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Closure. Thank you all.

Well, Amazon sent me an email:

"Dear Name,

Thank you for the additional information. Please be advised that we are in the process of removing the following Kindle titles from sale on all Amazon sites:

Playing A Woman ASIN: B01M1D8SSI

It typically takes 2-3 days for the changes to be reflected on the sites. We trust this will bring this matter to a close."

A Heads Up for Gaby Fans

Well the good news is that i've had a good days writing, 3 chapters in the time it took me for one yesterday!

So that means that there will definitely be a new volume of Gabyness on Sunday, part 3 of the 17th Gaby book. I will of course post links on the day in question when for the more patient there will be a new part of book 12+1.

I'll be cracking on with the final arc tomorrow, it should, in theory, be ready by mid November!

Don't take life too seriously


These stories we read on BC are fiction. Once upon a time if anyone put "Barbie Lee" into ANY search engine, they would be reading about me or something I wrote. Mattel also took note and sent their Legal Beagles after me with the insinuation "Barbie" was theirs and theirs alone to use. I was to immediately stop using my name, pay them an ungodly amount of funds, and turn over my domain name to them.

Halloween Costume Update


My Halloween costume has been decided upon. I shall indeed walk into my local pub on Saturday 29th (re-branded for the evening as the Titty Twister*) as a cross-dressing character from a classic horror movie.

The good news is that I get to wear a printed, wide-hemmed dress, a long black wig and tons of make-up.

The bad news is below.


I wanted to have a go at this, but the film had Nicolas Cage in it...



It took a long time but it finally happened. I have to step away from the website before I say or do something that I will regret. My anger and frustration is getting too much and I need to step back or I will blow up. I know this will get deleted soon after it is posted but if I don't vent I'll explode.

Back for another mammogram......

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A few weeks back I had my first ever mammogram; what a wonderful threshold into womanhood that was - not! Ouch!

Nothing like having a part of my body I had been reveling in how full and round it had become suddenly mashed flat by a machine under the control of some sadistic technician! OK - I exaggerated, the thechnician was wonderful. She was very caring and kind, and even though she knew this was my first time and why, she was extremely sweet to me.

Remembering Aberfan

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(Photo: The Aberfan memorial at Bryntaf Cemetery by Stephen McKay courtesy of wikipedia).

1966 was not a good year for me, despite England winning the World Cup, it saw the Aberfan disaster happen and about two weeks later my father died, both were total surprises to the thirteen year old child that I was.

You don't realise

how much you rely on your computer until something goes wrong.

Today i've spent best part of 10 hours writing a single Gaby chapter - a task that generally takes less than half that time. The reason? The files I needed to check for continuity were on my dead computer so I had to go a very roundabout way to access copies. A two minute job became half an hour and then had to be repeated - grrr, so annoying!

Someone complete the unfinished story?

Hi everyone!
I read a story "Mrs. Cavendish" on Fictionmania by Paula hanson a long time ago. Its still in my favourite list. The story tempo is really good. The boy gets into gradual feminization process due to his long hair working for a woman. But the problem is the story is incomplete and i think the author has no intenstion to complete it. There are many talented writers right here on this platform. Can someone have a look and complete it? Please? Pretty please?
I would also appreciate some suggestions for stories like that. thanking you in anticipation...

The Fancy Dress Party and more ...

Thanks to all who voted by giving kudos to my 'Fancy Dress Party', and also to all who commented.

I took a little time off my normal schedule of proof-reading and inventing things for Julina to invent and scribbled down a tale which had me grinning as I did it.

The joys of moving


This a update on what I've been up to as well as a request for aid. After my open heart surgery last year it's been one heck of a struggle to keep up with the bills and life in general.

My Understanding Spouse has recently gotten a new job, but it is in another city and state. We knew it was going to be tough moving, but we thought we had it covered. Finding an apartment long distance was not fun, but we did find what seems to be a nice place. She left her old job and is currently working from home until she has to appear in person in mid November.

Pounding The Anvil of Wordsmithy.

This afternoon as I was getting undressed after a bike ride, and mulling over the plot of a story that has me by the ear. I spotted several little gnats flying around inside the clear tank of my vaporizer. It only took a moment to take care of the little pricks; didn't want them laying eggs or defecating in there.

