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So, work on getting the website revitalised and back up and running is going apace, thank you to everyone who has offered assistance in whatever form. With a following wind stage 1 should be ready to roll out in @ 4 weeks, I will of course keep you all up to date with developments.

The new Nena story is coming along, I'm currently working on chapter 3.

Today you can read Costone, chapter 35 of Gaby book 11 here on BC - if things go to plan there won't be much if any break between the end of this book and the start of Book 12 postings!


Am I hallucinating, or did TGStorytime get hacked?


OK, this is seriously weird. It doesn't concern this site, but I thought I should mention since it has to do with one of the sites on which the Mixed Tape anthology is posted.

I happened to go to TGStorytime to check and see how our latest anthology was doing on that site (I often check here, there, and on Fictionmania for reviews), What I saw when I got there made me think sleep deprivation finally got the best of me.

Petition regarding Penmarris


Hello fellow BCTS readers,

I recently came across a petition of the Penmarris people wanting to rename their village for a good cause, namely to raise awareness of our oceans. Being a scuba diver myself and also loving decent fish & chips I agree to their case and though I'd link this petition here.

Let's stand by the Penmarrians and their support of our oceans.

Tammy's tales from here

Tamara's Trials is heading towards conclusion and the writing emphasis will switch to Book 3 of Unaccounted Gains. I'm afraid that one or two loose threads will be left over after Trials finishes, but these will be picked up at a later date.

BTW To date Trials is 150,000 words, my longest piece so far, with the total Tammysphere running at 310,000 words - so far.




So an interesting tweet came to my attention just now, and I was kind of surprised not to see it mentioned here on TopShelf.


Today is international Transgendered Awareness day. I want to go ahead and post the tweet that caught my attention because it's from someone who's somewhat e-famous.

Meg Turney @megturney
Happy #TransDayofVisibility - Remember, no matter what hatred or hardship comes your way, you have my love and support always. <3

"Transgender Kids" - BBC-2 Sunday 21:00

There is an upcoming TV prog called Transgender Kids.
It is scheduled for BBC-2 (UK) on Sunday at 21:00.

The presenter (Louis Theroux) travels to San Francisco to look at a programme where transgender children are being helped to live in the sex of their choice rather than the one of their birth.

Bathroom Anthology

Friday we will be collecting the stories for the first Big Closet anthology. This one revolving around the bathroom issue. We appreciate those who have submitted something as we believe it will help defray some of the cost associated with the site. The anthology will also be good for authors and bring more visitors to the site as each story will have a link bringing readers to the author's page (the one that list all the author's stories, etc.) so they can view other works.

Indiana Discrimination Law Follow Up

As an Indiana resident in Indianapolis, and a Religious Jew, I will be picketing the State Capital and Governor's Mansion claiming the Discrimination Law is against God's Law as soon as my foot doesn't have an ulcer.

Companies with headquarters in Indiana:

Bear in mind that when this was originally quoted

Bear in mind that when this was originally quoted, pen\pencil or typewriter and paper were the only method of getting works to the public.

Authors exist merely for the stories sake and not the other way around,
A good story has to do Two things inform and entertain.

The information part must be entertaining enough to let the readers live the story,
Without the readers feeling they are on the receiving end of a sermon.

Writing entertainment without information or without some insight into what it is to be human is a waste of good trees!

What Does An Author Owe Their Readers?

Writing is hard work.

It doesn't matter if you do it for a site like BC, or for magazines, or just in your journal; writing is VERY hard work. It takes passion, it takes practice, and it takes the guts to put your words out into the world for other people to see.

Writing isn't a one-sided endeavor, though. When you write something and release it into the world, there is always someone else who is just as important to the success or failure of your work as you, the writer, are.

The reader.

Looking for

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Whilst reading Blog entries within the last 2 weeks I saw a link to an authors web page.

The Blog entry had a help request for I think for something to do with email or feed back within a website, something I know nothing about, but this was why the link was included in the comment section.

I began to look at the site in question. I had thought I added to my favourites, as this seems to be wrong, I am at a loss.

Its been a tough week


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Well, I finally made it to the end of a really tough week. My job was very physically taxing all week, getting ready for this move is stressing me, and my spiritual struggles meant I was emotionally drained all the time.

