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Looking for a story

I'm looking for a story.

Interdimensional monsters have attacked the earth. The main character is an orphaned boy attends a school that trains those who gained powers after the invasion. Four powers each tied to the four elements. The main character ends up mastering all four powers.

some provisional good news

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Well, I got some provisional good news.

I was able to get a hold of the company that handles Walmart's benefits, and I was told that if I send the check back with a letter saying why I couldn't cash it, I should be able to get one issued in my male name.

I'm calling this "provisional" because honestly, at this point, I'm not going to count this particular chicken until it hatches, as it were, and I have the money in my bank account ...

Stephanie Anne Lloyd - died September 2016

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I am very surprised that there has been no comment about her death. As far as I know she had a significant impact on the access and visibility of the cross-dressing world in the UK with her shops, website and life. I do wonder why there has been no response from the folks of BCTS.

Alys P

Zombie, Ninja, Pirate Spiders - September Challenge

Some years ago I was running a tabletop RPG in which my players were exploring an underground ocean. They had their own ship and were attacked by another ship. The crew of the pirate ship seemed to be made up of human-sized spiders carrying cutlasses and firing muskets. Except some of them seemed to come out of nowhere and attack with nunchuks, sais and shurikens. And some of them seemed to be undead and unkillable.

During the course of the battle one of the players said, "Wait, wait! Stop! We're fighting Zombie, Ninja, Pirate Spiders?"

I may have cheated myself out of four thousand dollars

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Well, thanks to my own bad choices and laziness there is a good possibility that I will cheat myself out of four thousand dollars.

See, way back when I started with Walmart, I got a little bit of Walmart stock given to me by the company. When I stopped working for them I was supposed to get a payout - about 4 thousand dollars.

But due to a mix-up, they sent me a check - in the name of Dorothy.

Which isn't my legal name yet.

Which meant I couldn't cash the check

Personal venting


I don't share my personal life on here but after this weekend I felt the need to. I know many on here have lost some if not all of their family and friends so when I experience firsthand just how bad a person can be towards their own child and for their own selfish reasons I have to question a lot of things, especially when there are those who would love nothing more than to be reunited with loved ones and be the parent those children need but can't be because of who they are.

Things are going to get very busy

On Saturday my course begins and I'm going on on holiday the next day - clever planning that - c'est la vie. The thing is, I've invested quite a bit of money in the course, a degree in Environmental Science, which is going to keep me a bit busy for the next six years. I'm hoping I'll still be able to write some Bikesodes, but obviously nowhere near as many as you have had in the past. I'm still working part time and that has got very busy as well, so life isn't easy at present - and the dormouse stuff I do in real life is also quite busy.

FRUSTRATED - a really silly request

For ever such a long time now, one of my Julina stories has been stuck!

It is the third one, called (logically) #002 - OK I started at 0 - and it has 2499 readers and 99 Kudos.

Can someone please put me out of my misery and just tip those numbers up by one?

Pretty please.


Update time

For the last few weeks I've been dealing with some crazy stuff. First I got into a car crash and was in a coma for 3 days from what I've been told. I've since recovered and am at home. Secondly, for those of you wondering where the hell is Broken Phoenix, i'll get to that later in the post.

Thirdly, I lost my great Grandma the day before my car wreck and even though I'm trying to put that behind me it's hard losing someone who was so close to you for most of your life.

Fourthly, I am getting married next May!

Now for the part that really irks me.

What went right

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I keep talking about what is wrong with my life, but it bears mentioning what went well. A couple of weeks before the stroke I invited a woman into my home.she needed a safe-place I told her, she is now family. Seems we both needed a sister. She is Wiccan-Witch pun not intended, which I find fascinating. Did I mention it is my B-day? She is going above and beyond for me. Life can be funny, and good.

I am by nature an upbeat person am still amazed how friends I have made before the poo hit the fan.

new stories, but no new Mercy

As you may have noticed, I've posted a couple of small stories the last couple of days.

That might make you wonder when more Mercy is coming, and I am afraid the answer is ... not for a bit.

See, I'm kinda blocked on Mercy at the moment, which is why I've turned to trying to clear off the table some other ideas, in the hopes that keeping my muse active will eventually help me with Mercy.

Huggles to all!

Summer's over

Summer is officially over, while for most people summer is a time for fun and many outdoor activities. For myself summer is very close to a living nightmare as they change our schedule to a 4 ten hour day work week. I'm told this save hundreds of thousands of dollars not having light, air conditioning, etc running for that one day each week.

Frank discussion- transgender person as antagonist?

I started writing and got to the point that I needed another antagonist. The person I thought up had some nasty qualities that made her hated by the people she encounters. There was one thing that I thought might be usable about her that some would object to- her gender assigned at birth. I tried to think up other stories where an antagonist was transgender.