Looking for a story

I only remember one scene from the beginning or near the beginning of this story, but it has been annoying me that I can't remember the rest of the story or the title. In the scene, the protagonist is a janitor in a research lab or chem. lab where a female scientist is working. Initially, the scientist is very protective of her work and sees the protagonist as a threat to it.

extra! extra! read all about it!

Whatever 'it' is!

So this week I've been cracking on with writing, another 3 chapters of Gaby are with my editor now, that's 6 in the last week, and I'm all ready to hit the keyboard again in the morning!

Here on BC the next Gaby chapter is ready here!

Failure Printing


I hope this is the right forum. I'm suddenly having a printing problem. In the middle of random paragraphs there is suddenly a blank line & obviously missing content. Usually they are small enough that I can follow or reason the story line. I'm wondering if this is my problem or something has happened to the transmission. Looking for a solution. Another Brian

When you hear Wolf; what images do you see?

An update to the Atalanta series that many of you asked about. My Muse finally woke up after a year hiatus and I've written more (5k words) in the last week than in the past year due to a combination of factors. I finally have an editor (thanks Ashleigh) and a you tube video on a unrelated matter that fired me up. So I hope to start posting chapters in the next month on Atalanta's further adventures at Whateley Academy. And I'm breaking my rule about not having the story finished before I start posting each chapter.

And I need your help and the reason for the title.

October/November Story Challenge - Everyday Costumes

Time for a small story challenge before people get serious about the Christmas contest. The theme is Everyday Costumes and it's up to you what exactly that means.

Some suggestions:

A superhero's costume is altered by an evil tailor.
A crossdresser's wish comes true in an unexpected way.
Two people dress as each other for Halloween.
A character in a long running soap opera comes to life.
A special Halloween costume shop is run by an old guy in a bathrobe.

For extra credit, combine all five of those suggestions in one story. :)

It's been a very long time

It's been a very long time since I have had time to write anything.
Went to maybe start on Princess and the Plague again, but had forgotten characters and previous plots.
So I started reading it again.
Surprisingly and happily, I'm enjoying the story. I'm hoping it will get the muse out of her cage and back to work
I've also enjoyed going back over some of the comments and debate that this story created.
Anyway. Hopefully I'll be posting more episodes again before Thanksgiving


'The Earth Source Universe'


In case anyone is wondering what the crap happened to Battle For Earth, it's still here I just moved it into it's new Universe Organizer page aka the Earth Source Universe.

Also for those that are interested Legacy of Earth, the sequel to Battle For Earth, is up to about 45,000 words and I'm getting really close to finishing the first part. It won't, however, see the light of day until all parts are finished. Sorry.

I wept for my father today

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I wept for my father today.

See, I've been reading C.S. Lewis' autobiography, and he talks about his father a lot, so maybe that's why my dad came to mind today.

But regardless of the trigger, I wept for him.

I actually think this might be a good thing. I never really grieved properly for my dad, so getting this out of my system is a step in the right direction.

Or at least I'm hoping so ...

Poor person's copyright

Poor person's copyright


how to cover your butt so your works don't get stolen without a means to prove it.

1) make a copy of the story ( as in cd or printout )
2) send to yourself in a c/o addressing via post office to someone who will hold it for you ( yourself if needed. )
3) just need to produce the sealed envelope in a court of law to prove copyright.

the date stamp on the envelope postage shows what date the post office processed that mail item, proving it's contents existed on that date.

Re: Copyright infringement.

I just clicked the link Tigger provided and it appears that Amazon has taken the author's page down. Looks like the reviews and phone calls had the correct effect. Hope that story thief gets what's coming to her. Great job everyone. We caught another thief!!

Catherine Linda Michel

cautiously happier pussycat - kindle update


I want to thank everyone who took the time to reply to my earlier blog reading and to those who went and reviewed the subject book on Kindle. Eight blasts are on the site for this story.

Currently, if you search for helaina Darlington there are four stories under her "authorship." "Playing a woman" >snarling grin showing fangs< is NOT one of them.

What are we doing wrong (if anything)


I follow a few stories on They needed some money for servers and some kind of legal issues. Their goal was $130,000. In a little over a week they have raised almost $100,000. Why does Erin have to work so hard to raise the pittance we need here each month. Are we doing something wrong?

She shouldn't have to work so hard, if they can raise that kind of money in a week.


hanging on to my muse for dear life

There is a great picture I've seen on the net, of a dog sitting in front of a computer with the caption "I have no idea what I'm doing."

Why mention this?

