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Title Code Author(s)
The Crush: School Daze Mon Theide
A Birthday Reunion Solo SamanthaMD
The call Mon Freyja Celeste
Goodbye Sun Chapter 1 Mon Domoviye
Where No Man has Gone Before Chapter 6 Sun Mopar
In Too Deep - Ch 11 Sun waif
The Decaying World: Kiranim Sun Kitten
Sisters 52 Sun Cyclist
Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 2865 Sun Angharad
God Bless the Child DP K.T. Leone
Testing Times - Chapter 27 Sun Shiraz
Trying to live 5 Sun QuietOne
Gaby Book 12 Chapter *33* Bond Girls Sun Maddy Bell
Xìngbié; part 10 (of 12): The Final Step is Acceptance Sun Quintilianus
The Christmas Party – part one Sun AmyLikesDancing
Somewhere Else Entirely -140- Sun Penny Lane
The Many Faces of Harry Potter 10 Sat Fayanora
Autobiography Solo Rasufelle
Letters from Heaven Solo Jennifer Sue
Cosplay Adventure – Part 3 Sat AmyLikesDancing
The Return of Nevermore part 6 Sat Morpheus
This Mortal Veil Sat Stickmaker
Requiem for a hero. Solo Theide
Man hunt in the Heartland -chp8 Sat WolfJess7
Marley for the Win Part 2 Sat imanobodyhere
Gene's Story or How I Gained a Cousin Chapter 2 Sat Karen Lockhart
Jaguar Solo Theide
Peace Sat Rifkinn
Crushed, For acting like a Boy Solo Jessica C
The Transit of Venus, Book 2 - Ch 66 Fri Rhona McCloud
The Chrysalis Project Book 5: Steel Dove Book 2 Fri Snowfall
Crush Alternate U Solo Barbie Lee
Masks I A Fri Stickmaker
Mercy Chapter 8 Fri Dorothy Colleen
Julina of Blackstone - 063 - The Journey May Be Over ... Fri Julia Phillips
The Might-Have-Been Girl Chapter 28 Fri Bronwen Welsh
Freya's Gift Chapter 41 Thu Mopar
Welcome to Timber Grove: Chapter 5 Thu TGTrinity
The Brain-Jacked Chronicles - Fugitive! - Part 2 Thu Melanie Brown
So You Want To Be A Nurse - Chapter One Tue Michele Nylons
No Doubt Solo Rasufelle
My Safe Place - Chapter 3 Tue Natasa Jessica
FTL-29...Faster Than Life. Tue Bailey Summers
7000 Gold crowns a dance. Solo Bailey Summers
Bridges 48 Tue Bailey Summers
Sooners Than Later's Part 5 Tue Bailey Summers
The Name Solo QModo
What were you thinking?? Solo New Author, Willow Tree
Marine 2 KS Tanya Allan
The Vandal Solo Anon Allsop

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S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

The Crush: School Daze

Author’s note:

I was halfway through writing this when something else got in the way. I know its too late for the contest but no worries there, even if I did win I would insist it go to someone else.

With that said I hope you enjoy my tardy little drabble.


The Crush: School Daze

A Birthday Reunion

To celebrate a whole two years since my ‘divorce’ I decided to get dolled up and go out.

You must understand that I don’t normally do that but for once, I decided that I’d go out in a bit of ‘glam’.

My desire to wear my ex wife’s clothes was what led up to the divorce despite Paula knowing about Suzi before we got married. In the end, the fact that I often looked better in her clothes was sometimes just too much for her.

Goodbye Sun Chapter 1

Part 1

New York

Anthony stared at the mirror, trying to ignore the sounds of the school that echoed in the hallway and into the small bathroom. His perfectly cut blonde hair matched school regulations, not touching his collar. A year ago he'd had a ponytail that reached well below his shoulders, he'd managed to man up and not cry when it was cut off on his fourteenth birthday to meet the high school regulations, but he desperately missed it whenever he combed his hair.

Where No Man has Gone Before Chapter 6

A Star Trek Next Generation based fan fiction novel

Reginald Barclay discovers that space is not the final frontier

Where No Man has Gone Before

Chapter 6: Deanna's Return Home

When we finally broke from the kiss, it was all I could do to stay on my feet. The look in Geordi's eyes, says he's
probably feeling the same thing as I am. Without saying a word, we left the briefing room and headed for engineering
holding hands. Neither of us cares if someone saw us.