The transgender family where the father gives birth

Meet one of South America's most high profile transgender families.

"We don't have a name yet - or rather we do - we are just waiting to announce it," Diane tells me, not looking up from tapping at her mobile phone with her perfectly-manicured false nails. The choice will be controversial and she and her partner want to wait until everything has calmed down.

Found this article tonight and feel everyone should have a glance at it :)

A place beyond pain

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I think I managed to find a place beyond pain today.

My knee was really hurting, then suddenly, it stopped, and instead felt numb, like it had fallen asleep.

Then the muscles around my knee started sending out this message of pain, exhaustion, and finally, they went numb too.

Like I had so much pain, my nerves just ... shut down.

I am gonna assume that's probably not good ...

Halloween Ideas Please

A couple of years before I joined this site I made my first - and so far my only - attempt at cross-dressing for a Halloween do. It was a wicked witch of the west thing, and it went down pretty well. The only problem I had was with the underwear, which wasn't my size and made me feel really uncomfortable.

To cut a long story short, my knickers kept falling down.

Good news everyone! The irc chat is back!


Hello folks,

after lots of work, sweating and swearing, very long nights and lots of coffee and brainfood consumed by me and Melanie_T I can proudly announce the irc chat is back online.

At the moment we're still running the old software, but we will update to a newer more secure version in the next days.
We will also setup a second webchat, so everyone else without an irc client can log in, should BCTS having issues.


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Not really.
it only hurts when I try to sit.

bag 5 of saline solution. pitcher 6 of water and they still don't think I'm getting enough fluids. ( 4 cups of coffee, milk, apple juice as well. )

so sitting ( lying ) on the bed bored to tears. ( 25 minutes to load the my blog page here :\ )

not even allowed to walk on my own yet.

So I met my neighbors last night.......

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Or should I say that they met me, lol?

Up until around 8:00 PM last night, I was just spending another average night by myself at my townhouse, doing my laundry, vacuuming, dusting, etc...... Yeah, just another normal evening, until life threw me a curveball.

News from Yorkshire!

Hi all

Well first I have to tell you that there won't be an update on Sunday - I'm off to the mountains of Essex for my last cycling event of the season, the L'Etape London, 180km of well I doubt it'll be to bad unless it rains! Anyhow, as a result I won't be near a proper internet connection until next Wednesday when of course there will be a new chapter posted.

Terra Madre

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I am off for a few days.

Tomorrow morning at just after stupid o'clock, when it is at least light, we are driving down to Italy.

Although only 320 kilometers (200 miles) it will take 4 plus hours, since we have to negotiate the second highest mountain pass in Switzerland. So we will stop for lunch, I expect, and take even longer.

got triggered again at work today

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Got triggered at work again today, but at least I think I know what set me off this time.

I was kinda fragile anyway, but I think the trigger was the flash from the camera in the photo studio. Right after it happened, I honestly felt like throwing up, and it took me a while to get myself centered again.

I'm trying my best, but I hate being so fragile all the time ...

countdown is hours.

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had my consult with Dr. Pierre today, all is a go for my surgery at 7 am tomorrow.

the fun parts though, sitting 2 rows behind me on the flight here was another trans woman coming for her surgery tomorrow.
hers is 6 am.

both of us are sharing cab to the clinic with trans guys from nova scotia ( same hometown also. ). so one of each leaving at 5:45 am and again at 6:45 am.

so next time I'm online is after my surgery.

BigCloset TopShelf's December 2016 Spirit of Giving Story Contest


December 2016
Spirit of Giving

Story Contest
Entry Submission Dates are from now through December 23, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time!
Prizes currently are 12 x $100 USD paypalled or gift vouchered. Prizes subject to go up!

the worst insult

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When I was a kid, I noticed that the insults directed at me, and any other male who wasn't popular tended to involve how feminine we were - "fag", "sissy" or even being called a girl.

I didn't understand it then, but I see it now. To those boys, being a girl was to be a lower form of life, and therefore the worst insult you could give a boy was to compare him to a girl.

I wonder how many of those boys ever stopped feeling like that, how many girlfriends and wives suffered because of that attitude, and how many taught that same feeling to their sons.

Unlikely to be a Bike tonight

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I shall be out with the bat group until quite late so won't have time to write, I'm afraid. This being a part time ecologist is hard work and we only had one dormouse yesterday, which ran up the tree, so we didn't get to sex it or weigh it. Thankfully, it wasn't me who let it escape. We did have a couple or more nests in the boxes but that was it.

As it's a fairly quiet night, windwise, we might get some bats. I'll let you know.



We lost a four legged child tonite.