Because that's kinda where I am with my stories at the moment.

I have no idea where the stories are going. I have no idea what's gonna happen next. I'm just hoping at the end they're halfway decent and readable ...

My muse has gone all roller coaster, and all i can do is hang on for dear life ...

No Update

Nothing new. Sorry. This blog was written a bit differently before, I apologize for that too. Today has kinda sucked for me to be honest. It started out a lot later than I wanted and it just sorta slid down hill from there. Some personal shit of mine came crashing at me earlier this evening. Stuff that had been building to a head over the week and it finally got to me. I wrote the blog after that. First rule of writing---at least to me---Never Write Angry.

That doesn't explain why there's not going to be an update tomorrow though :(

Fundamentally Annoyed Feline - Another story theft


Growl, hiss, spit, fume, hackle!

Okay, another of my stories showed up on Kindle this week. The ripped off story is Acting Dominant, which is been >ahem< revisited as "Playing a Woman". Even the title irrigates me (as in p***es me off!). I did it for FREE, people. It was a GIFT in return for all the gifts others have given me.

Christmas Competition - extra prizes

Following on from Sephrena's post about the competition and the discussions between the two of us, I am pleased to announce extra prizes...

1st prize - $250
2nd prize - $150

I'm the sponsor for these prizes but will be awarded in the same way as the other prizes.

so what are you waiting for... get scribbling


New Gaby time

Must be a record - I've managed four postings when I planned to!

Yup, there is a new chapter today, 33 of Book 12+1 and you get to it by clicking here!

New writing is happening, a bit of a cold has slowed things somewhat but I'm still on track for the promised part 3/Book 17 next weekend.



Brandy DeWinter, where are you?

I know you withdrew from the active community long ago and I understand your reasons. I've tried emailing you, but they keep getting bounced back to me. Tigger tried as well with the same result. PLEASE contact me here at Top Shelf and let me know that you are okay?

Catherine Linda Michel (Cathy_t_ from Storysite.)

A chance to go out

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So I have a chance to go out in a skirt as a guy . There is no way I could pass I am more biker than any thing else.
The reason I say I have a chance is I have an appointment close to Halloween. I could just wear the skirt to the appointment and see how it goes and see what people say. So what are your thoughts should I go for it should I not take the chance what.

BigCloset TopShelf's December 2016 Spirit of Giving Story Contest


December 2016
Spirit of Giving

Story Contest
Entry Submission Dates are from now through December 23, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time!
Prizes currently are 12 x $100 USD paypalled or gift vouchered. Prizes subject to go up!


It would seem that my block has been lifted, earlier today a great flow of words and plot lines started to fall out of my fingers, landing on the keyboard.

Why today? Why not yesterday or any time in the past few months? Well, today I was having a Onesie day, having bought the thing yesterday. Maybe that was it, maybe not. Anyway, chapter 34 of Tammy: Anchored should be on the stand shortly (just need to proof it again!)


cooler weather cold flu prevention


I am NOT a state licensed medical doctor.
With the cold flu season coming on one should be more aware of their body health symptoms. Although one should always be aware. However it is hard to tell people to look after their health until something goes wrong. That said, there are so many simple herbs, vitamins, and treatments to keep the body on a healthy track and treat it when something isn't right.
Make sure one is taking vitamins. Our food is so highly processed there is very little left in anything we eat from the grocery store to keep our life on a healthy track.

I'm not sure what's going on.

I have had a hard time in my life with writing. As a child and a teen, all I knew how to do was structured writing for school. It was boring when it wasn't stupidly stressful if I messed up, which I often did. I hated it. Then I discovered that I could say screw you to that type of writing and write fiction like the stuff I read to escape. I wanted to do it so badly, yet I struggled with it going months, sometimes even years without writing anything.

This is a positive thing



I guess I must now eat my words and apologize.

I've sent an e-mail to Microsoft (after decrying their windows 10 many, many times) and congratulated them.

As I posted a derogatory blog here concerning windows 10, I thought it only fitting to place my appreciation (and amazement) at the latest windows 10 update.

Most of the updates I've experienced required ten to twenty minutes to occur and necessitated my reloading most of my programs.

Reminded why i hate opioid pain killers.

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I will be honest i rarely dream anymore, not in years.

