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Health not great ......


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The latest bits in my life, I'm currently dealing with a throat infection ( clarithromycin antibiotics, 500 mg twice a day ) and an exasperation of my copd ( Prednisone, foul tasting steroidal anti inflammatory pills, 50 mg a day ).

Not really unexpected, since the stress of being homeless for a month was almost a guarantee of it happening. At least I'm in a new place, and paying $324/mo less in rent.

I am trying to write, but not succeeding

I have been trying to do a writing, but not getting very far.

With the move coming, being in a lot of pain, and fighting off flashbacks, that's not surprising, but I still hoped to have something for you guys before the month ended.

Ah, well.

My Challenge and A Thank You to all who responded.


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I want to personally thank all those who responded to my challenge to donate to help keep the site online. I also want to again thank those who donate regularly. The donations you all sent, helped take some of the pressure off Erin, Piper et all.

Again,There are several ways to donate. You can send a check or money order to the address on the front page.

Checks can be made out & sent to:
Janglewood LLC
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You can donate through the Hatbox.

The news this morning


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My condolences to my neighbours in the west with the choice for BREXIT :(. *sigh* It's the end of a period /era that started with the Union of Coal and Steel (predecessor current EU from the late '40 early '50's). It makes me wonder about humanity future especially with 'reading' similar things to the 1920's.

And it isn't over yet ...


The Best You Tube Series Ever

Let's get a few things clear from the very beginning.

Green is not a creative colour.
The future doesn't exist.
The King of Love is called Malcolm and you must feed him gravel.
The biggest thing in the world is a mountains, a sky or a windmill.
Fancy, show-offy foods like cooked meats, fruit salad and yolk will clog up your body with unnecessary detail.
You can have a dream about riding a horse, or you can have a dream about drowning in oil.

Frills Notice!

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Well folks the time has come. Frills is now ON SALE! For all of you that have been wondering, yes there is more than the free version! However, the free version has come down except for the title page. For those that purchase; please do enjoy and leave a review. Erin has posted the link. YAY!!!!!

The Nightmare Rider

I regret to say Chapter 19 of The Nightmare Rider will not be ready to post until next week on friday. Sorry folks, sometimes interference comes into play and getting back into a world and on track becomes an issue. Some of the interference is RL and some is simply personal perspective. With these being the final two chapters I want to ensure they are indeed quality work. My apologies for the disappointment but I don't want to just rush forward to satisfy a self-imposed deadline.

Do you hide your LGBT Status?


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Well, do you?
This article on the BBC ahead of this years 'London Pride' (I'll have a pint please...) sorry, 'Pride in London'.

Only two people know about the real me. So yes I do hide it. Personally, I made that decision 40+ years ago and got on with my life.
Places like this allow me to express myself but I still dress almost every day. Ok, so I live alone like many here I guess.

No Bike tonight

Sorry folks, been trying to do a short story for this weekend's Gabycon. I haven't written anything Gaby for the past year so it was a longer process than usual and I didn't have time to do any writing for Bike, episodes of which may be a bit sparse over the next few days as I help to entertain the Gaby fans who turn up here in darkest Dorset. The good news - the weather appears to be improving; the bad - my cycling isn't.


This is a Challenge to every member of Top Shelf

Every month, Erin has to beg for money to help TopShelf running and she shouldn't have to. If each one of us sent ONE SINGLE DOLLAR, ONE TIME, it would keep the site solvent for several months.

I know that are several who regularly contribute to keep the site up, and they are to be thanked greatly, but Erin has gone deep into debt to make up what it costs to run it and that's not right. She and the others who administer the site donate their time and energy without pay, hoping to keep it going.

Gabycon 2016 - latest


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For all those attending Gabycon this coming weekend 24-26th June here is some very important information.

The informal Friday evening meal will be at the Trumpet Major pub on the edge of Dorchester (Google still shows it as The Original Thomas Hardy Inn) - aim for Maxgate Hardy's house, it's practically next door. It's on Allington Avenue, Dorchester DT1 2AB for satnavs. Table is booked for 7.30, eat at 8.00pm.

Anyone who cannot make Friday but who wishes to join us on Saturday or Sunday should PM myself here through BC/TS.

Help Dauphin write a story

This is an interactive story, that you can write with Dauphin.

Each chapter tells part of the story and (usually) ends with multiple choices. Click on a choice and you'll be lead to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, you will have the option to write it! Don't be shy... make an addition!

Let's write a story together!