Ah, well. Maybe next week will be better ...

Help Requested

Quick Question for my Fellow Publishers:
I have seen many authors and or publishers have a sign-up page to get updates sent via email when a new eBook is released. I was wondering if any of you have such a system in place, and if so, how did you set it up?
Right now, I publish the release of new Kindle books on our various TG community sites, but I know that a HUGE advance get our books directly from Amazon, essentially by " stumbling" on them. I was hoping to add a "sign-up" list to announce new Kindle ( and hopefully other formats soon ) releases.

My Dream


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Hello. I am new here although I have been reading blogs and fiction on BCTS for several years now. I have finally convinced myself it was time to create a persona.

I almost never remember my dreams, so when it does happen it is significant. I recently had a dream that I remember, and I think it holds special significance to the general subject matter of this site. If any of you are into interpreting dreams, this one should be pretty easy IMO. This dream is also the catalyst for creating a persona here on BCTS. I just had to share it with you all.

Xq-28 It has begun


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I am not going to give you too much information on this. You need to Google "Xq-28". There are enough articles out there to give a range of opinion. It appears that the "Gay" genes are being isolated and that as this occurs, transgender genes are sure to follow.

AND, I have often thought that perhaps I was simply Gay?

It's going to happen for us, I just know it.


Some Companies Will Stand UP

Kohellet (Ecclesiastes) 4:1 (Art Scroll translation):

I returned and contemplated all the acts of oppression that are committed beneath the sun: Behold! Tears of the oppressed with none to comfort them and their oppressors have the power-- with none to comfort them.


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Scarpe Gucci sono una delle scarpe popolari che si possono vedere nel mercato di oggi. Gucci ha fornito l'abbigliamento di moda di alta qualità per diversi anni. Queste scarpe sono realizzate in materiali di altissima qualità e garantiscono la migliore qualità. Il marchio è molto popolare per le sue coppie di lussuose ed eleganti di scarpe. Possedere un paio di scarpe di Gucci è un segno di fama e ricchezza.

Vanilla Sky is finally done.

I finally had the time to finish this novellette and it's now finished and put to bed. I hope everyone enjoys it and hopefully we'll see some new readers to it since we've lots of great new faces here on the site.
*Great Big Hugs*

Write Then Post, or Post as I Write?

My entry for the Summer Getaway contest is coming along nicely. I've got what I think are fun characters, a simple but fun plot, and some fun stuff planned for it.

So, I need to know: should I finish writing the entire thing before I start posting it? Or, should I post it as I write it?

Taking Down Two Stories

Hello and happy spring! And in the spirit of this wonderful time of renewal, I've revised my novella Two Weeks at the Last Firefly Inn (literary fiction/indie-sci-fi) and my novel Reaching the Point of No Regrets (TG romance) and listed them for sale for Amazon Kindle; in fact, "Firefly Inn" underwent a very thorough and exhaustive rewrite, including a happier alternate ending, as well as being rewritten entirely from the first person perspective of Alice, among other changes.

Confused about Standalones

I think the word Standalone originated in the computing industry to mean capable of operating on its own without needing help from another similar thing. So when a story is described as Standalone, to me it means a story you can enjoy to its full, without having to read or refer to another story. Consequently, the episodes of a serial are not standalones, but a series would normally consist of a number of standalone stories.

Read all about it!

the keen amongst you will have spotted the new Gaby chapter here today already but for everyone else click here

Thanks for all your recent messages regarding the website and writing, all taken on board. I've decided to do the next Nena tale before banging on with Gaby, the first chapter is with my editing team now so it might be ready for Easter - in my dreams but certainly not long afterwards!

Calibre, the editor

HI Everyone,

I've recently downloaded "Calibre" for use in doing some HTML editing on one of my books.

The program took my book and split it into seven segments.

Since I can find no information pertaining to a size limit for files edited by Calibre, and I find no way to reintegrate those segments back into a single file, apparently Calibre cannot do what I need. ( my book is 1.746 MB in size as a .pdf - 186,000 words)

revealing myself to my mom


Nineteen months after my GRS I am going to tell my mom she has a new daughter. I have held off because my mom is from the pre-depression era and still in school when WWII began. She has that Egyptian disease Duh Nile. So I have been trying to figure out how to tell her. Many months were lost, the way I am telling her is the direct approach.
My siblings and cousins know as well as my Uncle, every one said they would not tell my mom.