I went to the doctor, with a joint so inflamed yesterday, the doctor offered me a cortisone injection. and opioid pain killers while the joint healed.
I an on my second ay of taking the meds and i am sleeping a lot and these dreams i am having are so out of this world, i do not like it.

basically i almost lugged the doctor with my good hand while he was inspecting the pained joint, he ducted, but i was actually about to slam my fist into his table, then he goes please don't break my table.

assistance needed

Heya peeps

The stories that not just me but almost everyone else write and post in the 'TG' genre are something like 99.9% in English. This means that they are at best difficult and worst completely beyond the majority of the world's population to read and enjoy. It has always been my intention to make at least some of my works available in other languages, a project that was indeed started many years ago but ended when my 'team' lost interest in continuing.

Got some stuff done, but still have other stuff to do

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Well, I sent off my letter to the benefits company, so all I can do is wait and hope its enough to get them to reissue the check in my male name.

Meanwhile, I have a few other things I need to take care of - I have to book a physical with my doctor, and I need to get an appointment to see the PTSD therapist ASAP.

See, between pain and stress, I could really use some one to talk to about what happened to me so I can maybe slow down the number of flashbacks I'm having ...

Yorkshire does it again

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Done what I hear you ask. Well secured the biggest cycling spectacular so far, the 2019 road World Championships! So start planning to come visit it us now for 9 days of the best riders in the world, racing around God's own County.

And you know that being Yorkshire we'll be going the extra mile to entertain you all with a huge festival of supporting events, something for everyone.

Let's hope our Gab gets selected!

Story Outline: Feedback Wanted

Hi everyone. I had an idea last night which I'm planning to expand into a three-part story. The themes presented in this outline probably won't appeal to everybody, but I'd appreciate any feedback or suggestions you might have to offer on the subject matter.

Thanks, Tracy.

The Living Doll

Part 1

"Watch out for the lady, Mommy"

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"Watch out for the Lady, Mommy"

That's what a tiny tot said, and in case you couldn't guess, I was the "lady" in question.

It may not seem like much, but every "lady", every "she", "her", or "Ma'am" give me a little boost that helps me a great deal.

Economic/morality Censorship


Is anyone here having problems with Amazon or BN removing/prohiting their work. Amazon just refused to publish a very vanilla short story, I tried to publish. They said my work did not fit their guidelines or represent the image their company wants to present. (By the way it had nothing to do with monsters. It was about young man's psychological journey to the person, he felt she was meant to be.) It contained only musings/mild daydreams about sexual situations-no graphic descriptions. They referred me to the following article for an explanation of their position.

Thanks for the reads and the comments on Shadowsblade!

My readers, you all really loved this last chapter! Wow! more reads than the last one and really quick!

now! (rubs hands together menacingly and laughs MUHAHHAHA!) what to do to Rohanna next!

"cue haunted mansion music! "

A quick trip


Ho hum,

Tomorrow, at noon, I jump in my car with the SO and do a quick 6 country trip in order to take a garden table to my daughter in (near) Tunbridge Wells in the UK.

Start in Switzerland, zoom up through Germany for a bit, cross into France, then Luxembourg, then Belgium and the final 60 odd miles back in France again - then get on the ferry (but we're doing the Tunnel this time, taking up a special deal offer) and into the UK.

Back from Spain

Oh well, all good things must come to an end so it's back to the grind and colder weather. I can't believe that two days ago I was struggling with the heat as I tramped around El Hondo, a nature reserve outside Elche near Alicante. Now it's catch up time, do washing and other chores ready for work tomorrow. The latter is becoming increasingly difficult to psyche myself up to do, especially when there are things I'd prefer doing like chasing dormice or watching birds. However, going on holiday is definitely a luxury that my working pays for.

Home again

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I've arrived home safely. The Ferry from Santander to Portsmouth was great and as on the outbound trip was a flat as a millpond.

Thanks for all the kind words. My little accident could have been worse, much worse now that I think about it and reflect upon it.
I traveled just over 800miles on the trip (3 days riding) and averaged more then 60mpg (UK gallon).

Sunday - Expect brief outages


Piper will be tuning the intranet and switches connecting our various servers; so expect brief outages, probably lasting no more than a few minutes as she disconnects and reconnects various cables and occasionally reboots machines to activate new configurations. Please be patient and forbearing. :)

Thanks and hugs,

2 AM tears

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You know how you can tell you have a long way to go in your healing journey?

When it's 2 AM, and you're holding on to a teddy bear and crying.

That was me last night.

