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Lifeswap by Maeryn Lamonte

A Give us your Old, Your Tired, your PHONES! (Please Read)

Hi Everyone!

This may come off as a bit of a strange request, so a bit of information up front.

So, how much is enough

How much is too much?

I havw circa 555 pages that can get the whole thing in one daring dowload, or I COULD RELEASE IT IN chapters

Let me on Beth "

As hallowe'en is nearly upon us, I thought I should give ...

.... some help for advanced planning on others who, like me, do rather a lot of cooking. And as the modern times catch up with us.

So for all you 'cookies' out there:

How Silly Of Me

There I was, thinking that if a story could make a political point I'd be okay replying to it - albeit with a rather hefty dollop of sarcasm.

Donations still needed

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This month is a particularly heavy one for bills. We have over $1000 in bills for hosting due before the end of the month, this is because several annual payment contracts are expiring.

New Amazon ebook- Since I Found You

Synopsis- Chad Ellis bought some magic to become a better Ice hockey player but instead is turned into a female figure skater training for the Olympics.

An update and news

Work got bad, to the point where I was so tired, I was coming home and going right to bed.

Somewhere Else? Not Entirely

So I have this massive epic to bring to an end, with plotlines and stories disappearing in all directions. I'll be flying to the US again at the end of October...

So, what do I do? Write another story, of course. This one is set on Anmar, but somewhere nearby.


I really should be careful what I say, things have got in the way of so much this week!

Reading Recommendations

Alright, this never seems to work out well for me, but I'm gonna try this again....

I'm looking for something to read.

Back home - and the world as we know it ends .....

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So I got back home, after days of traffic jams (bloody C Y C L I S T S - we even got caught up in the tangled web of closed and opened streets due to the end of the Tour of Britain !!!!) and getting a

Community Game Project


Hello BCTS! I was thinking earlier, hey lets all come together as a community and write a game! (J)RPG style!

transgender aggregate news site

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My apologies for my lack of clarity. Many people are on sites like BC because some of those authors are some of the finest story writers to ever live.

This f*&^ing computer.

I don't know what I touched but twice I've lost tonight's manuscript for Bike. If it happens again, £400 worth or not, I'm going to smash this heap of crap into a million pieces.

Saw my gender doc today

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Just got back from the gender doc. He wanted to reassure me that he hadn't given up hope for me to have SRS, as he was writing to clinics in California and Arizona.

You won't believe this!

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I had a friend send me this and I thought you guys might like it.


To Transgender Women

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Well, I got moved to an Apartment building down by the river, here in Portland.

Rainbow Bridge for Shalimar and all others who love their pets

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Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

Transgender wins title homecoming princess

The original site I picked this news up off is really off the wall when it comes to TLG things. Part of the "hate them" crowd. You can figure the comments were skewed.

Muffin the Cat Died Yesterday (Saturday about 1:30AM)

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My cat, Muffin, died yesterday morning from complications of cancer. She not only owned me.

Thailand Beauty Pagent 2014

Fascinating the ladies would put so much time and effort into a thirteen hundred dollar prize. Have no idea what those gowns and accessories cost in Thailand?

Lying Where I Fall

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Lying where I fall

Anyone know what happened to Blot? (FM)

Blot removed all of his stories from FM, deleted his deviantart account, hasn't posted to since 2013, and basically vanished.

Anyone know what happened to him?

Sort of Back Online.

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So far so good. The Apartment House has WI-Fi and it s better than I thought it would be. Don't know about SKYPE or Movies yet.

Nothing to read!!!

I have come to a point in life where I have read everything that has attracted my attention. I marathon'd (let it be known, I coined this word) Somewhere Else Entirely early this morning.

Arkansas Weather

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On Wednesday it was in the eighties, and we were fighting with our AC to try and get it to cool the house down.

Today it's not even reached 60, and I'm curled up in my room with a hoodie on.

What next for The Housemate

Where should I go for the next chapter(s) "The Housemate"? If you didn't get it, the girls want to make Clarence, their only male housemate, a female, that is, "Claire".

Girl Power and a confession

I am shocked, stunned, blown away, pick your adverb(s). This story is almost completely free hand as I call it.

Is it just A Criminal or a true Villein


Every hero story needs a Villein, and I want you to rate mine.

What happend to Jessica Ash

Does any body know why Jessica Ash removed her stories ?
She had posted "My Hidden V" and "Anemonefish"

Peace tmf

The Princess by Christine Smith

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I was reading a favorite webcomic of mine The Princess by Christine Smith but for some reason now it's being labeled a virus site. Can anyone explain why it thinks the site is unsafe?

