriage Vows

We did not get a chance to read these during our civil wedding, as the judge had her own set of vows. So I thought I would share them here.

I promise
To love you for all you are

Living in the Car

OK, so no drama, OK?

I am wanting to change my living situation; live alone in a small apartment away from town, and controlling people I'm with. This is not a big emergency.

Peep said the mouse

Just to let people know I'm around again ;)


I am now married

I was married to my girlfriend on Friday, which was our one year anniversary.

More Gaby for Kindle

Well to take the strain off my time on Wednesday I've posted More Changes - Gaby book 9 onto Kindle today rather than wait.

It should be live later today.

I've been invited on a trip to Mexico

I had a conversation with Sharon on Friday, and she is thinking of taking Samantha to Mexico in September, if she can get her passport by then.

Then she said I could come too, if I wished.

Is it time to quit

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Every so often I get this bug up my ass that makes me think I can be commercially viable as an author. I don't know why I get it.

What you might see from me soon

Just for fun, I thought I might share with you all what stories I'm working on, to hopefully whet your appetite ...

S E E maps

There was a comment on the latest excellent episode of "Somewhere Else Entirely" that asked about some maps, or, more exactly, where somewhere was on the map.

I need help finding a name for a township offical.

I am requesting some help in finding a term ancient old to semi antique for the modern American town ship post of manager.

Westworld / Futureworld Type Older Story

I'm trying to find an older story on a Westworld/Futureworld theme where the customers mind is transferred to the selected theme character while the body remains in his room at the park.

my adventure in the hatbox

As some of you know, as a consolation prize for my entry in the last contest, I won a freebie visit to the hatbox, so I took advantage and read as many of the stories as I could.

growing vaginas

I found this in a Spanish article-
here is the tranlation.


Apologies - I have a visitor and was too busy talking to think about writing. They'll be here all weekend but I'll try and do one tomorrow.

Things could get dicey here

you know, I often praise the level of tolerance I receive here in Edmonton, but there have been some ... troubling signs that the forces of bigotry are trying to push back.


Warning: the following blog talks about religion. As that is a sensitive subject with some people, please read with care, and if you comment, keep it friendly.

Computer issues and possible solution

I knew it was coming, I just hoped it wouldn`t be so soon.

Birth Certificate News

If this was available in California then Holly Hart might have grown up normal:


Yikes ! I need stern Motherly guideance !!!


Reaching the Point of No Regrets, the self published version

As promised, the final polished version of Reaching the Point of No Regrets is now available as an ebook on update

New chapter on my site as well as here.

Tour de France

Its possibly come to some of your attention that a certain big sporting event is starting in Yorkshire this coming July.

Time Warp?

Something weird is happening. I am receiving responses to private messages that I sent out last August. Is that weird, or what?

Separate Issue -revised

I have a question for:

Abigail Drew
Stacy ( I know there is more than one here, this one posts using only the name “Stacy”)

"Welcome to group"

Well, I had my first session in group therapy today, and it was okay, I guess.

It was all women, I'm not sure if that was on purpose or not, but it made an interesting dynamic.

Not writing tonight.

Sorry folks, Bonz is out and Whizz is refusing to dictate the story to me, so I'm not going to do a bike tonight.

I was wondering If...

...anyone Knows if Billie Sue Pilgrim's ' The Adventures of Lizzie Jane ' Books 1&2 are availible anywhere as I would like to read from the begining of the ' Lizzie Jane Adventures '

It's been a while.

You know, days go by and time and time again I'm surprised by the friends I manage to make.

Pulling Novels

I really hate doing this but I really don't have any recourse. Because someone decided to inform Amazon that I offer my works for free on this site I have been given an ultimatum.

Spent the day at the hospital today

I spent the whole day at the University hospital today.

First, I tried to get in to the dentist to get my teeth fixed, but the best I could do there was get an appointment for next month.

I know it's been awhile...

So... Issue Three sat for a week before I posted it. I love that people were looking forward to it. I thought I procrastinated way too long and there wouldn't be any interest.

My muse is a fickle thing...

I've basically been stalled on the writing projects I've been working on for a while. I kind of know where I want to take them, but sitting down and getting stuff written has been hard.

Reaching the Point of No Regrets, self published version

Soon, very soon, the revised version(and by revised, I mean going over it with a fine tooth comb) of Reaching the Point of No Regrets will be available on and for the nook e-reader.

Hooray for Buttercup and Bubbles! (and donations)

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We've got BC up and running on the new server, Buttercup, and it does run faster!

I think I got hit on at church today

I got hit on at church today, or I think so.

Want to really sell on amazon

There are a lot of people who have decided to sell their books on amazon, and it looks like the transgender fiction genre (that Amazon refuses to admit exists) is growing daily by leaps and bounds.

New Gaby!

Well as promised Gaby - Changes
is now available for Kindle

Mistaken Genders

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I was reading Julie O's story 'Correction' this morning and it reminded me very much of my younger days. Here is a 'brief' summary.

Amazon ebook- Always Born a Girl

I'm selling one of my older works.

Gender Sexuality that will rock you.

Here is a video that rocked me. What if you could be just as sexy as a hot girl and still be a boi?

An Open Letter to Sue Brown

Dear Miss Brown:

I was very concerned when I saw your blog.
However, it occurs to me that perhaps you are looking for some inspiration.

