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Curiosity Killed The Boy 4

It had been three weeks since the day I wore my first outfit. I’ve started making some minor modifications to my daily routine. I took baths, long hot bubble baths, instead of showers. I’ve been shaving my legs, armpits and private area. I started wearing panties. I slept in a night gown. Part of me thought I was making too many changes to fast. The joy I felt each day only encouraged me to go further.

“Mom. Did you use my lip stick?” Sis asked.

“No,” Mom looked at Sis. “Why?”

Luna 1: Drafted - 7

In this chapter, Luna and the Praetorians begin a pre-match tactical campaign of terror against the Good O'l Boy'z. Along the way, the Praetorians get kitted out with their costumes, Luna learns more about her succubus heritage and receives a detailed lecture on the theory of magic.

Somewhere Else Entirely -119-

Garia visits a friend and then discovers that one of her new armsmen has found something significant - something that could affect her meeting with two guildsmen later in the day. Plans are made to make a new kind of weapon to take the war to Yod and Senidet is given a new job.

Somewhere Else Entirely

by Penny Lane

119 - The Draftswoman

Jessica's Story - Part 9

Jessica's Story - Part 9

The final months of the year are upon the Smiths, with Bonfire Night, and a Carol Concert at the school. There is also another visit to the gender clinic, plus a parents evening for Anne to attend. But aside from presents, Jessica and her siblings are looking forward to the Christmas visit of the aunt and uncle that they've never met.

Secondhand Life - Part 8

Monterrey was relaxing. I started making a habit of running on the beach and into town. It wasn't too long before people stopped treating me like a sasquatch sighting and actually started waving and saying hello as I'd run by.

Sisters 40

Sarah had mentioned the others like her that she had come across, and I had been doing my own digging for any info, good or bad, on one of them. She was from somewhere over our neck of the woods, which meant there was a risk of ‘history’ with some of the other wedding guests, and I rather preferred relaxing outside a few beers rather than dealing with their effects on idiots.

A New Start in Life part 6

A New Start in Life Part 6
The Girls.jpg

This is a gentle coming of age story tale about a young boys search the become the girl he knows he should have been, with the help of his two girl friends he becomes Susanna, the girls teach him all about life as a girl.

Please note this is a gentle tale sentimental, with some sexual content but where there is it any it is inferred sex NOT graphic sex and will be tagged as such.

Apologies for the length of time between posting this but that four letter word interfered (Work) and I had problems accessing my cloud storage but things seem to be fine now.


A personal history of Mutation, or how I spent my teen years. Chapter 10.

So. Summer mutation 10. Otherwise known as the "dodge an issue" chapter. Min's response is not the healthiest, but she's allowed to make the mistake, right? I'm sure we've all made this one a time or two.

Anyway, enjoy!

Whispers from the Void - Chapter 23

Whispers from the Void

by Ken Ryker

The Archon Saga unfolds as a young girl is thrust into a destiny she does not understand. Lead by a torn mentor, hunted by a spurned patron, and wanted by a malevolent spirit, she will face unknown threats and find unexpected allies as she struggles to determine whom she can trust and whom she must deliver to a fate darker than the blackest night.

Chapter 24:


Road Picture

This is another true story...

Road Picture

by Storytimer

While I was going thru transition, I had a friend named, well, call her Debbie. Debbie was going through transition, too, and we kind of were a support group for each other. Debbie was short, slender and blonde--blonde to the bone sometimes.


Originally posted 2005/05/03.

Keeping it a Secret: Summertime Chapter 3

Medical fiction. This however is fiction temporary SRS, but I added the part of dicharge (as in the previous story), to make the main character 'experience' menstruation.


"Mum, what are you doing back home? I thought you and dad had had left for your trip." Damnit, had they cancelled the whole holiday?

"The flight had been postponed due to mechanical problems and so we'll leave tomorrow early morning instead. Why are you home so late? Your school have ended hours ago."

"I...I had late extra revision classes," I lied.