No Bike tonight

Sorry run out of time. The shit that my life has become in recent months continues. At times it feels like everything I have is being tested or destroyed.


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Just got set up in England on my laptop, and suddenly all hell breaks loose.

Seems some iPhone pictures were downloaded to a DVD that has infected my computer now.

Girl Power and those terribel tags

As I have already admitted to being terrible at tagging my stories. I am hoping that one of Erin's elves will look it over and add any that I missed. Happy reading.. Joe

Beta reader needed

I've got a new story ready to roll, but I would appreciate someone taking a look-see first and making sure its okay.

Any takers?

back to school

Can someone direct me to the rules for the back to school story contest. I am thinking I might have one that will work, but want to review the rules before I post it.

Great Day

This was a very nice day.

Got word today that I will have an op-ed piece published tomorrow in a national magazine. They said they will take as much as I want to write.

First entry: Thoughts

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Just my first entry. Many ideas how I would expand/improve "The summer of temporary change". Better plan for the moment on second story, "The Housemate".

Home again

Well Nena and myself are back from our German Odyssey and its nearly business as usual!

There is a new Gaby chapter here and an update on

Stardraigh's meme of teh WEEK!!! - 09-10-14



Meme of teh WEEK



Gone to the Dark Side

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Wish me luck please, Cathy, Bev, and Beth and anyone else who's listening. Tomorrow morning I am moving to a place that has nursing care available should I need it.

Your advice please

Hi all, I am about to leave for a week to the UK during which I shall be fairly busy, with limited time to scribble further adventures for Julina.

So far, I have already posted up to #33.

Wonderful Authors

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We have so of the must wonderful Author ever . I send P M's to the authors about the stories and always get a response and a big heart felt thank you from them .

Am I lucky or just kidding myself?

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My "transition" went so smoothly and work was still the same as before.

New Amazon ebook- Oh Shit

It is transgender fiction of course.

Unaccounted Gains etc

The next chapter of Unaccounted Gains, number 30, may take a day or two as I've deleted a 1000 words from the draft chapter and commencing a rewrite.

Europe's first transgender pride march.

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From the Guardian - where else? - a transpride march in Brighton. Did you know there's a trans flag? No nor did I.

About writing...

I need to ramble. I need to put words down that aren't a story, or a tweet, or other nonsense. I just need to ramble a bit.

I got the green light for giving a lecture at my church

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Well, I got the green light from my church to prepare a lecture on being trans. It was suggested that I make it a mix of facts and my own personal experience. So ...

Dare I, Try to write an actual story? - Teaser

Teaser / Start of an idea!

Possible Tags: Transformation, Gender Variant, Magic, Fae, (& Other Supernatural), Alt World (possibly its own universe)

Sorry Folks

I'm unable to post an episode of Bike because I haven't had time to write one, I know it looks as if they've been scribbled on the back of an envelope in ten minutes, but it actually takes me a bit lo

A better definition of "normal"

Many have debated and tried to define the question: "What is normal?"

A very beautiful lady made the transsition.

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A beautiful person sent me this data and I'm sharing it with the BC family. First I want to say never judge another person by what you see. The clothes, the mortal body is only a covering.

Giant Spider (dog)

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This is for all those who have a warped sense of humor. I'm surprised no one had a heart attack. It's a giant spider (dog) and obviously the guy has his own warped sense of humor.

Pink Pajamas

Usually I do a release and then wait to post the story on the site, but this time I did it a little backwards. I doubt it would make a difference one way or another.

Thank you Cathy

So much time and effort one puts into editing and so little thanks. Kinda like being an accountant in a firm. No one knows who is doing the numbers until the money stops flowing.

DMV makes headlines

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here's somewhat of a sticky issue for those between the genders but i have to wonder if the boy since they using the male pronouns had any of the legal documents one might need for such a photo ??

So yeah

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I saw a chiropractor today.

A Quick Question

I'm thinking about trying to write a story for the Back To School competition, but all the responses to my idea for a PFH short and whether it would fit the rules basically came back "Sure! If you change everything you planned to do and write a completely different story that has nothing in common with your original idea."

Help finding a good all around eBook reader(eInk a must).

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Hey everyone. I was hoping for some good advice on an eBook reader. Primarily I wish to use this to comfortably read scanned PDF and ePub's on it.

Story research help

I wasn't going to do this, but...

I'm working on the outline for my Back To School contest entry, and there are some things that I, quite frankly, do not know. Since I want my story to be as realistic as possible, I'd like to ask the following questions of anyone who might know:

Back, and almost ready

Sorry to my readers for being absent the last few weeks. RL hit me hard (heavy workload and marriage issues), and it's been a pain to get my new projects off the ground.

