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A Turn of the Cards - sort of publishing schedule

I've gradually worked out this BC publishing thing (I think).

On a certain kind of story

I didn't dream this up, just dug it out of a Usenet archive a few days ago.

This is the story of the Ultimate Cheerio.

not going to happen soon, but...

I'm about 85,000 words into a new novel, which I think will top out around 100-120,000 words. I gave my editor, Geoff, the pick of three 30-40,000 word stories he thought I should expand upon about seven years ago, and he chose one entitled "A Turn of the Cards" as being the most promising.

dr peter gomes

I never got to know this guy very well when I was at college, but he was a well-loved figure on campus, even for those of us who weren't religious. Now he's gone we're all poorer for his passing. Would that everyone in various churches was as tolerant and giving.

Here's a lovely interview from a few years back. One of Stephen Colbert's finer moments, and that's saying something.

ima gonna shut up for a while

I've been a little depressed these last few weeks, and usually when I'm depressed I avoid people in real life and I spend more time online. This isn't exactly the greatest cure for depression.

an impressive short memoir

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i thought this was an uncommonly well-written piece about being t*, and having a partner who doesn't deal with it any better than most. there are a few places where it's over-written ("amsonia-blue") but it's definitely worth checking out. it's quite odd, which is, i guess, the reason i enjoyed it.

Squid in the mouth

This usually lives at the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America site, at:, but it's also used by a friend of mine who teaches a MFA in writing. I'm not much of a one for science fiction, but these are pretty good rules for writing anything. Don't feel bad if you've broken several - as far as I can tell Martin Amis has broken at least two of the rules here, and I know I'm a sinner in at least as many ways - I'm definitely guilty of "squid in the mouth" and "pushbutton words".

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