I was triggered by a story that featured an idea I call "the magician's force". Basically, it's where you give someone the illusion of choice, but you've rigged the outcome beforehand.

I believe my abuser used something like that with me.

And so I cried for the seven year old child who fell into the hands of such a creature ...

Ah, well. Must carry on, regardless.

Deserving a DUI ?

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So, for a very long time I have been too holy to drink, like ever.

Innocently I was on my way up to KFC to get my fat fix and I spied a little hole in the wall Italian Resurante. So, deciding that some culture could help cure my depression, I stopped and went in there. So, I had Pollo with mushroom sauce and pasta. YUM !!!! In a weak moment I had a pint of IPA beeer or ale or waht hever.

So, now I need to aks the qurestion. Can I posseblyt be intoxicated on a mere pint? Serouisly?

Oh, I gots soem tiramisu too, thinkin it mite sobr be up.

Thanks so much - so many friends

Thanks everybody for the thumbs up and the comments, both private and public. I really consider everything you say in terms of both my writing and my life. It's wonderful to know that there are so many interested and supportive friends out there. Please stay in touch.

Thanks for the reads!

I really do not worry or wonder much about number of reads on stories I post here and elsewhere, but if the data is easily available, like it is here, I do check it out sometimes.

Looking at the numbers once in a while here in the last year, I've noticed that my two stories' readership is (in my eyes) amazing, and the reads per day can be insane; sometimes none, regularly one or two, sometimes almost a dozen (whaaaat!?) reads in a day. Holy s*&t !!!

RE: Stories on Amazon

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Hi everyone, Tracy here again. I Just returned to BC after a long hiatus and was surprised to see that a few people have been requesting information regarding my short story collections.

I currently have two books available on, published under the name Kristina Leigh. The first is a 'print replica' featuring the "Cancan" series. You can view the book here.

Thanks and a Thought

Well, over the weekend, Sephy finished posting my Holmes story, A Study in Satin here on BCTS. I really wanted to just say thanks - to Erin for the site and for welcoming my stuff here, to Sephy for reformatting the story, finding the art and then incorporating Brandy Dewinter's original artwork into the posting here. Its all on my website, but I feel better knowing Brandy's work is in more than one place on the web.

So, I threw in my second entry today...


I decided to take Sephrena up on her challenge to write a longer story for the Christmas challenge. This is actually the story I started writing before changing horses and submitting the other one. I decided to post the other one, because I wasn't sure I could find the energy to finish this one. :)

Stephen King on the PBS Newshour

"Novelist Stephen King is best known for his works of horror, but he says what scares him the most is not being able to write. Jeffrey Brown spoke with him at the National Book Festival about his latest novel, “End of Watch,” the last in a trilogy, and about writing itself -- how he lets the story go where it takes him, his writing routine and his dread of a blank slate."

A strange problem to have

I have a bit a problem.

I am kinda blocked on Mercy, to the point I'm willing to ask for suggestions if anybody has one.

But that doesn't mean I'm blocked for story ideas.

I have started what I hope will be a funny take on Alice in Wonderland.

I am noodling an idea called "Help! My girlfriend is a unicorn!"

I even have a Jaci and Dottie story peculating,

So its a strange problem, that I'm blocked on the one story I really want to get back to writing ...

Ah, well.

A visit from Matthew- Update

We got through the night. Power was out for 3 hours but it is back. Other than some debris, there is no obvious damage to where we live. We'll begin calling friends soon to see if they're all right too.


I live in central Palm Beach County and we're already getting brushed by the Hurricane. We have power and internet but for how much longer is anyone's guess.

A fire station is a very short walk (.2 miles) from where i live. Power might be restored fast. My family made a small move in 2015. After Wilma in 2005, it was 11 days before our power was restored.

Need Story Help

So after putting Broken Phoenix on the back burner for a while I felt like I needed a new story to post on this site.

Well I'm going a bit out of my comfort zone with this story and this is why I need your guys help.

Just to put things into perspective I'm writing this based on another story on this site but The original character this story is based off is like 6 years older than the character in the story I plan to write.

Good Fairy Sephrena

So, for those of you who have been reading my stories, of late, you know that my life has been a bit of a mess, lately. I don't mean that to complain! It is a good mess (well, except that NASTY cold I cold I got, while on travel).