Being Me - Part 6 - Voyage of Discovery

Being Me

By Karin Roberts

The Cruise – Voyage of Discovery

Cruise Diary – Day 5

I woke with a slight start a noise outside in the corridor, it passed. I looked at the clock just gone 8am.

Yesterday had been a strange day it had started so well, I had really been looking forward to Cadiz and my trip ashore. The end though with Mhari confirming her knowledge of my true gender had knocked me a bit sideways.

Michelle's Story - Part 3

Michelle's Story - Part 3

Michael has started school and made friends with Robert, who also has long hair for a boy. But he has also made an enemy in Billy, the school bully. The feud that ensues results in a more confident Michael, but Billy refuses to give up. Some clever deceit and Michael finds himself in a living nightmare, and his family are unable to help him.

The story continues in Jessica's Story - Part 10.


Jess Stone had breasts. He had been like this his entire teen life not quite fitting in anywhere that he had lived and at the same time he hadn’t really had the chance to. His folks moved around a lot with his dad being a hydrological engineer but they were slightly afraid of what might happen to Jess if he attended school. Some people just didn’t get it or wanted too. Jess was now attending a new school when he decided to change things...

Only it was everyone else that was getting changed!

Chapter 33
by Bailey Summers

Copyright © 2012 Bailey Summers
All rights reserved.

Nikki, part 4

I pout my deep red-coloured lips for the camera as I take shot after shot of me in various poses. My dark brown hair has been styled into a feminine bob, framing my immaculately made-up face.

Curiosity Killed The Boy 3


I sat on my bed wearing an aqua baby-doll night gown and panty. The cotton balls were stuffed between my toes. I shook the bottle of red nail polish, thinking about the risks. I didn’t think it likely that Mom or Sis would ever see my painted toes. It would only be for a few days. I was confident I would never be caught. I found it exciting to have a secret. Like when I wore panties for the entire day. Mom and Sis never knew. I knew, every time I stood or sat I felt the panties caress my bottom. It made me feel naughty, and I found that exhilarating.

Summer of Love - Part 9

“Well, since you're here, let's get a look at you” I smiled and playfully shook the skin around Kesey's neck. He cocked his head and leaned into my hands and his stubby tail began to wag.

Colin regarded me while I gave Kesey the once over.

“He's usually extremely shy, I'd even say ...skittish... around strangers. I've never seen him take to anyone the way he's taken to you....”

I smiled and regarded him for a moment. “What about you?”

He shrugged sheepishly.

Gaby Book 11 Chapter *24* Hotel Como


Chapter *24*
Hotel Como

Tonight we were on three tables, riders on two and the support team, for which read the adults, on the other. There wasn't anything to say so but the girls all ended up on one table, lads on the other – I say girls, I was first to a seat, Mand and co just filled the other places so it was girls and me. Once we were seated, our host claimed our attention.

The Defenders

The Defenders
We are the defenders
The shield bearers
The ones who protect

We the defenders have a question for you

What use are the defenders
If there’s nothing left to defend

The castle
The core
Your innermost place

What use are we defenders
When you force us to lock you in place

The scenery matters not
It’s still a cell

We the defenders wait for the day
When we release you, save you, and go on our way

We the defenders
Are just like you

The Girl with the scars in her eyes

The Girl with the Scars in Her Eyes

Have you seen her?

The girl with the scars in her eyes?

Because she tries to be invisible.

She thinks its safer, but its also very lonely.

Have you touched her?

The girl with the scars in her eyes?

She often flinches when people reach out to her.

But she looks with longing at those who are being touched.

Have you spoken to her?

The girl with the scars in her eyes?

She’ll try to keep the conversation light.

Even though she longs to be able to share.

Jessica's Story - Part 8

Jessica's Story - Part 8

October arrives, and Anne ends up in more hot water, when she and Julia decide at the eleventh hour, to spend the night together, resulting in Kelly sleeping over at the Smiths. The month ends with the children getting together at Julia's house for a Halloween costume party.