Please, Please Me

The other day I had about an hour to relieve stress. I checked one of my favorite author’s old stories and found one with eleven chapters that was written several years ago.

Seemed perfect.


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Yesterday we found out that Joan rivers died and then someone put out on twitter that Betty White died with turned out to be a very poor hoax .

The Human Body is an incredible mechanism

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The problems and sickness we experience is usually caused because we feed our bodies the wrong fuel. You don't pour jet fuel into a high performance car engine thinking it will run better.

Adding Books to Kobo

I have begun the process of adding my TG centric works to Kobo, a company founded in 2009 that has become a world leader in eReading.

I have no idea what I'm doing

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By the end of this month, I will have made 9 visits to some sort of medical or health professional.

Back up! Back up! Back up!

Just lost Chapter 49 of The Transit of Venus as I typed the final letter. Not recoverable it seems as I one finger type in the Notes app of my iPad mini.

Done and Done

Well, it's done.

I just posted the last Week of Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change -- Spring here on Big Closet. It's also posted on FictionMania, by the way.

September's TG Mixed Tape - SNEAK PEEK!

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Hutcho here, just a heads up that contributions for September's Mixed Tape flash fiction anthology* are due on the 14th. If you're interested, click through for more details. I've also included the framing story for the collection. I hope you like it. Feedback is appreciated.

* Haven't seen these about? Here's a link. Enjoy.

Another Breakthrough

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Mount Holyoke College in the US is actually quite a big deal; Women's College.


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So yall know of outtor box right right so apparently they do not replace the damaged device

Stardraigh's meme of teh WEEK!!! - 09-03-14



Meme of teh WEEK



Holding on to hope in the middle of grief

When I was in high school, we were assigned a project that involved creating a coat of arms that would represent us.

pay wall

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So how would I set up a paywall and a website thatnuses a paywall my uncle is asking me and I have decided to ask the people who work hard here

Red Letter Day

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Yesterday was quite a good day for me, and gave me a much-needed emotional boost after several weeks of being pretty down in the dumps.

Questions to the Brits

I'm writing a story and I need someone who knows to provide the answer. It's for my new light novel The Life and Death of the Last Water Nymph.

What Have We Done? 2

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Today is the official 75th anniversary of the beginning of WW2.

Transgender Rights and Health, British Columbia, Canada.

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Transgender Rights and Health, British Columbia, Canada.

The first province to grant rights to the LGBT community, a decade before the Canadian Government did so.

Transgender Lawsuit In South Carolina

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Promising lawsuit filed against the Motor Vehicles department of South Carolina.

Here's the story about it:

One eventful day

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Well, its been an eventful 24 hours, to say the least.

Cathy is going to be offline

Cathy asked me to let everyone know that she's going to be offline for a few days while her computer is in the shop. She hoping to be back by Friday, but it might be a little longer, such as Monday.

Good vibes/Prayers etc needed!

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I've been trying to obtain a Mirena IUD since my son was born 10 months ago. It's a long complicated story, but I was told it is finally shipping to my doctors office today.

IT IS FINISHED - kind of

I just finished the first round of editing for the biography I am co-writing. I have to rearrange a few things to get a major agent on board with the project, but it will be worth it.

questio about

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I got a question about making a website with pay per user can any one help me

Transgender Seal

This is a very interesting story, and no surprises to me.

Denmark changes law on transgender rights.

From the Grauniad, a change in the law for transgender people in Denmark.

Some General Help Needed

It's been a few months since I posted so I wanted to put his out there before I did. I have two parts of a three part story written and in the hands of my editor.

EEEEEEEKKKKKK! Difficult to believe ....

I just happened to go into "My Account" and just happened to glance at an entry in there.

It appears that I have been a member here now for "3 years and 52 weeks".

Thank you Angharad

I've just reached Bike 1000 and am taking that moment to offer this link as my way of saying…

Sunday update

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Just an update on a couple of fronts:

Alone again - naturally

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It's been a long time coming, but I've decided to end the relationship with my FtM boyfriend Felix.

I'm Back!

This just a little drabble to let everyone know I'm back to writing.

BigCloset Picnic - November 1

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In memory of Holly Hart, today is a good day to announce the upcoming BigCloset picnic. I will be in New Jersey the weekend of November 1, this year.

Football Girl - with respect to SB

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I thought this might be of interest to some .......



10, 000 words

I'm 10,000 words into my newest story, and I have no idea how long its gonna end up being.

Aunt Holly

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It's been a year since Aunt Holly (aka Holly H Hart) passed away.

Very Sad Day

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VERY SAD DAY TODAY . I had to put my best buddy HERSHEY to rest today .