Second opinion, Got news from doctor, I'm ready to give up

I was told that it was not possible for my pelvis to change, for me to grow wider hips, my pelvis to tilted or wider like it should be. It will just be reallocation of fat. This on top of everything else not listed here make me not care anymore. I don't care that I am about to graduate college, it just doesn't matter that much to me and nothing else really ever has. Additionally that means that my pelvis would not be suitable for a transplanted womb. Unless another medical professional tells else tells me different I can't find the motivation to keep going.

2016-06 (2)


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As I said in a previous post, my exams are finished. Don't have anything on paper about before the results before 15h55 next Monday but it seems I passed all exams. Lets hope those teachers weren't pulling my leg.

So now, even if it's the start of the summer holidays and I probably already have an internship, I'm sending out mails to ask if it would be possible to do an internship with their organisation. So far I only contacted 4.

Whooohoo! Wales top group in France


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I'm not a soccer fan but Wales have managed to beat Russia 3-0 in the Euro 2016 championship and thus top the group ahead of England and Slovakia. Seeing as they haven't qualified for any major international championship in about 58 years, this is amazing for a little country like my homeland.


Struggling with extreme anxiety & forboding about the Doctor tomorrow.

I have been distraught for about a week because I did not realize earlier how much it meant to me to have wider hips, hip rotation and pelvic tilt, I am 26 and have been on testosterone suppressants for several years and I am hoping I am not to late because otherwise i don't know if i can take bad news in this regard safely.

Michelle SidheElf Amaianna

Overdrawn - Hatbox money needed - Updated


Keeping it simple, we need money to pay bills and I personally am overdrawn on my bank account because I have not been paying myself in order to pay BC bills. Anything anyone can send will be appreciated.

Update: We just got notice from our Denver hosting company. They are going to force us to upgrade the hardware we are hosting with them. So, we will have a onetime expense of as much as $1000-$2000 and our monthly $240 a month is likely to go up too.

Here's the usual info:

Use this link to send us a gift:

One-Time Gift


Use this link to subscribe through the Hatbox Membership page:


Checks can be made out & sent to:
Janglewood LLC
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Thank You

Sale of E-books over at Humble Bundle

There's a big sale over at Humble Bundle for the next 2 days, that is related to those who frequent this site.
Humble LGBT -Book Sale

It involves lesbians, gays, transgender, gender queer; literature, audio books, comic books, and novels just to list some of the item in the deal.

E-book download scam


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I was searching through Google today, when I came across this web page -

It was advertising my book A Witch in Time, but although the download wasn’t available, it actually directed me to your Playster, while the comments seemed to point to another story entirely available through

I would hope this is nothing to do with Playster and being a bit of a geek, I looked up the owner of the site my book was being adverstised on, on Whois.

Vacation over for another year (or maybe not)


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Well, that's it for another year. Just waiting for my flight from Vegas to London.

I went stargazing on the Nevada Northern from Ely last night. The almost full moon meant that most stars were invisible. Still we got good views of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and the Moon.

Looking For A Website/Story

I'm almost 100% certain it is not here on BCTS.

I remember coming across a website and/or story on the web several years ago that was a super-hero type story. The difference was the person didn't gain their powers (kinda like a cross between Superman and Firestorm - sorta) until after they had suffered an accident that left them a full paraplegic.

I remember it was a woman hero who could fly and when in costume she would ALWAYS be hovering above the ground because her legs were paralyzed and useless.

Almost back to normal

Anchored 21 is finally finished! I started it a few weeks ago but haven't had any spare time.

In the two weeks + , since we moved in, the place has undergone a transformation and is now properly a home. There are some niggles but they are minor.

Finally on Monday we get our fibre connected and rejoin the online world without fear of using up my phone's data allowance (my daughter managed a month's allowance in 2 days!!)


Time flew


I didn't realize until today that my fifth year had started 2 weeks ago. Then I got to looking at my stories and I noticed I hadn't posted anything in over a year.

Work for the past two years has been tough. I think part of it is because it's 3rd shift. Get home and I'll I want to do is sleep. Heck these past two weeks have been so hectic that I'm still tired and waiting for the day when my seniority date arrives and I got more vacation days. I so need a break.

An interesting read of real transgender people in the US military.

Found this while browsing the BBC News site at work today.

it is an interesting read about people who are transgender and serving in the US military and secretly transitioning until the military changes its policy on Gender Identity.