Curiosity Killed The Boy 2

Since the divorce things have changed. Sis and Mom work more, and the house isn’t as tidy. Mom is more stressed. She complains about money all the time, and my good-for-nothing father. Some changes have been for the better. Mom and I haven’t received a thrashing; her for being a whore, and me for being a dumb ass. I was growing my hair long.

Dead Ringer - Part 15

Bill Lynch saw the plain white van turn into the alley so he stepped out from behind the dumpster and flagged them down.

“Jesus. TOOK you long....”

“ON YOUR KNEES” the commando bellowed.

Charlotte, part 5

"Beautiful, Jamie," the photographer calls to me as I turn my head and look off into the middle distance, giving the photographer a perfect view of the necklace and earrings I'm wearing- not to mention the exquisite white wedding dress! The dress is strapless, but doesn't show off too much cleavage, and hugs my curves beautifully. I have incredibly long fake nails- extending over an inch from my fingertip- attached to each digit and my make-up is applied flawlessly.

Never Meddle in the Affairs of a Woman, Ch 17


Chapter Seventeen



My heeled sandals made a click-clacking sound on the tiles as Chris and I walked down the hallway to the Administrator’s office. I glanced over at him and smirked when I realized that in my three inch heels I was taller than he was. For some reason this extra height gave me a sense of superiority. I’d been a little surprised that neither Bruce nor Tabatha had come to get us, but Chris said he knew the way.

Never Meddle in the Affairs of a Woman, Ch 16


Chapter Sixteen

“A Woman’s Passion”


A sudden jerking sensation caused me to lurch into consciousness. It took a second for my confused brain to catch up and then I realized it was just a bit of turbulence and that I’d been sleeping for the last couple of hours. Then sensation rushed back.


Keeping it a Secret: Summertime

And "Keeping it a Secret" has returned, this time a summer break as opposed to the autumn/winter break in the previously story. Clarence/Cathrine is a Year 12 student but I must say I don't know much about Year 12 studies or British education/schooling holidays so those parts are fictional. The medical terms may be accurate, but the operation/procedure is definitional fictional. The makeover is as well. I'm also not sure if there are really wigs and breast forms that can withstand sun and seawater/swimming pool water.


Secondhand Life - Part 4

It seemed I had the rest of the day free. I wandered into Katherine's 'office'. I guess it was a tax thing or somesuch, but this was the room with all the Katherine Keller memorabilia.... her framed first Vogue cover.... a number of other framed glossy magazines and photos, including one with a very perplexed looking Dalai Lama which made me smile. There was her Golden Globe, her people's choice award, a number of teen spirit awards going back to the time she first started modeling. I hadn't realized how long she had been doing this. How long since she had been a part of the 'real world'.

Never Meddle in the Affairs of a Woman, Ch 15


Chapter Fifteen

“Sometimes It’s Better to be Lucky . . .”


I leaned back in my seat and looked through the binoculars toward the building. Night had fallen but within the fenced in compound there was plenty of light.

“See anything?”

I looked over at Chris, “Not yet. Most of the employees have left but there are still way too many cars in the lot.”

Chris nodded, reached behind the seat, and pulled out a bag that held a pair of sandwiches.

“Are you hungry?”

Life Is Not A Bowl Of Cherries~9

There was another loud bang on the door, followed by a third.
‘Don’t answer.’ I said.
‘I don’t intend to; ring the number on the pad by the phone; it’s the local police; be quick...’

Life Is Not A Bowl Of Cherries

A Penmarris Story At Christmas

By Susan Brown

Luna 1: Drafted - 6

This chapter is called Revelations for a reason. Luna learns more about the creation of the succubi and their role prior to the Sundering, she also finds out she has a relative on campus. In addition, along with several misadventures, she finally gets her powers properly tested, which produces even more surprises.