It was truly a dark and stormy night tonite. Earlier today, we rushed our beloved pekenese to the vet. She was having trouble breathing...the dog, not the vet. The vet said that it was a heart problem, which is...we found out, a common problem among pekes. He gave us some pills to help with Sugar's breathing and water retention and we brought her home.

Some Decency In The Porn World

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Ran into this on fb. The day after Alexis Arquette died, a former boyfriend of hers started hawking a sex tape to various media sources. The porn media mega site xHamster paid $25,000 for it, and after insuring there were no other copies out there, destroyed them. I'm never going to be doing business with them, but isn't it nice that there are people out there willing to do the right thing even when it costs them a large chunk of money?

Thank you, gentlemen.

My latest ebook for sale- Right under her Nose

Synopsis- Ricardo is an American who has just escaped from a prison in Paraguay. He soon finds a hideout but it is only a short term fix if he wants to maintain his freedom and not be re-arrested by the police. Ricardo is then offered a nearly perfect disguise. One that will be right underneath her nose.



BC has several authors who write stories with cosplay intertwined in the story line. I doubt anyone else is as clueless as I was when I first read some of those stories. I have run across different sites with pics of cosplay actors-actresses since and finally have an idea of what it means.

UK MtoF Trans Soldier to serve on the Front Line

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Several news sources here in the UK are reporting that the first openly transgender soldier will serve on the front line thus becoming the first woman to do this (medics are already there and are fully trained soldiers)

We're Broke - Operating Funds for BCTS Needed


We're broke.

We need about $1450 by Friday, 17 September, or some people are going to be paid late.

It's the middle of the month. We have $141 in our bank accounts.

How to give to the support of the site is detailed in the right hand column under the heading The Hatbox and at the bottom of this blog.

We've had expenses associated with the upgrade to some of our servers but thanks to everyone who has helped us stay on top of things.

Any amount is appreciated and gifts are really the way we manage to keep doing this.

Link between OCD and grief?

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Saw an interesting article in the latest issue of "McCleans" about OCD and grief. Seems this mother noticed that her son's OCD started soon after the kid's grandfather died, and eventually got a lot better once he processed his grief.]

What do you guys think? Is there a link between OCD and grief?


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Not great news today :/

5 days until my surgery to "remove a vaginal obstruction*" and my doc put me on a 5 day course of Predisone steroidal anti-inflammatory.
and a 10 day course of Moxifloxacin ( antibiotic )

he thinks I may have pneumonia in my left lung.

hopefully not, since that would likely kill me getting surgery Wednesday.

Update on mainroom chat


Hi girls and guys,

while waiting for certain things to finish, I thought I give you a short update on the mainroom chat.

I've finally been able to get the base system running. That means, we can start copying and backup our previous system and starting to get the VMs running again. _if_ all goes well, we might be able to activate the mainroom chat again in the evening.

So please keep your fingers crossed.


Transgender Pine-Richland Student: ‘I Really Don’t Feel Safe’

I think this is a further example of the Trump effect. Making derogatory speech normal. Leading to more open displays of bigotry. Well worth watching the video, Juliet is quite well spoken and impressive all around.

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Juliet Evancho‘s world turned upside down Monday night after a vote in the Pine-Richland School District.

Not free - but there might be something for someone here

This was brought to my attention on another site and so I just wanted to share my knowledge.

Hopefully, someone here might find it useful.


something really was off

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Remember how I said yesterday that something felt "off"

Well, what was off was me.

I had several panic/ptsd attacks in a row, and by my first break I was very close to calling it a day and going home.

But, I fought through it, kept using my grounding lessons, and got through the day.

Are there More Than Two Sexes?

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This is the title of a program on The Science Channel I have been sitting here watching with great interest. The date is 09-13-2016
It is part of the Series "through The Wormhole" hosted and narrated by the great actor Morgan Freeman.
It is covering ALL aspects of Gender and Sex; and should be REQUIRED watching for all our politicians, religious leaders, and anyone else who has questions or believes TG/TS is just a fiction or figment of a persons mind.
The program has taken on theories and believe me some are truly amazing and have been found now to be FACT.

story contests?????


I missed the notice for the August and September story contests. I can not find any notices. Even clicking on the heading 'September Story Contest' in the story heading only takes you to a listing of the stories submitted, not what the story contest is about.

Is it possible to put the contest description under the heading or is there some other way to keep the info up so those of us who miss the initial posting have a chance to get in on the competitions?

Thank you

Well, here's another challenge.

Erin and crew need bucks to keep the doors open! It can't be any more clear than that. So c'mon everyone. Break into the piggy banks and help keep Top Shelf where it belongs. On top of the 'net and the best TG fiction site out there anywhere!

It's SO easy to send even a one time gift to help out. Use this URL and your bank credit/debit card:

Pakistani hijira presses for prosecution of rapist.