Well, my sister has now thrown the gauntlet at me

I got a FB PM from her this morning. She tells me that she still loves me but because of her belief's WILL NOT concider me to be her sister. Not only that but she will continue to use male pronouns and my birth name to introduce me to others and speak to me. She says she wants to have a conversation with me about my transitioning however from what I got from the PM, she is absolutely sure that God conciders what I am doing to be an abomination.

Want a Quickie?

Want a Quickie?

A Sapphire's Place Quickie Kindle eBook, that is!

Presenting " Zyprexa" by SlimV as a Amazon Kindle eBook

Darrel's dad is getting out of prison. Fearing for their lives, his mother transforms him into a girl and they go on the lam in this "Good Boy" to "Bad Girl" tale.


You can also help out BC by buying this eBook using the link here:

Site not accepting postings

There was no Bike last night or a blog explaining why because the site refused to accept either for which I expect there is a reason beyond a sudden attack of good taste. I gave up at nearly 1.00am GMT having tried for 45 minutes to post my latest offering of scintillating charm and wit - only my modesty holds me back, I know, but we geniuses have great insight!

Brand New Release on Amazon

I am pleased to announce my first satirical attempt.

Introducing, for your reading pleasure:


by Katie Leone

This clever little essay turns the bathroom issue on its head in a delightfully funny way and even includes a few erotic scenarios for your added pleasure.


I hurt someone here?


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I got a lengthy message from someone on Facebook, and since I have not friended them, the message went to "other" and I do not often check that slot. She was quite upset at me.

This is going to bump my other thread off of BCTS but that is OK.

It's like this. I don't intentionally hurt people. And I caution people that "friend" me on Facebook that I do not talk much, if at all, about GBLT stuff. I just don't. And if someone I have "friended" does it, I drop them like a hot potato. It is my right to live in stealth, and no you do not have the right to out me.

TOO loud sound

I thought I would ask questions here before I go haring off in the dark.

When I am not using headphones, I play my sound quite low as I live in an apartment house. It is frustrating that when an advertisement comes on, the sound generally surges to very loud and this is a problem when I am listening at midnight.

Thank you

for all your feedback regarding my scribbling. Clearly Gaby is most peoples favourite series but there were plenty of votes for Nena and Peaches too. I will start something new this week but don't hold your breath, it could be a few weeks before anything is ready for release.

On a slight tangent, as the website is getting a complete makeover is there anything that people would like to see incorporated?


Le ow

So surgery went well. I am in the massively boring part where I lie around and sleep. Let me say that I never thought that ice packs could be your friend. The area is lovely from what I've seen and even the hospital room wasn't that bad. Well the sleepy has befallen me so...

Take care and I'll type at you later.

I'm moving


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Well, it looks like everything is set, and we're gonna be moving over the next month.

The good part of it is that we dont have to wait to start sending stuff over to the new place, so it wont have to happen in one big moving day. The bad parts include the fact that we're gonna have to give away or put in storage a lot of our stuff as the new place is much smaller, and that my online time will become more and more constrained as I spend more time getting stuff done.

Ah, well. short term pain for long term gain, or so I hope ...

Proposed Ballot Measure Allowing Execution of Gays

Very Freaking Disturbing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A group of California legislators has filed a complaint against a lawyer who is proposing a statewide ballot initiative that would allow gays and lesbians to be "put to death by bullets to the head."

Gender Identity And You

I've said it before, and I'll likely say it many many more times: I love video games.

That said, there are a lot of problems that the industry has with not taking alternative sexualities or even anything other than guys into consideration when designing games. Sure, that's slowly changing, but it can always use a bit of a push.

This is my idea for a game that could do just that.

Fascinating article about free will


Ever since St Augustine suggested that humans had free will ( he had to or it implied his god was responsible for everything) there have been others who argued that we didn't. The evidence is mounting to show that we're a mass of influences beyond our control from our genes to our environment, culture and almost anything else you care to name.

This lengthy article is worth the effort to read.

You can never find an evil twin when you need one...