In most areas of magic, I am generally considered to be a very weak wizard…but in one area I am almost peerless. In my specialty area of magic, I am generally considered to be one of the most powerful wizards in the United States. I am woefully unprepared to hurl bolts of lightning around or transform dogs into cats, but when it comes to sensing potentials in people, places and things…I am generally very capable. Because of this talent, I have been highly successful in training some of the most well known magic users in the world.

Curiosity Killed The Boy

Curiosity Killed The Boy

My older sister always had more clothes than I. Her closet and dresser were full. The closet in the spare bedroom was packed with outfits that didn’t fit her or were deemed out of style. There were boxes of her old clothes on the floor of the closet. Since Monica took care of her clothes, Mom had a habit of saving her stuff. “You never know when they may come into use,” she would say.

Jessica's Story - Part 7

Jessica's Story - Part 7

Jessica has started school, and earned the friendship of Rachel and Lisa, to add to that of Kelly. This friendship pays off immediately with trips to the swimming baths, and a birthday party. There is also news from their relatives in the north.

Never Meddle in the Affairs of a Woman, Ch 12


Chapter Twelve

“Ignorance is Bliss”


Light filtered in through the expensive curtain to hit me in the face. ‘Why is it that I’m always being woken up by some kind of annoyance,’ I wondered. I sat up and looked around the hotel room. My head hurt and my mouth felt like it was full of cotton. I wondered how much I’d drank last night, it was all a blur. I got up and padded softly to the window and pushed back the curtain.

Here there be dragons, chapter 5.

So another one from the way-back machine. There was a specific reason this one was on hold though; it has to do with two little segments involving canon characters. I debated leaving it out, but while this one is harmless the next one is used for a bit of explanation and back story. I don't like to play with other people's characters as a rule... but this just fit the story too well. I did sort of ask permission, and wasn't told I couldn't... so here we go.

With apologies to Maggie Finson and Bek D. Corbin specifically, and Whateley canon in general, here we go.

Please remember this one is a fan fiction, and if you feel the characters portrayed are a bit out of character; well, the blood moon was out. The planets aligned, and the dimensions were melting under the weight of various class X's. Choose your poison there.

On with the chapter.

Never Meddle in the Affairs of a Woman, Ch 11


Chapter Eleven

“Magic, it’s a Bitch”


I pushed through the door and started moving up the stairs. The building had been segregated into what looked like two apartments per floor. I made it up to the landing on the second floor when a blonde, shorter and a little chunkier than me rushed out of an apartment.

“Kris! It’s so good to see you.”

I had to drop my bags to return her hug. Based on her enthusiasm she must really be happy to see Kristina.

Never Meddle in the Affairs of a Woman, Ch 10


Chapter Ten

“Got to Love the Autobahn”


Normally, I’m a light sleeper. I can count the times I’ve slept so deeply that it felt like I was climbing from a deep, dark, comfy, pit into reluctant awareness on two hands. This was one of those times. At some point during the night I’d rolled onto my left side, away from the window, so now I rolled onto my back and glanced at the curtains that diffused the sunlight streaming in.

Skirting the Law - A House of Fabulous Story

To avoid getting a pink slip, a lawyer decides to wear one.

Skirting the Law
A [House of Fabulous] Story

Copyright 2004 by Nom de Plume
Reposted 15 Jan 15

Whispers from the Void - Chapter 23

Whispers from the Void

by Ken Ryker

The Archon Saga unfolds as a young girl is thrust into a destiny she does not understand. Lead by a torn mentor, hunted by a spurned patron, and wanted by a malevolent spirit, she will face unknown threats and find unexpected allies as she struggles to determine whom she can trust and whom she must deliver to a fate darker than the blackest night.

Chapter 23:


Never Meddle in the Affairs of a Woman, Ch 9


Chapter Nine

“Fun on a Train”


‘Late lunch or early dinner?’ I wondered as I dug into a veggie wrap. “At least I can still eat fries. What I wouldn’t give for a nice steak right now.”