Minor update to Sapphire's Place website.

Just a Minor update to my website. Links to the four new kindle books are now associated with the authors.


Another Kindle Book

I am very happy to announce our next Kindle eBook: “The Dragonstaff of the Master Druid” by Lorraine Bank!

Are you happier to receive a boring "Thank you" or ...

What do you think about comments?

Favor for a fellow author

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Many of you don't know Tom Peashey, but some of you do because he has helped several authors with his invaluable editing skills.

Another Keizer Doctor passes muster.

Some time ago, my primary care physician at Kaiser retired and I was force to select another one. I just went online and picked out one who was accepting new patients. This time she's young.

Stopping writing

For some time now I haven’t been very happy with the response to some of my writing, in particular the last two novels Duality and Get A Life!

What am I to do !!!!! ?

Yikes ! A man on Facebook, actually more than one, has have expressed interest in me, and when I started to tell him, he said he did not care.

The return of The Sight

Second Sight has lain dormant since February 2011, but I hope it's not going to remain that way.

'Turn,' An AMC series about Revolutionary War spies

The new AMC series 'Turn' is the story of a Revolutionary War spy ring based on Long Island. It is describe in Verity as follows;

Short Fiction Anthology: Submissions Due this Sunday!

Just a reminder submissions for my flash-fiction anthology are due this Sunday (the 6th of April).

Weighing in - Week 3

So still no McDonalds, I hear their stock is dropping like a rock.

The Orange

Once there was a Seder headed by a female Rebbe. On the Seder plate was a crust of bread.

Author web pages

Do you sell on Amazon? Do you have an author home page?

Prayer request

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Okay. Normally I try to stay out of the fray concerning prayers. I understand that we each have our own beliefs but as some are aware there has been another incident at Fort Hood.

Blatantly Begging For Feedback

I am now on Goodreads! And I need reviews for Josie's Con Stories!


February 2014 Beholden of the Heart Contest Winners

February 2014
Beholden of the Heart
Story Contest Winners Announcement!
Yes, yes yes! People have won!

I am in terrible pain

For the last couple of days, I've been dealing with a terrible pain in my teeth. I tried going to the emergency dental clinic, but the earliest I can get in to see someone is tomorrow afternoon.

New Kindle Books Added!

I am so happy and proud to announce that I also have started to offer great TG Fiction on the Kindle format!

It's been a while...

For my loyal readers who have been avidly following my story Out of the Blue Part II: Into the Fray, sorry for the delays.

Kindle Changes

The next book in the Gaby series, Changes should be available for Kindle later today!

Amazon ebook- Coming Home

I just published my first book at Amazon.

Next "Tabula" is coming

For those who are reading When Your Tabula Is Not Rasa, the next chapter is coming.

I just haven't had much time to write lately.

Does Writing Help?

Now and then I get down. Nothing serious, just feeling blue.

A Birthday

I Hear it is Jennifer Brock's Birthday today

End of a long journey

I'm officially Post-OP now. I had my SRS this morning and it went very well apparently. :)


February 2014 Beholden of the Heart Contest Voting

February 2014
Beholden of the Heart
Story Contest Voting!
Voting Starts now through April 2, 2014!

Geena Rocero: Why I must come out

I subscribe to TED Talks and today's was about Trans activist & Model Geena Rocero: Why I must come out. It's only about 10 minutes long in which she tells her story.

April Fool

It's that time of the year again and it's time for a prank. Tell us what pranks have ever occupied your day, so much that it made you annoyed for being troubled by it so much.

No Twice Removed this week

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I had a good portion of the new chapter of Twice Removed written but I decided I didn't like what I wrote and that it wasn't consistent with what I want to do later in the story.

Its gonna be a little late, but ...

I am writing a story for Jaci's birthday, but due to circumstances, its obviously running late. Be finished and published soon, I hope.

Stolen Stories

A few years ago there was an issue with Authors on this page having their stories stolen. And, sure enough, when I went searching, I found "MS Frankenstein" on a pay site.

Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banananana

Just checked my account and apparently I have been here for, ahem, four years and 52 weeks.


What is courage?

What is courage? Is it that thing that causes a soldier to rush a heavily occupied enemy fort, knowing he might die in the attempt?

Name Change

Over 13 years after I posted my tg fiction story, I'm changing my writing handle. Danielle J is now Daniel Thomas. There are a couple of reasons for this.

My wife approves of this writing name.

Taking a break

Later on today I will post my story "The Stranger at the Table" and then I am going to seriously cut back on the time I spend online.


Sorry folks, it's got too late for me to write tonight - fell asleep in the chair after doing a long bike ride today (long for me that is) with several climbs.

Happy Birthday Tels (A.K.A. Jaci)

Well, its Jaci's birthday today, so if you see her online, you'll make sure you wish her the very best of birthdays, wont you?

Short Fiction Anthology: Contributers Wanted

I'm putting together an anthology of TG themed Flash Fiction. If you're interested in contributing here's what you have to do:

* Write a story that is shorter than 500 words.

Shades Of A Goddess

After many suggestions I have listed my stories on Amazon with some tweaks and finally finished my newest story Shades Of A Goddess. I write under the name of S.E. Bell.

Another one in the can.

So here we are again! seems almost like it was a month ago when I last did this! Hey, wait....