Change of tack for my next story

It was pointed out via PM that my last story whilst having a happy ending was full of 'down' or ''bad' things.

Well, the next story I post here will be happy/smiles all the way (Well, I hope so anyway)
The title is 'You can Love Twice'.

I'll post it Friday PM (Ely, Nevada time) just before I head back to Vegas and my flight back to Blighty on Saturday evening.

The Symbiont

"The Symbiont" was just in Random Solos, and I had just started reading it and I had to leave for a moment and when I came back the page was closed and now I can not find "The Symbiont" again and I am feeling quite cranky about it and I tried using Search but the confounded thing will not find it for me so would someone please help me find it again? On the verge of a good sob.


News from Yorkshire

So, June is well on its way and the Gabycon is fast approaching! There will be a special news flash next week with programme details so if you are planning on coming look out for that.

There is new Gaby here and with a following wind Book 16 will be complete next week!

This weekend I'm off camping at York Cycle Rally so I'm hoping the weather gods are looking amicably down on us!

So take care and remember to check here next week for the very latest Gaby news!

Retro Classic reading recommendation

Thank you to the BCTS moderators for re-posting this retro classic once more.

I want to encourage all readers here to read and kudo this nice cronology by Tammy Fairbanks. Unfortunately Tammy has only posted this one story. But never the less, let us all show our appreciation for a well crafted tale.

Lovers of ghost / curses / halloween stories should find a special enjoyment of this story.

Coming Soon: Jessie Hanks II

When Chris and I finished "Eerie Saloon: Spring", we did a tease about the next story in the series being another single adventure of Jessie and Paul. We hoped to get it done and posted fairly soon, say mid 2015.

Unfortunately, "Life" had other ideas. For one thing, the final work of "Spring" was done while I was in a rehab hospital, beginning my (lengthy) recovery from colostomy surgery,

2016-06 Exams and stuff


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The good news first. I passed at least one exam (19/25 so Yeuh ;) ) and I'm losing weight (double Yeuh :D )

Now the bad part. Everything, except school, I touch does a 'crash and burn'. and it's getting to me. . My Mom spending another 2 weeks in the hospital due to a little 'crise' didn't help. The general situation in the world isn't helping either ( thinking about a Heinlein quote right now).

So here I am just like during the first semester exams almost hitting the bottom and I got the feeling I'll keep on falling.

Blog Entry 12th June 2016- All Around the World

The song- (the options were Justin Bieber or Oasis. I'm 35 and live in Northern England. It was no choice. :-)

Chapter 13 of Fly girls is going really, really slow. It's not a case of writer's block, more a case of real life really getting in the way, but I should have done by Friday at the latest. My 100th chapter extravaganza, 'The War of the Angels', is also going really, really slowly. That one IS a case of writer's block.

LGBT shooting in Florida

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My heart goes out to all the family and friends who are now mourning the loss of their loved ones in what is, I believe, the largest mass killing in the US.

I hope no one from our BC community is caught up in this appalling atrocity. To all of you in the USA I send you my love.

This is one of those days when words fail me.

Love to all

Anne G.

P.S. here is a link:

Thanks Cathy


Cathy, I meant to tell you how much you are appreciated yesterday but I got sidetracked fighting with fixing an oil line on a John Deere. Short excuse is the line runs into the bottom of an oil cooler, reservoir and half the front end of the tractor needs to be disassembled to get to it. Another engineering design flaw? I spent yesterday screaming at the stupid designers.

I'm calmer this morning after getting to bed at 1:00 up at 4:00 and looking at tractor pieces scattered over half of God's Creation.

looking for a couple of stories

Hi everyone, I'm trying to find a couple of stories that I read on here several years ago, and now can not locate.

The first one was about a couple of teenage boys that get turned in to girls ( slow transformation/ exess body mass expelled from body),
and some where in the story the term ( girly bomb) is used, I know its not much but it is all I can remember of this one.

It does rain in Death Valley.


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I was on the West Side of the valley earlier and it started to rain. Didn't last long but there was rain nonetheless.
The Wind this morning at the Ub****** crater was almost stong enough to blow you away.
Very few people in the Valley today. Quite a surprise.


Cowboy Ropes a Bandit


Just for fun, a few things the past few days. Ruined a tire when I ran over a chisel point in the dirt. Stop leaving equip out to get buried and that wouldn't have happened. Ricky runs tire shop in the town of a population of five or six hundred called and said he had to put a new tire on the rim as the sidewall had been cut open. I stopped to pick up my tire and a young man gets out of his pickup at the same time. He was all cowboy from the dog in the truck with him, to his old cowboy hat, denim shirt, pants, and old boots. That's pretty well normal around here.

