I Love Amazon Prime

I love Amazon Prime!

I use it for my business and for my home. I order everything I can through it. Books, movies, clothes, toiletries, etc. I probably spend $10,000 a year on Amazon. Recently I found out that Erin gets a very nice percentage of the sale if I come into Amazon Prime through the link on her site.

This morning I read an article in the paper about the most popular new board games.

One of my sons is a board game fanatic so I ordered a number of the games. According to what Erin said she will have made $8 off that one transaction. If I’m diligent and go through BC to Amazon she will make about $700 a year off my purchases.

That won’t cost me a dime and is good for BC.

I love Amazon Prime! (I do recycle those damned Amazon boxes, which I don't love.)