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From the Guardian, an article about the stand taken by a Pakistani transwoman who was raped and who demands the prosecution of the rapist.

for those who might be interested

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As you might recall, two weeks ago I pushed to the edge when I rode the Otztaler Radmarathon. Well today things were a little less stressed when I rode the Eddy Merckx Classic near Salzburg. (I won't bore you with the bit in between). Cycling bore that I am, I completed the 169km through the Salzkammergut in 6.5 hours almost exactly half the time I was in the saddle a fortnight ago.

The call goes out for a beta/proof reader

Okay, the call goes out again from me for a beta/proof reader for another Bobby/Mel story line. Be aware that there is one section that I'm still working on but I would like both:

a. The persons thoughts, opinion on where the story went and how it read.
b. Obvious errors, but be aware there are some places that I'm sure I need to place the dreaded comma's and so forth.
c. What went right and what went wrong.

What Am I 'Allowed' To Write About?

From Saturday's Guardian:

I don't know if I'd care to share my views regarding freedom of expression with Ms Abdel-Magied. Something tells me the discussion wouldn't last very long.


Yesterday I read Melanie's recent great story, which is a worthy addition to her wonderful library of work. After reading it I read the comments and became incensed by remarks that seemed to condone the character's suicide decision because of the bullying she'd experienced. I've read these kinds of comments too many times on BC. Being trans is NOT a reason for suicide. What happens to you because your trans also is NOT a reason for suicide.

Do women overshare ?

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If you have read any TG fiction at all, there's a good chance you read something like this: a new girl discovers that girls can be very ... earthy and share intimate details with other girls
Well, I don't know how common that is in real life, but I had something like that happen to me yesterday. I had a conversation with a co-worker, in which she ... overshared details about her period.

I hope I didn't come across as clueless in my response ...

Boring story being written...



I feel that I have to apologize to people for writing a boring story. IMy story is the worst I have done thus far but I just couldn't do my normal "oh there's a new TG person", "oh there's the court battle", "oh there's the battle", "oh everything's alright" story that my stories have turned into over the past 11 months. I couldn't do it this time, I just didn't have it in me to write violence or suspense.

To Boldly Go...

To everyone here, I would like to say Happy Star Trek Day!

Today, on September 8, 1966, Star Trek premiered on NBC with the episode, "The Man Trap." 50 years later, Star Trek still thrives and endures. Boldly going and continuing to break barriers along the way, and all over the heads of the network censors (seriously, they actually did that back in the '60s).

So, may you all Live Long and Prosper!


Forced-Femme character in The Blacklist



So I love The Blacklist; it's smart, dangerous and exciting. But the last episode left a sour taste in my mouth. Season 3 episode 4 featured a young arabic woman who is revealed to have been a man, a young boy forcibly feminized into a girl for being gay by her father. The ending however, didn't give her justice or closure. Instead she probably went to jail.

Has anyone else seen this and what do you all think?

I haven't written here in a while.......

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I haven't posted anything in some time, which to be honest is a combination of several factors. First, I have simply been very busy between work, maintaining two homes, traveling, spending time with my sons, working on rebuilding a relationship with my wife (which surprisingly enough is going well), reconnecting with my mother since the death of my asshole of a father, and well...... simply living.

But, something of great import to me has happened, and is ongoing.

Girly glasses, girly shoes and an expanding ponytail holder.

In a comment to my blog, "Acceptable shoes" someone accused me of pushing the envelope and I freely admitted doing so. The "push the envelope" bug has bitten me again.

Living as a woman with a woman

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A huge surprise this last week or so. A Saudi Arabian friend of mine asked me if I could put up a female college grad until she finds an apartment, and now she will be moving out on the 15th, and that will have been three weeks. My Saudi Friend does not know about me and neither does she, and I'm not telling. It's given me a rare opportunity to glimpse into the female world.

Quick Update

Just a quick update on my writing :)

I'm currently working on the spin off to It's Just a Skirt, I think I might have mentioned that more than once. I'm making excellent progress on it, I'll post it as soon as I'm finished. It is turning out to be a much longer tale than I anticipated too. It will more than likely be longer than Skirt. After I finish I'm hoping to get back to Just Keep Rolling.

I also have a few other stories too.

Thanks to All


Thank you to all those who have read Change of Heart~Passion of the Soul. I pray you don't feel like you wasted your time. A hug and special thanks to Catherine Linda Michel (Cathy) a beautiful talented lady managed to do the impossible and assemble that story back into something readable. It was akin to taking scrambled eggs and changing it back into a chicken egg.

Of course my sincere thanks to Eric, ManicRacer, and so many others who took some of their precious time to give me advice, pointers, and ideas on correcting the misinformation in the story line.