I glanced at Kristina’s phone for the tenth time. I still didn’t have anything from Kristina. I felt very exposed at the moment. I didn’t have any proof that the Syndicate had the expertize to track me using technology, but I hated taking the risk.

Keeping it a Secret Chapter 7

Note: Rated restricted.

No reference to infantalism intended.


Who the hell would be at the door? I quickly yanked up my jeans and rushed down, peering through the eyepiece. It was Jonathan! What the hell did he want? Did he come to tell me that he knew I was Catherine? Shit, shit, shit, I quickly backed away from the door.

"Ding Dong!" "Hey, Clarence, it's Jon!" His voice called. "Open up!"

Never Meddle in the Affairs of a Woman, Ch 8


Chapter Eight

“Beware the Hottie”


“Hmmmm . . .”

I heard the soft feminine moan and thought that I’d just been having the best dream. The dream involved flashes of clarity, passion, and hot lesbian sex. I smiled, and rolled onto my back, the feeling of extra flesh on my chest shifting and settling to either side brought me fully awake, and I realized I’d been the one to moan.

What Really Happened on Mulberry Street

Strange things happen everyday, even on Mulberry Street. A true story.

What Really Happened on Mulberry Street

by Storytimer

Originally posted 2005-May-5; Reposted 2015-Jan-14

Kayda 1 - Buffalo Gal Won't You Come Out Tonight - Chapter 6

A Whateley Academy Adventure

Buffalo Gal Won't You Come Out Tonight
by ElrodW

Chapter 6

Thursday, March 15, 2007
Schuster Hall, Whateley Academy

Kingston Academy Shorts #1: The Laundry Incident

Kingston Academy Shorts

#1: The Laundry Incident

By Melanie E.

For Julian Stone, signing up to be a Princess has been a stone gas. But when a simple prank goes horribly wrong, is this Princess man enough to own up?


Gaby Book 11 Chapter *23* Bella Bella


Chapter *23*
Bella Bella

If it wasn't snow it was something doing a great impression of snow.

“And?” Mand demanded.

“Gi up man, there'll be nay beating o ‘er.” Jamie stated.

“There are places you can ski in summer.” I supplied.

“If you say so.” Clearly unconvinced Geth replied.

Never Meddle in the Affairs of a Woman, Ch 6


Chapter Six

“Girls Are Weird”


It was after five by the time I returned to Kristina’s flat. I was feeling depressed, hurt, and angry. I opened the door and heard my phone ringing from the living room and it struck me that in my rush to go in to the facility I’d left both my purse and phone. I hurried into the living room just as the phone went to voice mail.

I saw that it was a missed call from Lana and rather than listen to the message I sent her a text.

Keeping it a Secret Chapter 6

"What?!!" I cried, now what.

"Hang on there. He's rescheduling for 1130 on Thursday," she said. "But..."

"But, what, can there be a operation before Friday afternoon?" Please, please...

"That is what I'm telling you. Come Thursday, Doctor Barnes examination then might change and get you all ready even before Friday."

"But how?"

"He says just come then. See you then."

Nikki, part 3

"Come onnnnnnn..." Sarah pleads with me, grabbing my free hand and trying to distract me from the task at hand.

"Nope," I say with a smile as I look at the increasingly-beautiful girl in the mirror in front of me. Smiling, I dip Sarah's mascara brush back into its tube and apply more of the wonderful make-up to my eyelashes, increasing their volume with every single stroke.

"It's my make-up, I get to apply it on you!" Sarah orders, pouting in my direction. "Come onnnnnnn, I haven't put make-up on you in weeks!"

Somewhere Else Entirely -118-

Garia is still juggling people and activities as she moves through the palace. She introduces Tarvan and Milsy to the difference between AC and DC and gives hints about possible uses before a meeting of the War council is called. She learns about the retaking of Joth and the preparations being made to carry the war to Yod.

Somewhere Else Entirely

by Penny Lane

118 - Different Currents