The Decaying World: Kiranim

Sparrow sat at a table in the cafeteria reading the girl’s diary. She was quite the information gatherer. If the diary was anything to be believed, Kiranim grew up in another world. Homeless but still finding a purpose in life. This thing call Free Running. Which, up till now, kept her safe and out of trouble. This Jeril seemed to have a positive effect on her. The more she read, the more engrossed in the girl she became. Until the point she didn’t notice Hawk behind her.
“You’re really into that diary.” Hawk announced his presence, causing sparrow to jump. “Sorry.”

God Bless the Child



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A cop from a family of cops, Chase Milan tries to keep his corner of the world safe. He gets the criminals off the streets of Lebanon, Tennessee, but hasn't had to help their victims rebuild their lives. Until he meets Jeremy Bergeron, whose life has been turned upside down in an act of senseless violence.

God Bless theChild

Trying to live 5

I took out my blade it was spawned from an old shaving razor I broke apart. That was the trickiest thing harvesting the blades without cutting up your fingers. As I sat in the dirty mens room alone I looked around and held my blade close. Nothing too fantastic was written or drawn on the walls just the usual tags and phone numbers. Part of me hesitated as I gently put the blade against my skin and looked at it.

Xìngbié; part 10 (of 12): The Final Step is Acceptance

Nat probably should have known better than to agree to go to the mall with his friends the day after his date with Gavin. Surprisingly, though, Nat’s mother was actually allowing him to go. She’d even given him one of her old purses to carry his wallet in, since Nat didn’t have a purse of his own. Maybe his mother had finally realized that Nat needed to spend more time with his friends outside of school.

The Christmas Party – part one

Working on a small team in a large office with all women meant I got an insight into women’s lives that many men miss out on. Sometimes I feel like I’m missing the banter, but to be honest the constant lack of competition when it’s all men can be tiring, so it was refreshing to work in a nurturing environment.

Although the talk about split ends does get annoying sometimes. I never ever got them in my hair and it was as long as some of the girls, I just didn’t put so much ‘product’ on it so it didn’t suffer as much.

Hatbox and Monthly Expenses

It's time to start rattling our little cup again.

We just got hit with an unexpected expense which wiped out the small cushion we had built into last month's goal but we've gone ahead and reduced February's goal back to $2500 as promised. We may be able to get a refund on the unexpected expense.

At any rate, we have $825 due at the end of this week and only about half of that in our accounts. Next week, the hit will be about $1000 and the week after that, about $1800. Advertising revenues in the same period will be about $300. Shortfalls are made up by me, Erin.

Somewhere Else Entirely -140-

With the quarantine now lifted, the crew of the Vasco da Gama finally get to explore Anmar. However, the questions keep multiplying with the answers seemingly too incredible to accept. Then King Keren invites them to a session where he reveals that, two hundred and five years ago, the royal family made a pact with aliens, Vast Multidimensional Beings...

Somewhere Else Entirely

by Penny Lane

140 - The Secret Pact

The Many Faces of Harry Potter 10

Letters from Heaven

Letters from Heaven

By Jennifer Sue

The doctor checked Jimmy during his morning rounds. “Doc, I’d like to thank you for all you’ve done for me. Please tell the staff thanks for me too,” the brave boy spoke in a breathy gasping voice. Then he turned and smiled at his ever attentive mother. “Mom, I’ve fought this cancer but I know I can’t beat it. This will be my last morning and I want to die on my own terms. I don’t want to be hooked up to machines. All that will do is make my pain and yours continue. Doc, I’d like you to witness mom signing DNR paperwork for me, now, before it’s too late. Also Mom, I want to donate my body to the medical university where student doctors can see what the cancer has done to my body. It might help in finding a cure for others. Mom, those are my last wishes, please sign the donation paperwork.”

In tears Sally at first refused but seeing that Jimmy was so serious, she sadly acquiesced, signing the paperwork so that when his heart stopped, his epic war would be over and no attempts to revive him would be made and his body given for research. The grieving mother had no choice but to agree to her dying son’s adamant demands.

“Thanks, mom,” he smiled wanly. Exhausted by the exertion, Jimmy closed his eyes for a nap. Sally knew she had to stay strong for her dying son and stifled her anguish to sit by his bed holding his hand.


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