Actually, she doesn't really need to be a twin. And the 'evil' thing could be a hindrance...

Maybe a simple clone would do...

You know those sitcoms where the protagonist has to attend a swank business function that turns out to be exactly the same time and on the other side of town from her best friends bachelorette party or birthday celebration or somesuch? So of course, she decides she can juggle both and hilarity ensues.

I'm still waiting for the hilarity to ensue.

A Great Kinde eBook by Hypatia!

A millenia ago an act of anger by a scientist called Silvinas changed our world to his fantasy. The war between the races is again erupting with help from Silvinas. This is a time for men to be real men, women to be real women and dragons to sing old Lennon and McCartney songs.

This can be found at this link; ( btw: BC gets some profit if your click and buy from this link !)

Big Closet Bathroom Anthology

Doppler Press would like to announce the creation of our first Big Closet anthology. We know that there are many people who would like to contribute to the running of the site but simply do not have the money to donate and we respect that. But there is another way to help, and that is contributing to the Big Closet anthologies, which we plan on publishing as both an E-book and a print book quarterly. All proceeds from the sales of these books will be applied to keeping this site running. What we need from authors are stories, poems, essays, comics, pictures, etc.

Need a Grammar Cop


The doctor picked up the package of birth control pills, “How do these pills EFFECT or AFFECT you?”

Rebecca realized that this was more of a grammar question, than a medical question, so she replied, “The pills AFFECT my body, by overcoming the testosterone my body may make. The estrogen works to feminize my body.”

Proper use?

Mrs.Stevenson pulled...


I'm sad to see it pulled as I think Jodie writes some great stories. If I found out she pulled them because of relentless trolling by pm's I will not be happy.
I know there are some great authors around here and on other tg fiction sites that have pulled or stopped writing further stories on a character because of trolling and some "critiques" that border on trolling.
To the people pulling this nonsense knock it off!!! If you want to give honest constructive criticism that's fine but trolling is something else entirely.

Anyone heard from StefB?

I was just wondering if anyone has heard from StefB (aka S.E. Bell). she has not updated her website in some time or posted on BCTS. I am just wondering if she is OK?
I had purchased all her books on Amazon and on her site she said she had another book in progess but that was over 8 months ago. I am wondering if anyone has heard from her, and how she is doing.

Bike - sorry can't stay awake to keep writing

Seem to be perpetually tired these days, possibly caught my daughter's fatigue - only joking. Tomorrow is another hard day - in fact the week is, so I'll write as and when I can. My sincere apologies to those who anticipated more Bike tonight but I just can't finish tonight's episode.


Snake Oil Publishers


When we were actively publishing it seemed I spent half my time warning wannabe writers to watch for the con artists. Writers give birth to a story. Because it is their baby they are willing to do almost anything to see it in print. Whether they are thinking of being the next Tom Clancy and famous and rich or just famous, the author stops thinking of risk.

Ghost Graduation

I was bored today and found this really good movie on Netflix today called Ghost Graduation. Its sorta Sixth Sense meets Breakfast Club, a teacher who sees ghosts tries to help a group of teenage ghosts pass on by helping them graduate highschool. Anyway, there a couple of quick possession scenes in there---well one is quick, the other is a few minutes long.

I highly recommend the movie to everyone though, it was really good.

Its from Spain so there is subtitles but after awhile I always forget I'm reading them lol.

Sometimes, the world is beautiful


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I'm not a big fan of the sun most of the time, but today?

Today is beautiful.

It's in the high 60's, and the birds are out singing, the insects and frogs and other wildlife are joining in, the air is fresh after a few days of rain, and it's just absolutely gorgeous, the kind of day you want to throw the windows open and just let the fresh air wash away all the staleness from a stuffy, enclosed winter.

So, that's just what I've done.

So tired of this life


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I just want to vent and whine and cry a little if that's okay with others. I've seen others do it, so I figured maybe it will be therapeutic and I will feel better afterwards. If not, I can try to kill myself with Rocky Road Ice Cream and see if I can fall into an ice cream induced coma (one step past brain freeze).