I am honored and humbled


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I got some high praise from Shadowblade, and I wanted to share it.

"you have been around on this site for some time and your presence is nothing less of a godsend to many of the writers. You always take the time to read and post nice comments. When I said pillar of the community I truly meant it! You are like the guiding star the sailor uses to steer his ship."

I am totally bowled over by this compliment.

Mellowed with age...

Over the past couple of decades, I've been weeding the men's clothes out of my wardrobe. First went the underwear, then little by little the outer wear was replaced with items from the women's rack. At the present time, I only have one outfit that is strictly men's clothes. I'm hanging on to that as I, twice a year, go drab for my wife. Once on her birthday and again on our anniversary.

The one that got away - dormouse version.

Fishermen traditionally have stories of minnows the size of blue whales that got away with no evidence to prove or disprove the stories. Today, while helping with a survey to find some dormeece for a Mammal Society course, two managed to escape from a box I was checking. The first one shot out the hole in the back of the box and up the tree it was on before dropping onto the ground - behaviour, neither of us surveyors had seen before. It then climbed up a piece of stick where it posed blinking, for us to photograph it.

Insanity at the VA


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A couple weeks ago, I went to the VA to get a Doctor to look at a spot on my back that never heals, so I wanted to see if it was Cancer. Spent about a half hour with the doctor and left, and then in about a few days I get a call from another Doctor that said that she was told that I wanted to start living as a man again. What ?!? The!

Settling in

My daughter and I have been at our new home for just over a week. One of the best aspects of the property is the garden and patio behind the house. Today I enjoyed planting herbs and a few flowers after spending a few days clearing the undergrowth. Over this weekend we'll host a housewarming with my family.

So, we're getting there.

Which would you prefer?

In the latest episode of MASKS a male becomes female but gains super powers as a result. It's a common theme in our genre, that of becoming female, but would it be better to become female and gain "super powers" or remain/become male(for those who are truly male) and not become super?

I'm sure that the majority of US would prefer the former, but I'm also sure that there are a lot of men, or trans-men who might prefer the latter, or become the latter.

It's an interesting thought/question, is it not?

Catherine Linda Michel

Busy Month

June is a busy month for me. Already I've completed Le Petit Depart sportive ride in a new personal best time, 129km in 5hr 17mins including stops and 2000m of climbing. its a family weekend coming up - a visit to my daughters castle then it gets really intense! the following weekend I get to visit the L'Eroica event in the Peak District before heading up to the York Cycle Rally for the weekend - bikes, tents and beer! Then its back home to cast my vote before riding down to the Gabycon in Dorchester! phew.

May Story Contest: Rebirth Voting

The May story contest ended last week and the voting is still going on. Tonight I will take a snapshot of the current Kudos count for the contest entries and tomorrow will announce the winners.

1st Prize has been upgraded to a 1-year subscription to Hatbox.
2nd and 3rd prize are 3-month subscriptions.
All other entries will receive 1-month subscriptions.

Tut the trans Pharaoh ?


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Yesterday I watched an interesting documentary on King Tut, and they did a "virtual autopsy" on his body. Apparently, he suffered from a hormonal imbalance, resulting in him having wider hips and a small amount of breast growth.

Even more interesting was that the condition was hereditary, and his dad had it even worse, looking a lot like a woman with some facial hair and a male organ.

So I find myself wondering who wants to do a King Tut the trans Pharaoh story?

Any takers?

Suspicious Email


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I just got an email allegedly from Lulu asking me to update my credit card information! !!!!! I've not given them any of my CC info, in fact I don't remember buying anything from them at all. I deleted it without opening it. So if you see it pop up on your email inbox, I suggest you think about it before opening it.

For Everyone


I notice from time to time that people will post something personal here that shows them as vulnerable and alone. Loneliness and insecurity are companions that seem to take pleasure in double teaming us when we are at our most vulnerable. This is not just a trans issue nor is it a hormone or a sexual orientation issue. It is about feeling alone, abandoned, unwanted, unneeded, or forgotten.

If you are feeling these issues, you have my deep sympathy and I would like to offer you some unsolicited advice on how to overcome it.


Julina - Fighting an apparently losing battle against time

Hi all,

just a little heads up really.