Blog from Spain

It is still quite warm here on the Costa Blanca. Yesterday was a bit of bummer as we had to wait in for the wi-fi connection to arrive via Spanish Postal services, so practically lost a whole day just kicking our heels. I did some university work and also read my book, Farewell to Ice by Peter Wadhams a scientist from Cambridge. I admit it felt quite weird reading about ice formation when the temperature outside was in the low thirties Centigrade. I explored the garden and found a couple of butterflies and the remains of a tiger butterfly, one of the Danaidae or milk weed butterflies.

ISO Story

Reading about an accident locally where a little boy was run over while riding his bike and dragged under the car. It reminded me of a story about a little boy that was run over by an elderly neighbor. He's in bad shape but docs have to wait for his parents to return from England to get permission to basically perform SRS on the boy. The parents are caught up in the 9/11 aftermath with no flights being allowed in or out of the country. But it seems our little boy has some ideas of his own!


I might have been showing signs of being autistic very young

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As I watched all the little tykes who came into my store today, I found myself thinking about a story my grandmother told me. She told me that when I was a baby, I was a very happy baby, giggling, cooing, and smiling at everybody - until someone tried to pick me up, and then I would do my best to claw their face off.

I couldn't figure out why I would act like that, but now realizing I was perhaps borderline autistic, that behavior would make sense - Autistic people often cant handle being touched.

The Performer/Entertainer tag

If you haven't noticed by now, you can click on this tag Performer/Entertainer and see the various stories that I have tagged with it. While some stories that had greater than a few pages I only tagged the first page of the story, the authors of the said stories can tag all of the story pages. It is an overwhelming task to search for these type of stories unless you know them directly. I spent 5 and a half hours this early morning doing just that.

Humble Bundle and charity


I had talked about video games availability in the previous blog post but THIS is about the Humble Bundle. Humble Bundle is a site that sells video games, DRM and DRM-free, with you being able to donate most if not all of the proceeds to charity.
My question is this...Big Closet is 501c3 right? Is there a possibility I can encourage them to have Big Closet as a donation option? Erin, Piper? Do I need to pressure Humble Bundle to give this as an option?
Humble Bundle has great sales at times and I'd love to see BC get my donation whenever I buy a game from them.

Advice from members of Islam please

I have been approached by Tenant Support Workers for my residence ( have to like supported housing ) asking me to low key assist a new trans woman that should have moved in yesterday ( or at least filled out papers ).

She is a refugee from the middle east, and has not had it easy at all. ( to the point men from the region are a serious issue for her )

That is all I know about her, what I need is ideas on how to interact with her to avoid triggering her issues as well as knowledge about how to interact appropriately with a woman of Islam.

Help Please re-Windows10


I had to roll back to the previous version of windows 10 after the last update added cortina.

The result was my laptop slowed down so much that at times what should have taken brief seconds froze the screen for minutes and looking at the task manager (again minutes to load) showed the cpu was working at 100 percent.

How to make a mistake

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One of the parts of adulting I'm trying to learn is how to make mistakes.

Now that probably sounds confusing, so let me explain.

For most of my life, any mistake I made became huge, an example of my general unworthiness. I would beat myself up, add the mistake to a list of mistakes that I kept reminding myself of, and generally act like I was in a really bad tragedy.

But adults dont act like that.

Being a Stranger

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Hi everyone,

As my transition continues (I went FT 7 Sep) it occurs to me that I don't want to be a stranger. There are so many me's in social media but I haven't connected the dots and, if something were to happen to me, I wouldn't want to be unknown here and have people wonder (if anyone would) where I went. I'd like people to know me, to remember me.

Still more grammar

Once again I've noted a couple of frequent grammatical errors in stories and thought I should try to help folks avoid them.

First off we have the "[person] and [pronoun]" construct.

For example "Shelly and I went to the store" or "The boys threw something at Shelly and me".

Note that the [person] always goes first. But getting that backwards is a minor error. More common (and jarring) is using the wrong form of the pronoun. In the above examples, that would be: "Me and Shelly went to the store" or "The boys threw something at Shelly and I".

Update and new chapter

Yup, I've managed it, another chapter of the Wunderkind story is up here.

Keeping on a Gaby theme, I've started scribbling on the series again, my editor received 4 new chapters this morning! There is a remote chance i'll have the current arc complete for Wednesday.

To my computer woes - thank you everyone who offered help and support, things are kind of sorted and i'l be taking much more precaution in future!

So ttfn, ciao and tschuss