I am an interest mix of paradoxes. I don't think people realize that and sometimes it is difficult to form a kind of cohesion to make everything fit. Sometimes it leads to doubt, sometimes it leads to self-hatred, and a few times it has led to self harm.

some thoughts


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As the new week begins, I've discovered that I had a number of subjects I have meant to talk about recently, and rather than make a week's worth of tiny blogs on each subject, I figured I'd combine as many as I could in one blog. Fair warning, there is no connection between any of the subjects ...

Printing your own book

I was just in Powell's Books to purchase a TOEFL exam book to help with my teaching English to ESL students. It's become quite enjoyable and usually wear a scarf to head off questions, letting them either think I am Muslim, a Nun or an old Eastern European Grandmother. :)

Bathroom solutions a.k.a. Flushgate


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I think I figured out what the outcome of the great bathroom debate will be (to be referred to as Flushgate from here on out).

In the future there will be a wall of doors leading to bathroom stalls. Signs for 'Men' and 'Women' will be replaced with Cis Men, Cis Women, Transmen, Transwomen, Agender, Polygender, Androgynous, gay man, gay women, bi men, bi women, furry - canine male, furry - canine female, furry feline male.... etc.

I have it ALL worked out...

With the continuation of the recent trend of writers/authors taking down their stories to publish them commercially, I will be the most popular writer/author to have stories posted here on BigCloset in the very near future. (In the Galactic sense of time, maybe even the Geologic sense.) At THAT point all the readers left here will be FORCED to read my stuff, whether it is worth reading or not.

with love,


Thanks and FYI

Thank you to everyone who has bought 300 Rains since it came out. You all are awesome. I was also informed that it will be released in print format in a week or so, so there is that. But seriously, you all helped me get better as a writer and the success of my book does help me know that. So thanks.

Also, I am planning on revising Transitioning Home next, so it will get pulled at some point. I have a number of ideas for revisions so while similar, any version I put out will be different. Just wanted to let you know so it's not a total surprise when it vanishes.

financial crisis


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I have avoided talking about this for a while, but I finally decided I needed to share this bit of news.

I am in serious financial trouble.

Thanks to a budgeting exercise my sister in law helped my mom and I with, we discovered that we are in the hole for $ 600 a month.

Six ... hundred ... dollars ... short ... every ... month.

obviously, that's not sustainable.

So we're trying to find a cheaper place to live, and working where we can to get this under control.

Dentist visit and Stubborn tooth


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Yesterday I had a Dentist visit to have my first tooth extracted at age 66 not bad . I spent almost 2 1/2 hours with the dentist drilling , pulling and drilling some more then pulling and so on finally she called it quits ( I was very happy ) . Now we leave the tooth rest and she said the roots should push up on there own . Round 2 is scheduled for 3/27 I hope it come out then so I can put it under my pillow and see what the tooth fairy leaves me to help pay the bill .
I am OK other than I look I a Chip-muck named Alvin.
The joys of age

A Thank You and a heads-up - S E E info.

I thank you all for the enthusiasm you have shown for my tale of the Einnlanders, this was much appreciated.

Now I have taken a step back from writing, it occurred to me that Penny and Julia had between them expanded the knowledge of Tranidor - so I have updated the Tranidor Map - which is the sixth (currently) in the list of maps.

So those keen about Palarandi or Anmarian matters can now have a little more detail.

I have included the positioning of the Semaphore Towers and shown Junction Square, Main Street, Cross Street and so on.

All the best


Just for fun ...


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Just for fun, here is a top five list of ways they could screw up Avengers Age of Ultron

Number 5 - Entire cast replaced by CGI

Number 4 - Ultron does a really bad Darth Vader impersonation

Number 3 - Hulk spends movie riding the rides at Disneyworld

Number 2 - Climax involves game of "go fish"

and the Number 1 way they could screw up Avengers Age of Ultron is ...

two words - "Cap nipples"

There you go, your giggle for the day ...

Telling People Off


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I was in line this morning. I guess it is important to note that sometimes I go out pretty androgynous when I simply want to get a cup of coffee and a little something for breakfast. I'll get ma'am, I'll get sir, it doesn't really matter to me at that point in the morning as long as I get served.

Anyway, I was in line this morning talking to an acquaintance while the line moved particularly slow. While waiting another acquaintance of ours came through the door and went towards the back for the energy drinks.

"I remember when it was a she," this guy says to me.