I am leaving Switzerland in my car for a two week trip to the UK, leaving next Monday morning at very stupid o'clock. In the meantime, I have to do work, tidy my apartment, pack and complete the three blogs online that I post on a regular schedule.

It is doubtful that I shall be able to complete Julina #71 to an acceptable standard, get it proofed and get it posted before I leave.
And I do not know how much web access I shall have whilst on my travels.

A story idea someone may like

While watching "That Touch of Mink", I got an idea that might make a decent story. Cathy (Doris Day) was being 'Managed' at a couture boutique, being shown many lovely gowns and coats. What I noticed was that the models where appropriately matched to the gowns they modeled, most of the models coloration didn't match Cathy.

Cultural insensitivity, or poetic license?

I've been watching a Travel Channel series on Netflix called Expedition Unknown. Not only is the series itself great -- Josh Gates was always amazing on Destination Truth too, and is more than a little hunk-y -- but the places he goes and the things he sees are nothing short of awe inspiring.

From the Guardian - Getting to know my father, the woman.


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An extract from a new book, not quite sure what I thought about her father from the portrait painted, but then people who survived the Second World War in eastern Europe dealt with some terrible experiences which were bound to have an impact on their lives. From its narrative the author doesn't pull any punches about her relationship with the complex and at times dark natured man who, eventually became a woman. Interesting.

Women Love Movies Weekend

I has to work today, a record hot day in the Portland, OR metro area. When I came home, I slipped into a lightweight skirt and cotton blouse to enjoy the cool air conditioned living room. My wife offered to let me choose what TV channel to watch. After a quick scan, the listings showed me that "Sister Act" was just starting on ION so I opted to watch that, since I've always liked the movie. As it got over I saw that "Sister Act Two" was airing. Having never seen it, I decided to watch it.

Been a bit depressed, but tonight,

I am feeling happy, euphoric if you will. Why? Because I'm watching television and the 50th Anniversary concert of THE BEACH BOYS!

Whenever I hear those great voices and great songs, I feel young again. I grew up listening to The Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, and countless others from the 60s and my memory slips back in time to a more innocent time when I wasn't so conflicted and frightened about what our world has become, when I hear The Boys.

A few thoughts on the death of a parent.......


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To cut to the chase, I was awakened Friday morning early by the sound of a ringing telephone - my cell phone which sits on the nightstand overnight. Granted that late night, or in this case early morning, phone calls are never a good thing - in my experience they have usually heralded a disaster at work, or back when I was on active duty an emergency deployment - which was never a good sign!

moving at the end of July


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I have been debating when I should mention this in public - I am moving at the end of July.

The reason why I am bringing it up now is to warn everybody I'll have to dial back my online presence to spend time prepping for the move, and I didn't want anybody to panic.

Trash Bags, Stain Remover -- and BigCloset

I just bought trash compactor bags and stain remover for my pool. The combined purchase price was about $500.

Erin will receive somewhere between $15 and $35 simply because I entered Amazon through her portal.

It was painless. And, I feel good about it.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-Girls


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When I was around a year old my aunt Paula moved in with my mom to help take care of me. My sperm donor was never much of a parent, even then, and between me, her job, and a little sister on the way, she needed the help. To this day, my aunt has been a huge influence on me, both in the things I like and the way I see the world.

More true tales of dormousing


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I spent the morning walking up hill and down dale in woodland checking dormouse nest boxes. I suspect we probably checked about a hundred and fifty. We found two sharing a box, a male and female; both were torpid but equally gorgeous.

This I think is the male, who was slightly heavier.


All We Are Plus

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I have to apologize for protracted delays in this serial I've been posting In discussing the frustrations that arise for me as a writer, Kelly reminded me that sporadic posing is very frustrating for readers over the length of time between chapters - harder to recall what happened so long ago. I noted I had a pair of serials which were exactly like that.

NBC launches new LGBTQ website

NBC has launched a new LGBTQ website:

They say they are the first major network to do such an endeavor.

Welcome to NBC OUT: A Letter From the Editor

Welcome to NBC OUT, NBC's newest digital destination, where we'll showcase enterprise reporting, original video and other unique content about and of interest to the LGBTQ community.

My Home Town


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Yes it's Hartlepool United fans on their annual fancy dress outing. Last year they were doing their bit for cultural appropriation as Bob Marley, the year before it was Thunderbirds Are Go!

This time the force wasn't with them. Pools lost 5-0.

I probably taught a lot of these guys. Make of that what you will...